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BiE 53: Dancing Lasts Forever.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:49:14 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 53=
  3. >It's been a few days since the royal wedding.
  4. >A few days since you got engaged.
  5. >You roll over in bed to face your sleeping fiancé, you still can't believe she said yes.
  6. >You lay on your stomach and start gently blowing her hair.
  7. >After a minute or two, she grumbles in her sleep and bats at her hair.
  8. >She cracks open her eyes and glares at you. "You better not pull this stuff when we're married."
  9. >You caress Rainbow's cheek. "Well...I won't pull it -that- often."
  10. >You lay there and continue to play with Rainbow's hair as she wakes up. "So, what's the plan for today?" she asks with a yawn.
  11. >"Well..." you think. "Twilight and I are gonna run some tests on the crystals she found in that cave under Canterlot and after that..." you stop yourself before you give it away. "Well, let's say I have a little surprise for you."
  12. >Rainbow just eyes you. "You know I hate surprises."
  13. >You give her your best cat smile, you'd been practicing this.
  14. >Rainbow groans and shuts her eyes again.
  15. >"So, what's your agenda?" you ask.
  16. >"Double duty. Thunderlane called in sick, again, today. As if we don't know where he is."
  17. >"Heh. Those two gonna scare away all her animals if they keeps this up."
  18. >Darned kids.
  20. >The two of you step out of the house, you pull Rainbow into a kiss before she flies off. "Love you."
  21. >Rainbow grins and shoots off into the sky. "Be home in time for your surprise!" you call up to her.
  22. >You start your walk into town.
  23. >Twilight had pulled you aside right before you proposed, she said that she had found some crystals when she was imprisoned and wanted to test your portable spell system on them.
  24. >You were colored intrigued, those crystals had been growing for years and they were right underneath a city where magic was the norm. The excess energy they had soaked up over the years would be astounding.
  25. >You step in the front door. "Hey Twi, I-whoa!" you duck as a book levitates right past your head.
  26. >You really should be used to that by now...
  27. >Twilight was standing in the middle of the room, staring at a crude drawing of the town parameters on her blackboard while levitating what seemed like half the library around it.
  29. >Twilight finally takes notice of your presence. "Hey, Anon. We're gonna have to put our crystal research on hold for today, something has the towns leylines completely messed up!"
  30. >Twilight didn't shout often, this must be serious. More serious than the entire town's utilities being at stake.
  31. >"Anything I can do to help?" you ask.
  32. >Twilight turns to you and frowns. "Sorry Anon, but you need magic to alter the leylines here. And putting the spell in a crystal would be uneconomical."
  33. >She turns back to her blackboard. "I think it best if we just write today off. Besides, don't you have something important to do in town today?" she says with a grin.
  34. >You feel your cheeks darken. "Oh, you heard about that, huh?"
  35. >That grin is far too devilish for Twilight. "I may have heard something about it." she says as she grabs you with her magic and pushes you to the door. "Now, go break a leg."
  37. >Ponyville had a small jewelers in the center of town, a little operation that was in your price range.
  38. >You had already been talking to Rarity regarding gems, the one you had for this was a small sapphire that you had used a coloration crystal on to make it look more cyan.
  39. >Neither of you having a horn to put a ring on, you were opting for a simple necklace or bracelet.
  40. >And now, the hard part...
  41. >Deciding which one you wanted.
  42. >You liked this one, but it's chain was pretty long.
  43. >That one was nice, but it looked like it would snap off at high speeds.
  44. >This one was neat, but asymmetrical. To hell with that.
  45. >You stood there agonizing for however long before the clerk spoke up. "Shopping for your somep0ny?"
  46. >You silently nod as you inspect this necklace for the eighth time.
  47. >"Pegasus or Earth Pony?" he asks again.
  48. >"Pegasus." This one would make her look like Mr. T...
  49. >You aren't paying attention as the clerk heads to the backroom and returns with a small golden necklace and places it on the counter.
  50. >A pair of golden wings sprouted from a socket in the center and served as the loop of the necklace.
  51. >The socket looked to be just the right size for the gem you had.
  52. >It was perfect.
  53. >You look up at the clerk. "How did you-"
  54. >"Call it a hunch." he said with a smile.
  55. >One hell of a hunch.
  57. >You spent the rest of your impromptu day off back at the house, planning out how you were gonna do this in your head.
  58. >"You're worrying too much." Mous said. "Just do what comes natural."
  59. >You were sitting on the couch when you heard the door open.
  60. >"Uhg. If I never see another raincloud again, it will be too soon." Rainbow said as she hopped up on the couch.
  61. >"Rough day?" you ask.
  62. >Rainbow lounges back. "I till ya Anon, I'm good, but doing two pegasus' work can tire a girl out."
  63. >Perfect timing. "So, would you like your surprise now?" you ask.
  64. >Rainbow smiles and looks over to Mous and Lotus on the other end of the couch. "You sure? I don't think they'll appreciate that with them in the room..." she says.
  65. >"You two making love tonight comes as no surprise to either of us." Lotus says.
  66. >"They have a point." you say as you stand.
  67. >You turn to Mous. "Meastro?"
  68. >Mous silently gets up and walks out of the room, he returns a moment later with his stereo.
  69. >"Rainbow..."
  70. >Mous hits play.
  72. > know this song.
  73. >You turn to your DJ. "Really?"
  74. >"Best I got, dude." he says as he slowly starts to dance.
  75. >Rainbow and Lotus giggle at the sight as Lotus joins her boyfriend in the middle of the room.
  76. >"Go on dude, we'll just be here." he says as he picks her up.
  77. >You stifle a laugh as you turn back to Rainbow. "Rainbow. I know I didn't have a wedding necklace in Canterlot..."
  78. >You can see her trying not to laugh as her eyes dart between you and over your shoulder.
  79. >You control your laughter as best you can. "Well, I went into town today and got you this."
  80. >Rainbow's eyes light up as they see the necklace. She takes it in her hooves as you produce the identical one from your bag.
  81. >She brings a hoof to your chin and gives you a kiss. "Thanks Anon. I love it."
  82. >Her eyes dart over your shoulder as Rainbow bursts out laughing. Your curiosity at its peak, you turn around as well.
  83. >Mous had removed his shirt and was flossing it between his legs. Lotus was performing some kicking style dance. "Now that you've stopped worrying so damn much, can I interest the happy husband and bride to be in a group dance?" he asked without breaking eye contact.
  84. >After you picked your sides up out of the crater your bro put them in, you fasten your necklace and do the same for Rainbow. "May I have this dance?" you ask while at eye level.
  85. >Rainbow giggles. "Yeah, let's show these two how it's done."
  86. >The four of you end up having a couples dance off in the living room.
  87. >Despite Mous and Lotus's best efforts, you and Rainbow take the non-existent gold.
  88. >Only had to break two lamps to do it, too.

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