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BiE 56: Time for Some Impalement.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:50:04 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 56=
  3. >You were keeping pace as best you could, but Mous was booking it through the forest.
  4. >You had grabbed a small bag and dumped as many crystals into it as you could, most of them fire and ice spells of varying intensities.
  5. >You figured you were going to need them.
  6. >You had caught up with Mous at the house, securing his knife to his belt and lacing up his boots.
  7. >"Where are they?" he had asked. You had never heard that voice before, that low rumble he had said those words in. It scared the shit out of you.
  8. >You told him that the dogs were in the wastelands South of town and he took off, you had been running ever since.
  9. >You had to practically beg him to take a breather every now and then, and even then it was only for a few minutes. You don't know where he got this boundless stamina.
  10. >You eventually lose sight of Mous as he picks up speed, your calls doing nothing to slow him down.
  11. >You eventually caught sight of him crouching behind a boulder, he waved you to run over and get down the second he saw you. "What is it?" you asked.
  12. >Mous put his finger to his lips. "Dogs. Three. On patrol."
  13. >On cue, a trio of Diamond Dogs stepped out from over a cliff, silently trudging over the blasted landscape.
  14. >They both carried large maces, but were otherwise unarmed.
  15. >"Okay dude, how do we deal with this?" No response.
  16. >You look next to you.
  17. >Mous isn't there anymore.
  19. >You look over the boulder to spot Mous making a mad dash for the Diamond Dogs.
  20. >Shit!
  21. >You jump up from your hiding spot and run after him.
  22. >You're still over fifty feet away when the dogs spot Mous as he gets in close to them.
  23. >David comes out faster than you could see and jumps into the center dogs throat as he falls over.
  24. >Holy shit!
  25. >One dog takes a swing with his mace as Mous weaves under it and brings David across its neck.
  26. >The dog drops his weapon as he falls, Mous grabs in as he dances around the final dogs swings before he blindsides it with the mace. The dog falls backwards from a kick to the chest delivered afterwards.
  27. >The mace rockets high into the air before it falls on the dog's leg, filling the area with a sickening SNAP!
  28. >WHAT THE FUCK!?
  29. >You finally catch up just in time to watch Mous slam David into the dog's chest all the way up to the hilt. The dog cries in pain. "I just pierced your lung. Speak quickly, before I kill you." Mous says, his voice still low and dangerous.
  30. >"Dude!" You cry out.
  31. >"Not now!" he shouts back.
  32. >The dog regains some of his composure. "Nnnggg...What you want?" he says through gritted teeth.
  33. >Mous grabs the dog by a scruff of fur and pulls him close to his face. "You captured a bunch of young ponies. Where. Are. They?"
  34. >The dog raises a trembling claw and points to a nearby cliff. "In cave. Have them in cell."
  35. >Mous follows the claw before looking back at the dog. "Helped. Beg mercy. Beg for mer-kkgg!"
  36. >Mous slid David out of the dog's neck and stood up.
  37. >"Dude...WHAT THE FUCK!?" you cried.
  39. >"What?" Mous says as he stomps to the cave.
  40. >"You killed him when he was begging for his life!"
  41. >Mous wheels around and stares daggers at you. "Does this look like the face of someone who wants to hear begging?" he asks.
  42. >It's silent for a while. This is usually when Mous calms down a bit, but he just keeps that cold stare. "They took children, Anon. Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle, and Dinky." He turns and glances at the guard. "Maybe if this were anyp0ny else, it'd be different. But I don't have a shred of mercy for foalnappers."
  43. >Mous turns and begins walking towards the cave. "You can run back to the town if you want, but I'm going to get those kids out. And every Diamond Dog that gets in my way is getting cut open."
  44. >You stand there for a minute as he storms off. Going in there meant that you were signing off on him killing an unknown number of Diamond Dogs.
  45. >Not going in there meant he would be killed for sure.
  46. >God Dammit...
  47. >You rush up next to Mous and keep pace with him. He stares straight ahead when you look at him.
  48. >"This isn't a revenge slaughter. We get in, get the kids, and get out." you say as you enter the cave.
  49. >"Fine." Mous says as he brings his finger to his lips and creeps along the wall, knife in hand.
  50. >You follow suit as the two of you descend into the Diamond Dog mine.
  52. >The two of you sneak your way through the mine, doing well and avoiding guards so far.
  53. >That is, until you one spots you from an intersection up ahead.
  54. >He is about to call for help when Mous rushes him and drives his knife into his stomach.
  55. >"Where are they!?" he whispered to the dog.
  56. >The dog grunted in pain and pointed down the shaft to your right.
  57. >The dog whimpered as Mous started to slowly push the knife further down its stomach, the blood flowing over Mous's hand as it did. "Directions." he said.
  58. >The dog rattled off directions before Mous stuck his knife in his neck and moved on.
  59. >You just stood in shock. You had NEVER seen Mous like this before.
  60. >He was always protecting you and had always cared about kids, but this?
  61. >This was a whole new monster.
  62. >The two of you crept through the mine until you heard a symphony of stifled cries coming from a door up ahead.
  63. >Mous slips his knife under the door and looks at the reflection. "They're here. Two, one on each side. I'll take the one closest if you can take the far one." he whispered.
  64. >You nod as you dip a hand inside your pouch and grab a crystal.
  65. >Mous counts down with his fingers and burst through the door, startling the nearby guard as he tackles him.
  66. >You spot the guard at the far end and toss a crystal at him. It's a fire crystal of high yield and explodes on his chest throwing him against the back wall as it immolated his torso.
  67. >It was not a pleasant sight.
  68. >The flames licked off the fresh corpse and lit up the room as Mous dispatched his guard. He grabbed the keys from the dead guard and opened the cell door. "Dinks?" he whispered out.
  69. >"...Mous?" you heard from the back of the cell.
  71. -Mous PoV-
  72. >Dinky stepped out of the harsh shadows the burning corpse was casting,.
  73. >Despite how dire your situation was, you saw a smile form on her face. "Mous!" she cried as she galloped over to you.
  74. >You dropped down and caught her as she jumped up to you. "Are you here to rescue us?" she ask as she gripped your chest.
  75. >"Hey, I said I'd look out for you."
  76. >You let Dinky down and rise to your feet.
  77. >"Is everyp0ny here?"
  78. >"Yes." came a voice from behind the curtain of shadows.
  79. >Miss Cheerilee stepped out, followed by the foals her were too scared to step away from her.
  80. >"Are you all safe?"
  81. >Miss Cheerilee nodded. "They took us in the forest, most of us were too scared to try anything..."
  82. >"I'm all for happy reunions, but can we get going?" you hear Anon say behind you.
  83. >You turn around and glance at him, he's leaning against the wall gripping his stomach.
  84. >He must not be taking ending a life well...
  85. The corpse is starting to smell, too.
  86. >"Alright, everyp0ny stay close. We're getting out of here."
  87. >You lead everyp0ny out of the jail and have them cluster behind you, keeping an ear out for any more patrolling guards.
  88. >You came up on an intersection when you heard voices.
  89. >"Who did dis?" a stern, accented one said.
  90. >"I dunno boss, found him like this on my way through." came another.
  91. >You and Anon crouch at the corner, you poke David around the corner and look at his reflection.
  92. >"Three. Two guards. One in that a suit?"
  93. >A suit? In here?
  95. >This didn't make sense, why a suit?
  96. >Cheerilee breaks through your thoughts. "What are we going to do? They'll hear us if we try to sneak by."
  97. >You think for a minute. This corner was dark, the only light source coming from a torch close to the dogs.
  98. >You turn to Anon.
  99. >"Stay behind me and watch for them sneaking past. Once they're done, give me a distraction."
  100. >Anon nods.
  101. >"Cheerilee, take your kids out no more than two at a time. This tunnel should be a straight shot, if I'm remembering correctly."
  102. Smelling a lot of "if" on this plan...
  103. >Cheerilee nods.
  104. >"We aint alone here." the accented voice says again.
  105. >"Got that right."
  106. >The dogs are startled at your half shout and turn to face you.
  107. >You slowly walk down the tunnel and get a good look at them.
  108. >The two guards were different from the normal kind, they carried no weapons and wore no armor.
  109. >And the one in the middle was indeed wearing a suit. "Who're you!?" he shouted as he got close.
  110. >You head Anon walking behind you, a few feet back if the sound was an indicator.
  111. >"Name's Mous, this is Anon. What's the cute little puppies name?"
  113. >That rustled one of his guards. "Don't speak ta tha Dogfather that way!"
  114. >Dogfather? Why was that familiar?
  115. >The Dogfather calms his guard down. "Why're ya here?" he asks.
  116. >"Reasons."
  117. >Can't let him know you got the kids out.
  118. >"What'd ya see?" he asks again.
  119. >"Buncha dead guard dogs."
  120. >He and his guards emit a low growl as they take a collective step towards you.
  121. >Your hand inches towards David as they come forward.
  122. >"You gonna regret dat, kid." the Dogfather said.
  123. >Come on...
  124. >"I doubt that..."
  125. >"Mous, we're good." Anon whispers.
  126. Paydirt.
  127. >"Gonna make you pay for what you did 'ere." the Dogfather says.
  128. >"Doubtful. Do it!"
  129. >Anon takes he cue and shatters a crystal on the ground, filling the tunnel with white steam.
  130. >You turn and begin to run only to feel a gout of heat rush past you and clear most of the steam.
  131. >All three dogs hands were glowing an angry orange.
  132. Holyshit, did they just cast magic!?
  133. >The dogs wind up for another volley.
  134. >"Run!"
  136. >"Keep 'em away from tha' portal!" the Dogfather shouts as you run down the tunnel.
  137. >You barely hear him, trying to avoid the dogs that seemed to be coming out of the walls.
  138. >You slash one but don't bother checking on him as you run.
  139. >Gotta go fast.
  140. >"What the hell! Did those dogs just throw magic!" Anon shouts as he throws a crystal behind the two of you.
  141. >You nod as you run.
  142. >"Dog's can't DO magic!" he shouts.
  143. >"Apparently, they can! Keep moving!"
  144. >You see the exit in sight, Dinky was standing at the doorway with her class. "Watch out!" she calls.
  145. >You wheel around just in time to duck a swing from a huge dog.
  146. >"Shit!"
  147. >You grapple with him as Anon throws spells at the dogs bringing up the rear.
  148. >You don't see The Dogfather behind them.
  149. >Your body screams at the work you've put it through today.
  150. >First a long run to get here and then all this fighting.
  151. >Ignore it. Ignore every nerve, every shallow breath, every sore bone. Keep fighting.
  152. >You eventually get the big dog across the neck and turn to the class.
  153. >"Run back to town! We'll catch u-hrk!"
  154. >A lance of pain runs through your torso.
  155. >You look down, a bloody sword is sticking out of your stomach.
  156. >The dog behind you releases the sword. "Heh...finally got you." he says.
  157. >You wobble in place a bit before you look at your bro.
  158. >"A-Anon..."
  159. >You crash to the ground.
  161. -Anon PoV-
  162. >"MOUS!" you call out.
  163. >You try to get to him, but the dogs just keep coming.
  164. >Dammit, no!
  165. >"YOU BASTARDS!"
  166. >Your hands are a flurry of motion as they dive into your pouch and throw spell after spell at the dogs.
  167. >Some dogs burst into flame, some are encased in ice, some have the water in their eyes flash vaporized, and some still wither and die under green light.
  168. >"I'LL KILL YOU!"
  169. >You'd get revenge!
  170. >They killed him!
  171. >They killed your bro!
  172. >Mous was laying on his side, the sword still sticking through him and the blood pooling from it.
  173. >You spot the class from the corner of your eye, they hadn't moved. Dinky was staring in tear filled shock at Mous.
  174. >One of the dogs you saw with the one in the suit leaps forward.
  175. >You throw spell after spell at him, but he either intercepts them with his own or magics up a shield to block their effects.
  176. >"Stupid ape can't even cast a spell! Has to use cheap tricks." he shouts.
  177. >You'll show him cheap tricks!
  178. >The other dogs back off as the leader wends he way towards you.
  179. >You toss a crystal at him, expecting for it to cause him to parish in an arcane explosion, only for the crystal to explode in your face.
  180. >Your magic immunity saves your ass as the magic washed over you, you still lost your balance though.
  181. >The dog stands over you. "Heh...stupid ape."
  183. -Mous PoV-
  184. So.
  185. >>This must be how dying feels like.
  186. >Hurts.
  187. We had a decent run, I guess.
  188. >>That we did, brain.
  189. >Can't die yet.
  190. It was fun while it lasted, heart.
  191. >>Yeah. I'm calling it quits...lost too much...
  192. >NO.
  193. Whoa what?
  195. >You feel your body resist you as you push yourself up.
  196. >The nerves around your stab wound flare and tell you to stop.
  197. >You ignore them.
  198. >>Come on man! We got stabbed, it's over!
  199. Listen to him!
  200. >NOT OVER. NOT YET.
  202. >You can hear your heartbeat thunder in your ears as you get on your feet.
  203. Dude, this is crazy!
  204. >>We're losing too much blood!
  205. >MAKE MORE.
  206. >NO DYING.
  207. >NOT YET.
  208. >NOT TODAY.
  209. >You look down at your hand, you still had David, good.
  210. >You trudge over to the gloating dog-mage.
  211. This is insane!
  212. >NO STOPPING.
  213. >You drive David into the dog's neck and turn to face his backup.
  214. >They looked scared.
  215. >GOOD.
  216. >WE'RE NOT DONE.
  218. -Anon PoV-
  219. >You're staring in shock.
  220. >Mous is upright with a sword sticking through his gut and just stabbed the dog who had stopped you.
  221. >You don't notice the Diamond Dogs still in the tunnel ask. "How's it still alive!?"
  222. >If this were a movie, the epic score would be playing now.
  224. >Aaaaaand just like that, the moment is gone.
  225. >You swear, even when he's being spectacular, he's a dork.
  226. >The dogs yelp in fear and run back inside at the sight of the angry bloody demon who killed their commander after being stabbed standing in the doorway.
  227. >Once they leave, Mous collapses to the ground and brings you back. "Mous!" you cry out.
  228. >Dinky rushes up to him, tears in her eyes. He grabs her chin. "Hey Dinks..."
  229. >You take off your shirt as you run up to him.
  230. >You look him over. Yep, still impaled. "I need to get this sword out if I'm gonna help."
  231. >Mous braces a hand against the wall, a weak "Do it." escapes his lips.
  232. >You grab the shortblade and pull it with all your might.
  233. >It erupts from Mous's back, accompanied by a torrent of blood and a gut wrenching scream.
  234. >You tie your shirt around him as tight as you can and turn to the class behind you. "Every unicorn, down here, NOW!" you shout.
  235. >You had to save him...
  236. >Your hands a pressed tight against Mous's body as the unicorns run up next to a still tearful Dinky.
  237. >Mous isn't talking, he must have gone into shock.
  238. >"Alright, every one of you, grab him with your magic and put as much pressure as you can around his wound! We have to get him back to town!"
  239. >The foals help you float Mous out of the cave as you all run home.
  240. >Hang on, buddy...

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