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BiE 59: Gaining Focus.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:50:39 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 59=
  3. >You sat on the train as it sped away from Ponyville.
  4. >The car was packed with refugees, the only reason you were sitting was because you were unable to stand.
  5. >Pain shot through your torso again. Lotus gripped your arm and helped you lean back. "Easy there...come on." she said.
  6. >You grunted through the agony of your nerves flaring up again for a few minutes.
  7. >Aloe and Caramel sat across in the seat across from you. "Mous, are you sure you should be traveling like this?" Aloe said.
  8. >This pain wasn't doing wonders for your sense of humor.
  9. >"Better than staying in town."
  10. >The door behind you opens and a familiar face trots out. "Mous!" she says.
  11. >Dinky bounds out from her mother legs and hops on your lap, you ignore the pain for your little friend. >"Hey there, poozer. What's up Derpy?"
  12. >Derpy throws her hooves around your neck and almost pulls you off your seat. "I wanted to thank you for getting Dinky out of those mines."
  13. >She looks down at your wound. "I heard what happened...I'm so sorry."
  14. What? Why?
  15. >"Well...don't be, Derpy. I'd do it again in a heartbeat."  
  16. >"Let's hope you don't have to." Lotus says.
  17. >As Derpy and her family walk away, you stop her coltfriend and pull him close.
  18. >"Any chance you could help this situation?" you whisper.
  19. >He shakes his head. "I didn't have time to grab anything before we had to leave."
  20. Damn...
  21. >He must have seen your face. "I'll help any other way I-"
  22. >"No." You interrupt.
  23. >You look down the car at Derpy and Dinky taking a seat.
  24. >"Just take care of them. We can handle the rest."
  25. >You hope.
  27. >The train pulls into Canterlot and the guards start sorting out the refugees.
  28. >Anon and the girls head to the castle, they were meeting the Princess for a meeting.
  29. >You said you'd catch up with them.
  30. >Right after you went to the hospital.
  31. >You dragged Doctor Horse along so he could give the Canterlot doctors the heads up on your condition.
  32. >The Canterlot hospital was more equipped then the Ponyville one and they brought out a blast from the past: Magical bandages.
  33. >The soothing bandages started to work as soon as they were wrapped around you. The doctors said they were soaked in an enchanted mix, and that it seeping into your skin was what was helping you.
  34. >You made a mental note to watch out for any magical poisons.'
  35. >You and Lotus made your way to the castle, you wanted to be present for this meeting.
  36. >"Feeling better?" Lotus asked with a smile.
  37. >You make a show of stretching, jogging in place, and even jumping up and down a bit.
  38. >"Mhmm. I tell ya, these bandages should be the standard in every hospital."
  39. >"Will they heal you faster?"
  40. >"They numb the pain a good bit, but I'll probably still have to take it easy."
  41. >You doubt these bandages could keep your guts from spilling out if you popped a stitch.
  43. >The guards were being pricks and wouldn't let Lotus into the meeting.
  44. >Anon must have heard your shouting, because he came out and told you to stop being dumb.
  45. >You were about to go off on him when Lotus assured you that she didn't mind and that you should just go in already.
  46. >You found Anon, the girls, Shining Armor, several officials, and both Princesses standing around a small model of Ponyville and the surrounding countryside.
  47. >"Sorry to keep you all waiting."
  48. >"We weren't waiting, Mous." Celestia said.
  49. Straight to business again.
  50. >"We were examining the methods used by the Diamond Dogs to invade Ponyville in the way they did." she said.
  51. >"What have we got?"
  52. >Anon sighs. "Not much...the Dogs came out of a portal in the center of town."
  53. >"A portal that shouldn't have existed..." Twilight grumbled.
  54. >You jerk a finger towards Twilight. Anon catches on. "Diamond dogs apparently can't use magic."
  55. >"Hmmph. Tell that to the fireballs we dodged."
  56. >"But it shouldn't be possible! And even if it was, where did the Dogs get the kind of magic to make a portal so big!?" Twilight shouted.
  57. >"Twilight, you said the leylines in Ponyville went dead right before the Diamond Dogs came?" Celestia asked.
  58. >Anon and Twilight nodded.
  59. >"Hmm...perhaps the Diamond Dogs siphoned the magic from the leylines to power there portal..." she said.
  60. >"But Princess, that's impossible!" Twilight said.
  61. >"Evidence proves otherwise, Twilight."
  62. >Twilight silenced herself.
  63. >"That still does not explain how they summoned Cerberus..." Luna said.
  64. >"Maybe it was pack nature?" a voice echoed through the room.
  66. >Everyone in the room spun around to get a bead on the voice. "Oh come on, dere's no need for dat."
  67. >Everyone spun back around and saw a Diamond Dog standing on the map.
  68. >Or well, the image of a Diamond Dog.
  69. >"Took you mutts long enough ta all get 'ere. Ya kept me waitin'" he said.
  70. >"Who are you?" Celestia roared.
  71. >"Easy dame, names Dogfather." he said.
  72. >Celestia was taken aback by that. "THE Dogfather? How did you get out of Tartarus?"
  73. >That was where you had heard that name! During the cult crap!
  74. >The Dogfather laughs. "Heh. I'm tha new one. Took over after Discord took out da last one."
  75. >"You're welcome for that, by the way."
  76. >The Dogfather turns to you. "Huh?"
  77. >"I'm the guy who trapped Discord there. You're welcome for your promotion, Spot."
  78. >He growls at you. "I got ta where I am on my own, runt. Aint nobody helped me."
  79. >"How do you have your army? Celestia asked.
  80. >The Dogfather continues to stare daggers at you for your insult. "Busted 'em out when I got outta Tartarus. Took that fancy guard dog wit' me. You oughta know bout havin' one dog guard another."
  81. >"What do you want?" Celestia said.
  82. >Dogfather turned back to the group assembled. "I want what's due us dogs. You ponies keep da world in yur grip. Hell, ya even control tha sun and tha stars, n' I want some a dat."
  84. >The Dogfather is un-amused. "Ya aint got no choice, dame. We're commin' for ya n' we're gonna take what we want..."
  85. >The image of The Dogfather vanishes from the table.
  87. >"Well, shit."
  88. >The room erupts as everyp0ny tries to figure out what to do.
  89. >You can't make out a word of it before Celestia silences the gathered ponies with a loud but calm "Stop."
  90. >Everyp0ny stops talking as Celestia speaks. "We are not going to panic. Panic is what will tear us apart."
  91. >She turns to a pony in a robe. "Grand Magister, your first instruction is to seal off Canterlot's leylines from any outside influence and ensure that the Diamond Dogs cannot teleport in."
  92. >The pony nods and trots off as Celestia turns to another. "General, how long would it take the dogs to get here by foot?"
  93. >The general looks over the map, Ponyville and Canterlot weren't too far away. "Not long. However, if we can contact Cloudsdale, we can have them hammer the area with weather to slow the dogs down. We can also barricade the paths on the mountain that lead to the city."
  94. >There were times when having your city not touch the ground were a good thing. "Do so immediately. Anything we can use to grant us time should be considered." Celestia said.
  95. >"Guard Captain. Prepare the royal guard for an invasion. And prepare the citizens of the city as well." She said to Shining Armor as he saluted.
  96. >Celestia turned to Anon. "Anon, Twilight, you two were invaluable during the Discord crisis. I would like you two to help the Grand Magister as well as devise a method of robbing the Diamond Dogs of their magic."
  97. >You approach Celestia as everyone else exits the room.
  98. >"Orders?"
  99. >Celestia merely gazes at you. "You intend to help?" She wasn't expecting you to volunteer.
  100. >"Any way I can."
  101. >Celestia throws a glance at her sister before turning back to you. "Help however you see fit, Mous."
  102. >With that, she walks out of the room.
  104. >It was late at night now. Way late.
  105. >Luna's moon had already risen and was more than halfway across the sky.
  106. >You had taken a walk down to the area the refugees were set up, you had helped get everyp0ny squared away with a roof over their heads and food in their bellies before you made your way back here.
  107. >Those hotels might be pissed off at the royal edict telling them to provide shelter, but they could fuck off. Broblood stopped by to help your case when they resisted.
  108. >You crawl into bed, Lotus was already asleep.
  109. >You begin absentmindedly flicking her hair before you hear something. "You're worried."
  110. >You turn to the mare next to you as her eyes open.
  111. >"I am?"
  112. >Her eyes spoke of concern. "You only play with my hair in bed when you're worried. What's wrong sweetheart?"
  113. >You sigh and wrap your arms around her.
  114. >"Lotus, I think I'm gonna try helping the delaying action. I can't just help refugees while the dogs keep marching towards us."
  115. >Lotus shifts in your grasp. "Are you sure you're up to it?"
  116. >The bandages were helping, but you know you shouldn't be pushing yourself.
  117. >"I don't think it matters. If the dogs are coming, I can't let it slow me down."
  118. >Lotus sighs and buries her head in your chest. "I know trying to talk you out of it would be pointless...Just please, please, be careful. I don't want to see you back in the hospital again so soon..."
  119. >You pull Lotus up to your head and kiss her.
  120. >"I unnecessary risks."
  121. >What was necessary was still up in the air...

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