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BiE 60: Making Magic.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:50:52 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 60=
  3. >You and Rainbow sat at the table in the royal dining hall eating breakfast in silence.
  4. >The sky outside the window was dark and cloudy, despite it being early morning.
  5. >Cloudsdale had kicked it up a notch and was dumping six kinds of hell on the Diamond Dogs.
  6. >Snow battered them without end, hail forced them to take shelter, tornados pushed them far out of the path to Canterlot, and that was just what you saw on your way in today.
  7. >Unfortunately, it also had an effect on the populace of Canterlot.
  8. >Shining Armor was absent from breakfast, having to calm down the citizens for fear of a riot.
  9. >All this did have a rather "End of days" feel to it...
  10. >An army from hell, a charismatic enemy leader, broken weather. And the only thing standing it it's way were you and the rest of the mages.
  11. >No pressure...
  12. >"You worried?" Rainbow asks.
  13. >"Scared is more like it." you say as you push your plate away. "This is all a bit overwhelming..."
  14. >Rainbow loops a hoof through your arm. "Come on, Anon! We got you and Twilight taking care of the magic, Mous and the all the others taking care of the path in, and don't forget that you got the best flier in Equestria on your side!"
  15. >You chuckle and kiss her forehead, Rainbow's optimism was infectious.
  16. >"Yeah, I guess you're right. And we still have the Elements of Harmony ready, just in case."
  17. >Rainbow's face falls a bit. " were banking on us being able to us the Elements?"
  18. >You look her in the eyes. "Uh, yeah. Why?"
  21. >"Easy man, the Dog's can probably hear you from down there."
  22. >Mous is pacing around the room now. "How did this happen? Why did it have to happen now?"
  23. >You can't resist. "Well, when a male and a female love each other very much they..."
  24. >"I know that part! They call the doctor and he gets the machine!" he shouts.
  25. >Hehe, he's so-wait what?
  26. >You don't get the chance to ask as Mous continues his little tirade. "This totally fucks up our security..."
  27. >You take a seat next to him. "Rainbow had the same reaction, what's up man? Why can't Fluttershy help? She can't be more than a few months along..."
  28. >Mous runs his hand through his hair. "It matters because she'll be thinking differently. It's easy to risk your own neck, but it's a whole other matter to risk someone else's. Especially when it's your kid."
  29. >That...made a lot of sense, actually. "Also, I doubt Thunderlane is going to want to put the mother of his bastard child at risk. Despite that limp dick fucker putting us in this mess in the first place."
  30. >You throw your hands behind your head. "Why o' why can't these kids learn the proper way to combat unwanted pregnancy?"
  31. >Mous gets a devilish grin. "A nice trip down the stairs..."
  32. >The room is silent for a moment as the joke sets in. Before it is brought back to life with the sounds of uproarious laughter.
  33. >The laughter fades. "Don't worry man, we'll just have to try harder. For little Thundershy."
  34. >Mous rises from his seat. "Yeah yeah...go be magical. I have to get the guards on the walls started boiling that oil..."
  35. >Boiling oil on fur...Not a good way to die.
  37. >You connect the copper wiring to both the mana battery and the crystal base. "Alright, try it now!"
  38. >The room takes on a faint blue hue and echoes a slight hum as the device powers up.
  39. >The device was a mana sink. It had a similar design to the crystals, just on a much larger scale. A mana battery power an anti magic spell. That spell was then sent through a spherical refracting lens, providing an area where mana flow would be interrupted.
  40. >"Nice work, everyp0ny." Twilight said. "This will trip up the Diamond Dogs for sure."
  41. >The Grand Magister stepper forward. "Yes. An impressive accomplishment. Apprentice, take this prototype and the supplies down to the artisans. They must begin mass production immediately."
  42. >The apprentice nods and gallops out of the Arcanium as the Grand Magister approaches the rest of you. "We must now tackle a bigger problem..."
  43. >You shoot a look at Twilight. "Bigger problem?"
  44. >Twilight turns to you. "Yes Anon. We may have come up with a solution for the Diamond Dogs magic...but..."
  45. >"But we may have magically neutered ourselves in the process." The Grand Magister finishes.
  46. >The significance of that hits you...damn. "Is all magic out?" you ask.
  47. >"Minor spells, such as our telekinesis will still function. The crystals will drain the mana from any spell that is larger than that."
  48. >Crystals... "Grand Magister. Would the crystal drain the mana from an already completed spell?"
  49. >The Magister shakes his head. "Once a spell is self sustaining, There is no need for additional mana. The crystal would be powerless."
  50. >A smile splits your face. "Then maybe there is a way. "
  52. >You're back in the meeting room. Mous stood with the General and Shining Armor while you stood with Twilight and the Grand Magister.
  53. >Celestia and Luna stood at the head of the map. "General report." Celestia said.
  54. >The general sighs. "It's not good news, Your Majesty. The Diamond Dogs have powered through the plains and will be at the first of our delaying fortifications within the hour. They will be able to strike at Canterlot by the morrow."
  55. >The room collectively gasps. "How can these Dogs make it this far despite the weather slowing them!?" Luna asks.
  56. >"Because dead Dogs don't need to sleep, or eat, or stop. They could walk halfway from here to Fillydelphia overnight." Mous grunts out.
  57. >Celestia remains calm. "And you, Grand Magister?"
  58. >"We have successfully developed a way to counter the Dog's magic, and have sealed off Canterlot's leylines. Anon has supplied us with a crystal based alternative to our own magic, allowing us to participate in the field."
  59. >You feel your cheeks darken a bit as Celestia says. "Thank you Anon, your help will prove invaluable."
  61. >Celestia turns back to everyp0ny gathered. "I believe it is time to tell you what we are all defending."
  62. >"The City of Canterlot serves as more than our capitol. At the heart of the city, deep underground, lies a regulator for all of Equestria's magical energy. Princess Luna and I believe that The Dogfather will attempt to harness that energy for himself." Celestia says.
  63. >Twilight speaks up. "But Princess, nothing can handle that much magic! It would kill him!"
  64. >Celestia closes her eyes for a moment. "The Dogfather is already technically dead, Twilight. And with his magic, he may be able to control it."
  65. >"We have underestimated our enemies speed and resolve. However I have faith, both in the countermeasures you have developed and in the defenders of the city. So long as we stand in harmony, we cannot fail.
  66. >The room stays silent as everyone considers the Princesses words. Celestia eventually speaks up. "Friends, you know the enemy we face and their goal. I would ask now that you retire to your rooms, for tomorrow will be an eventful day indeed..."
  68. >You lay silently in your bed with Rainbow that night.
  69. >Tomorrow was going to be different then it was with Discord. No numerical advantage, no real ace in the hole. It was going to be a clash of wills, yours and your friends against the Dogs.
  70. >Rainbow was breathing soundly into your chest, but you knew she was awake. "How is everyp0ny?" you asked.
  71. >Rainbow sighed. "Worried. Fluttershy and Thunderlane are scared for their foal. Rarity met up with some Prince and got the Apples and the Cakes to hold up in his estate."
  72. >Rainbow looks up at you. "Do you think we can beat 'em Anon?"
  73. >You think silently for a moment. "I think we're going to try." Rainbow starts to wriggle around and works her way up to your face.
  74. >"You're going to fight tomorrow?" she asks.
  75. >You nod. "That's the plan."
  76. >Rainbow plants a kiss on your lips. She places her head against yours after she breaks it. "Tomorrow, you're gonna go off and try to defend the city while I have to stay holed up in here as a "last resort".
  77. >"Dash..."
  78. >She puts a hoof over your mouth. "I love you, Anon. And before this whole mess started, I agreed to marry you. So before you go out and maybe give your life defending Equestria..." Dash leans forward and plants a long, tender kiss on your lips. "Give me something to imagine that time would be like if you don't come back..."
  79. >You pull Dash's mouth back against your own. As the night wore on, you reminded yourself that this was what you fought for.
  80. >For little Thundershy who wasn't even born yet, for Granny Smith to live out the rest of her days in peace, and for Rainbow Dash to have her fiancé come home alive.
  81. >You would fight for all that, and you would show the Diamond Dogs why they shouldn't have left Tartarus.

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