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BiE 61: Strong Defense.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:51:23 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 61=
  3. >You could see them out there.
  4. >Streaming out of Ponyville and scurrying around the ground below like tiny little ants.
  5. >The winds were whipping and howling as the tornados harried the Dogs.
  6. >"Private, keep that wall high. We need the fire burning to boil this pot."
  7. >"Yesh Shir!" The private called back with the ladle in his mouth.
  8. >You hop down from the wall and grimace as you land.
  9. >Damn wound...
  10. >You reached into your pocket and swallowed some of the painkillers the docs gave you.
  11. >"How many of those did you just take?" General Vizir asked.
  12. >"Enough."
  13. >These pills were lighter than the ones you had taken for your manticore wounds, the benefits of having magical bandages as well.
  14. >Vizir just continued to glare at you. You could guess his thoughts.
  15. >"You don't like me, Vizir."
  16. >The general snorts. "A little more than a year ago, you were the one we were calling meetings over. And now the Princess appoints you Chief Logician for the defense of the city."
  17. >"And that makes you angry."
  18. >"I just don't think somep0ny almost convicted of war crimes should be put in charge of defending the lives of others." he says.
  19. >Heh.
  20. >"Remind me to tell you about the story of the Nazi scientists from my world if we live through this."
  21. >A chariot pulls up to the castle walls. "Sirs! You're needed at the first barricade!"
  22. >You were setting up barricades at the entrance and exit of every cave along the route to Canterlot.
  23. >You can't imagine what's so hard about setting up walls...
  25. >You and Vizir took the chariot down to the first mountain cave.
  26. >The railroad that normally served as the entrance was being ripped up, it's metal and wood fortifying the barricade.
  27. >The small path up the mountain had been blasted away by unicorn magic. Vizir assured you that they could rebuild it.
  28. >The land before the mountains was a sea of hills as well as a straight shot to Ponyville.
  29. >It was less than a day ago that you were racing along this path to escape town.
  30. >Not a half mile from the foot of the mountain, a tornado raged. Snow was piling up by the foot, and hail was falling like rocks.
  31. >Not your normal summer.
  32. >The chariot landed and a soldier approached you as the two of you stepped off. "Sirs! We have captured a prisoner!"
  33. >"A Dog got this far?"
  34. >"Advanced scout. Take us to him, son." Vizir said.
  35. >The soldier led the two of you behind the first barricade. A Diamond Dog was trussed up in the corner. "Here he is, sirs."
  36. >"Where'd you find him?"
  37. >"He was hiding behind a hill, watching us erect the barricade. We only spotted him after he dug himself out of the snow." The soldier said.
  38. >"Leave us." Vizir said.
  39. >The soldier trotted away as Vizir stepped towards the Dog. You stopped him halfway.
  40. >"Do you p0nies have "Good cop, Bad cop"?"
  41. >>Vizir gets a glint in his eye. "You might work out after all. You're bad cop, I have a reputation to uphold."
  42. Yeah, not like we have a reputation.
  43. >Don't take his side, brain.
  45. >The two of you walk up to the Dog. It's hands and feet are shackled. It starts to shout. "Not going to talk, ponies! You never mak-"
  46. >"Be quiet mutt. Before I do it myself." you bellow. The cave adding echo to your voice.
  47. >Vizir steps over to the mutt. "You'll have to excuse my friend here. He has had a rough day."
  48. >You flare your nostrils as the dog glances your way. "Why don't you tell me why you're here so that we can all get on with our day?"
  49. >The Dog snorts in Vizir's face. "A shame. Logician?"
  50. >You sit down in front of the dog.
  51. >How are we gonna play this?
  52. I have a plan.
  53. >"I killed Discord. Start talking and I won't do to you what I did to him."
  54. >What.
  55. Roll with it.
  56. >The Dog's eyes flare. "That a lie. No way you kill Discord."
  57. >Vizir interjects. "He did. I saw the wreckage."
  58. >"Talk."
  59. >"H-How!?" The dog shouts.
  60. >"Extreme and excessive violence."
  61. >The Dog audibly gulps. "Dogfather on his way here. Now. Storms not going to slow him down.
  62. >"And why is that?" Vizir asks.
  63. >"Dogfather and other Dogs from Tartarus already dead. They not need to sleep, or eat, and they don't get stopped by weather that isn't tornado."
  64. >You and Vizir glance at each other.
  65. >"He going to hit Canterlot with his army. All living dogs going to catch up and make it harder for you to stop us."
  66. >Vizir has heard enough. He removes the Dog's bindings. "You are free. I recommend you leave this place, we will not be merciful a second time..." he grumbles.
  67. I thought we were bad cop.
  68. >The Dog hops over the barricade and runs to the forest. Vizir turned to his men. "Soldiers! Shore up that barricade! We will be expecting Dogs by nightfall!"
  70. >You ride the chariot with Vizir back to the walls.
  71. >You land to find some contraption waiting for you.
  72. >"What is this, private?" Vizir asked.
  73. >"A countermeasure delivered by the mages, sir. They say it will stop the dogs magic."
  74. >Hmm...
  75. >"So...Anon finally delivered."
  76. >"How does it function?" Vizir asked.
  77. >The private levitates a scroll in front of him. "Apparently, it only needs to be activated by a unicorn. And then it will cancel most magic in a two hundred foot area."
  78. >You look down the city walls. There was a lot of ground to cover...
  79. >"Are they sending more?"
  80. >The private nods. "The note said that they were producing more of them now. They should be here by night watch."
  81. >"Good. I want them erected and operational by midnight. We cannot let the Dogs near this city while they can use their magic."
  82. >You and Vizir step out to the edge of the wall. "This device will help, but I worry about the effect it will have on our defenses."
  83. >"How so?"
  84. >"If this device can disrupt the Dog's magic, it may disrupt our own as well." Vizir laments.
  85. >"Go talk to the mages. If I know Anon, he'll have come up with a solution."
  86. >"You are sure?" Vizir asks as he glances to you.
  87. >You silently nod.
  88. >The two of you stare out over the walls under the dark sky, watching the advancing horde.
  89. >"Think we can beat 'em?"
  90. >Vizir sighs. "I have faced Griffins, Minotaurs, and everything in between. But an army from Tartarus..."
  91. Yeah...
  92. >You can relate...
  94. >You were in bed after the meeting.
  95. >Heavy stuff, getting told that an army was coming for you.
  96. >Lotus was laying her head on your chest, breathing steadily.
  97. >You reached down to brush her hair when she spoke up. "Do you think you can win tomorrow?"
  98. >"I think we can."
  99. >Just had to play it right.
  100. >She shuffled on you. "It's just...I spent the day with Aloe and Caramel at the shelter..."
  101. >She looks you in the eyes. "Everyp0ny is scared Mous. We're all scared that this may be the last night for Canterlot."
  102. >"I know you and Anon and the rest of the guard are going to do everything you can to stop them, but..."
  103. >You pull Lotus on top of your chest and hold her close.
  104. >"Hey now...don't talk like that. I'm not gonna let those dogs take one step inside this city."
  105. >"Sweetheart, you may have taken apart a cult, but even you can't stop an army."
  106. >You look down and meet her gaze.
  107. >"Yeah? Just watch me." you say with a grin.
  108. >Your infectious grin causes Lotus to giggle a bit before she rest her head again."...Mous? If this were your last night on Equestria, where would you want to be most?"
  109. >You hug Lotus close to you.
  110. >"Well, after I spent time with my family? I'd say I'm pretty happy here..."
  111. >Lotus lets her hooves curl around your chest.
  112. >"But...this isn't our last night. Not even close. We're both gonna live long, happy lives once this is done with."
  113. >You bend your knees and scoot Lotus up your chest, the "oop" she makes is adorable.
  114. >"But hey, maybe I'm wrong. So..."
  115. >You pull Lotus in and kiss her, as tenderly as you can.
  116. >"Let's make this "last night" together something to remember..."
  118. -Meanwhile at the foot of the mountain-
  119. >You were The Dogfather.
  120. >These Ponies had thrown the weather at you, and still you came.
  121. >They had thrown tornados at you, and you still came.
  122. >They had sent your army to Tartarus, and still you came.
  123. >They thought some little wooden barricades were gonna stop you?
  124. >"Get dis damn thing outa da way."
  125. >Your soldiers got to work hacking apart the barricade, sending splinters sailing through the air.
  126. >You looked over the mountains, catching the tips of Canterlot's tallest spires over them.
  127. >You were gonna collapse those spires.
  128. >You were gonna knock down the walls and send these ponies back to Tartarus in your place.
  129. >And then you were gonna take the magic away from this kingdom.
  130. >And then you were gonna turn this whole stinking planet into your chew toy.
  131. >You looked up into the sky, it was a full moon again.
  132. >Good. You wanted the Princesses to see you, to see their end commin' for em.
  133. >The wooden barricade began to splinter and crack.
  134. >Yeah...just a bit longer...
  135. >Then you'd show these ponies that your bite was way worse than your bark...

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