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BiE 62: Dog Days of Summer.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:51:49 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 62=
  3. >You blasted through the last barricade.
  4. >These damn ponies had put up a dozen of those things.
  5. >The first was cute, the second was irritating, everything else was just annoying.
  6. >You eventually just got tired of waiting for your Dogs to chop through it and just blasted it with your magic.
  7. >You wanted in that city.
  8. >You wanted that magical regulator.
  9. >The three headed beast beneath you growled.
  10. >"Easy, boy."
  11. >Cerberus hadn't gotten the chance to fight anything since you invaded that town, he wanted it just as much as you did.
  12. >One of your lieutenants marched up to you. "Dogfather! The live Dogs have caught up to us, we are ready to take the capitol!"
  13. >You silently nod as Cerberus marches forward.
  14. >You hadn't been able to get that many dead Dogs out of Tartarus with just the magic that came with being Dogfather, but once you got that regulator...
  15. >Your living horde had been pulled from all corners of the world, from Equestria to the Griffin kingdoms.
  16. >No way those ponies could beat you with these numbers...
  17. >"Boss!" someone called out and pointed to the sky.
  18. >Against the blackness of the early morning sky, you could make out a hint of gold racing towards the city.
  19. >"Leave 'im! Let 'em be warned, it aint gonna make a difference!"
  20. >The Dogs behind you began howling their approval at the full moon.
  21. >You stare at Canterlot off in the distance, you could see it since you ported into that town, but to see it so close now...
  22. >For the first time since you had gotten out of Tartarus, you felt excited.
  23. >You turn to your lieutenant.
  24. >"Knock dat city down..."
  26. >The horns sound.
  27. >The horns that mean the city is under attack.
  28. >Both you and Rainbow spring up from your bed.
  29. >"It's starting." you say.
  30. >You quickly hop out of bed and throw your clothes back on, looping your crystal pouches onto your belt.
  31. >You bolt out of the room and head to Mous's door. "Dude! Come on, we gotta go!"
  32. >You open the door as Mous was rising to his feet in front of Lotus. "Yeah, let's go." he says.
  33. >Lotus looks scared. You probably just walked in on their goodbyes, and if Mous's goodbye's were as grim as his face was now, you can imagine Lotus being left wanting.
  34. >"She gonna be alright?" you ask as you and Mous bound down the hallway, Rainbow Dash catching up to you.
  35. >Mous nods. "She's either staying here or going to be with her sister. I told the guards to escort her if she leaves."
  36. >You exit outside and look over the city. Canterlot is a beehive of activity, guards and soldiers are flocking to the main gates, pegusi are taking to the air, and you can see Celestia and Luna descending from their tower.
  37. >You can also see over the wall. You can see the writhing mass of fur that constituted the Diamond Dog army. At its head, you see a three headed beast with a single Dog standing on top of it.
  38. >A chariot settles down in front of you all. "Sirs! We're here to take you to the front!" the lead pegasus called.
  39. >You waste no time in grabbing Rainbow and pressing your lips against hers. "I love you. Be safe."
  40. >Rainbow wraps her hooves around you tight before she jumps into the air. "That goes double for you."
  41. >You and Mous step onto the carriage as Rainbow flies off to be with the rest of the element bearers
  42. >You grip the edge of the carriage as you fly off to war.
  44. >You heart is beating out of your chest, your breaths are shallow and your palms are wet.
  45. >The grim reality of the situation was setting in. You were going off to war.
  46. >You weren't cut out for this! You were a science major less than two years ago!
  47. >You look over at your bro. He's standing there, grim faced and arms crossed. He looked like he was denying even the whipping wind to touch him.
  48. >You lean forward and grip the railing as your stomach turns in knots. "Nervous?" you hear behind you.
  49. >You silently nod, fearing that any words would come out wrong. "C'mere." Mous says.
  50. >You push off from the railing only to have Mous grip you by the shoulders hard. "Look at me." he says.
  51. >Your gaze meets your bros. His eyes have changed, where once they were alive and had a spark of mischief, they were now hollow and cold. "You're scared. That's normal, good even. But right now, you can't be scared. You can't be scared, doubtful, or worried. Not about anything."
  52. >Mous points out at the Dog horde. "Those Dogs can smell fear. They've lived in hell and will tear you apart if you show any. So don't. Show that that you aren't afraid of them. Smile and scream and do whatever it takes to make them fear you."
  53. >"You sound like you're turning me into you." you say.
  54. >Mous smiles as the chariot begins to descend to the walls. "Is that really so bad here?"
  56. >The two of you step off the carriage and onto the walls. You make your way to the battlement where Shining Armor, The Grand Magister, General Vizir , and the two Princesses were standing.
  57. >Shining armor held what appeared to be a megaphone and was shouting over the edge of the wall. "Stand down! If you leave this place, I assure you that no harm will come to you!"
  58. >A fireball impacting the wall next to him was his response.
  59. >Shining Armor retreats back to the rest of the commanders. "I don't think they're going to cooperate..." he says.
  60. >The Grand Magister speaks up. "Perhaps a show of force is required..."
  61. >"I agree with the magister." Vizir said.
  62. >The Princesses consider their words. "Anon, Mous, what do you two think on the matter?" Celestia asked.
  63. >You brought your hand to your chin to think. Mous walked to the edge of the wall. "Do they know their magic is out?" he asked.
  64. >Luna shakes her head. "The mana-sinks remain deactivated for the time being. However, they may be activated at a moment's notice."
  65. >Mous walks over to you. "What do you think, man?"
  66. >You glance over the wall at the encroaching horde and bite your lip. "I don't suppose they'll just leave if we tell them their magic is shut off?"
  67. >Mous crosses his arms. "I don't think that'll work dude."
  68. >He was right, it wouldn't help. And you were ignoring what he told you on the ride over.
  69. >Scare em...
  70. >You glance at Shining Armor's megaphone.
  71. >Scare them...
  72. >Your eyes fall back to Mous.
  73. >A devious smile parts your lips.
  75. -Mous PoV-
  76. >After a few minutes of deliberation about what to say, you grab the megaphone and hops of onto the wall.
  77. >"Care to give me a little more 'oomph' Princess?" you say as you wave the megaphone at Celestia.
  78. >The megaphone glows white for a minute and you bring it to your mouth as you look out over the assembled Dogs.
  80. >The Dogs below shrink at the auditory onslaught.
  82. >A unicorn behind you powers up the mana-sink and floods the area with a blue glow, similar glows pop up along the walls.
  83. >A few Dogs below try to cast, only to watch their spells fizzle out when they try.
  86. >The a few of the Dogs back away as the knowledge that they would be fighting magic dawns on them.
  88. >The Dogs are really looking nervous now. "THERE IS NO HOPE IN OPPOSING THE INEVITABLE..."
  89. >"LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS, UNBELIEVERS." You form a thumb with your hand and immediately twist it to face down. "AND BOW BEFORE THE FORCES OF THE CELESTIAL EMPIRE."
  91. >The entire city is silent for a moment as your words sink in.
  92. >The Dogs haven't stopped staring at the wall with all of you on it.
  93. >Eventually, one begins to back away from the wall.
  94. >He drops his weapon and starts a mad dash back the other way.
  95. >That's all it takes to convince another to do the same thing, and another, and another still.
  96. >Eventually, hundreds of Dogs are turning tail and running. "No! NO! Get back here ya mutts!" You hear hollered from beyond the wall.
  97. Nice.
  98. >You step down from the wall.
  99. >"How was my performance?"
  100. >Anon offers a golf clap. "Not bad, but you over annunciated."
  101. >"You did well, you two. Very clever." Celestia said with her first smile in a while.
  102. >Vizir practically gallops over to the wall. "This is almost half their host! With the loss of their magic this will be-GET DOWN!" he shouts.
  104. -Anon PoV-
  105. >The castle walls shook as a gout of flame the size of a house blasted through the gates. You peered over the edge and saw The Dogfather panting on the ground. "G...Get in there ya mutts!" he shouted.
  106. >The remaining Diamond Dog began to pour into the city. Engaging guards along the way.
  107. >A deafening roar echoed over the walls as Cerberus crashed through the Dogs and Ponies in his path and headed for the center of the city.
  108. >Luna's horn glowed for a moment. "By the stars! Those Dogs! They're dead!"
  109. >Mous pushed himself off the ground. "Yeah, a scout we caught said as much. At least that explains why our little speech didn't work."
  110. >Vizir gallops up to you. "We must defend the city! ALL TROOPERS! DRIVE THE ENEMY BACK OUT OF OUR GATES! ABOVE ALL, DEFEND THE MANA-SINKS!"
  111. >The Grand Magister turns to the Princesses. "I shall gather my mages and push them from the flank." he says before racing off.
  112. >You push yourself off the ground and rejoin Mous with the princesses. "We must go combat Cerberus, will you two be okay here?" Celestia asks.
  113. >You nod and Mous gives a thumbs up as Celestia and Luna fly away.
  114. >You and Mous step to the inner edge of the wall. "How do you want to do this?" you ask as you ready yourself for combat.
  115. >"Like this." Mous says as he jumps off the wall. In the distance, you hear an eagle cry.
  117. >"Goddammit!" you shout as you run down the stairs, throwing crystals at any Dogs who were getting close to Mous.
  118. >Mous pulled David out of the Dog he landed on and picked up the small hatchet it had dropped.
  119. >You tossed an ice crystal into a crowd of Dogs as Mous carved his way through the ones on the ground.
  120. >You tried not to pay attention to the Dogs as you hit them with crystals. You still weren't used to killing something.
  121. >"Come on ya stupid son's a' bitches!" Mous shouted as he kicked a Dog over.
  122. >You jump off the stairs to avoid a Dog and toss a fire crystal back up at it. "Could you not piss off the army of Dogs trying to kill us?!"
  123. >"Oh come on, Anon!" he shouts as he buries his hatchet into a Dog's neck. "This is where it's at!"
  124. >The two of you dance around each other as you take on any Dogs you can.
  125. >Luckily, years of playing Playstation in your living room together had given you both an idea on how the other thought in times like this.
  126. >It's as you throw your latest crystal that you feel Mous push up against your back.
  127. >You also look around to see that you're surrounded by Dogs. "Mous..."
  128. >"Yeah, yeah. I see it."
  129. >Shit. "How are we doing this?"
  130. >"Break on 3. Ready?"
  131. >You take a deep breath. "Yeah."
  132. >"Alright."
  133. >You dip a hand into your pouch.
  134. >"One..."
  135. >You grab the first crystals you find.
  136. >"Two!"
  138. >Break on two, that's the rule.
  139. >It serves you well.
  140. >The Dogs are shocked as you throw your crystals over the first few and slam one into the lead.
  141. >The best part of these crystals were that the effects they made were magical in nature, you didn't feel a thing from the fire that immolated that Dog.
  142. >You duck under a wide swing and toss a gas crystal into the Dogs mouth.
  143. >You dance your way back and toss an ice spell to the ones behind you.
  144. >You are rewarded with a yelp of pain as you switch to concussion spells.
  145. >Dogs are flung to and fro by the force trapped in the crystals.
  146. >"Stupid mutt!" you shout as one gets too close
  147. >You toss a spell into the air, it spawns a torrent of magical hail that forces the Dogs back.
  148. >You take the opportunity to fling more concussion spells, throwing the Dogs back again.
  149. >Dammit. These dead Dogs were tough.
  150. >Wait. Dead Dogs.
  151. >You carried a few healing crystals in the event that you had to play medic, you tossed them at the Dogs to test your theory.
  152. >"Haha! Yeah!" you shout as the crystals break over the Dogs and washes healing magic over them.
  153. >Healing magic is great for the living, but the dead seem to hate it. The Dogs howl and cry as their dead flesh burns them.
  154. >You crush to fire crystals in your hands and form rudimentary cones as the magic escapes, gouts of fire erupt from your hands and bathe the Dogs in flame.
  155. >They run around and try to put their fur out. A few concussion crystals finishes the job.
  156. >Hey, maybe you're getting the hang of fighting after all.
  158. -Mous PoV-
  159. >The old "Break on two" trick.
  160. >A classic.
  161. >You relish the face Dog in front of you makes as you jump at him and drive David into his neck.
  162. >His friends try to help, but a hatchet to the face usually deters people.
  163. >You don't give an inch and dive back into them.
  164. >This wasn't gonna be like the mine. Oh no.
  165. >You were rested, ready, and wearing light chainmail under your shirt.
  166. >You were set.
  167. >"Come on you badger licking thundercunts! Hit me!"
  168. >The Dogs rise to your challenge as you dance under their pikes and maces.
  169. >These Dogs were strong, but not too bright.
  170. >They were wearing heavy plate, probably to combat ponies, but David could fit inside the little nooks and get at their flesh.
  171. >A particularly mad Dog rushed you in revenge for your latest kill, a sidestep and a kick to the stomach brought him down.
  172. >You twisted David around and slammed him into the Dog's eye.
  173. >"Oh come on, ladies! Give me a challenge!"
  174. >A pair of Dogs rush you, lances out.
  175. >You flip David and the hatchet into a defensive grip and meet then.
  176. >You step inside the space between the lances and rush the Dogs, making sure to keep the pressure high on both sides so they couldn't break your guard.
  177. >You get to within inches of the Dogs and break off, flipping your weapons back to an offensive position as you did and burying them in the Dog's necks.
  178. >You hear a roar from behind you and spot a Dog charging you with a mace.
  179. >You dig the hatchet out of the corpse at your feet and throw it at your attacker.
  180. >The Dog taking his eyes off you to inspect his new shoulder wound was his last mistake.
  181. >You charged him and thrust David deep into his neck, using your momentum to push the Dog to the ground.
  183. -Anon PoV-
  184. >You walk up to Mous as the last Dog falls. "Nice work, psycho."
  185. >He laughs. "Psycho? What about you Sir Killalot?"
  186. >You roll your eyes and look over the grisly sight. Something near the palace walls catches your eye though.
  187. >A pair of Dogs, flanking another one in a suit. "Dude, Dogfather!" you shout.
  188. >The Dogfather turns to you as you shout and starts to run. "Come on!" Mous shouts.
  189. >The two of you break off after The Dogfather.
  190. >He leads you through streets, over walls, and even through the market.
  191. >"How the hell did he get in!?" Mous shouts.
  192. >"He must have snuck in while we were fighting!" You answer.
  193. >The Dogfather runs up to a seemingly normal wall on the palace and waves his hands.
  194. >The bricks in the wall part and reveal a passageway. "Holy hell!" you shout.
  195. >You and Mous follow The Dogfather down the hallway he made.
  196. >Up ahead you see a bright purple light. "That has to be the Regulator!"
  197. >The Dogfather waves his hand. "Take care of 'em!" he shouts.
  198. >Shit!
  199. >Mous bounds ahead of you and brings his hatchet and knife to bear. "You take that one! I've got these two!" he says as he throws the hatchet into the arm of the first Dog.
  200. >You run past the blockade as Mous fights them off and keep running after The Dogfather.
  201. >You were not gonna let him get that magic! You were gonna stop him for Rainbow and Thundershy and everyp0ny else out there!
  202. >The Dogfather throws a haphazard spell at you that sails over your head.
  203. >You return the kindness by tossing an ice spell at his feet.
  204. >The floor under The Dogfather becomes a sheet of ice, causing him to fly through the air and land in a heap in the center of the room. "Alright, puppy dog. Time to end this."
  206. >Be like Mous.
  207. >"Kid, I dunno what you tink you're gonna-"
  208. >He doesn't finish as uppercut him with a concussion spell.
  209. >"No talk, nut sack. Just you and me." you say.
  210. >You were tired of this prick stabbing your, bro invading your town, and scaring your country.
  211. >"Dat was your last mistake kid..." he says. His hands glow and another wave of fire hits you.
  212. >For a split second, you think of it as the end.
  213. >Before you see the fire rolling off you, however.
  214. >The Dogfather takes this moment to gloat. "Did ya really tink dat a couple'a gizmos were gonna neuter da top dog in Tartatus!?"
  215. >You extend your hand in front of you and walk towards the fire's source.
  216. >"I'm a GOD you little runt!"
  217. >You eventually reach the fire's source and clamp your magic proof hands over his.
  218. >You look down at yourself, it seems he burnt your shirt off.
  219. >As the fire dies down, you look into his shocked face. "Yeah? I'm an Atheist." You then head-butt him.
  220. >The Dogfather reels back and tosses another spell at you.
  221. >You remember seeing Mous deflect magic with his a backhand once, and you must say that you can see the appeal. The Dogfather's eyes grow wide and take on a slightly purple hue. "I don' get it... Why aint my magic-!?" His eyes grow so big they look like they're going to pop out of his head. "What -ARE- you?!"
  222. >You reach into your pouch and grab a crystal. An ice crystal, you find out, as you crack the crystal in your hand and watch the ice inch its way up your arm.
  223. >"I'm the guy who catches strays."
  225. >Here you go.
  226. >"I'm sick of you fucking up my home, asshole! It's time to put you down!"
  227. >You rush him as he prepares another spell, only to second guess himself as he remembers his lasts effect.
  228. >Well...Mous is cheesy sometimes..."Sub-Zero ice punch!" you yell as you deck The Dogfather with you ice arm.
  229. >But not that cheesy...never again.
  230. >Can't let him catch on though. "Ya see, were I come from we have rules!" you shout as you walk over his rising form and grab him by his gaudy necklace.
  231. >"One! You don't kidnap children!" You slam him with your ice arm and push him back to the ground again.
  232. >You reach down and pick him up by the necklace again. "Two! You don't invade towns with a hell army!"
  233. >This time a trio of teeth fly out when you hit him.
  234. >You lift him up once more time, concentrating all your frustration into your fist. "AND THREE! YOU DON'T TRY TO SUCK UP AN ENTIRE KINGDOM'S MAGIC!"
  235. >The Dogfather breaks away from his necklace as he sails across the room.
  236. >He reaches out to you as he lays there. "No...I need dat..." he says.
  237. >You inspect the necklace as your ice starts to melt. Gold, with a single gem in the center cut like a bulldog face. "Too bad. It's mine now."
  238. >Underneath the necklace, you feel another. You grab it in your hand and give it a once over.
  239. >It looked like a golden dog tag. On it was inscribed the word "Comet."
  240. >You laugh. "You have the same name as the Full House dog? No wonder your plan failed..."
  242. >It was a few days after you beat The Dogfather.
  243. >Celestia had deemed it necessary to throw a parade in honor of a city defended.
  244. >You and Mous were walking through an ecstatic Canterlot as p0nies lined up to thank the two of you.
  245. >You were frankly flattered by the attention. Everyp0ny else had helped fight off the dogs too.
  246. >Celestia said it was because you two stopped The Dogfather that you were the stars of the parade.
  247. >Mous was eating this up, exciting the crowd gathered in front of the palace and rousing them to new levels up joy.
  248. >That old dimensional prison you came up with came in handy. Celestia and Luna had tossed The Dogfather into it and sent him off to parts unfathomable. Served him right, the Danny Tanner licking prick.
  249. >The two of you bounced up the stairs to the castle and stopped at the doors.
  250. >Everyone was there. Luna and "Blueblood" as you learned. The girls. Rainbow...
  251. >Mous snuck a wink to Lotus as Celestia came out to greet you.
  252. >The two of you offered a bow. "Rise, friends. There is no need for that here."
  253. >The two of you rise up as Celestia booms to the crowd. "In recognition for their efforts in defending this city and capturing The Dogfather, I declare Anon and Mous, Heroes of Canterlot!"
  254. >The crowd roared as Celestia levitated shiny medals over the two of you.
  255. >Rainbow burst from her place and kissed you as hard as she could. "Hey, you." you said.
  256. >You glanced over at Mous who was holding his own special somep0ny.
  257. >The two of you turn to each other. "We did it, dude!" you shouted.
  258. >Mous smiles back. "Was there ever any doubt?"
  259. >You're grinning now as your bro holds out a hand.
  260. >You slap your palm into his and clasp it as hard as you can to the roar of the city.

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