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10,000th paste hit extravaganza. [CLOP]

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:52:03 PM
AIE NSFW Anon Celestia comedy

  1. =BiE alt 26=
  3. The following is a non-canon event that occurs as an alternate ending to Bros in Equestria 26: Master Plan. Enjoy.
  5. >"I'm glad you enjoyed my show, Princess."
  6. >She turns back to you, composure restored, but a smile present.
  7. >"Yes, very elaborate, very fitting. You certainly have thought this through, haven't you?"
  8. >You give a wide shrug.
  9. >"I told you, I'm a bit of an odd guy."
  10. >You cross your arms and begin to relax...this isn't over yet.
  11. >Celestia takes a step closer "However."
  12. >And there it is.
  13. >"There is the matter of how you managed to sneak directly above my room in the royal palace, I'm sure my Captain of the Guard would like to have a word with you about that."
  14. > could work with this.
  15. >"Come on Celestia, there's no fun in that. At least give me a handicap."
  16. >"Such as?" she asks as she opens her mouth into an unnaturally wide grin and flutters her eyelashes.
  17. >"Three hour head start."
  18. >Celestia brings a hoof to her chin. "No. I think not..."
  19. >Huh?
  20. Not good...
  21. >"You interrupted my fun, Mous. While your little distraction did prove amusing, I simply cannot allow you to leave without...punishing you in some way."
  22. >You really don't like the emphasis she put on that punishment...
  23. >"While I'm sure Fancypants would compose himself again soon, it only seems fitting that the one who ruined my day attempt to salvage some of it."
  24. >Is she.
  25. >Did she.
  26. >"Princess, are you propositioning me?"
  27. >Celestia lets loose a throaty chuckle. "Mous, "propositioning" implies that you have the option of turning me down."
  29. >She can't be serious.
  30. >"You can't be serious."
  31. >Celestia takes a few steps towards you, you find yourself backing away. "I'm quite serious, Mous. However...if you feel like being recalcitrant...I could always send some of my guards off to that hotel off of Mane Street..."
  32. >You thrust a finger towards Celestia.
  33. >"That's a fucking dirty trick."
  34. >"And it's going to work, isn't it?" She asks with a toothy grin.
  35. >You stand there, shaking in your rage for a bit.
  36. >This cunt thinks she can blackmail you into screwing her?
  37. >You start running through every plan you can think of as a way of escaping here...
  38. >...but you come up blank.
  39. >Brain! What the hell!?
  40. She's holding all the cards here, man.
  41. >And she knows it...
  42. >You feel your fists shake as you consider this.
  43. >You either have to have blackmail sex with Celestia, or send Anon and Rainbow up the river.
  44. >Dammit...that's not a choice.
  45. >You glare at her as you spit out your words.
  46. >"Where's. Your. Room?"
  47. >Celestia smiles and lowers her body to the ground. "Hop on~" she coos.
  48. >Bitch.
  49. >You jump onto Celestia's back and hold on as she takes off from the roof and lands on her balcony below.
  50. >Some unicorn is standing in her room. "Mister Fancypants, I'm afraid that I must cut out meeting short. I important matter to attend to."
  51. >Fancypants continues to eye you as he trots to the door. "Of...course Princess...good day."
  52. >You can still feel him looking at you as the door closes and you hop down.
  53. >You take a few paces around the room and glare back at your captor.
  54. >"Go wash yourself out. I'm not doing your boyfriends sloppy seconds."
  55. >Celestia sighs. "I suppose that is a fair request." she says as she trots into the bathroom.
  57. >You settle yourself the edge of the bed as the bathroom door closes.
  58. >Uhg. I can't believe this is happening...
  59. But it is happening, dude.
  60. >We're supposed to be better than this.
  61. She outplayed us. Come on, we have to do this.
  62. >Fucking bitch.
  63. >You slowly rub your temples and toss your bag and sweatshirt onto a nearby chair.
  64. >The bathroom door reopens and Celestia steps out.
  65. >She levitates her crown and other jewelry over to a beauty desk in the corner. "Ahh. Much better."
  66. >She stares at you through lidded eyes. "Shall we begin?"
  67. >The room stays silent for a bit.
  68. >"If you're expecting me to start us off, you're an idiot."
  69. >Celestia sighs as she trots over to you. "Mous, the beautiful leader of a powerful nation has taken you into her bed. Would it kill you to enjoy it a bit?"
  70. >Beautiful?
  71. >"Your narcissism aside, I am here against my will. What could be enjoyable about that?
  72. >Celestia props her forelegs up onto your shoulders and pushes you back onto the bed.
  73. >She leans down to your ear and whispers. "Why don't I show you?"
  74. >Celestia brings her mouth against yours and all but forces her tongue in.
  75. >You simply lie there as Celestia probes the interior of your mouth with her tongue.
  76. >Eventually, she breaks away and gives you a disappointed look. "You're just going to lie there like a dead fish, aren't you?"
  77. >You had no intention of making this easy for her.
  78. >"You have a lot of experience making out with dead fish?"
  79. >Celestia grunts. "You could at least pretend that you're into this..."
  80. >Tch.
  81. >"But I'm not, and you know it. Your feminine wiles don't work on me."
  82. >Celestia grins a bit. "Oh. We'll see."
  83. >With that she plunges back into your mouth.
  85. >You lay there for a while, letting Celestia do as she pleases.
  86. >She'll eventually get bored. Maybe.
  87. >Celestia is writhing around inside your mouth something fierce.
  88. >You admit, under normal circumstances, it may feel nice. But dammit, you were determined to not make this fun for her.
  89. >Not that you seem to be making any headway on that front. Celestia is moaning and gasping as she grips your head and tries to massage the backs of your teeth.
  90. >Celestia has also been gyrating her hips a bit. She hasn't done anything remarkable ye-
  91. >Suddenly, Celestia moves herself around and manages to nudge your member directly into the area she was rubbing on.
  92. >Fuck! Was that her plan all along with this?
  93. >Celestia's gyrations bring a spark of life to your little soldier.
  94. >Damnable traitorous appendage!
  95. >Celestia stops the tongue assault for a moment. "It seems I have found what I'm looking for..."
  96. >That little moment of surprise is all it takes for Celestia to get a foothold.
  97. >Suddenly, her tongue in your mouth starts to feel great, while her rubbing on your crotch breaks down your mental defenses even more.
  98. >Your brain was offline and not answering your calls, you were on your own now...
  99. >Shit! You can hear her giggling! You're losing this!
  100. >In a bout of competition induced panic, your hands rocket up and grab her by the wings.
  101. >Celestia breaks away from your mouth and emits a moan that fills the room, and also sends your jimmies rustling back to the dawn of time.
  103. >Celestia rests her head next to yours. "My! It seems that we may get you going after all!"
  104. >"Sh-shut u-mmf!"
  105. >Celestia's tongue snakes its way back into your mouth as her hips take it into double time.
  106. >You find your body betraying you. Your tongue begins to wrestle with Celestia's for control while your hands make use of your time at the spa and work their way up Celestia's wings, eliciting a low moan from the monarch.
  107. >"You're quite good at that..." she gasps.
  108. >"Heh. Comes with the territory at a massage parlor."
  109. >Celestia evades your mouth and nibbles at your neck. "Mmmm~ I wonder what else they teach you there?"
  110. >This again?
  111. >"I'm not a hooker, Celestia. I'm sure you are well aware of their habits."
  112. >Celestia continues to playfully bite your neck. "Lower your arms." she says.
  113. >You arms fall off her wings and you feel a gentle tugging on your chest.
  115. >Your shirt pulls itself off of you and gets thrown across the room as Celestia traces a hoof down your torso. "Canterlot outlawed public brothels almost a millennia ago. Many were not happy about that piece of legislature..."
  116. >"Was their monarch one of them?"
  117. >Celestia chuckles and goes back to your neck. "Wouldn't you like to know?"
  118. >You reach your arms back up to her wings and start rubbing.
  119. >Okay...this wasn't torturous. Just another game...right?
  120. >Suddenly, you feel your pants grow tighter. Way tighter.
  121. >You look down to see them constricted in a white glow with one part in the center rising above the rest. "Oohhh...I think we may be ready..." she coos.
  122. >Celestia trails her tongue down your bare chest and gets ever closer to your belt.
  123. >No!
  124. >Not ready! Not yet!
  125. >You grab Celestia around her torso and roll the both of you over.
  126. >Celestia's face mirrors your internal shock at now finding yourself on top of the monarch. "Well! I see you're getting a bit more into it now..."
  128. >You think of an excuse quick.
  129. >"Uh. It's just. I'm a masseur. Wouldn't you like to feel -these- before we begin?"
  130. >You flex your fingers as you speak.
  131. >Celestia smiles. "Mmmyes...I think that is exactly what we need here..."
  132. >Your hands fall to Celestia's legs as you silently breathe a sigh of relief.
  133. >Okay...bought yourself some time...
  134. >You regress your mind back to what you learned at work and apply it here, gliding over Celestia's legs, her stomach, giving her rump a light once over.
  135. >Light moans escaped from the monarch as you worked.
  136. >You eventually drift to the exterior Celestia's leg, her moans intensifying as you slide over her Cutie Mark.
  137. >You glance up at her lidded eyes.
  138. >"The princess has a sensitive flank, huh? Have none of your boytoys worked that out?"
  139. >"Shut up and get to work, Mous..." she gasps.
  140. >You chuckle to yourself as you ply your trade on her thigh.
  141. >The moans and gasps she releases as you work aren't helping.
  142. >You're really trying hard not to think about...about -that- aspect of this.
  143. >You continue to work and try to drown her out until you find Celestia's leg sliding away from you.
  144. >You meet her sultry gaze. "You've done quite enough down is time we went a bit...further..."
  146. >Celestia spreads her legs and shifts her tail, revealing that which stallions have probably killed for and of which growing colts dream of at night.
  147. >And of which is scaring the hell out of you.
  148. > have to think of something to stall with.
  149. >You grip her flank as you eye her marehood.
  150. >You audibly gulp.
  151. >Celestia is still writhing from the cutie mark massage you have her.
  152. >Oh well. No time like the present.
  153. >”BANZAI!”
  154. >You dive in between her legs and ram your tongue in as far as it can go.
  155. >They probably heard Celestia cry out back in Ponyville, you're amazed that the guards don't burst in.
  156. >Hell, that would probably make Celestias day.
  157. >As you probe around, you come to a realization.
  158. >You have no idea what you're doing.
  159. >You pull apart Celestia's folds and begin exploring around, at first with your tongue, but eventually you bring a finger in.
  160. >Celestia won't stop moaning. "Ohhh...yes...right there. Oh, it must be heaven where you humans come from..."
  161. >You stop your assault and peer up at her between her legs.
  162. >"'You humans?' Princess, I have a na-*gak*!"
  163. >A levitating pillow forces you back between her legs. "Mous, if you do not continue what you were doing I'm sending you to the moon after this."
  164. >You silently lift an arm high enough for her to see and extend a single finger. "I don't know what that means, Mous."
  165. >Hmm.
  166. >You take your finger and jam it deep in Celestia's marehood. "AAAAH! BUCK YOU!"
  167. >"Actually, yeah! Just that!"
  169. >You eventually settle on a strategy for Celestia.
  170. >You begin licking her clit and slowly insert your tongue into her.
  171. >Celestia bucks and moans at your secret weapon.
  172. >Calligraphy.
  173. >You grip Celestia's thighs and spell out each letter with your tongue, as slowly as you can.
  174. >"Banana" gets her going.
  175. >You think you hear her mumble your name at "Coupling".
  176. >She's speaking in gibberish at "Duodenum".
  177. >The sheets below her are getting drenched with her juices as you continue.
  178. >You're halfway through the first verse of Piano Man with special guest star; your little finger, when Celestia clenches down and releases an accompanying groan.
  179. >You're about to ask what was up when Celestia's babbling brook becomes a tidal wave.
  180. >One that hits you square in the face.
  181. >"Gah! Fuck! Gross!"
  182. >Your protests are drowned out by Celestia's moaning, however.
  183. >You wipe your mouth out on the curtains as Celestia calms down.
  184. >"A little warning next time!"
  185. >Celestia laughs. "Here's your warning." she says.
  186. >A white glow surrounds your pants and starts to drag you towards her. "If that's what you can do with your mouth...what you can do down there will be just as interesting..."
  187. >Your legs are pulled ever faster to the bed as Celestia spreads her legs again.
  188. >NOPE.
  189. >NO.
  190. >You slip out of your boots and slide your belt off as you shimmy your way out of your pants.
  191. >You land on the floor in your boxers and socks as you slide yourself back until you hit the wall.
  193. >Celestia sighs and hops off her bed. "I was unaware that you were that fearful..."
  194. >"W-what are you-?"
  195. >"Mous, I have been alive for over a thousand years and lived my current lifestyle for many of them." she says with a small smile.
  196. >Celestia lays down on the floor in front of you, her head resting on her legs. "I can smell purity a mile away."
  197. >Your breathing is heavy and rapid. This was seriously freaking you out.
  198. >Celestia chuckled. "Has anyp0ny ever told you that you're cute when you're flustered?"
  199. >"Wh-what?"
  200. >Celestia chuckles and starts to nibble your collarbone again. "I said..."
  201. >"You..." she trails down to your chest.
  202. >She's on your stomach. "Are cute..."
  203. >She magic's down your boxers, you feel your tip strike her neck. "When you're flustered."
  204. >Celestia moves her mouth of you the head of your member.
  205. >You must have looked terrified, because she just smiled and said. "Relax."
  206. >She kisses the top of your erect member. You moan.
  207. >Celestia gives a devious smile and lets a bit more of you into her mouth this time, before she pulls back.
  208. >She goes a bit father on the third time, almost halfway down now.
  209. >You can't help yourself.
  210. >"Either d-do it or piss off Celes..celes-Celly."
  211. >You can't tell with her mouth full, but you think you see a smile.
  212. >Then Celestia takes you in all the way to your base.
  214. >Your mouth hangs open in a silent shout as Celestia bobs her head up and down in your lap.
  215. >"F-fu-"
  216. >You can't get your words out as Celestia traces her tongue around your shaft.
  217. >That felt...Damn.
  218. >"You-You bi-"
  219. >You grunt as Celestia twists her head as she bobs.
  220. >"Youuurree good at that..."
  221. >A muffled "Mhmm!" breaks through the sounds of Celestia going to town on you.
  222. >You recite a mental oath you once heard helps in these scenarios.
  223. >There once was a man from Nantucket...
  224. >Who once had a queen on his dick.
  225. >No! That's not right!
  226. >Shit. Celestia was picking up her pace.
  227. >She was alternating between bobbing and twisting on your member and simply going down as far as she could and letting her tongue dance around you.
  228. >Her horn catches your eye as she bobs. Work at the spa had taught you that those were sensitive.
  229. >You reach out and grab her horn, causing Celestia to release another moan and stop in her tracks.
  230. >Celestia's eyes snap open and lock in your direction.
  231. >You absentmindedly shift your hand to the base of her horn, getting another moan for your trouble.
  232. >Celestia opens her mouth and pulls herself off you...with her tongue spiraling off your cock a moment later. "Is that how you want to play it...?" she huffs out.
  233. >"Well...gotta fight back somehow..."
  234. >Celestia repositions herself. "You're on, Mous..."
  236. >The two of you lay there for a while.
  237. >Celestia bobbing her head up and down on you as you stroked her horn.
  238. >Both of your moans and gasps filled the room.
  239. >You might have even mumbled her name a few times...
  240. >All and all, this wasn't as terrible as you had first thought.
  241. >You look down at Celestia.
  242. >"Oh come on, I've seen corpses with more vigor..."
  243. >Celestia pops you out of her mouth. "Have much experience with corpses, do you?"
  244. >You shrug.
  245. >"Hey, school was expensive. I needed to make a living."
  246. >Celestia rolls her eyes and pushes her way down your length again, offering a wink as she resumes her bobbing.
  247. >At least if you're being blackmailed into sex, you're getting blackmailed by someone who can take a necrophilia joke.
  248. >You place a hand on Celestia's head and go back to work on her horn, stroking it in a way you assumed would feel nice.
  249. >Celestia begins to pick up her pace and so must you.
  250. >Your moans pick up in intensity and frequency as the Celestia licks your shaft and you bring in both hands for her horn.
  251. >Celestia starts to make strange noises, a combination of moans and words you don't recognize as you continue.
  252. >You're getting close to your limit as well.
  253. >"A-Ah...Fu-"
  254. >Celestia moans and groans and clenches her throat, sending you over the edge.
  255. >"Ah! Motherfu-
  256. >Suddenly, white sparks erupt from Celestia's horn and impact on the wall behind you.
  257. >"FUCKING SHI-AH-Ah-ah-ah..."
  258. >Celestia makes more muffled moans and grunts as you wrap your arms around her neck and shoot your seed down her throat.
  260. >You lie against the wall as Celestia cleans up for you in silence.
  261. >Eventually, the two of you are simply laying there in peace.
  262. >You decide to shatter that peace.
  263. >"So, did I just dodge a magic facial?"
  264. >Celestia laughs a bit. "When our horns are over-stimulated...they tend to release a bit of pent up magic."
  265. >"And I'm guessing that feels good?"
  266. >Celestia nuzzles her head into your lap. "Very..." she says in a sultry tone.
  267. >"Well. A little warning next time."
  268. >"You could do with that yourself, mister. I almost choked."
  269. >"I'm inexperienced. You have no excuse."
  270. >Celestia laughs but says nothing.
  271. >A bit of conversation can't hurt.
  272. >"...Hey. LightBrite?"
  273. >"Hmmm?" Celestia coos.
  274. >"What's the most you've gone in a day?"
  275. >Celestia brings a hoof to her chin. "I remember once going twelve rounds before noon...that was probably a record."
  276. >You laugh.
  277. >"Princess, every guy I knew could do that. It's called 'being single in college'."
  278. >Celestia begins tracing a hoof on your thigh. "And can -you- do that?"
  279. >"No endurance stems from pure concentrated ire."
  280. >Celestia looks up at you. "Ire?"
  281. >You fold your hands behind your head.
  282. >"I just can't get off unless I hate the other person."
  284. >Celestia smiles. "Well then..."
  285. >Celestia hops to her feet and makes her way to the bed.
  286. >She climbs up and sticks her rear into the air. "I must be the best you've ever had."
  287. >You laugh.
  288. >"Not the biggest reference pool there, huh? Besides, no one can hate you Slutopatra."
  289. >Celestia makes a pouty face. "Ahttp://www...Scared the big bad Sun Princess will outlast you?"
  290. >Oh no she didn't.
  291. >"Is that a challenge?"
  292. >Celestia waves her ass in the air. "What if it is?"
  293. >You climb to your feet and hop on the bed.
  294. >"Well...if it were a challenge...there would have to be a prize..." you say as you stroke her marehood.
  295. >The mess she made before is starting to return. "Ooohhh...and what would that prize be?" Celestia says as she buries her face into her bed.
  296. >"A new game. First one to climax has to take it round."
  297. >Celestia turns her head to face you. "A contest against me? Daring..."
  298. >"That is not a no."
  299. >Celestia bumps her rear against you. She was ready to go. "No, I suppose it isn't."
  300. >You position yourself behind Celestia and slowly drive your member into her.
  301. >You can feel the walls inside press and conform as they get used to you.
  302. >Celestia releases a low moan as you thrust, you can squelch such outbursts.
  303. >"Ready, Sunshine?"
  304. >"Nnngggg...shut up, Mous."
  305. >Yes ma'am.
  306. >You begin thrusting slowly at first. Aiming to let Celestia grow accustomed to you.
  307. >Celestia has other plans. She waits until you pull back and then slams herself back onto you. Hard.
  308. >You silently scream as Celestia turns her head to you. "We already went slow...why not speed things up a bit?"
  309. >She'll regret that. Maybe. You tell yourself.
  311. >You begin thrusting into Celestia at an increased pace.
  312. >Celestia moans and writhes as you continue before she clamps her muscles down tight around you.
  313. >You stop moving at the new sensation. "Oh no...Has the human met his match~?" Celestia gloats.
  314. >Oh.
  315. >Now it's on.
  316. >You thrust into her a bit and lull her back into her comfort zone. It is then that you strike.
  317. >Your hands lash out and grab both Celestia's horn and the small node where her wings meet.
  318. >It's Celestia's turn to stop moving and groan. But this sounds more pleasurable then yours.
  319. >You don't slow down, however, and continue to slide in and out of her with increasing speed. "That's-cheating-Mous!" she gasps out in rhythm with your thrusts.
  320. >Celestia picks that time to clamp herself down as hard as she can.
  321. >"Nnngg...That's...what you get...for having this many...erogenous zones...!" you grunt.
  322. >You are NOT losing this challenge.
  323. >If not for your pride, then for your anal virginity.
  324. >Losing something once in a day is enough, thank you.
  325. >You go all out and begin thrusting into Celestia with wild abandon. You're able to tilt her wing back and fit the tip in between her teeth as your hand massages the other.
  326. >Your other hand is stroking and twisting Celestia's horn at high speed. When you look you can see some sparks popping out.
  327. >Celestia is moaning loud enough to raise the dead and you're going through anything you can to distract your brain.
  330. >WITH GREAT FORCE! Ow...
  331. >EVERY ANGLE...!
  333. >Celestia is practically screaming now. You think you hear your name but you can't tell.
  334. >UNTILL.
  336. >I...
  337. >RAM IT IN!
  339. >Celestia's wings shoot out and her horn erupts into the Fourth of July.
  340. >You can feel her juices run over your member and down your leg.
  341. >Her moans fill the entire city and she squeezes you tight, causing you to fall over the edge yourself.
  342. >Your mind goes white as you spill your seed, you come back to yourself with a panting Celestia on the bed.
  343. >"In the end...we are all satisfied..."
  344. >You walk on your knees and collapse next to Celestia.
  345. >"And you are set free..."
  346. >You turn and look at Celestia. Disheveled mane, sweaty brow, and all. "Very...poetic..." she pants out.
  347. >You take a deep breath and compose yourself.
  348. >"I like to bring the arts to as many things as I can."
  349. >You turn your gaze back to her.
  350. >"Did I bring it to you?"
  351. >Celestia pushes herself off the bed. "I am certainly feeling inspired." she says.
  352. >She eyes your flaccid member. "Now...I believe that we had an accord? Somewhere..."else" as you put it?"
  353. >Whoa...
  354. >"You know I was joking...right? And even the-"
  355. >"Mous, I will not sit here and have my royal honor impugned upon."
  356. >She pulls herself up to you head. "And if you're worried about your endurance..."
  357. >Celestia locks her lips with yours and invades your mouth with her tongue again.
  358. >You feel your heart rate increase and your member slowly start to rise.
  359. >Celestia breaks away from you and looks down at your now erect manhood. "I wouldn't worry about it."
  361. >Celestia positions herself above you.
  362. >"You're sure about this?"
  363. >"Are you backing out now, Mous?" she asks with a smile.
  364. >Your face contorts to one of annoyance and you swiftly lift your waist up and prod her at her back door.
  365. >Celestia gasps before she adopts a large smirk. She then slowly begins to lower herself on you.
  366. >Okay...fuck! This...This is different...
  367. >You grip Celestia by her flank and let her set the pace here.
  368. >She gyrates herself on top of your member, letting it slide in and out.
  369. >She has much better control of her muscles back here, and begins to toy with you as she grinds.
  370. >You try to stem the damage by reaching up and massaging her wings again, but it's slow going compared to what she's got.
  371. >"Mmmm...see Mous? See how much better this day turned out then you thought?" she asked as she bounced herself on top of you.
  372. >Mind reading abilities aside. You had to take control back if you wanted to go for a hat trick.
  373. >You were going to need leverage...
  374. >You reach your hands up and grab both Celestia's wings.
  375. >You massage them until you feel her increase the pace, when you start to pull her back.
  376. >Celestia is putting her heart into it and doesn't notice her body moving.
  377. >It's not until you she loses balance and falls on top of you that you hear a yelp of surprise.
  378. >You ignore the pain of having a horse fall back on you as you snap one of Celestia's wings out with one hand and slide into her marehood with the other.
  380. >Now that you have leverage again, you take the pace for yourself.
  381. >"You-are-cheating-again!" Celestia shouts in a mirror to what happened before.
  382. >"Nope!" you shout as you thrust hard. "I'm winning again!"
  383. >Hey, if Celestia didn't want this to turn into a competition, she shouldn't have thrown down that challenge.
  384. >"You-You bastarahhh!" she cries as you continue your three-pronged ass-ault.
  385. >As Celestia bucks against your thrusts, you manage to get her ear into your mouth and add a forth prong.
  386. >It's not long before you feel your fingers inside of her grow stickier in conjunction with her cries getting louder.
  387. >You feel her squeeze your hand as the muscle spasms of her orgasm travel through her body.
  388. >They eventually reach the ones gripping your member and causes them to squeeze hard enough to send you over the edge.
  389. >You shout in exertion as you pump your seed into the most coveted hole in the kingdom.
  391. >The moans and shouts calm down and the room falls into silence.
  392. >Celestia falls off of you and slides you out of her with a soft "Oh~"
  393. >She curls up next to you as the two of you lay on the bed and rest after the days many events.
  394. >You glance out the window and see that the sun is low in the sky, but just sort of hanging there.
  395. >"Don't you have some sort of thing to do now?"
  396. >Celestia silently raises from her bed and walks shakily to her balcony.
  397. >A flash of light later and the sun begins its decent over the horizon, letting Luna's moon take the stage.
  398. >Celestia falls back into her bed with a smile and a contented sigh. She begins to twirl your hair around with her magic as she runs a hoof over you. "So...I told you that twelve was my record and we've gotten past round three...
  399. >She looks you in the eye as you turn to her. "Care to see how long it takes us to get the other nine?"  she asks with a big smile.
  401. >It's morning now.
  402. >You had barely slept.
  403. >The two of you had stopped when it was time for Celestia to raise the sun again.
  404. >You lost count of what round you were on and of how much time had passed after Celestia announced you had broken her record.
  405. >"Such is the depths of my competitive edge and ire." you had said.
  406. >You were now riffling through the room looking for your things.
  407. >"You're going to have to get this curtain rod replaced."
  408. >"Oh, who cares?" you hear Celestia call from the bed.
  409. >You throw your pants back on.
  410. >"I'm sure your repairman cares. What kind of princess are you that doesn't care about her subjects?"
  411. >"The very content kind..."
  412. >You toss your shirt on and throw your bag and sweatshirt over it. Celestia looks up at you from the bed. "Do you -have- to go? You know I'll put you up to let you sleep a bit." she groans.
  413. >"First off, you sound like a teenager. Second, I can sleep on the train back. And third, we both know that neither of us would get a wink if I stayed here."
  414. >Celestia rises from her bed. "Still, I'm glad your time here wasn't as horrible as you thought."
  415. >"We should never not do this again." you snipe back.
  416. >Celestia walks you to her door. "And to think, you only wanted a three hour head start..."
  417. >"Would have saved me a ton of time." you say as you open the door.
  418. >"Ah. But think of how wasted that time would have been if you were anywhere else but here...
  419. >You had had a plan for your time before she got her magic on it...
  420. >The two of you stand in the doorway in silence.
  421. >"I really don't like you."
  422. >Celestia chuckles and brings her lips to yours, you wrestle with her tongue for a minute before she releases you.
  423. >"I really don't like you too."

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