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BiE 63: Party Mild.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:52:16 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 63=
  3. >Holy hell, was it cold outside.
  4. >"Does it always get this cold this early?"
  5. >Lotus looks up at you. "Usually. Why?"
  6. >"Because I wasn't freezing my ass off when I showed up in Equestria around this time of year."
  7. >Lotus bumps your leg as the two of you walk."Sweetheart when you showed up, we had just fought off a spirit of chaos. A buffalo summer is getting off easy..."
  8. >You let "buffalo summer" slide.
  9. >"'We'? Did a lot of fighting on the front, did you? Servicemare Lotus?"
  10. >Lotus rolls her eyes and bumps you again. "Besides, isn't it a bit later now then it was when your first arrived?"
  11. >"Oh, like I keep track of when I get sent across dimensions. Who cares about that stuff?"
  12. >"Pinkie Pie, for one."
  13. >Damnable party mare...
  14. >"So my big "Two years in Ponyville" party is a month late, what does it matter?"
  15. >"It's Pinkie Pie." Lotus says.
  16. >That mare's name alone should not be her excuse...
  18. >The two of you walk up to the lot the spa occupied.
  19. >Well...used to occupy. "The builders seem to be moving along at an excellent pace." Lotus chirps.
  20. >"Yeah. Only took 'em four damn months."
  21. >Lotus bumps you with her flank again. It's getting annoying... "Be nice to them! They're building the entire spa underground this time, it takes a while."
  22. >"Anything to make it Cerberus proof, eh?"
  23. >"It's an investment." she says as she trots down the road.
  24. >You pull your jacket up a little higher at the wind and follow.
  25. >"You know, it's not really an investment if you didn't actually pay for it..."
  26. >Lotus stops in the street and turns to you. "How DID you manage to get Celestia to foot the bill? She didn't -borrow- you for a day when I wasn't looking, did she?"
  27. >Celestia and you fucking. There's a laugh.
  28. >"Babe, I'm a hero of the city. I can get them to foot the bill on damages from the invasion if I need to."
  29. >Lotus adopts a wry look. "I don't do I know you're not stepping out on me? Everyp0ny knows Celestia is free at night..."
  30. >You can see where this is going.
  31. >"Fine..."
  32. >You take a knee and present your back to Lotus.
  33. >"Hope on."
  34. >You hear Lotus gallop up to you and jump onto your back.
  35. >You grimace a bit as she lands on you. "Is it your wound scar again?" she asks with concern.
  36. >"It's nothing. No little impalement scar is going to stop "Mous the Human Mule"."
  37. >Enchanted bandages were good healers, but time was better.
  39. >You carry Lotus through the center of town on the way to Sugar Cube Corner.
  40. >You hated coming through here...
  41. >In the middle of town square there now stood a monument to those who fell during the Diamond Dog attack.
  42. >You stopped in front of it and glanced over the names carved into it.
  43. >You remembered when Berry Punch got wasted and collapsed at Anon's birthday party last year...
  44. >Snowflake's enthusiasm back when you had to help the pegusi train for the tornado was something you wouldn't be forgetting.
  45. >The dogs had even gotten poor Mr. Waddle when they invaded...
  46. >Lotus nuzzles your cheek. " couldn't save everyp0ny. You were wounded and barely able to get away yourself, in no shape to run around saving lives."
  47. >You sigh, the cold air stinging your lungs.
  48. >"Maybe not then. But If I stayed here I might have been able to le-"
  49. >"Mous. No. Thinking like that will drive you mad."
  50. >Lotus tightens her hooves around your neck. "Besides, you wouldn't have stayed in the end."
  51. >"Oh wouldn't I?"
  52. >Lotus puts her head on your shoulder. "No. Because if you had stayed, I would have stayed. And you wouldn't let me do that."
  53. >You chuckle as you think that through.
  54. >"No fair using my own logic against me."
  55. >Lotus kisses you on your neck. "Special Somep0ny privilege, dear."
  56. >Your spirits raised, you look back at the simple stone monument.
  57. >"Doesn't mean I don't feel bad..."
  58. >You stand there in silence for a moment before moving on.
  60. >You set Lotus down as the two of you walk into Sugarcube Corner. "Mousyoumadeit!" Pinkie shouted as she zipped down the stairs.
  61. >"Hey Pinkie."
  62. >"Hello Pinkie."
  63. >"Look at this asshole!" comes a voice from the read.
  64. >Anon came down the stairs holding a pair of drinks. "Doesn't even have a place to work and still gets here after me!"
  65. >"Yeah yeah, not all of us have your amazing powers Punctuality Man."
  66. >You grab one of the drinks from him as you walk inside.
  67. >The lot of you make your way to the stairs and evade the dancing ponies. "Care for a little dance, Mous?" Lotus grins out.
  68. >"Hell no. You can get me to be nice to the contractors, you can get me to stop feeling sorry for myself, but even you can't get me to dance in public."
  69. >"Sorry for yourself?" Anon asks.
  70. >"He went to the memorial in town square." Lotus replied.
  71. >You sit near the back of the room close to the rest of the girls. "Now why did you do that? Today is supposed to be a day for fun." Anon says.
  72. >You throw on your grumpy voice.
  73. >"I had fun once. It was awful."
  74. >You glance at the girls, Fluttershy in particular.
  75. >She and Thunderlane were seated at the far end of the room, Fluttershy's stomach was noticeably bigger than the last time you saw it.
  76. >"That foal is either very large or there is more than one in there...
  77. >"An expert in pregnancy now, are we?" Anon teased.
  78. >"I know stomachs do not bulge that way when you're just fat."
  80. >You stare at the young foal in front of you.
  81. >"Come on, Pound. "J". That's the hard one. Say it with my Jjjj-"
  82. >Pound Cake contorts his face at you. "G-. J-. J-!"
  83. >"Good! Now...repeat after me. "Jedi."
  84. >Pound Cake looses interest at the new sound he can make and falls back giggling.
  85. >Anon pipes up behind you. "Looks like someone owes me ten bits..."
  86. >Pound Cake isn't getting a Hearths Warming Eve gift this year.
  87. >The night lingered on.
  88. >A good night with food and friends.
  89. >The Heartstrings were doing well, Lyra was getting new gigs.
  90. >You all helped the girls jeer Rarity a bit. Apparently she was making regular trips to Canterlot to see some prince she met during the invasion.
  91. >Guess everyp0ny deserves a second chance. Even after a cake facial.
  92. >Derpy and Mr. Whooves stopped by to greet you. Apparently he's moved in.
  93. >Good for him. You were still going to watch him like a hawk.
  94. >Pinkie wheeled in a cake and breaks into a song she called. "Happy Two Years on Our Planet."
  95. >Pinkie started passing out cake. Rainbow was flying around Anon messing with him.
  96. >That wedding was coming up fast...
  97. >You're literally pulled away from that train of thought when Lotus twists your face to see her. "Two whole years since you plopped down in our backyard, hm?"
  98. >You chuckle.
  99. >"And look at how badly I've corrupted you. Forsaking proper Stalliongrad manners by pushing around my head like that.
  100. >Lotus brings a pair of soft lips to yours. "Happy Two Years on Our Planet, Mous."
  101. >"Thanks pretty pony."
  102. >Lotus settles on your lap as you turn to see Anon sporting a drink. "To two more years?"
  103. >You glance around the room at all your friends and to the mare in your arms before you grab your drink.
  104. >"And more after that."

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