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BiE 64: Decorative Food.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:52:25 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 64=
  3. >You stepped out into the chill of late fall with Rainbow trotting out behind you.
  4. >The leaves had changed and been removed and winter was fast approaching.
  5. >The two of you leave home and make your way to town. "So, how many p0nies have RSVP'ed?"
  6. >Rainbow's face falls. "Besides the girls, only a few old friends from flight camp."
  7. >You can't stand to see her like this. Rainbow had told you that her parents were both gone, leaving her alone in the world.
  8. >You scooped her up and carried her a bit. "Hey. No pouting, you. This wedding would be a success whether no one came or the entire kingdom came."
  9. >Rainbow nuzzles your neck as you walk. "Thanks Anon...So, who do you have coming?"
  10. >You think for a minute. "Well, Mous and Lotus are coming. Probably Twilight. Derpy and her family. Uhm...that's about it."
  11. >Rainbow giggles. "Looking forward to a small wedding after the last one we went to?"
  12. >"I'd be happy with one that doesn't cause an international incident, yes." you say. "Have you thought about who's going to be your bridlemates?"
  13. >Rainbow sighs. "I was gonna ask the girls, but I don't know. Five bridlemates?"
  14. >"What about it?"
  15. >She looks up at you. "Isn't it a bit weird?"
  16. >You flash a smile down at her. "Aren't we?"
  17. >Rainbow smiles back at you, her previous bad mood gone. "Yeah, I guess. So, who's your best colt?"
  18. >You just raise an eyebrow.
  19. >Rainbow's face contorts as she holds back a giggle. "He'd probably just do it anyway."
  20. >"Or throw the other colt out."
  22. >You stop in front of the door to Twilight's library and give Rainbow a kiss. "Love you. And remember, be at Sugar Cube Corner at three so we can go over cake designs."
  23. >"Love you too. And three o' clock, got it." Rainbow says.
  24. >The two of you stand there in silence for a bit. "I'm going to have to come get you, aren't I?"
  25. >"Can't hurt!" she says as she shoots off into the sky.
  26. >That mare. You loved her to death, but sometimes she acted like a child.
  27. >Stepping into the library, you call out. "Twi! I'm here!"
  28. >"Down here Anon!" came a voice from the basement."I'm just setting up!"
  29. >You descend the stairs to Twilight's basement and stop a familiar looking chair.
  30. >Mana batteries surrounded the wooden chair, with scorch marks radiating out from it.
  31. >You pause as you reach the bottom of the stairs and Twilight looks at you. "Something wrong?"
  32. >You shake your head a bit. "I just noticed how weird this would look to an outsider."
  33. >Twilight giggles. "Well, hop on in. Today is the final round of testing."
  34. >After you had beaten The Dogfather, the Canterlot Royal Magi Society had taken great interest in your magical immunity.
  35. >Over the past few months, you and Twilight had been assaulting you with every form of magic on Equestria, you even got Mous to do a few rounds.
  36. >You were glad you were past Chrono magic, you didn't want your clothes aged to dust again.
  37. >At least not in winter...
  39. >After a few hours, you and Twilight are sitting in her study going over results.
  40. >"Well, Anon, it looks like our initial hypothesis was correct. Both you and Mous are completely immune to all forms of Equestrian magic." Twilight says.
  41. >"Twilight, Celestia shot both of us with magic the day we got here and it just slid off. Was that not enough proof for you?"
  42. >Twilight flips through some of her notes. "That was only the initial test. After looking at these results, I can tell you it's far more in-depth then that."
  43. >You lean forward. "Well? Don't leave me hanging."
  44. >Twilight looks you in the eye."You and Mous, the both of you. Are immune to magic, like we learned when you came here, but you are also immune to the -effects- of it as well."
  45. >That...wasn't news. "Yeah Twi, we know, that's why Mous had to heal the long way after what happened in the mine."
  46. >Twilight shakes her head. "That would have been a direct effect of magic, I'm not talking about that."
  47. >"Anon, do you remember how you told me you beat The Dogfather? With the ice on your arm?"
  48. >You silently nod. "Simply put, you shouldn't have been able to do that. The ice may have been made by magic, but it was still incredibly cold ice. You should have had nerve damage."
  49. >The ice didn't -feel- that cold. "I just thought the coldness of the ice was just magical and that's why it didn't work..."
  50. >Twilight shakes her head again. "That ice should have frozen you, but instead it did nothing. These tests today prove it, you and Mous cannot be effect by any magic, direct or indirect, whatsoever."
  52. >Wow that's...exactly the same as it was before.
  53. >At least you knew why now.
  54. >"Oh well, "for science" and all that." you say as you throw your arms behind your head.
  55. >You look up at the clock. 2:55.
  56. >"Shit! Twilight I gotta go!" you shout as you grab your bag.
  57. >Twilight chuckles. "Good luck Anon!" she calls out as you leave the library.
  58. >You burst out of the library and down as fast as you can.
  59. >Dammit, you can't be late. Not after what you told her this morning...
  60. >You slide around to Sugarcube Corner and...
  61. >...see Rainbow Dash sitting on the steps with a smug grin.
  62. >The two of you stand in silence for a moment, Rainbow's smug grin growing ever wider. "Yeah yeah, you made it here before me. Let's just go inside."
  63. >"Heh. Right behind you, Anon." Dash says as you walk up the steps.
  65. >"How bout this one?" you ask as you point to a cake design in the booklet.
  66. >Rainbow makes several faces as she looks it over. "Nah. I'm just not feeling it."
  67. >You sigh and rub your head. Picking a wedding cake design was not a fun experience, it seemed.
  68. >"Okay, well, how about this one?" you ask as you pointed to another design, this one featuring various pegusi in its design.
  69. >Dash looks it over as well."I don't know, Anon. I'm not feeling this one too much either.
  70. >You'll feel it when I throw the bastard at you...
  71. >Easy tiger, easy...
  72. >You had been at Sugarcube Corner for the past hour or so, looking through a book of pastries the Cake's had given you.
  73. >Rainbow had been shooting down every choice thus far. Apparently not "feeling it".
  74. >"Dash, at this rate we're not even going to -have- a cake, we'll just spend all our time before it waiting for you to pick a design." you lament.
  75. >Rainbow sighs and rests her head on her hooves. "I just want something that really gets us, ya know? Something that really says something about us."
  76. >You throw your arm over her. "Dash, most of this cake is going to end up inside of us. I think we can let the fact that we're getting married speak for itself."
  78. >Rainbow sighs and goes back to the book as Pinkie hops in through the door. "What's wrong, Dashie?" she asks once she reaches the table you're sitting at.
  79. >"Hey Pinkie. I was just looking at these wedding cakes, but I'm not feeling any of em." she says.
  80. >Pinkie's face falls for a moment before it shoots back up and explodes into joy. "Well, why don't I make it?" she beams.
  81. >Both you and Rainbow turn to look at her. "You'd do that Pinkie?"
  82. >"Of course I would, silly filly! Nop0ny should be without a cake on their special day! I'll be sure to make you a super spectacular best cake ever cake!" she shouts.
  83. >Both you and Dash exchange looks at each other. She looked gleeful, you imagine you looked relieved.
  84. >"Thanks Pinkie, that means a lot." you say.
  85. >Rainbow looks to her friend. "More than a lot..." Rainbow says. She turns to you before turning back to Pinkie. "Hey, Pinkie, did you...want to be one of my bridlemates?"
  86. >Pinkie's eyes practically bugged out of her head as she shot into the air. "Ohthankyouthankyouthankyou!"
  87. >Pinkie is still talking as the two of you raise to your feet. "OhI'llneedtogetadressandI'llneedtofindoutwhatabridlemateevendoes!"
  88. >You both step out of Sugarcube Corner with Pinkie still talking.
  89. >"Think she'll make a good bridlemate?" Rainbow asks.
  90. >You chuckle. "I think she'll act as a good counter to the best man."

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