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BiE 65: Sweet Talk.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:52:42 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 65=
  3. >You stood looking at yourself in the trio of mirrors.
  4. Is our ass that big?
  5. >Rarity orbited around you. "How do you like it darling?"
  6. >You bended your body in different shapes as you examined the tuxedo.
  7. >"I'm impressed, Rarity. Not many ponies could produce a fitting suit for an alien."
  8. >Rarity playfully laughs. "Then it is a good thing I am not many ponies."
  9. >Got that right.
  10. >Rarity goes off to her drawing table as you continue to examine yourself.
  11. >"So, you and the girls wearing those dresses I saw at the last wedding to this one?"
  12. >You can hear Rarity drawing away. "Oh, those dresses won't do at all! I'll just whip up a new set. Modeled after Rainbow's of course."
  13. >You turn to look at her.
  14. >"You're gonna make six new dresses in addition to the tuxedos you've already made?"
  15. >"Of course darling! We all must look our best for this wedding!" she says as she continues to draw.
  16. Good luck with that, lady.
  17. >"Rainbow ask you to be her brides mate yet?"
  18. >"Bridle mate, dear." Rarity corrected. "And no, not yet. Although I hear that Pinkie is the first official one."
  19. >A wedding featuring you and Pinkie Pie.
  20. >Should be a blast. Literally.
  22. >"And what about you, Mous?" Rarity asks.
  23. >"Hmm?"
  24. >Rarity continues to talk with her back turned. "You and Lotus have been rather serious for a while now, should I be designing a dress for her as well?"
  25. >Oh...this.
  26. >"If you design all theses dresses and end up not eating, Rainbow and the girls would kill me."
  27. >Not to mention what Spike would do.
  28. >Rarity steps away from her drawing board. "Regardless darling, you and Lotus have known each other almost as long as Anon and Rainbow have. We've seen where they're headed, so why not you?"
  29. >It seemed Lotus had been chatting with Rarity during her spa dates...
  30. >"You've known Blueblood longer then that even, why not make one for yourself?"
  31. >Rarity was not amused. "You know why. A few months together is not the proper time for marriage."
  32. >"But two years is?"
  33. >"Yes! When you love somep0ny, you're supposed to get married! I can't see why you wouldn't want to." Rarity shouts.
  34. >"Because planning a wedding is a pain in the ass?"
  35. In some cases a royal one.
  36. >That was terrible. Now we have to put money in the Pun Jar.
  38. >You left Rarity's in your new tux.
  39. >It was expensive, as are most custom orders, but it's not every day your bro has a wedding.
  40. >You cut through town on your way to the spa.
  41. >Construction finished today, it was time to check out what Celestia's money paid for.
  42. It's a bit odd that she footed the bill...
  43. >We're heroes of the city, brain.
  44. But what if she's going to have us pay her in backrubs?
  45. >We'd have to fake our own death.
  46. >You shudder those thoughts away as you step into the new lobby.
  47. >Neither Aloe nor Lotus were behind the counter.
  48. >"Girls?" you call out.
  49. >"Down here, Mous!" comes a voice from the new stairs.
  50. >You descend down the stairs into the new underground portion of the spa.
  51. >In the center of the room was the new hot tub, with the steam room underneath the stairs.
  52. >Massage beds, mud and ice baths surrounded the tub, with private rooms branching off from the main room.
  53. >Aloe whistled as you reached the bottom of the stairs. "Nice suit Mous!"
  54. >You spun on your feet and did a small flourish.
  55. >"New spa, new uniform. What do you think?"
  56. >Lotus trots up to you. "I think you knew we weren't going to open until tomorrow and you came to show off."
  57. >"Is it working?" you ask as you strike a pose.
  58. >Lotus rolls her eyes and walks back to the center of the room with her sister. "How strange is it that you just so happen to turn up here right after we finish setting everything up?"
  59. >"Yeah, you missed out on moving everything!" Aloe said.
  60. >"It's aliens mucking with my mind, I tells ya."
  62. >Aloe glances up at the clock. "Well, time to go! Caramel is taking me out tonight."
  63. >"Go on, I can lock up." Lotus says.
  64. >"Have fun, don't die!" you shout up as Aloe trots up the stairs.
  65. >You turn back to see Lotus giving you a face.
  66. >"What? That's what my dad used to tell me."
  67. >Lotus rolls her eyes and trots back to lock up the private rooms. "So, how many months pay did you blow on that suit?" she asks.
  68. >"Enough that I'd be worried if I had to pay a mortgage."
  69. >Dropping out of the sky outside town had its benefits, Nop0ny owned that land.
  70. >Lotus locks up the last room as you sit on one of the massage beds. "So, this is what you would wear to weddings where you're from?"
  71. >You nod.
  72. >Lotus slowly shakes her head. "Ridiculous..."
  73. >"No more so than a blue pony with an accent running a spa."
  74. >Lotus smirks as she walks around to the front of you. "'s not all bad..."
  75. >"I'm glad you approve."
  76. >Lotus walks a bit closer and takes off her headband and collar. "Remember when you asked if it was working?"
  77. >This mare...
  78. >"Maybe."
  79. >Lotus rises to her hind legs and wraps her hooves around your neck. "Well, here's your answer." she says as she brings her lips to yours.
  81. >You wrap your arms around Lotus just in time for her to push you back onto the bed.
  82. >Lotus hops on you of you and makes a dive for your neck. You reach out and stop her just in time.
  83. >Lotus looks at you with her best puppy dog eyes.
  84. >"I'm not having sex with you at work and I'm not doing it with this suit on."
  85. >"But sweetheeaaarrt..." she whines.
  86. >"The suit must stay on and stay safe, those are my only requirements."
  87. >Lotus sighs as she leans down again. "If I must..."
  88. >Lotus lies back on your chest and kisses you again.
  89. >You stay like that for a while, filling the room with gasps and giggles.
  90. >After some time, Lotus resigns in her bid to get your clothes off and simply lies on the bed with you as you stroke her hair.
  91. >"So, Rarity asked me why I haven't proposed to you yet while she was giving me this."
  92. >"And what did you tell her?" Lotus asked.
  93. >"That planning a wedding is a pain in the ass."
  94. >"Tch. You have that right. I am not envious of Rainbow and Anon having to run around so much."
  95. >"Still..."
  96. >You let your arm drift up under hers and pull her to your chest.
  97. >"What would you say? If I asked, that is."
  98. >Lotus stretched out on the bed. "If you asked right now?" Lotus shimmies up and plants a kiss on your neck. "What do you think?"
  99. >You scratch Lotus behind the ears and kiss the top of her head.
  100. >"I think I'd make some stallions angry by getting the best wife."
  101. >Lotus chuckles and cuddles into your chest. "Charmer."
  102. >You rustle her mane.
  103. >"Charmer enabler."

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