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BiE 69: Planning Ahead.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:54:18 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 69=
  3. >Year 2 in Equestria.
  4. >Your fingers glide up her spine.
  5. >"Derpy, there really shouldn't be this much tension here. They have you working double shifts, or something?"
  6. >Derpy moans a bit under your touch. "It's Hearths Warming season, Mous. Everyp0ny is sending cards to their families."
  7. >Yeah, you knew. You had convinced Lotus to just send a card to her family, fuck going to Stalliongrad in the winter.
  8. >You move down to her shoulders.
  9. >"So, how're things Derpy? Any plans for Hearths Warming?"
  10. >Derpy releases a sigh as you work the kinks out of her shoulders. "No, just a quiet evening at home with everyone. Mr. Hooves says he's due for a quiet winter holiday."
  11. >Right...he changed his name.
  12. >Way to drop that W Doc, that ought to keep everyone off your trail.
  13. >"What's Dinky asking for?"
  14. >Derpy looks up at you. "Paint, thanks to you. Ever since you gave her those little plastic things, she's been painting them more often. She even learned a duplication spell so she could make more."
  15. >Heh. Atta girl Poozer.
  16. >"Congratulations Derpy, your daughter is an artist."
  17. >You give Derpy's back one more once over before you stop.
  18. >"I've done all I can do. If the pain persists, I'd head to a doctor."
  19. >Derpy hops off the bed and trots upstairs."Thanks Mous, happy Hearths Warming!" She calls down.
  20. >You wave her off as Lotus trots down the other set of stairs. "Was that your last for today?"
  21. >"Unless you have some surprise customer ready for me, I think so."
  22. >"Help me lock up." Lotus says as she trots to the backrooms.
  23. >You go around to each of the private rooms and make sure nop0ny left anything inside them. "I'm thinking a lazy night on the couch?" Lotus shouts from the other room.
  24. >"Now I know why we're together, we have the same idea of winter fun."
  26. >You throw open the door to the apartment with Lotus on your back.
  27. >"How come I always end up carrying you these days?"
  28. >Lotus kisses your neck. "Because it's cold outside and you love me."
  29. >Lotus hops off your back and trots into the bathroom.
  30. >You throw your bags on the couch and make for your room.
  31. >You dig through your dresser to find what you were looking for.
  32. >It was cold outside and you were off work, it was time for the pajama pants to go on.
  33. >You throw your new pants on and wriggle your toes into the carpet.
  34. >Feels good man.
  35. >Your mood already lightened, you step out into the hallway to a most peculiar sight.
  36. >"Why are you wearing my pajamas?"
  37. >Lotus had some of your favorites, the plaid ones, shimmied up around her waist, they were bunched up around her legs as she walked out of the bathroom.
  38. >Lotus turned to you with a grin. "I like the feeling of the fabric on me when we lay together."
  39. >You have to admit, it did look cute.
  40. >Still, you raise an eyebrow.
  41. >"And that's a reason to raid my dresser because?"
  42. >You follow Lotus out to the living room as she talks. "I figure if one pair feels great, two will feel wonderful." She beamed.
  43. >You glance over her.
  44. >"You know you have them on backwards, right?"
  45. >"Huh?"
  46. >You point to Lotus's rear.
  47. >"The pants. They're on backwards."
  48. >Lotus twists her head around to see. "But, what is this little hole for if not a tail?"
  49. >Oh here we go...
  51. >One almost explanation later, the two of you are laying on the couch.
  52. >Well, you're laying on the couch. Lotus is laying on you.
  53. >You were both staring at the TV, Grylly the Bear was about to drink his own piss, again.
  54. >"This show blows, let me change it."
  55. >Lotus scoops up the remote. "No way, I haven't seen this one."
  56. >You wrestle with her for a moment.
  57. >"Come on..."
  58. >Lotus simply throws the remote to the other side of the room.
  59. >"...You bitch."
  60. >Lotus giggles. "You could always go get it."
  61. >You glance at the remote by the table, then you glance at the TV.
  62. >", I've come too far."
  63. >Your hand falls in resignation as Lotus goes back to her show.
  64. >A few minutes pass before you get bored.
  65. >"So, how are the pajamas working out?"
  66. >Lotus smiles at you. "You tell me."
  67. >Lotus's hips suddenly start to grind on your lap.
  68. >"Hey hey, not on the couch. Too much of a pain to clean."
  69. >Lotus pouts. "Anon would have sex with Rainbow on -their- couch."
  70. >"That's because they're on their honeymoon, babe. I promise that we can screw like rabbits on our couch if I ever take you on a honeymoon."
  71. >Lotus smiles. "Promise?"
  72. >You sigh in exasperation.
  73. >"Yes."
  74. >Lotus gives you a peck on the cheek. "Thank you sweetheart."
  75. >Your hand reaches up and rubs her neck.
  76. >"Yeah yeah, just no beaches. Beaches suck."
  78. >After two episodes of Grylly the bear and half of some cooking show, you managed to make a shitty lasso with a blanket and drag the remote to you.
  79. >"Sleep on the couch tonight?"
  80. >Lotus shifts on your chest. "No. You roll around too much in your sleep, and on this small couch you'll end up rolling off and crushing me."
  81. >"Are you calling me fat?"
  82. >Lotus chuckles. "I'm calling you clumsy."
  83. >"I feel so loved."
  84. >Lotus kisses the bottom of your chin. "Good, that's what I was going for."
  85. >The two of you lie on the couch for a bit, both too lazy to move to the bedroom to go to sleep.
  86. >"...Mous?" Lotus says.
  87. >"Hmm?"
  88. >"I...need to ask you something."
  89. >Well shit, this sounds serious.
  90. >"What's up?"
  91. >Lotus flips the pillow you had over your head off and looks you in the eyes. "Well...the spa has been doing quite well for itself since lately, and Aloe and I were talking..."
  92. >Well, at least it didn't sound like bad news.
  93. >"We were thinking about Canterlot."
  94. >"And you want me to come with you."
  95. >Lotus gets a nervous look. "It wouldn't be for a long while, you'd still be close to Anon and it would mean so mu-"
  96. >You silence her with a finger on her lips.
  97. >"It's still a long ways away?"
  98. >Lotus silently nods.
  99. >"Then let's worry about it then, huh? It's too late for that kind of talk."
  100. >Lotus lets out a single laugh. "Just put it off until we have to worry about it?
  101. >You nod.
  102. >Lotus is quiet for a moment before she falls next to you on the couch. "Okay!" She squeaks.
  104. >You turn to Lotus.
  105. >"And just like that, you're not worried anymore?"
  106. >Lotus curls up on your shoulder. "Just like that."
  107. >You chuckle.
  108. >"See, that's what I like about you. You're willingness to go along with my stupid crap."
  109. >Lotus looks at you out of the corner of her eye. "Oh? And what else do you like about me?"
  110. >You could see how this was going.
  111. >"Your twin sister."
  112. >Lotus beats a hoof on your chest.
  113. >"It's true." You laugh out. "I'm aiming for the pair of you."
  114. >"Is that so? Well then it's a good thing I'm only using you to get to Anon." Lotus says.
  115. >She traces a hoof over your shoulder. "Until then, I have to make do with you."
  116. >You roll off the couch and scoop Lotus into your arms.
  117. >"I also hate how you gave the nice alien who walked into your spa a chance to work there, I can't stand how you were worried about me when I got hurt by that manticore, and the fact that you can keep pace with my quips drives me up the wall."
  118. >Lotus talks as you carry her into your room. "Your rampant altruism pisses me off, your almost psychotic need to have make p0nies laugh either with you or at you is irritating to no end, and the fact that I know you don't even consider looking at other mares drives me mad."
  119. >You plop Lotus down on the bed.
  120. >"Looks like we're totally stuck with each other."
  121. >"It looks like it, I can't see a way out." Lotus says.
  122. >"Still..."
  123. >You sit on the floor face to face with Lotus.
  124. >"I like that part."
  125. >Lotus scoots towards you and rubs your noses together. "I like that part too."
  126. >Yeah.
  127. >That part was the best.

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