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BiE 70: Hard Labor.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:54:29 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 70=
  3. >Year 2 in Equestria.
  4. >You and Mous were sitting on the couch.
  5. >It was a particularly boring Saturday. You had off.
  6. >"Don't you have a wife or something to hang out with?" Mous said from his side of the couch.
  7. >"She's off coordinating with the weather patrol." You turned to him. "Don't you have a marefriend to hang out with?"
  8. >He shrugs. "She's going over earnings with Aloe today."
  9. >The two of you sit in silence.
  10. >"Holy shit." You say, causing Mous to turn to you. "When did we become boring?"
  11. >Mous sighs and sinks into his seat. "I'd like to point out the individual in the room who recently got married."
  12. >"Oh shut up." You say.
  13. >You're both silent.
  14. >"...I bet I could hit the power button on the TV with the remote." Mous says.
  15. >You didn't need to be a super genius to know that was a bad idea. That TV was large and the button was small.
  16. >But still...
  17. >"I bet you can't."
  18. >Mous is digging through the cracks in the couch when Rainbow bursts through door. "Guys! You gotta come qui-!"
  19. >Rainbow sees the two of you there; you sitting in your seat while Mous has his ass up in the air and his arm elbow deep into the couch. "Uhh...did I miss something?"
  20. >You turn to look at Mous. "Not really... What's up Rainbow?"
  21. >Rainbow shakes her head to re-collect her thoughts. "We have to go! It's happening right now!"
  22. >Mous jumps off the couch and runs to the door. "Goddamnit! Is the entire town here to try and fuck us again?"
  23. >"No no! It's not that!" Rainbow shouts.
  24. >You rise from the couch, this could be important. "Rainbow, calm down. What is it?"
  25. >Rainbow takes a deep breath and looks you in your eyes. "It's Fluttershy! She's having her foal!"
  27. >The three of your burst out of the house at top speed and make for the hospital.
  28. >No easy task when it's on the other side of town.
  29. >"When did it start!?" You shout to Rainbow as you run.
  30. >"She was having lunch with Twilight when it started! They told me to fly around and get everyp0ny to the hospital quick!"
  31. >"Do we have to get anyp0ny else?" Mous shouted.
  32. >"No! You two are the last ones I got to!"
  33. >A thought hits you. "Wait, isn't this early? Fluttershy has only been pregnant a few months!"
  34. >"Yeah! The baby is coming early! That's why Twilight is so worried!" Rainbow shouted. "Now come on you two, double time!"
  35. >You watch as Rainbow shoots off down the street and Mous begins to overtake you.
  36. >Damn this running, you were not built for this.
  37. >Still, your mind was racing at the situation.
  38. >Horse pregnancies back on Earth had lasted about eleven months, you remember. P0ny pregnancies were no doubt different, but she could only have been pregnant for six or seven months, that was early even by human standards.
  39. >The three of you run into the lobby of P0nyville General. "We're here for a pregnant mare, Fluttershy." Rainbow says to the receptionist.
  40. >"Room 206." The receptionist says without looking away from her clipboard.
  41. >You run to the elevator only to have Rainbow zip past you. "Too slow! We'll take the stairs!"
  43. >You make it to the second floor and run down the hall.
  44. >You open the door to room 206 and- "Hello face full of Fluttershy vagina..." Mous mumbles.
  45. >Ignoring Mous, you join Twilight and the rest of the girls.
  46. >Fluttershy was laying in the bed flanked on either side by nurses, Thunderlane was sitting in a chair next to her holding her hoof.
  47. >"How're ya doing, Flutters?" You ask.
  48. >"O-oh. Hello Anon. I-I'm doing fiiiiine..." She says through her labor pains.
  49. >"Easy Flutters, don't overdo it." Thunderlane said.
  50. >You turn to Twilight. "How're we doing?
  51. >Twilight sighs. "The labor just started and she's already in this much pain, I can't imagine what it will be like later on..."
  52. >You look around the room. Two nurses are helping Fluttershy, but that's it. "Where's the doctor?" You ask.
  53. >As if on cue, the door opens. "Hello, I'" The doctor pauses as he stares at Mous.
  54. >"Speedy!?"
  55. >"Mous!?"
  56. >Mous stomps up to the doctor. "Speedy, what in the Sam hell are you doing here? I swear, if you came all this way just to get at me..."
  57. >"Mous! I'm a doctor here!"
  58. >"You weren't a doctor when I knew you!" Mous says.
  59. >"Speedy" rolls his eyes. "I had a life before I met you..."
  60. >You look at the two of them. "How the hell do you two know each other?"
  61. >Mous and Speedy exchange a glance. "Old friends." They say in unison.
  62. >Of course...
  63. >Speedy trots up to Fluttershy. "Hello, as you probably heard, I'm Doctor Speedy. I'll be helping you here today, Fluttershy."
  64. >Fluttershy grunts. "O-oh...thank you Doctor..."
  65. >Speedy smiles. "It's my pleasure. Now, let's see how far along you are..."
  67. >"AAAAHHHH! I THINK IT'S COMING!" Fluttershy shouted.
  68. >Mous leans his head back against the wall. "She has been saying that for twelve hours now..."
  69. >Everyp0ny in the room is tired. The rest of the girls look haggard, Thunderlane looks like he's about to crack, even Speedy looks like he could use a break.
  70. >Speedy checks under Fluttershy's blanket. "No...not yet. You're still not fully dilated." He says.
  71. >Mous releases a groan. "I'm gonna step out." He says as he pushes through the door.
  72. >Twilight trots up to you. "Is Mous always this squeamish?" She teases.
  73. >You chuckle. "More like antsy, getting him to sit still has always been hard."
  74. >The two of you glance over Fluttershy. She was panting and sweating and screaming up a storm.
  75. >"So how bout it Twilight, you ever want kids some day?" You ask.
  76. >Twilight lets out a drained laugh. "I've got my hands full with my research..." She says as she sits down. "Besides, Spike might get jealous."
  77. >You share a chuckle.
  78. >"How about you, Anon? Are you looking to become a dad anytime soon?" Twilight asks.
  79. >Fluttershy starts her shouts again, ending your conversation.
  80. >You hadn't really thought about it that much...
  81. >You thoughts are interrupted as the door flings open.
  82. >Mous lowers his foot and steps into the room brandishing a WAS THAT AN EGGBEATER!?
  83. >"WE'RE GONNA GET THAT BABY OUT!" Mous yells as he spins the eggbeater above his head.
  84. >Fluttershy starts screaming.
  85. >Thunderlane starts screaming.
  86. >Mous is screaming, but he looks excited.
  87. >The screaming is so loud that you can barely hear Speedy.
  88. >"I can see the head!" He yells over everyone.
  89. >Mous throws the eggbeater away and joins you at the side of the bed, a shit eating grin on his face.
  91. >Speedy moves to his clipboard. "Healthy colt, born at 1:42 am, nine pounds."
  92. >He turns to the new family. "Not bad for a premature birth, Congratulations."
  93. >Speedy trots out of the room as everyone gathers around the baby.
  94. >"He's precious." Rarity cooed.
  95. >"He's cute!" Shouts Pinkie.
  96. >"He looks like he's about to cr-"
  97. >A wail fills the room as you turn to Mous. "See what you do?"
  98. >Mous waves a hand at you. "Give me a break, I just invented fear induced labor."
  99. >The colt quiets down as his mother nuzzles his face. "Have you two thought up any names?" You asked.
  100. >Fluttershy and Thunderlane smile at each other. "We both like Sunshine."
  101. >You watch as Thunderlane nuzzles his son. "Little Sunshine..." You say.
  102. >Nurses come to take Sunshine off to the nursery. "Fluttershy needs to rest now." They tell you.
  103. >Twilight and the girls head out as soon as they leave, leaving you, Mous, Rainbow and Thunderlane standing outside the door.
  104. >Thunderlane turns to you. "Guys...I can't say thanks enough. It meant so much to Flutters that you all were here."
  105. >He trots up to you and Mous. "I don't know where you got that thing, and I should probably be mad, but it's late and it got Sunshine, thanks brah."
  106. >Mous and you exchange glances. "Brah?" Mous asks him.
  107. >Thunderlane chuckles. "That bad, huh?"
  108. >Mous pats him on his shoulder. "Never say it again and you'll still be allowed to speak."
  110. >You all head back to the house.
  111. >Mous had to apologize to Lotus, citing an emergency birth as the reason she was alone all night.
  112. >Lotus drags him off to their room to help her work out the kinks in her neck.
  113. >"Yeah, 'neck'." Mous says.
  114. >You laugh as you step into your room and collapse on the bed. "Heh. Rough day, wasn't it?" Rainbow asks.
  115. >"If I never hear another mare in labor again, it will be too soon." You groan out.
  116. >Rainbow chuckles as she jumps into bed next to you. "Still...the baby was cute."
  117. >"The baby -was- cute." You say.
  118. >You reach out and stroke Rainbows mane. "You'd make a cool mom."
  119. >Rainbow smirks. "You'd make an okay dad, yourself."
  120. >No greater time then the present...
  121. >"Think we should...?"
  122. >Rainbow's eyes grow serious. "Think we're ready?"
  123. >You chuckle. "I don't see how that's ever stopped us before."
  124. >Rainbow wraps herself in your arm and gives you a kiss. "This is a pretty big decision."
  125. >"So was proposing, and look how well that turned out."
  126. >Rainbow laughs. "...Mous is going to be a weird uncle."
  127. >You look down at her. "Really?"
  128. >Rainbow smiles. "Well, I've been looking for somep0ny to teach my moves to anyway."
  129. >You scoop her up onto your chest and kiss her. "I can already tell our kid is going to be spoiled with you for a mom."

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