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BiE 72: Interview.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:56:27 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 72=
  3. >Year 2 in Equestria.
  4. >You were with Rainbow in Canterlot.
  5. >You were both headed for the Kind Leaf Orphanage.
  6. >"Think we'll get a cute one?" You ask.
  7. >Rainbow turns her head as she flutters down the road. "Don't you think most kids are cute?"
  8. >You shrug as you keep walking, what are you gonna do? She had you there.
  9. >A creeping doubt sinks into your mind. "I'll admit I'm a bit worried...Mous was always a bit better with kids then me. What if I scare 'em off?"
  10. >Rainbow flies to your shoulder. "A bit late to be thinking like that, Anon."
  11. >She was right, but you were kinda nervous.
  12. >"I guess the weight of this decision is just finally hitting me."
  13. >This was quite possibly the first time you would meet your son or daughter, and the first time they would meet the parents that gave them a home.
  14. >You shrug your shoulders.
  15. >If you were going to channel Mous with the kids, you might as well channel his overconfidence.
  17. >You and Rainbow push through the door into the orphanage.
  18. >A single mare sits behind a desk in the front.
  19. >"Hi, we're here to maybe see about adopting?" You say as you approach her.
  20. >The receptionist just looks at you. "You two?"
  21. >You and Rainbow exchange glances. "Uh...yes?"
  22. >"We don't give our foals to just anyp0ny who walks in off the street." She says.
  23. >You reach into your shirt and show off the necklace you have matching Rainbows. "We're actually married."
  24. >That catches her attention and causes her to stare at the necklaces in examination. "Hmph. Guess they'll just let anyp0ny get married these days."
  25. >Bitch.
  26. >She hops off her chair. "Follow me." She says as she leads you deeper into the orphanage.
  27. >You place a hand on Rainbows shoulder as she trots after the receptionist, glaring. "Take it easy." You whisper.
  28. >"You gonna let her insult is like this?" She whispers back.
  29. >"Screw her. Let's just get to the kids, eh?"
  30. >Rainbow keeps quiet, but continues to glare at the receptionist.
  32. >The receptionist knocks on a door at the end of the hall. "Got some for ya."
  33. >She trots away as the door opens and reveals a stark white earth mare. "Why hello there!" She says.
  34. >Excitable one, it seems. "Hi, I'm Anon and this is Rainbow. We're here to see about adoption?"
  35. >The mare's smile consumes her entire face. "How wonderful! I'm Nightingale, you've met my sister Crow."
  36. >Oh well that made sense.
  37. >She ushers you into her small office. "Come in, come in! Take a seat!"
  38. >As you and Rainbow sit down, Nightingale trots behind her desk. "So, how long have you two been together?"
  39. >Shit, this question. "Well...we've only been married a month or so, but we've been together for about two years now."
  40. >Nightingale keeps her warm smile. "Worried that that would be a deal breaker, huh? Well, don't the adoption process takes a while, I'm sure you two will be ready if and when you take your foal home."
  41. >She glances at a small picture on her desk. "And we don't want to keep these kids waiting any longer then we have to..." She says softly.
  43. >Nightingale recomposes herself quickly. "But enough talk, why don't I take you out to meet the kids?"
  44. >You're lead into a sizeable communal room.
  45. >Fillies and colts run around doing all sorts of activities. Some play together, others alone. Some sit and talk and some simply watch the television in the back of the room.
  46. >One particular colt, a small gold colored pegasus was staring slack jawed at you as you walked in.
  47. >"Hello Thunderstrike, would you like to say hello to our guests?
  48. >Thunderstrike snaps back to reality. "Oh uhm, that's okay Ms. Nightingale. I'll just go play with the others." He says as he zips away.
  49. >"Cute kid."
  50. >"But a bit shy." Nightingale says.
  51. >You know the feeling.
  53. >You spent a bit of time amongst the kids.
  54. >Most of them were great kids, you wished you could help them all.
  55. >Except for that little Flash Whatever kid, he was a little asshole.
  56. >You met back up with Rainbow at the front of the room. "Meet any you like?"
  57. >"Tons." She said with a smile. "All the little fliers kept asking about my tricks."
  58. >You look back over the kids.
  59. >That colt from before, Thunderstrike, was sitting along on a couch. The rest of the kids seemed to be avoiding him.
  60. >"Nightingale, what's his story?" You ask pointing.
  61. >Nightingale follows your finger and frowns. "Ah, Thunder. He used to live here in Canterlot with his parents, but...they didn't survive the Diamond Dog invasion last summer..."
  62. >...Ouch.
  63. >You look over at the kid. "Why is everyp0ny avoiding him?"
  64. >Nightingale sighs. "Kids are superstitious at this age. The others seem to think that Thunder might somehow bring back the Diamond Dogs."
  65. >That made absolutely no sense.
  66. >Perfect for kids.
  68. >A group of foals inch their way up to the two of you. "Uhm...A-Are you Rainbow Dash?" They ask, eyes wide and tales swaying.
  69. >Dash grows a confident smirk. "The one and only!" She shouts. "I guess my reputation gets ahead of me."
  70. >Dash's little show gathers the attention of the more of the foals in the room. They crowded around her asking her to show off this stunt or that trick.
  71. >Rainbow smiled and looked over at you. "Go have fun, just don't show off too much." You say.
  72. >Rainbow flies up to you and plants a kiss on your lips, eliciting an "eeeeewww" from some of the foals. "Thanks babe."
  74. >Rainbow flies out into a small playground outside as Nightingale watches the foals from the doorway.
  75. >As you expected, Thunderstrike jumped up on a chair and looked out the window to watched Dash perform her stunts.
  76. >His face was a mix of awe and excitement as he watched her dive and loop through the air.
  77. >"You know, you'd probably get a better view if you went outside." You said.
  78. >Thunderstrike jumped at your words and almost fell off the chair before he righted himself. "Oh, uh...No. I don't think that's such a good idea."
  79. >Well, might as well start from the beginning.
  80. >You extend a hand. "I'm Anon."
  81. >The boy reaches out a hoof and shakes. "My name's Thunderstrike."
  82. >"Hey Thunderstrike." You say as you take a seat on the floor next to the chair.
  83. >"So...Ms. Nightingale told me about how you got here..." You say.
  84. >Thunderstrike visibly shrinks a bit. He steps down from the window and simply lays in the chair.
  85. >Shit...
  86. >"My Mom and Dad and Me lived near the castle courtyard..." He said. "We were hiding in our house, like the guards said."
  87. >"At first, we thought it was over when we heard somep0ny shouting really loud."
  88. >You and me both, kid.
  89. >"But then there was a loud bang and we heard Dogs in the street..." His lip was starting to quiver a bit. "M-My Mom and Dad hid me under the bed, they said they were gonna fly off and distract the Dogs before they came back for me but...But they never did..."
  91. >You sit next to Thunderstrike as he hitches and sniffs for a bit. "Yeah...that was a bad day..."
  92. >Thunder picks his head up. "W-what?"
  93. >You turn to look him in his watery eyes. "Yeah, I was there when it happened. That voice you heard, the one yelling? That was my best friend trying to scare off the Diamond Dogs."
  94. >Thunder's head drops again. "Well, it didn't work..."
  95. >You felt for him, you really did. "It sort of did...Most of the Dogs got scared and ran, but some were able to knock down the gate and get into the city. We stopped them...but not fast enough, it seemed."
  96. >Thunder looks back up at you. "I thought the gates here were too strong for ANYP0NY to get through..."
  97. >You chuckle. "Usually, they are. But the Dogs had help from someone called The Dogfather. He was the one who broke down the gates and brought all the dogs in the first place."
  98. >Thunder shudders a bit. "But... you stopped him, right?"
  99. >"Oh yeah..." You say as you raise your fist. "Got him right in his snout."
  101. >You and Thunder share a laugh. "Sorry I didn't get rid of the Dogs fast enough..."
  102. >Thunderstrike still looks melancholy, but at least he isn't crying.
  103. >"It's okay...It's not your fault." He said. "And at least you got rid of them."
  104. >The two of you are almost knocked backward as a powerful boom echoes through the city and shakes the building.
  105. >You look into the sky and see a rainbow cascading over it.
  106. >"Oh wow! A real Sonic Rainboom!" Thunderstrike cries.
  107. >You lean against the wall. "Yeah, that sounds like Rainbow. Giving her best to a bunch of kids..."
  108. >You cast your gaze over Tundetstrike as he stares out the window with ears up and mouth agape.
  109. >"Hey...Maybe we could see each other again soon? Would that be cool?"
  110. >Christ, you sound like you're asking this kid out...
  111. >What would mother say?
  112. >Thunderstrike turns to you with a big smile. "I'd like that! You're pretty neat!"
  113. >Now you really fell weird, getting compliments from a kid like that.

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