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BiE 73: Estrus Mk2. [CLOP]

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:57:19 PM
AIE NSFW Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 73=
  3. >Year 2 in Equestria.
  4. >The house was silent.
  5. >The door locked.
  6. >The windows sealed.
  7. >The two of you step out into the hallway to see each other for the last time for a while.
  8. >The two of you are fed, hydrated, and ready.
  9. >You approach one another and shake hands.
  10. >Your bro snaps off a salute. "For those about to die..."
  11. >"We salute you." You say, returning the gesture.
  12. >You hear a "good luck" over your shoulder as you both step into your rooms.
  13. >Inside you each find a mare waiting on your bed.
  14. >Winter is wrapped up.
  15. >Hearts and Hooves day has passed.
  16. >Neither of you has work.
  17. >In fact, the entire town is more or less shut down.
  18. >Silently, the two of you close your doors.
  19. >Let estrus begin.
  21. -Anon PoV-
  22. >Rainbow flutters up to you as soon as you shut the door.
  23. >"Hey you..." She says as she rubs your noses together.
  24. >"Someone is antsy..." You say as you wrap your arms around her and lead her to the bed.
  25. >Rainbow spins you around with a quick flap of her wings and pushes you onto the bed.
  26. >"Hehe...You could say that..." She says as she lands on top of you and starts nibbling at your neck.
  27. >You let your arms drift down her back, arcing past her shoulders and up her wings.
  28. >Dash buries her head in your neck as she lets out a gasp.
  29. >You manage to get the tip of her ear in between your teeth as you rub her wings. "Well...what kind of husband would I be if I didn't try to help you out here?"
  30. >Rainbow doesn't say a word as she huffs and puffs and jumps into your mouth.
  31. >You fight Rainbow's tongue for dominance as you rub the joints of her rock hard wings.
  32. >It's a fairly easy task, Rainbow is already a bit out of it from estrus and it seems that she has to stop every so often to release some moan of gasp as you rub her wings.
  33. >"Th-that should be cheating..." Rainbow gasps out as her wings continue to throb.
  34. >"Yeah? What are you gonna do about it?"
  36. >Rainbow slides her hooves under your shirt and hoists it off over your head. "Fight back." She says with a grin.
  37. >Rainbow dives back down to you, this time aiming for your neck.
  38. >Rainbow nibbles and kisses a line down your collar bone and onto your chest, sending surges of pleasure  throughout your body.
  39. >Rainbow stops at your belly button as she fumbles with your pants. "You sure you want to go here?" You ask.
  40. >Rainbow looks up at you, that competitive spark lighting up her eyes. "If you're gonna go after my wings, I gotta level the playing field..." She says with a grin.
  41. >You throw your hands up in surrender before you give Rainbow a hand sliding off your pants.
  42. >She's able to work your boxers herself as she frees your member. "Hehe...Got you excited, Anon?"
  43. >"I have a sensitive neck." You say.
  44. >Rainbow eyes your head. "Heh. Don't I know it." As she says as she begins planting light kisses on you.
  46. >You arch your spine as Rainbow begins to take you into her mouth. "R-Ra-" You try to talk, only to find your words dying on the tip of your tongue.
  47. >Speaking of tongue, Rainbow is beginning to bring hers into play, lightly dancing around your shaft as she bobs her head up and down.
  48. >The most you can do is try and hold on to the bed as the Rainbow alternates between tightening her muscles and playing with her lips.
  49. >Soon, a sound other then gasps or moans fills the room. "Hmmmmmm."
  50. >You're almost sent over the edge at that alone before you reel yourself back in.
  51. >Dammit, hummers were unfair.
  52. >Rainbow pops you out of her mouth. "Damn, Anon. I didn't think that little trick would work then well on you." She laughs
  53. >Rainbow begins the work one side of your shaft as you collect your thoughts. "Oh no...I'm not that easy." You say.
  54. >"I promised my wife a decent estrus, and I intend to deliver." You say with a grin.
  55. >You really can't say you're entirely confident in your words, but a brave face can't hurt.
  57. >Rainbow giggles and moves up to your face. "Well...I don't see any more reason to hold off then." she says.
  58. >Rainbow brushes her lips against yours a few times before bringing them together.
  59. >You wrap Rainbow in your arms again, this time paying equal attention to her wings and flank.
  60. >Like clockwork, the moans and gasps start up.
  61. >You pull Rainbow closer and let your hand glide down her toned cheek and onto her leg.
  62. >Rainbow cups your head between her hooves as her tongue darts around the inside of your mouth.
  63. >You break the kiss and trail down Rainbow's neck with your tongue.
  64. >You didn't let up on her wings or flank either, earning you a faint "A-Anon..." For your troubles.
  65. >You scoot yourself into a sitting position on the backboard of the bed as you nibble on Rainbow shoulder. "Want me to stop?"
  66. >Rainbow loops her hooves around you under your arms. "Not on your life..." She moans.
  67. >You continue to trace a path up the side of Rainbow's neck. "...Want to keep going?" You ask.
  68. >Rainbow remains silent, but lowers herself enough so that the tip of your member pokes her marehood.
  69. >You believe you have your answer.
  71. >You place a hand around your member as you guide it into Rainbow. "Easy does it now..."
  72. >Rainbow has her head on your shoulder and groans. "Anon, I'm tired of easy."
  73. >With that she slams herself down on your member until your hips are meeting.
  74. >You let out a loud moan and lean back against the headboard. "You may be...but I can't say I'm not open to more easy..."
  75. >Rainbow begins to kiss your face as you work over her shoulder again.
  76. >She also starts grinding on your member, sending new waves of pleasure through your body at predictable intervals.
  77. >Dash squeaks and clamps herself down tight as your hands find her wings again.
  78. >You laugh as you journey up Rainbow's neck with your tongue.
  79. >The two of you find each other's lips and Rainbow increases her pace.
  80. >You let one of your hands fall and grip her flank, the other sending Dash into fits as it twisted the sensitive joint at the base of her wing.
  81. >Dash still hadn't relaxed from before, she was gripping your cock pretty tight.
  82. >That coupled with the head you got earlier was pushing you to your limit.
  83. >Dash had placed her hooves on the headboard as she bounced and grinded in your lap. "Anon...I-I'm..."
  84. >"Yeah...Me too." You grunt out.
  86. >You remove your hand from her wing and move it to the back of her head to bring her in for another kiss.
  87. >At the same time you take a deep breath and begin thrusting with all your might into her.
  88. >Dash moans inside your mouth as your tongues dance around each other.
  89. >Rainbow eventually wraps her hooves around your head and grunts. Her insides clamp down on you and her wings start errantly flapping.
  90. >Dash's juices wash over your member and send you over the edge.
  91. >You break the kiss and pull Rainbow close to you as you drain yourself into her.
  92. >The two of you sit there gasping for air as you stop convulsing.
  93. >Rainbow picks herself up and begins kissing your neck softly.
  94. >"Heh...One down..." You say.
  95. >Rainbow works her way up to your lips and begins to give you quick pecks. "And a pretty good one too..."
  96. >You chuckle. "G-glad you enjoyed it."
  97. >Rainbow hooks her hooves around your neck. "A step above our first estrus together, huh?"
  98. >"Well...the bed is better than the rocks..." You give her a tender kiss. "But the company is just as good."
  99. >Rainbow just laughs and pulls you down onto the bed again.
  101. -Mous PoV-
  102. >You heard Rainbow and Anon go at it almost the instant you shut the door.
  103. >Crazy appreciation for proper pacing.
  104. >It was mostly quiet in there now as you let your hands glide up the mare laying on your bed.
  105. >"How's that?"
  106. >Lotus contentedly sighs under you. "Have I ever mentioned how glad I am that we taught you the proper way to perform a massage?"
  107. >"You may have mentioned it once or twice..."
  108. >This was not the first time Lotus asked you to rub her back before you slept together.
  109. >You move your hands back down her body, close to her cutie mark.
  110. >Lotus shivers as you rub her flank.
  111. >"Have I found a tender area?" You whisper into her ear.
  112. >Lotus chuckles. "I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about."
  113. >Oh so that's how it is.
  114. >You straddle the small of Lotus's back and let your fingers dance over her ribs.
  115. >You lean in close and whisper into her ear.
  116. >"Perhaps I should try something else then...?"
  117. >You let your fingers drift up her body as you switch ears.
  118. >"Perhaps you'd like to conduct things for a while...?"
  119. >Lotus lets out a low moan as you rub the nape of her neck and press yourself up against her.
  120. "Or...perhaps I should just keep whispering into your ear..." You kiss her neck. "...Everything I plan to do to you over this estrus..."
  121. >Lotus lazily turns her head to you.
  122. >She looks at you with half lidded lust filled eyes before she brings her lips to yours.
  123. >Lotus breaks the kiss after a while and leans up to your ear. "I think you should get back to work..." She whispers.
  124. >Hehe. Yes boss.
  126. >You swing your leg off Lotus and get off the bed to prepare to continue the massage.
  127. >Imagine your surprise when you look back to see Lotus turning over.
  128. >"What's all this, then?"
  129. >Lotus looks at you with those half lidded eyes that make your heart skip a beat. "You've paid more than enough attention to my back...I think it's time we try something facing each other..."
  130. >You drop to your knees.
  131. >"What did you have in mind?
  132. >Lotus rubs a hoof over your bare chest. "Oh...I'm sure you'll think of something..."
  133. >You reach up and run a hand through her mane as you bring your faces closer.
  134. >" about we... start up here?"
  135. >You tenderly kiss Lotus as you run your hand through her mane.
  136. >You trace your other hand up along her stomach and cup her face in your palm.
  137. >You break the kiss and begin to slowly work your way down the path you traced, planting kisses and nibbling as you went.
  138. >Lotus sighs as you go. "Such a drama queen..."
  139. >You stop as you reach her stomach.
  140. >"I simply want to ensure you have a good time." You quip.
  141. >You continue down her stomach and onto her leg, gently massaging the tender area of her flank as you went.
  142. >As you spread Lotus legs you get a good look at how worked up she is.
  143. >"You are ruining our bed sheets."
  144. >Lotus tosses and turns at your touch. "Mmnnn...And who's fault do you think that is?"
  145. >You look down at her marehood.
  146. >"I wonder what I should do..."
  147. >Lotus silently writhes as you spell your name on her cutie mark.
  148. >You purse your lips and blow a stream of air over Lotus's marehood.
  149. >"AAAAAAHHHHHH...YOU'RE TERRIBLE." She shouts.
  150. >Heh.
  152. >You crawl back up to her.
  153. >"Would you have it any other way?
  154. >Lotus grabs one of your hands and slides it up her chest and around her head. "Perhaps a bit more...expedient in some matters..."
  155. >You throw on your offended voice.
  156. >"Why Miss Blossom, whatever do you mean?"
  157. >She traces her hoof down your chest again. "Two years ago, you were hiding in a doomsday cult on a hunch...and the year after that, you ran into a cave to save a group of foals based just on a letter..." She says the last part as she moves over your long healed stab scar.
  158. >"I spent all that time alone...wondering "Just what trouble is he getting himself into?". And then you come back with a half dozen scars and a smile..."
  159. >You reach out and start rubbing her ear.
  160. >"Are you complaining?"
  161. >Lotus laughs. "On the contrary...Stories of your suicidal overconfidence have spread all of Equestria, if my mother is to be believed. Why, if we weren't together, you would have admirers from here to Canterlot."
  162. >Lotus wraps her hooves around your neck and pulls herself up. "But I have you all to myself..." She rubs her hooves on your back. "The big dangerous alien and I, all alone in his den...One can only imagine what those other mares think we do together..."
  163. >You were wise to this.
  164. >Normally, you and Lotus were rather straightforward in bed.
  165. >But every so often, the planets would align and let out a side of Lotus that was rarely seen.
  166. >Tonight it seemed, Lotus wanted to be taken.
  167. >You wrap your arms around Lotus and lay her down on the bed.
  168. >"Well...let's make some stories to tell them."
  169. >With that you bring your lips together.
  171. >You made a point of remembering the difference between taking someone and being rough with them, a rather fine line.
  172. >You toy with Lotus's tongue as the two of you kiss.
  173. >You reach out and hold her hooves against the bed, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough the elicit a few moans.
  174. >What you cannot bind however, are her legs.
  175. >Legs which are now batting at your pants, in an effort to get them off.
  176. >You break the kiss.
  177. >"Need a hand?"
  178. >Lotus smiles and kisses you on the cheek. "So chivalrous." She chirps.
  179. >You lean back and get your belt off.
  180. >You're very careful pulling your pants down with the two of you in the bed.
  181. >You don't want to fall off.
  182. >Again.
  183. >Down to your boxers, you pick up where you left off.
  184. >Lotus giggles as you nip at her neck and continues to try and kick off your boxers, this time succeeding.
  185. >As your tip strikes you, you break the kiss with Lotus.
  186. >"I take it you'd like to continue?"
  187. >"Chivalrous AND attentive, I certainly lucked out, didn't I?" She says.
  188. >"Let's call it your reward for putting up with a bit of psychosis from me." You say as you position yourself.
  189. >You gently press your head against Lotus's lips.
  190. >"You ready?" You ask looking up to her.
  191. >A passionate kiss is your answer.
  192. >And with that, you slowly push yourself in.
  194. >Lotus moans in pleasure as you enter her.
  195. >You however, have something else on mind.
  196. Godammit, this is supposed to be special for her, we are not going to giggle.
  197. >It didn't matter how ticklish you were.
  198. >You slowly start moving as Lotus brings her lips back to yours.
  199. >You release her hooves and let your hands wander over her.
  200. >The benefit of seeing only one mare for the past two years was that you had taken intricate mental notes on what she liked.
  201. >However, you found your attempts countered at every turn.
  202. >When you kissed her shoulder, she was able to nibble your ear.
  203. >She wrapped her legs around your waist when you tried to grab them for better leverage.
  204. >You even released a giggle when you slipped your arms under her hooves and increased your speed. Luckily, it was drowned out by her moaning.
  205. >Shit, she was on today. It was getting harder to focus.
  206. >You made a mistake in nipping at her chest, it caused her to clamp down on your member. Hard.
  207. >You didn't give up the pace, but you were getting close.
  209. >"B-babe..."
  210. >Lotus kissed you for a moment before she broke away and continued panting in rhythm with your thrusts.
  211. >Lotus's tightness as well as her enthusiastic moaning shattered your concentration and sent you over the edge.
  212. >Your heart skipped a beat as you thrust into her one final time and spilled your seed.
  213. >To your relief, you felt Lotus's juices seep down your leg a moment after.
  214. Better than last time, at least...
  215. >You gently pull out of Lotus and collapse on the bed next to her.
  216. >The two of you catch your breath together before Lotus pulls herself close to you.
  217. >She hoists herself up to your face and looks at you with those big blue eyes of her.
  218. >Your lips are pulled into a tender kiss before Lotus snuggles into your chest. "I love you, Mous..." She said.
  219. >You wrap your arms around her and pull her closer.
  220. >"I love you too."
  221. >Always would.
  223. -An End.

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