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Thread 300 paste: Spin the Bottle 63. [CLOP]

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:58:18 PM
AIE NSFW Anon Mane Six R63 Clop

  1. Authors Note: A genderbent version of a friend's first AiE that I wrote for thread 300/ his birthday. Enjoy.
  3. >Let's recap, shall we?
  4. >You were Ladyanon.
  5. >It was your birthday.
  6. >And you were currently sitting in a basement, eyes shut tight, soaking wet, as seven stallions stared at you.
  7. >You feel one of them plant a tongue on your knee and trail down your leg.
  8. >Whoever they are, they stop right at your clit.
  9. >You can feel their hot breath blowing up against you, getting you even more ready than before.
  10. >They begin licking your clit, causing you to groan in pleasure.
  11. >Bubble Berry giggles at the sound.
  12. >You can't form the words to tell him to shut it.
  13. >Whoever this colt is, he knew what he was doing.
  14. >After lapping up the juices from you, they pull back and begin circling your clit with their tongue.
  15. >You almost lose it when they start nibbling on it in a way you had never experienced before.
  16. >The mystery p0ny continues for a bit as you feel yourself reaching your limit.
  17. >"Heh. I'm sure Blitz would tell you to open your eyes but...he's a bit busy."
  18. >/rimshot.
  19. >This feels too good for you to care, you get to open your eyes too.
  20. >You open them to see Rainbow Blitz looking up at you with your clit in between his front teeth
  21. >Did his eyes always look like that?
  22. >You place your hand on Blitz's head as he releases your clit and sticks his tongue in as far as he can.
  23. >That sets you off, causing you to spill your juices to an almost paralyzing extent.
  24. >Not only does he suck most of it down, he laps up the rest to make sure he's gotten every drop.
  26. >With a huff, he pushes himself away from you.
  27. >Good god, you are still wet and ready to go.
  28. >RB looks surprised.
  29. >Bubble speaks up.
  30. >"Anon here's gone almost a whole year without it guys. She's hardly masturbated either, why are you surprised?"
  31. >How the hell does Bubble know so much about your personal life?
  32. >You remember Dusk Shine telling you about the "Butterscotch Modeling" incident where she showed up literally everywhere.
  33. >Bucking voyeur Bubble
  34. >"Oh oh! Me next!"
  35. >Bubble takes off to your present.
  36. >He grabs a ball gag and a collar which he puts on himself.
  37. >He lies down on your bed and motions for you to come over.
  38. >You look up at RB as if asking his permission.
  39. >"The hell you looking at me for Anon? You gonna keep bubble waiting? It's your birthday, live it up a little. You better enjoy it while it lasts buddy cause something on this scale won't be happening again for a looong time."
  40. >Why the hell not?
  41. >You hop on the bed and position Bubble's member at the entrance to your womanhood.
  42. >He hands you the collar, you accept.
  43. >You smile to yourself.
  44. >If he's as much of a masochist as you think, you decide you're gonna play with him a bit.
  45. >You lower yourself and let the head of Bubble's member probe you.
  46. >He feels it and he wants it.
  47. >You can feel his member throbbing even without it being inside you.
  48. >You get a good hold on his collar and yank it up as you slam down, taking all of him at once.
  49. >He emits a loud cry of pleasure as he feels you wrap around him.
  50. >His face looks to be in pure ecstasy
  51. >You begin grinding on Bubble's member slow, agonizingly slow.
  53. >You keep the rhythm slow.
  54. >Bubble seems to start twitching.
  55. >You hear him growl.
  56. "What's that Bubble? You want me to stop?"
  57. >Bubble's eyes snap open, seeming to hold a flame within and he looks at you.
  58. >He takes the gag out of his mouth.
  59. >"I swear, if you don't screw me harde-"
  60. >He gasps out as you pull him in as far as you can get him.
  61. "What was that Bubble?"
  62. >"N-nothing Anon...Just keep going, please?"
  63. >You can't say no when he asks like that.
  64. >You begin bouncing again, at the same speed, but unlike before; you pull yourself up so that only his head is inside you before you slam down with all your might.
  65. >You increase the speed with each slam.
  66. >Bubble cries out in pleasure the entire time.
  67. >You're yanking on the leash of his collar more, pulling him deeper into you.
  68. >Soon, he's thrusting in time with you.
  69. >The way his member throbs inside of you is almost enough to do you in.
  70. >But you can't stop yet, not until that adorable pink pony under you cums.
  71. >The wet slapping sound of you bouncing off Bubble fills the room.
  72. >The others are sitting there watching you.
  73. >RB and the others are rubbing themselves with their hooves.
  74. >Dusk for some reason has a pen and notebook, eyeing you.
  75. >Huh?
  76. >You're too busy making Bubble scream to care.
  77. >He screams louder every time you take him in.
  79. >You can feel yourself get close, but you don't want to leave Bubble hanging.
  80. >Your one hand is holding the leash, so it's time to put your other to work.
  81. >Time to go all in.
  82. >You speed up your rhythm to keep going as hard as you can.
  83. >With your open hand, you reach down and begin to prod Bubble's butthole.
  84. >He bites into the blanket to stifle his cries.
  85. >You can feel his member twitch inside you.
  86. >His movement become intermittent as he climaxes.
  87. >His cries of ecstasy coupled with his seed spilling into you send you over the edge as well.
  88. >You pull him out after you feel you've both stopped.
  89. >Yours and Bubbles fluids start to slide out of you onto the floor.
  90. >You couldn't give a fuck.
  91. >The only thing that catches your attention is that you are STILL wet.
  92. >Goddamn, you didn't think it had been that long.
  93. >Dopey trots up to the bed and a now seemingly unconscious Bubble.
  94. >"I've got you next."
  95. >He leans forward and begins to lap up the juices flowing out of you.
  96. >One of his eyes looks at you.
  97. >The other is focused entirely on your womanhood as he laps the juices up.
  98. >You stop Dopey before he comes closer.
  99. "Let's try something different..."
  100. >You position yourself between Dopey and Bubble and get down on all fours.
  101. >You shake your ass a bit as Dopey's face grows worried.
  102. >"A-are you sure?"
  103. >That makes you daaaw inside.
  104. >You silently nod as Dopey places positions himself over you.
  105. >You feel him start to lean down as his member begins to poke yo-
  106. >FUCK.
  109. >You hear Dopey moan as the muscles in your ass clench down in surprise.
  110. >That was...actually kinda nice...
  111. >"S-sorry Anon! I-I can't really aim too well a-and my eyes..."
  112. "It's okay Dopey..."
  113. >You relax a bit, letting him in deeper.
  114. >At first it felt like it would split you in half, but now that you've gotten used to it, he's getting in and out more freely.
  115. >Dopey's member was...unique.
  116. >As his thrusts pick up in speed, both of your moans start to get louder.
  117. >Bubble "wakes up" to see Dopey going at you.
  118. >Bubble trots up in front of you and kisses Dopey as he leans on your back.
  119. >Bubble breaks their lust filled kiss.
  120. >"You taste like Anon...I want more..."
  121. >Bubble dives back in to continue his battle with Dopey.
  122. >Bubble's member slowly begins to rise in front of your face as he gets more into it.
  123. >You turn your head to examine the pair of them making out above you.
  124. >Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound.
  125. >You raise a hand and grasp Bubble's member, maneuvering it to your mouth.
  126. >Bubble moans and looks down to see you smiling at him.
  127. >He goes back to kissing Dopey as you begin to suck on his member.
  128. >You don't notice Rainbow wiggle his way between your legs and up to your face.
  129. >"Hey Anon?"
  131. >You look down to see him right below your breasts.
  132. >He extends a tongue and begins to circle one of your nipples.
  133. >Holy hell, you couldn't get more into this if you tried.
  134. >Dopey seems to notice the effects your new form of stimulation is having on you as he moans through Bubble's lips.
  135. >Rainbow Blitz has both your breasts in his hooves as he alternates between the one he's sucking on.
  136. >Rainbow going at your chest causes you to begin bucking your rear against Dopey harder than before.
  137. >This time Bubble's kiss can't muffle him.
  138. >Rainbow breaks away from your chest and looks up at you.
  139. >"Anon?"
  140. >Despite your lust filled head, you are able to look down at him and pay attention.
  141. >You see his eyes snap back and forth from in between your legs to looking at you.
  142. >" you mind?"
  143. >You don't see why not.
  144. >You nod your head and get a big smile out of Rainbow.
  145. >He reaches down and guides his member into your wet warm hole.
  146. >He emits a low moan as he drives himself into you.
  147. >The feeling of both Rainbow and Dopey thrusting into you is indescribable.
  149. >You hear movement to your side and look out through one eye.
  150. >You can see Applejackson and Butterscotch going to town on each other, while Dusk Shine and Elusive trot up to you on either side.
  151. >Dusk looks down at you.
  152. >You look up at his erect member.
  153. >"Uh...Anon, do you think you could...?"
  154. >You don't let them finish as your hands shoot out and warp around their members.
  155. >You can feel both Dusk and Elusive writhe under your touch as you stroke their shafts.
  156. >At the same time, you've managed to get both Dopey and Rainbow Blitz into an alternating rhythm with their thrusts, letting you alternate between who you buck against.
  157. >Bubble has surrendered himself to your tongue as you dance around his shaft, feeling every vein and fold along its length.
  158. >Below you, Rainbow Blitz has places his hooves on your shoulders to offer support while you see to Dusk and Elusive.
  159. >What a doll.
  160. >Suddenly, Bubble removes his member from your mouth and speaks up.
  161. >"Guys, there's no reason for me to hog Anon's mouth, what say we...switch up a bit?"
  162. >Both Dusk and Elusive nod enthusiastically.
  163. >You silently lament the switch as Dusk positions himself in front of you.
  164. >Bubble tasted like cotton candy.
  166. >You take the time to notice the differences between Bubble and Dusk.
  167. >While Bubble was wild and fun, Dusk's member was significantly less used to you.
  168. >It twitched and throbbed as you took it down your throat, each time was punctuated by another moan from Dusks' mouth above you.
  169. >You cast an eye down at Rainbow Blitz.
  170. >His eyes were snapped shut as he stuck his snout between your breasts and twirled his tongue around. You could feel him thrust into you with his usual enthusiasm.
  171. >The boys above you were not content to sit still either.
  172. >You watched as Dusk, Elusive, and Dopey glided their tongues over one another, Bubble above them as he held on to their heads and directed them like some sort of kinky puppet master.
  174. >The stallions above you stopped, with Dusk pulling out of your mouth.
  175. >"Y-your turn Elusive..."
  176. >Elusive looked down on you with a tender smile as you placed your lips on the tip of his member and took him in to the base.
  177. >If Dusk was inexperienced and unpredictable, Elusive's member was an old veteran in your mouth.
  178. >Your tongue spun and twisted around him as your lips applied pressure from the front, but Elusive was able to maintain himself and keep himself from twitching.
  179. >At least not too much.
  180. >You had been going at this for a while, it was about time to take you all home.
  181. >You clenched yourself tight on both Rainbow and Dopey as you increased your pace.
  182. >Your hands glided and twisted around both Bubble and Dusk.
  183. >The moans and gasps above you intensified and filled the room.
  184. >You got lost in a daze as you slid off Dopey and Rainbow and took Elusive into you, while feeling the heat rise from Dusk and Bubble in your hands.
  185. >You made sure to apply appropriate effort to each stallion, wanting very much to pull of this trick.
  186. >You were rewarded by having Dopey and Rainbow's thrusts become increasingly erratic while Elusive twitched and bucked in your mouth.
  187. >Each stallion you were taking tried to utter a warning to you, only to be silenced as you worked them over.
  189. >In an instant, all the stallions bucked and twitched as they were sent over the edge.
  190. >A deep warmness spread through your entire lower half and caused you to climax as Dopey and Rainbow emptied themselves.
  191. >Elusive moaned and bucked as he sent his seed down your throat.
  192. >Dusk and Bubble's members burst and sent torrents of seed spilling over your back and breasts respectively, some of it spilling onto Rainbow's face as he buried it into your chest.
  193. >After the six of you finished, you released the stallions one by one.
  194. >Dopey simply flopped over onto his back and passed out, him having gone the longest.
  195. >Bubble tried to trot shakily up to the bed, but seemed content to collapse on the floor halfway there.
  196. >Dusk and Elusive levitated some pillows off your bed and joined a sleeping Applejack and Butterscotch on their place on the floor.
  197. >You pulled Rainbow Blitz out of you last and curled up next to him, wiping the juices from his face as you pulled him close.
  198. "So Blitz, what was that you said about this not happening for a long time?
  199. >Rainbow Blitz let out an exhausted laugh.
  200. >"Well...maybe we can arrange for something else..."

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