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BiE 75: Better Late Than Never.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:58:29 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 75=
  2. >Year 83 in Equestria.
  3. >You sat in a chair in the hospital.
  4. >You had been here for...A while.
  5. >A week maybe?
  6. >You...didn't expect to be here that much longer...
  7. >You reached a hand out and grabbed Lotus's hoof, rubbing it with your thumb.
  8. >You massage her hoof for a few minutes before you hear her shifting in her bed.
  9. >Lotus's eyes crack open and turn to look at you.
  10. >"Hey pretty pony..."
  11. >The years had been kind to Lotus.
  12. >Her hair was a muted grey but still retained the slightest hint of her natural pink.
  13. >The wrinkles around her eyes had taken root and spread throughout the rest of her face, leaving parts of her skin hanging in bags.
  14. >But still...time takes its toll on us all.
  15. >Except for you it seemed...
  16. >Lotus reaches up and rubs her face. "Hello dear..." She says.
  17. >Hearing her voice again makes you smile.
  18. >"Did you sleep well?"
  19. >Lotus adopts a small smirk as she settles back into her bed. "Yes, these beds are quite nice."
  20. >"I'm glad you're enjoying your time here." You chuckle.
  21. >You scoot your chair closer as you continue to rub her hoof.
  22. >"H-how are you feeling?"
  23. >Lotus stares off into space for a bit. "...Tired."
  24. >...
  25. >Shit...
  26. >You absentmindedly kick at the bag below you.
  27. >"It's...almost time."
  28. >Lotus closes her eyes for a moment. "Yes, I think so..."
  29. >Okay then.
  30. >"Just...stay a bit longer, alright? There's something I have to do."
  31. >You put your hand into your mouth and whistle.
  33. >The door to Lotus's room opens and a small earth stallion trots in.
  34. >He is wearing a black robe and a white collar.
  35. >"Dear? What is..." You hear Lotus ask.
  36. >You can't answer her, you're bent over digging through your bag.
  37. >Once you grab the required items, you lean over the bed and look Lotus in the eyes.
  38. >"Lotus, uhm..."
  39. >This is...hard.
  40. >It's harder because your eyes feel weird.
  41. >"Lotus, I don't think we have too much time left together, and I know you and I probably won't be able to do that honeymoon I promised you but..."
  42. >"Yes."
  43. >You look up to see a tearful smiling Lotus. "Of course."
  44. >You feel generally happy for the first time in this week's assault of depression.
  45. >You lunge out and wrap your arms around Lotus in the bed.
  46. >"Love you..." You whisper.
  47. >The two of you separate and you wave the stallion on.
  48. >He clears his throat. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..."
  50. >The cleric had left.
  51. >The two of you had shifted around the chair and the mattress a bit.
  52. >You were now leaning silently against your wife.
  53. >You looked down at the necklace set you had gotten.
  54. >Well, one necklace and a bracelet.
  55. >Turns out that the one you bought didn't fit you, probably what you get when you just rush in and buy whatever you can find.
  56. >You run a hand through Lotus's mane. "I don't know what I'm going to do..."
  57. >"Hm?"
  58. >"When you're...not around. I don't know what I'm going to do."
  59. >Lotus smiles and places a hoof on your arm. "You'll grieve for a bit, longer then you probably should if I know you. Eventually things will fall back into a routine..."
  60. >"And then you'll meet a mare who can drag you out of your doldrums, and she'll fall in love with the same man that I did so long ago." She says as she nuzzles into your shoulder.
  61. >You stare out into space as you take in her words and what they would mean.
  62. >"I don't...think that's going to happen..."
  63. >Lotus looks up at you. "What do you mean, sweetheart?"
  64. >You sigh and lean back in your chair.
  65. >"I were it Lotus, you were the first one to actually get through. For so long I had shut out everyone and everything that tried to get in, because it was just me and Anon."
  66. >You placed your forehead against hers. "But despite all that, you somehow found a way in...and I can't thank you enough for doing it." You say as you rub your noses together.
  67. >Your face falls as you look back into Lotus's eyes. "But...once you're gone, I think that way you got in is gonna get blocked off too."
  69. >Lotus's eyes well up a bit. "Mous..."
  70. >You reach out and grab her hooves in your hands.
  71. >"I don't want to find another mare Lotus, I don't need to."
  72. >Your eyes were feeling weird again.
  73. >You reach out and pull Lotus as close as you can.
  74. >Your voice barely registers above a whisper.
  75. >"I can't replace you...I won't. You mean the world to me..."
  76. >You feel Lotus wrap her hooves around you. "You'd be by yourself? For however long you'll still be alive?"
  77. >You'd be by yourself for twice that to avoid replacing her.
  78. >And besides, you still had Anon.
  79. >You look down at your bracelet.
  80. >"I didn't buy this thing for its fashion sense."
  81. >Lotus chuckles. "No...I suppose not."
  82. >Your eyes hurt.
  83. >"Can we...stay like this for a while?"
  84. >"If we do that, you'll ruin this lovely smock they gave me."
  85. >You laugh.
  86. >"Shut up..."
  88. >The two of you eventually separate, you returning to your seat and just staying with Lotus as she rested in her bed.
  89. >You'd stay here all night if you had to...
  90. >Lotus hadn't left you hanging either, she had stayed awake so that the two of you could reminisce.
  91. >"Do you know what I liked the most?" She asked.
  92. >"Hehe...What?"
  93. >Against all logic, you were smiling.
  94. >Lotus turned to you, her eyes half lidded and tired. "How I'd wake up every morning to you grinning at me. You'd smile and kiss me and say "Hey pretty pony." and start my day off just right."
  95. >You chuckle.
  96. >"Are you sure it wasn't because I'd usually start rubbing your flank afterwards?"
  97. >Lotus lets out a contented sigh. "I suppose that belongs on the list as well..."
  98. >You rub your hand through Lotus's mane, like you would every morning when you woke her.
  99. >"Sorry I took so long to propose..."
  100. >Lotus lets out a weak laugh. "Sweetheart, do you remember the week before Anon and Rainbow's wedding? When you asked me what I would have said if you proposed then and there?"
  101. >You thought back, way back.
  102. >"Uh...yeah, why?"
  103. >"Do you remember what I said?"
  104. >It was getting a little clearer now.
  105. >"I think you were acting like a smart ass and told me to guess."
  106. >Lotus lets out another laugh, a bit stronger this time.
  107. >"But...I'm pretty sure it was a 'yes'."
  108. >Lotus nods. "Indeed it was. And from that point on, we have lived together, slept together, and spent most of our lives together."
  109. >"So?"
  110. >Lotus shakes her head. "So, you proposed eighty years ago...and I said yes in a heartbeat, It just took you a while to set the wedding up."
  111. >You chuckle."And look at all I could get."
  112. >"We both knew that wedding planning was out of our league..."
  114. >Celestia had set the sun.
  115. >Luna's moon had begun it's trek across the sky.
  116. >Lotus lay in her hospital bed, still as a statue with her eyes affixed on the ceiling.
  117. >"I think... it's time to go..." She croaked out.
  118. >Oh god...
  119. >"S-say hi to your dad for me?"
  120. >She had held on long enough...
  121. >"T-tell him that I finally got around to making honest mare out of you..."
  122. >You reached out and grabbed her hoof.
  123. >The tears were running down your face and landing on the bedspread.
  124. >Lotus's eyes slowly turned to look at you. "I...Lo...
  125. >"Yeah..."
  126. >You bend down and plant a tender kiss on her lips.
  127. >"I love you too...
  128. >More then she could ever fathom.
  129. >Lotus closed her eyes...
  130. >You felt her hoof slack in your grip and fall from your hand.
  131. >You're alone in the room.
  132. >You get down on your knees and put your head in her lap.
  133. >The blanket over her is getting wet and sticking to your face.
  134. >Your body hitches and your eyes burn.
  135. >You were so sure that your tear ducts had been paralyzed...
  136. >You could have laid there for hours for all you know.
  137. >Eventually your throat was too sore and you ran out of tears.
  138. >You slowly rose and pulled the blanket over Lotus's face.
  139. >You switched off the EKG meter and walked to the door.
  140. >You paused as you opened the door.
  141. >"Goodbye Lotus..."
  143. >You stepped out into the hospital lobby.
  144. >That numbness that Anon told you he felt at Rainbows funeral, it was creeping up on you.
  145. >Speaking of Anon, you caught him sitting in the lobby.
  146. >He took two steps towards you and wrapped his arms around you.
  147. >You didn't fight him off this time.
  148. >"I'm so sorry..." He says.
  149. >The two of you stand there in the lobby for a time, ignoring everyp0ny staring at you.
  150. >"...what do I do now?"
  151. >Anon breaks away from you. "Right now, were gonna go out and drink until we can't walk. And then you're gonna stay with me for the week."
  152. >You give him a doubtful eye.
  153. >"I don't think a sleepover is going to help me here, Anon..."
  154. >Anon slips his hands into his pockets. "No. No it's not. Not by a long shot. But it's the best first step you can make on the road to recovery."
  155. >You sighed.
  156. >"Staying up for three days and watching movies?"
  157. >Anon throws an arm around you. "Not being alone."

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