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BiE 76: Science and Sound.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:58:41 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 76=
  3. >Year 140 in Equestria.
  4. >You angle a fire spell through a lens as you seal the last edge of this box.
  5. >You reach a hand out to the kid next to you. "A spell if you please, acolyte."
  6. >He rummages through the box of crystals you had. "Any preference sir?"
  7. >"Surprise me."
  8. >The colt levitates a crystal out of the box into your hand.
  9. >You open up the top of the clear crystalline case and balance the crystal on the stand on one side of it.
  10. >The case seals shut with a hiss as you turn the handle on top.
  11. >You extend a thumbs up to your acolyte by the mana batteries. "Alright, give us the juice!"
  12. >The acolyte flipped the switch and sent mana flowing down the wires into the case.
  13. >A brilliant blue light filled the Arcanium as the magical reaction inside took place.
  14. >You turned your head away until the reaction died down.
  15. >The blue light died down enough for you to look back inside the case.
  16. >Where there had once been a single magical crystal, there were now two.
  17. >A chorus of cheers echoed through the Arcanium, cheers you had to suppress. "Now now, everyp0ny, let's not celebrate until we know it works right."
  18. >You crack open the case and let the errant steam from the reaction escape. As it does, you reach in and grab the twin crystals.
  19. >Hmm. Better to do this somewhere safe. "Razzle Dazzle, could you open the window for me?"
  20. >The unicorn complies and lets Celestia's sunlight into the dusty room.
  21. >You toss the pair of crystals into the lake below, the two of them shattering on impact and bursting into rainbow light.
  22. >You turn back to the room full of waiting unicorns. "Okay, now you can celebrate."
  24. >You nudge your way through the celebrating magi and up the stairs to the Grand Magister's office.
  25. >You close the door behind you, she liked the quiet.
  26. >"I am happy to report that we were able to apply the duplication spell to the crystalline case."
  27. >"And the spells had the same magnitude?"
  28. >You silently nod.
  29. >"That's amazing, Anon! How did you do it?" She asks as she tries to get down from her chair.
  30. >Twilight had been able to keep herself going for a long while with the help of her magic,  but the years were starting to catch up to her.
  31. >You explain your process as you go to help her down. "We kept the magic contained by vacuum sealing the case and ensuring that there were no cracks or open corners. It kept the spell from getting out and reflected it back all in one."
  32. >Twilight nodded her head. "Ah yes, the Hoodinium Constant. Very good."
  33. >"Was there anything else, or can I tell these kids that they're free to go?"
  34. >"Well, they can leave, but I was hoping to steal you away for a bit." Twilight says as she levitates a saddlebag to her shoulders.
  35. >You grab the bag before she sets it down and throw it over your back. "What's up, boss?"
  36. >Twilight smiles at your old nickname for her. "I was going to check the regulator underneath the city and could use a hoof, are you up to it?"
  37. >You offer a grin. "Spend some time with one of my oldest friends and work on a magical superconductor? I think I may be able to clear my schedule."
  38. >Twilight rolls her eyes and laughs as you open the door for her.
  40. >You pried the cover off the regulator and stuck the measuring rod inside.
  41. >Twilight sat a few feet behind you and examined the readings on a machine.
  42. >You looked around the room. "It hasn't changed at all, has it?"
  43. >"Hmm?" Twilight says as she looks up from her machine.
  44. >"This. It's been over a hundred years, but here we are; doing science in the same place we beat The Dogfather in."
  45. >Twilight chuckles. "I suppose it all has a bit of a nostalgic feeling to it..."
  46. >You go back to taking the readings of the magical reaction going on inside the regulator.
  47. >"So, why were you so intent on getting off work today?"
  48. >Fuck. " reason."
  49. >"Ahuh. What's her name?"
  50. >You turn around "Hehe, what?"
  51. >"Anon, just because I never had kids doesn't mean I can't spot somep0ny ditching for a date, so what's her name?" She says with a level of good cheer that should be impossible.
  52. >You sigh in submission. "Star Charmer. She works at the Wonderbolts arena."
  53. >Twilight is quiet for a bit. "Good for you."
  54. >Huh?
  55. >You turn to look at Twilight. "Anon, it's been 98 years...I miss Rainbow and all my old friends every single day, but it's wrong to think that you wouldn't begin to see other ponies in your situation."
  56. >Well...Wow. "Thanks Twilight, that means a lot."
  57. >You turn back to the regulator.
  58. >"Anon, when I'm gone, I'm going to name you as my successor."
  60. >It takes your brain a moment to process that.
  61. >"WHAT!?" You shout as you spin around to face Twilight.
  62. >Twilight remains seated. "What are you talking about 'your successor'!?"
  63. >"I mean that when I am no longer able to perform my duties as Grand Magister, you will be my first choice for that position."
  64. >You kneel down to her level. "Twi...
  65. >She shakes her head. "Anon, please, don't tell me that you can't because you're not a unicorn. I have seen you make discovery after discovery about magic using nothing more than your unique way of thinking."
  66. >Twilight's warm smile came back. Damn, she must have learned that from Celestia."You've been a part of the Royal Magisters for as long as I have, Anon. I can think of nop0ny better to take the mantle."
  67. >The machine next to the two of you dings. "Ah! Magical energy is Equestria is within .002% of nominal values. Excellent." Twilight says.
  68. >Twilight begins to levitate the machine back into her bag. "I can get this back to the Arcanium, Anon. Go on your date."
  69. >"Are you sure, Twi? I can stick around if you wa-"
  70. >A bright flash of purple light explodes around Twilight and has left you alone with the regulator when it dissipates.
  71. >"...Right. Teleporter."
  73. >You decide to think about Twilight's words to you later, right now you were on a date.
  74. >Star Charmer and you were taking a walk through Canterlot on the way to a nice little deli she knew about.
  75. >You looked up at the castle as you passed it. "Something on your mind?" Star asked.
  76. >You flash a smile. "Nah. My friend just works there, I was wondering what he was up to."
  77. >She smirks back. "That guy you always talk about who gets into all the crazy shit?"
  78. >"The very same one."
  79. >Star glances over at the castle herself. "Wanna try and find him?"
  80. >"Now?"
  81. >"Yeah! Come on, live a little!" She cries as she flies over you towards the castle.
  82. >Yeah, this was a good idea...
  84. >The two of you find Mous in the castle gardens.
  85. >Oddly, you find him with half the royal choir, a megaphone, and his old stereo. "What in the hell are you doing?" You ask.
  86. >Mous whirls around; he was wearing his psychotic grin.
  87. >You looked up at the side of the castle he was face. You were sure that was Princess Celestia's balcony...
  88. >Oh god...
  89. >"Ah! Anon and lady! Welcome to our little show." He booms as he walks up to the two of you.
  90. >He extends a hand to Star. "Mous: Royal Logician."
  91. >Star meets his hand with a wry smirk. "Star Charmer: Technician at Wonderbolts Stadium."
  92. >Mous throws off a goofy bow. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance. You two are just in time for the festivities..."
  93. >You really don't like how he said that. "Mous, what are you planning?"
  94. >A shit eating grin is your response. "Anon, you know that telling would spoil the surprise."
  95. >He practically skips back to the choir. "Places everyp0ny! It's almost time!"
  96. >He had been acting demented ever since Lotus. You really hoped this was the peak of his shenanigans, whatever it was.
  97. >A guard pegasus flew over the area and landed next to Mous.
  98. >"Everything is in place?" He asked.
  99. >The guard silently nodded.
  100. >"Good lad, you'll get your reward later."
  101. >The guard frowned a bit and flew off, obviously wanting his reward now.
  102. >"Bribing the guards? What are you planning?"
  103. >Mous just winks at you and flips on the stereo.
  105. >Oh god...
  106. >The choir sung out the lyrics loud enough for the entire city to hear.
  107. >Star Charmer just looked up at you confused as you brought your palm to your face.
  108. >Mous threw his arms into the air and began some sort of weird combination of dancing and thrusting his crotch into the air in time with the guitar.
  109. >From up on high, Princess Celestia stepped out to see what all the racket was.
  110. >"Hey!" Mous shouted.
  111. >Mous brought the megaphone to his mouth and began stomping around the area as he sang.
  112. >"I was just a skinny lad! Never knew no good from bad! But I knew life before I left my nursery~!"
  113. >Star Charmer looked up at you again. "Is this normal?
  114. >"For him it is..."
  115. >"Left alone with big fat fanny! She was such a naughty nanny! Heap big woman, you made a bad boy outa me~!"
  116. >Princess Celestia took off from her balcony and landed in the garden below as Mous continued to stomp around. "Hey! Hey!"
  117. >Star Charmer joined you in your tactical facepalm. "Whoo!"
  118. >Mous continued to dance around, this time getting close to the two of you.
  119. >He clapped twice in your face along with the song and proceeded to spin away.
  120. >Mous put his arm in between his legs and swayed along to the songs rhythm as he sang.
  121. >"I've been singing with my band! Across the wire, across the land! I've seen every pink eyed floozy on they waaaaay~!
  122. >Celestia trots up to within an inch of Mous, her face one of confusion.
  123. >"But their beauty and their style went kinda smooth after a while! Take me two them dirty ladies every time!"
  124. >The choir finally joined back in and began singing the chorus. But you didn't see.
  125. >You and Star Charmer were already halfway out of the castle.
  126. >"That's the guy you've known all your life?"
  127. >You nod.
  128. >"Has he always been insane?"
  129. >"Pretty much."

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