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BiE 81: Mousdad

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:00:55 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 81=
  3. >Year 1157 in Equestria.
  4. >The sun was beating down on your face as you slept.
  5. >Or at least, it was trying to.
  6. >Hard to get through the window when there's a corkboard covering it.
  7. >Hah. Screw you Celestia.
  8. >You threw your feet off the edge of the bed and stretched, releasing several pops throughout the room.
  9. >You stood and started your walk to the kitchen.
  10. >The rest of your apartment was dressed in similar lighting to your room, with thick sheets covering the windows and only allowing slits of light in.
  11. >What can you say? You were not a morning person.
  12. >You poured yourself some cereal and threw your coffee into the contraption Anon had rigged up for you on your last birthday.
  13. >Your eyes scanned the living room.
  14. >He should be out by now...
  15. >"BOY! BREAKFAST!"
  16. >You heard a body hit the floor from some height.
  17. >The door adjacent yours opens. "Dad?"
  18. >"Food."
  19. >A small hybrid of bird and lion walked out of the shadows closer to you. "Dad, it's too early."
  20. >"School is in an hour, Eitri."
  21. >Eitri groans. "Dad, it's summer!"
  23. >What?
  24. >"Huh?"
  25. >You walk over to the window and throw the sheet back.
  26. >Sure enough. Your neighbors all had their windows open, many had laundry drying outside.
  27. >"How the fuck long has it been summer!?"
  28. >"About a month..." Eitri said.
  29. >Fucking old age.
  30. >You heard a yawn over your shoulder. "I'm going back to bed..."
  31. >Oh hell naw.
  32. >"Hold up there, poozer. When I was a kid we didn't get to sleep till noon until the last week of June."
  33. Liar.
  34. >Shut it.
  35. >You point to his room.
  36. >"Wash up, come out, and eat. We'll figure out something to do."
  37. >Eitri groans again. "Daaaaad..."
  38. >"Now."
  39. >Eitri grunts and heads back into his room.
  40. >You don't know what your mom was so on about, parenting is easy.
  42. >You and Eitri sat at the table eating your breakfast.
  43. >He was munching down on some bacon you had grilled up for him.
  44. >It was nice to hear him calling you dad on instinct now.
  45. >It had been...five years since you took him in?
  46. >You still remember when you met him.
  47. >He had stolen some fruit or something and hidden behind you when the guards chased him.
  48. >Shit, but had he looked scared.
  49. >Luckily, you were you. A simple "He's with me." was enough to scare the guards off.
  50. >After taking him away and getting a meal in him, he had relented and stayed with you for the night, saying that he would be gone in the morning.
  51. >A day turned to a week turned to a month turned to you sending him to school.
  52. >Fucked if your Griffin kid was gonna be a moron.
  53. >Eitri sat silently stabbing his bacon with a fork.
  54. >"Eat it. I don't want you passing out when you do stuff today."
  55. >Eitri glanced up at you. "Dad, do I have a mom?"
  56. >Damn.
  58. >"Every living thing has a mom, Eitri."
  59. >He puts down his fork and glares at you. "You know what I mean."
  60. >You sigh and lean back.
  61. >"You mean a mare who lives with me."
  62. >Eitri crosses his arms and nods.
  63. >...Fuck.
  64. >"I guess you had one a long time ago...but she died."
  65. >Eitri swallows some bacon. "How long ago?"
  66. >Your eyes meet his. "Very long."
  67. >He seems to understand that he won't be getting an answer and goes back to his meal.
  68. >"What was she like?" He asked.
  69. >Shit, you weren't planning on a trip down memory lane.
  70. >"She was...the best."
  71. >"She was fiery, and smart, and'd have liked her."
  72. >You look up and see Eitri smiling. "And she'd have liked you too."
  73. >Eitri smiles as he eats his breakfast.
  74. >"You wanna go see her?"
  75. >Eitri's eyes snap up to you. "We can do that?"
  76. >"Yeah, had her buried in the royal gardens. We can see her any time.
  77. >Eitri twiddles his talons a bit. "That could be cool."
  78. >Atta boy.
  80. >The two of you headed out after breakfast.
  81. >Eitri complained about your ladder, why you installed it.
  82. >Screw off, kid. We don't get robbed because of that ladder.
  83. >You made your way to the castle and walked in a beeline to the gardens.
  84. >There in the back was a small headstone with the words "Lived: 978-1084" carved on it.
  85. >At the foot of the headstone rested a small pool of water, inside of which was a single lotus flower.
  86. >Eitri walked up to the headstone and looked around it. "There's no name."
  87. >You chuckle as you sit down.
  88. Hey pretty pony...
  89. >"Her name was Lotus."
  90. >He dips his talon in the water. "Has that been here the whole time?"
  91. >"I change it once a week."
  92. >Eitri walked back over to you. "How long did you know her?"
  93. >"Eighty-three years."
  94. >Eitri's eyes widen at the number. "Was she your wife?"
  95. >"For a little while... she died right after we were married."
  96. >You hold up your bracelet arm.
  97. >"I got her a matching one of these for her neck."
  98. >"What happened to it?"
  99. >You point at the grave.
  100. >"She still has it."
  101. >Eitri is quiet for a little while.
  102. >"Dad, how old are you?"
  103. >...FUCK.
  104. >"Old, kid."
  105. >"Eitri walks in front of you. "No Dad. I want to know. How old exactly are you?"
  106. >You can see from the look in his eye that Eitri isn't going to back down from this.
  107. >"Dammit..." You sigh out.
  108. >You lean back a bit and start counting.
  109. >"I am...One thousand one hundred and eighty three years old."
  111. >Eitri is left speechless. You had told him that you were one of the oldest things he'd ever see and why, but no specifics.
  112. >Eitri just looks at the grave. "Must be nice..."
  113. >"It has its ups and downs..."
  114. >"And Uncle Anon has been with you the entire time?"
  115. >"That and more, poozer."
  116. >"What's it like, dad?"
  117. >Oh here we go...
  118. >"It'"
  119. >"It's rough sometimes. It's great sometimes. I have my good days and my bad."
  120. >You reach out and ruffle the feathers on his head.
  121. >"But I'm dealing."
  122. >"And you don't get sad because mom isn't around?"
  123. >Mom?
  124. >Heh. This kid.
  125. >"Can't be sad. Gotta look out for you, poozer."
  126. >Eitri swings his talons at you as you continue to ruffle his head. "So all you do is look out for p0nies?"
  127. >"Gotta do something to keep from going crazy."
  128. >"Who?"
  129. >"Oh you know. You, Uncle Anon, the entire city if I'm feeling like it.
  130. >"Everyone?" Eitri asks.
  131. >"Every last one."
  132. >Eitri and you sit there for a while.
  133. >"Thanks for bringing me out here, dad." He says.
  134. >"No problem, kid. I always like to come here."
  135. >Eitri has a smile on his beak.
  136. >"Wanna go have some fun?"
  137. >Now that smile is twice its size." "Yeah!"
  138. >"Wanna go mess with Celestia?"
  139. >"YEAH!"
  140. >You ruffle his feathers.
  141. >"Atta boy."
  142. >Eitri shoots off into the sky as you prepare to give chase.
  143. >You pause for a moment and brush your hand along the face of the headstone.
  144. >"See you in a week, babe."
  145. >With that, you run out of the garden.
  146. >She would have loved him...

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