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BiE 82: Gift Wrapped.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:01:09 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 82=
  3. >Year 1486 in Equestria.
  4. >It was also Mous's birthday.
  5. >You were standing outside on the main deck as the ship slowly sailed through the sky.
  6. >The deckhands around you were more than a bit nervous.
  7. >You couldn't blame them, The Breach was a fairly un-routine place.
  8. >The sound was what did most p0nies in, that faint singing sound echoing in the wind.
  9. >Some thought it was sirens, or some sort of magical resonance from The Breach.
  10. >It sounded like a church choir to you.
  11. >You walked over to the edge of the deck next to a particularly edgy deckhand. "Nervous, son?"
  12. >He snaps to attention as he sees you. "Sir! I...guess you could say that."
  13. >He looked off the edge of the ship. "You hear the stories about this place, p0nies telling you that you're mad for coming this far...seeing it I start to think they're not far off."
  14. >You look over the edge of the ship with him.
  15. >The Breach was the place in Equestria where science went to go fuck itself.
  16. >Your view was dominated by floating landmasses and continents.
  17. >Off in the horizon you could see the pink glow from all of Equestria's leylines coming together a little past your destination.
  18. >The water underneath you rippled away from itself from the tear in the world at the sea floor.
  19. >You turn back to the deckhand. "Don't worry. The Breach puts on a big show, but I came through here years ago without even a scent of trouble."
  20. >He looks a bit more relaxed at your words. "Nothing, huh?"
  21. >You shake your head. "Not a damn thing."
  22. >He grows a small smile. "Schway."
  23. >Your brain cracks a bit at his words. "Schway"?"
  24. >The boy smiles. "Yeah, the Logician has been saying it all voyage. I guess it caught on."
  25. >He didn't...
  26. >"Excuse me, son."
  28. >You stomped down the corridor of your ship and threw open the door to Mous's room.
  29. >"Yeah, don't knock or anything. Not like I could be-"
  30. >"SCHWAY?"
  31. >A devilish grin immediately grows on his face. "Which one was it?"
  33. >Mous jumps up from his set. "Oh good! I'll have to give him a bit for using it."
  34. >"What are you doing?" You ask disbelievingly.
  35. >"Making a trend!" He says with a smile. "I figure I can get all of Canterlot saying it within the next five or so years."
  36. >You bury your face in your palm. "Mous, this is..."
  37. >Stupid.
  38. >Inane.
  39. >Fetishistic.
  40. >"Schway?"
  41. >You look up and glare at him. "It's schwarbage."
  42. >"It's been a thousand years! About time we got some new slang terms."
  43. >"Not from a cartoon."
  44. >Mous walks to his chair. "Oh, you're no fun."
  45. >"Besides, I don't know what you expected me to do, you've kept me on this boat for a week. Why do we need to go all the fuck the way out here for a birthday present?" He says.
  46. >He'd change his tune...
  47. >"It only works here." You say.
  48. >Mous brings a hand to his chin. "Is it a spaceship?"
  49. >"No."
  50. >"A robot?"
  51. >"No, dude."
  52. >"A spaceship robot?"
  53. >You give him a deadpan look. "I promise that your gift will be wonderful and excellent and that you won't be able to guess it."
  54. >Mous leans back. "Well that's no fun."
  55. >"Not for you, anyway."
  56. >"How much longer until we get there, anyway?"
  57. >You do some math in your head. "At current speed and where I figure we are, I'd say about a half hour."
  58. >Mous pouts. "Bet you didn't even wrap it."
  60. -Mous PoV-
  61. >You and Anon disembarked the ship alone.
  62. >He had said you wouldn't need the deckhands.
  63. >The two of you stood in a rather unassuming field of grass.
  64. >Apart from the fact that this continent was at the literal edge of the world and a stone's throw away from the source of all magic, it looked pretty normal.
  65. >"Where are we?"
  66. >Anon looks around with a smile. "Eden: The Original Landmass. Hidden up at the tip of the world and spawning every other landmass on the planet from its fertile shores."
  67. >You looked around. Pretty normal trees, normal mountains, normal lake way off in the distance.
  68. >"It looks like Montana."
  69. >You turn to Anon.
  70. >"So, why drag me all the way out here for my fifteen hundredth and third?"
  71. >Anon smiled and produced a small pulsating crystal from his pocket. "I've been working on something for a while...talking to some colleagues, working out the details, figuring out just what to do to make this work."
  72. >He smiles at you, that warm smile that was probably responsible for his last four spouses. "Well, I finished it. And I can't think of someone I would rather give it to then you."
  73. >"Anon...what the fuck are you talking about?"
  74. >Anon smirks and tosses the crystal past you.
  75. >An explosion of bring light and a wall of sound rushes past you as the crystal releases it's magics.
  76. >In the direction of the light, you can hear the sound of hooves clopping towards you.
  77. >"...Mous?"
  79. >No way...
  80. >That voice...
  81. >You look towards the light, more gentle and benevolent now then when it first came into being.
  82. >You dropped to your knees at the sight.
  83. >Same hair...same coat...just as you remembered...
  84. >She trots up to you and nuzzles your face with hers. "Hey, you..."
  85. >You wrap your arms around her.
  86. >"H-hey pretty pony..."
  87. >You can feel tears welling up in your eyes.
  88. >She was back. Lotus was back.
  89. >"Oh my god, oh my god..."
  90. >You kiss her neck as the tears fall down your face.
  91. >"H-how are you here?"
  92. >She rests her head on your shoulder, just like she used to. "I was told someone wanted to see me..."
  93. >She
  94. >You turn back to Anon.
  95. >"How long?"
  96. >Anon smiles at you. "Few minutes?"
  97. >You turn back and embrace Lotus again. It would do.
  98. >"I missed you."
  99. >"I missed you too."
  100. >This was...
  101. >"What's it like up there?" You ask.
  102. >Lotus rocks in your arms a bit. "Big, happy. You have a lot of old friends up there..."
  103. >You look down at the bracelet you were wearing.
  104. >"Your dad mad at me for taking so long?"
  105. >Lotus pulls away from you and smiles, she was still wearing her necklace.
  106. >"How could he be mad at his favorite son-in-law?" She says before giving you a peck on the lips.
  107. >That wasn't enough. You pulled Lotus back to your lips and let her embrace take away all the heartache you had in you once again.
  109. >Lotus pulls away from you and places her forehead against yours. "I think our time together is almost up again..."
  110. >"That's fine..."
  111. >She sniffs. "I wish I could see you again."
  112. >"You will."
  113. >Lotus looks into your eyes in confusion.
  114. >"Take a message to your boss, landlord, whatever. Tell them that when I eventually...go, that I'm gonna want in. No Pearly Gate's gonna stop me."
  115. >Lotus lets loose a small laugh through her own tears. "You'd break into Elysium on your own?"
  116. >You smirk.
  117. >"Of course. Who the hell do you think I am?"
  118. >Lotus laughs harder this time and wraps her hooves around your neck. "You're my completely mad husband...and I love you."
  119. >You bring your lips together one last time.
  120. >"I love you too."
  121. >Lotus turns back the way she came in response to some voice only she can hear.
  122. >She turns back to you with a tearful smile. "See you again?"
  123. >You reluctantly release her from your arms.
  124. >"Count on it, pretty pony."
  125. >Lotus smiles and trots back to the portal.
  126. >She stops at its edge and sends one more wave to the two of you.
  127. >This was...good.
  128. >You knew you would see her again.
  129. >You promised.
  130. >As Lotus finished waving, she stepped through the portal just in time for it to swallow itself.
  132. -Anon PoV-
  133. >Mous got off his knees as the portal shut itself.
  134. >He begins to walk over to you with his head down. "So, did you enj-"
  135. >"Shut the fuck up, Anon." He says as he wraps his arms around you.
  136. >This
  137. >Very new.
  138. >"Thank you...I don't know how you did it and I don't know how I could repay you, but thank you." He says.
  139. >You pat him on the back. "Don't thank me man, it was your birthday. What else was I supposed to do?"
  140. >He pulls away from you, his arms still on your shoulders. "Use it yourself? You have just as much use for it as me..."
  141. >You had considered that for a moment.
  142. >You shake your head. "This trick only works once, dude. I guess I could have seen Rainbow, or Thunder..."
  143. >His head droops a bit. "But I finished this and thought. "Who do I know that could use a visit from an old flame?", I really couldn't see myself using it any other way."
  144. >Mous chuckles. "You're a real bastard, ya know?"
  145. >He looks up at you. "Here I am trying to be the best friend ever and you go on and blow me out of the water like this."
  146. >You grin at him. "You do pretty well, yourself."
  147. >Mous lets go of you with the biggest genuine smile you've seen from him in a while. "Thanks man...for everything."
  148. >You give him a slap on the shoulder. "Any time."
  149. >The Delphinus floats in the air a ways away. "Ready to head back home?"
  150. >Mous wipes his eye and looks out with that smile. "Yeah, let's go."
  151. >"I have to get to work on the statue of you I have to make now, anyway." He says.

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