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BiE 84: At the Gala.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:01:31 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 84=
  3. >Year 2042 in Equestria.
  4. >You sat in at a desk inside the Arcanium.
  5. >Even if you weren't Grand Magister anymore, you were still welcome here.
  6. >Not that there was anyp0ny to kick you out, the place was deserted at the moment.
  7. >But still you sat here, silently pouring over ancient research notes as you drew up your design.
  8. >It had to be elegant but simple design.
  9. >Something artificial to allow for naturalism.
  10. >Your magnum opus.
  11. >You pause in your research as a light giggle echoes through the Arcanium.
  12. >"Working hard, Anon?" Said the voice coming from every direction at once.
  13. >You knew what this was, you had heard this voice often. "Oh, just had a sudden bout of inspiration."
  14. >The laughter comes back a bit stronger. "He stepped down as Grand Magister almost a millennia ago, but he still spends all his time here."
  15. >A thousand felt like yesterday when you handed in your resignation to go off and see the world.
  16. >"Oh, I don't spend all my time here." You say to the sort-of empty room.
  17. >The shadows on the walls seem to separate themselves and slide behind you as look over your notes.
  18. >The light clinking sound of horseshoes heralds the midnight blue face rubbing up against yours.
  19. >"So I'm aware." Luna says.
  20. >The two of you had kept your..."arrangement" going for a good long while now. Even by timeless standards, the two of you spent an awful lot of time together.
  21. >Nothing official yet, Luna still had her episodes every so often.
  22. >They were getting few and far between now, though.
  23. >Which was good.
  25. >Luna looked down at the paper you were working on. "A new project?"
  26. >"Something like that, my biggest one to date."
  27. >Luna's eyes drift over the paper and widen. "How are you going to power such a monstrosity?"
  28. >You lean back. "I...hadn't gotten that far yet."
  29. >Hmm...Considering what you were aiming for here...
  30. >"I guess a shit ton of mana batteries could work, or maybe I could patch it into a leyline..."
  31. >Although...considering what you were planning...
  32. >"Remember the Hybrid Cannon?"
  33. >Luna arches an eyebrow. "What could you possibly want with that thing again?"
  34. >"Remember how we powered it? The Moonstones and that Fusion thing?"
  35. >Luna silently nods.
  36. >"I'm thinking that could work. Especially with what I'm going for."
  37. >Luna looks back over the blueprint. "An ambitious design, Anon."
  38. >Got that right.
  39. >"But not one for you to tackle tonight, I'm afraid."
  40. >You looked out the window at the lights shooting up from the castle proper.
  41. >"This is going to be my first Grand Galloping Gala in a long while." You say as you stand.
  42. >Luna takes a look at you. "Well then, let's ensure you dress the part."
  43. >A glow springs from Luna's horn and takes hold of your clothes.
  44. >You feel them shifting and changing on your skin to reveal a deep navy tuxedo.
  45. >"I feel snazzy already."
  46. >Looking up you see Luna in a similar glow, revealing an evening dress when it dies down.
  47. >You walk up to Luna and hold out an arm. "Shall we, m'lady?"
  48. >"We shall, good sir." She giggles.
  50. >The Grand Galloping Gala hadn't changed much over the years.
  51. >Lot's of high class ponies still just walking around talking to each other for a night, filling up on snack foods and drinking wines.
  52. >As well as Mous sitting alone in the corner asleep on a chair.
  53. >Keep on keeping on, buddy.
  54. >At least you knew you didn't miss much.
  55. >Attending on the arm of a Princess was a new experience, however.
  56. >You certainly met more p0nies this way, you had almost doubled your number since the last time you were here with Dash.
  57. >Wow...that took you back.
  58. >Dash and the girls had been invited to the Gala the year the two of you got married, you were her plus one.
  59. >You could have spent the entire night watching her regale the crowed with tales of her stunts...
  60. >Watching her trot back over to you, give you a peck on the cheek and say "Anon, are you alright?"
  62. >You snap back to the present ant turn to see a concerned looking Luna.
  63. >"Yeah, sorry. Million miles away."
  64. >Luna had brought you up to some pegusi stallion in a blue bodysuit.
  65. >The Wonderbolts still hadn't changed their uniforms...
  66. >The Stallion holds out a hoof. "Thunder Dasher, I'm the Wonderbolts captain."
  67. >You grasp his hoof and give him a firm shake. "Captain, eh? Seems I'm a magnet for those here."
  68. >He and the rest of the ponies around him look at you in confusion.
  69. >"Sorry, sorry, my mind gets away from me sometimes. I was married to Rainbow Dash way back when."
  70. >That grabs this guys attention. "You and Rainbow Dash?"
  71. >You slowly nod. "Uh...yeah?"
  72. >You hadn't kept up with Thunderbolt issues after Dash passed, this guy's interest was beyond you.
  73. >"Did she ever speak about how she did the Inverse Duckwalk Backflip?"
  74. >Talk about it? You helped her work it out.
  75. >"A bit. You see, the trick is..."
  76. >You began to explain the physics behind the Inverse Duckwalk Backflip to the captain.
  77. >Who knows, maybe it could come back into play?
  78. >You looked around the room as the two of you were talking and had a startling question form in your mind.
  79. >Where the hell did Mous go?
  81. -Mous PoV-
  82. >"Are you sure about this?"
  83. >"Coppertone, I've thought of everything. The path, the exit, how to steer, everything. Just get on."
  84. >Celestia hops on top of the food cart behind you and sits down.
  85. >"Alright now, hang on, use your wings to help us steer, and listen to what I say."
  86. >Celestia nods with a look of confidence on her face.
  87. >You looked down the spiraling staircase in front of you.
  88. >Yeah...this was gonna be good.
  89. >You grab the string tied to the break under your wheels as you reach down to the stereo you had hidden on the lower rack of the food cart.
  91. >"And I'm Princess Celestia!"
  93. >You pull the break out from under your wheels and start to drift down the stairs.
  95. >The two of you rocketed down the stairs and breakneck speed.
  96. >"Use your wings! Keep us towards the center!" You call to your back passenger.
  97. >As Celestia uses her wingspan to steer the food cart, you lean to the side to give it that extra oomph.
  98. >You clear the bottom of the stairs with a smash and continue to rocket through the ballroom on momentum alone.
  99. >Now comes the hard part. Keeping the momentum up.
  100. >Celestia levels out her wings as you pass a very confused Ex-Grand Magister and his Princess of the Night.
  102. >You smash through the doors to the dance room and hop up to a low crouch and try to steer yourself to your target.
  103. >You lean hard to the left as you position your cart dead on to smash through the refreshment table.
  104. >Through the table and through the window behind it.
  105. >And straight into the pond below.
  107. -Anon PoV-
  108. >Dammit, you were having a very nice conversation about aerial stunts and your dead wife too.
  109. >You and Luna had chased the errant food cart as it barreled through the Gala.
  110. >The sight in the dance room was one of utter chaos, smashed tables, a broken window, and a collapsed statue.
  111. >How the hell did the statue collapse?
  112. >You run to the shattered window and spot the carts occupants crawling onto the shore of the pond.
  113. >Of course, they were laughing like madmen.
  114. >"Th-that part when those waiters had to jump out of the way!"
  115. >"Or the part where the band saw us and tried to keep playing!"
  116. >The two of them rolled around on the grass as they reveled in their fun.
  117. >Luna trots up to you and sighs at the sight.
  118. >"This normal Gala behavior?"
  119. >Luna grows a deadpan stare. "Every twenty years, like clockwork."

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