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BiE 85: Strangled Me with Science.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:01:43 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 85=
  3. >Year 2204 in Equestria.
  4. >The Broken Leylands.
  5. >Mother fucking summer.
  6. >You hated summer.
  7. >You especially hated summer in the sea of sand and heat that was past the Appelosian desert.
  8. >You looked down at the valley below.
  9. >According to Anon, leylines are supposed to glow pink at almost all times.
  10. >Not this one, this one just looked like dirt and dust.
  11. >But then again, you were here to fix that.
  12. >The camp around you was a bustle of activity.
  13. >You watched as everything from P0ny to Zebra to Griffin was carrying out their tasks.
  14. >Made sense, everybody wanted this project to succeed.
  15. >Some Zebras were fumbling with one of the battery charges.
  16. >You holler at them in their native tongue as they scurry back to work.
  17. >"Since when did you speak Zebra?" Anon asked from the desk behind you.
  18. >"Since Celestia decided that I was apparently her number one choice for dicey diplomatic sessions."
  20. >You turn to look at him.
  21. >"It helps to know when somep0ny is calling you an ass."
  22. >Anon rolls his eyes as he pours over the paper in front of him. "I'm sure you heard it often enough."
  23. >You walk up to the desk and look at the blueprints on it.
  24. >"Less then you think, explain to me again why we're setting mana batteries to explode out here in the middle of nowhere?"
  25. >Anon does some math on the side of his paper. "Because, we're going to re-ignite this ley line for the good of the planet and send more power to Canterlot?"
  26. >"To power your pet project. Do you even have a name for that hunk of junk?"
  27. >"Annoying Brother?"
  28. >You scoff.
  29. >"Two hundred years of working on it and he can't even come up with a proper name."
  30. >"Hey, this is complex magic. I fuck this thing up and I send Equestria into an ice age. Not too much time to brainstorm names."
  31. >You roll your eyes and go back to overlooking the workers.
  33. >"Okay, I get the why. But how is a bunch of mana-bombs supposed to help?"
  34. >Anon steps away from the desk and points you over the horizon.
  35. >"It's simple really. This leyline got severed from the leyline about a thousand or so miles to the North thousands and thousands of years ago, probably because the magical flow just changed course."
  36. >Anon points to the charges. "What we're going to do, is set off these charges via radio signal in succession, that'll hopefully simulate a proper mana flow and link this one back up with the main line."
  37. >"And if it fails?"
  38. >Anon sighs. "Then I'll have wasted the last eighty years."
  39. >Not like you didn't have the time.
  40. >"And it'll explode."
  41. >Anon winces and half turns to you. "There...might be a -slight- chance of a backfire, but that's less than a thousandth of a percent."
  42. >"But it could still happen..."
  43. >He gives a nervous chuckle. "What's science without risk?
  44. >The radio back at Anon's desk beeps and calls the two of you back to it.
  45. >Anon picks it up and holds it to his head. "A-huh. Alright. Perfect! Get everyone back to minimum safe distance and we can get this going!"
  46. >Anon looks up at you with the smile of a kid on Christmas.
  47. >"Don't break my continent."
  49. >You walk back to the main control tent with Anon practically skipping ahead of you.
  50. >He ran into the control tent and began checking readouts and flipping on machines in the back.
  51. >"All stations checking in?" He asked.
  52. >An assistant spoke up. "Yes sir, everyp0ny is online."
  53. >"Capacitors set to handle any feedback?"
  54. >"Check, sir."
  55. >"And how's our bleed?"
  56. >"Within .01%."
  57. >"Good, good..."
  58. >This was all a bit mad science-y...
  59. >"Alright! Green across the board! Mister Steele, give me master control!" Anon said.
  60. >The stallion in question fiddled with his instruments. "Ready, sir."
  61. >Anon moves to a large red lever at the end of the tent. "Alright, everyp0ny! Moment of truth! Be ready to report any back-ups!"
  62. >Anon grips the lever with both hands and yanks it back as hard as he can.
  64. >A series of lights and beeps emit from a nearby machine.
  65. >Anon runs over to it. "Alright, we're about halfway across the sea. Stay frosty everyp0ny..."
  66. >You walk up to him. "Is sea bad?"
  67. >"Sea was where we had to fashion mana depth charges. They've been down there a while, and if they have any leaks, it's game over man."
  68. >Brilliant...
  69. >"Sir, we have hit land."
  70. >You watched as the lights on the machine traveled ever further inland.
  71. >After a minute of watching, Anon jumped up. "We should be close enough for a front row view now!"
  72. >With that he ran out of the tent.
  73. >Towards the encroaching explosion.
  74. >"Anon! Dammit, that's what I do!"
  75. >You chased Anon out to where his desk was set up.
  76. >You could see the cloud of dust off in the distance as the batteries detonated.
  77. >"Anon, this isn't safe."
  78. >"It's fine, I accounted for everything..."
  79. >Dammit, he wasn't listen-
  80. >Your thoughts are interrupted as the mana batteries at the start of the Ley Lands began to detonate and sent shockwaves through the ground.
  81. >The rest follow shortly thereafter, sending up clouds of dust that can probably be seen from home.
  82. >You can barely breath in this.
  83. >"Anon! *cough* Anon!" You choke out.
  84. >You wander through the dust until you find him exactly where he had been standing.
  85. >As the dirt clears, you see another sight.
  86. >The ground below you was glowing an ever steadying pink.
  87. >You can see Anon grinning from ear to ear. "Haha! It worked!" He shouted as he jumped in the air.
  88. >He grabbed you by the shoulders. "It worked!"
  89. >With that he was off back to the tent. "How're we looking?"
  90. >"We have steady magic flow in all checkpoints, sir."
  91. >Anon looked back to you beaming.
  92. >You sigh.
  93. >"Yes, yes, you fixed the planet. Can we go home now?"
  95. >The two of you sat on the main deck of the Delphinus.
  96. >You were busy pouring sand and dust out of your clothes while Anon sat next to you in silent wonder at the events of the day.
  97. >This silence was irritating.
  98. >"If you ever get this much sand in me again..."
  99. >Anon sighs. "Can't hear ya. Too wrapped up in the moment."
  100. >Heh. It was quite the feat...
  101. >You looked out across the plains and mountains of the Mild West.
  102. >The sun bobbed in the sky for a moment before it went that final distance across the horizon.
  103. >Over all your years, you had begun to notice the tells when Celestia lowered the sun.
  104. >One step closer...
  105. >"Well, now that my day is more or less over. I guess I have to think of something fun to do."
  106. >Anon perks up at that. "Hey I heard something you may like."
  107. >"Oh?" You ask turning to him.
  108. >"Mhmm. There's this new museum in lower city, see?"
  109. >You nod.
  110. >"Well, they opened an exhibit about us." He says as he slides his head.
  111. >You try to wrap your head around that.
  112. >"Just us?"
  113. >"Yep."
  114. >"The two of us?"
  115. >"A-huh."
  116. >What the-
  117. >"Did they just steal stuff from the apartment?" You ask.
  118. >Anon laughs. "I dunno, wanna find out?"
  119. >Shit kid.
  120. >Of course you wanted to find out.
  122. >The two of your made your way to the museum as soon as you landed.
  123. >A quick elevator ride down to the part of the city in the valley below put you right in front of the museum.
  124. >Turns out that subjects of museum exhibits get in free.
  125. >Walking into the hall they had you located in was like walking back in time.
  126. >"By the Emperor..."
  127. >They had them all in a case the size of the royal dining table.
  128. >Ever last one of your little models, each expertly posed inside and all trying to kill each other.
  129. >Lotus had said there wouldn't be enough room for them once you had moved to Canterlot.
  130. >So it was with a heavy heart that you locked your little voyeur gallery away in a trunk and kept them at the apartment.
  131. >Seeing them here again was like a dream come true.
  132. >Most of them were you standerd: Yellow and angry. But you could see a few of the alternate schemes you had come up with.
  133. >The royal blues.
  134. >The blood reds.
  135. >You even saw a few with grey and yellow in there.
  136. >"Projected account of ancient Earth warfare." You heard Anon say next to you.
  137. >What?
  138. >"They think this is what they thought war was like on Earth?"
  139. >Anon shakes his head. "Seems that way."
  140. >That...
  141. >That was fucking awesome.
  143. >The two of you continued to inspect the gallery.
  144. >They had collected a few of your super old movies and thrown them onto a T.V.
  145. >That still didn't excuse them picking The Room, however.
  146. >Even two thousand years later, Tommy Wiseau is annoying.
  147. >"Like a fucking time capsule..." Anon said.
  148. >"Got that right..."
  149. >You glanced over at him.
  150. >"Better then a night with the moon Princess?"
  151. >Anon stumbled and blushed. " know about her, huh?"
  152. >Oh please.
  153. >He had known you knew that he was seeing someone, apparently he doesn't know how obvious the two could be together.
  154. >"It's been over a thousand years since you two started this little whatever of yours dude."
  155. >Anon rubbed the back of his head.
  156. >"I know you kept it a secret, but come on. I'm me. I knew before you went off to play explorer."
  157. >You walk to the next exhibit to give him a break.
  158. >He had probably been trying real hard to keep that a secret.
  159. >Hell, it's not his fault you knew him fo-
  160. >...
  161. >No.
  162. >No no.
  163. >No no no.
  164. >Not you.
  165. >Not again.
  166. >Not here.
  167. >Not now.
  168. >Anon walked up to your frozen ass in the middle of the floor. "Dude, what is it?"
  169. >What is it?
  170. >Just the return of your most hated foe.
  171. >THAT.
  174. >IT'S HAUNTED.
  177. >You grab the nearest museum worker.
  178. >"HOW MUCH FOR THAT."
  179. >"U-uh...well, sir. I uh..." He stammers as he tries to get his bearings.
  180. >"Uh...letmegoaskthecurator!"
  181. >Anon puts a hand on your shoulder. "Dude, what are you doing?"
  184. >The two of you stand in the park after midnight.
  185. >Burning wood fills your ears and noses.
  186. >The silence of the park is split by the last pathetic whine of The Accursed One as the flame consumes in.
  187. >You dump a bucket of water from the lake on the blaze, condemning It to ash.
  188. >"It is done."
  189. >Anon just watches you as he had done since you bought the damn thing.
  190. >Most people don't spend a years' salary on something they intend to burn.
  191. >"Well, that was...dramatic. Are you feeling better?"
  192. >You breathe in the air, laced with a trace of the smell of burning wood.
  193. >"Yes..."
  194. >Anon looks down at the pit of ash. "Makes you yearn, ya know?"
  195. >"Hmm?"
  196. >"All of this. The museum, your...little friend here."
  197. Fuck you.
  198. >"Makes you yearn for the old days, you know? Back when it was just you me and Rainbow, trying to do some stupid thing in the middle of P0nyville."
  199. >You looked up at the city you had been protecting for the past two millennia.
  200. >"Things definitely took an unanticipated swerve..."
  201. >Anon nods with you. "Wanna re-live some of it?"
  202. >You look down and meet his eyes.
  203. >"...Movie night?"
  204. >Anon grows a wide smile. "I've got Star Wars."
  205. >"I got beer."
  206. >Anon chuckles and heads for the park entrance. "Come on, we need to hurry if we're getting through all three."
  207. >You laugh as you run to catch up with him.
  208. >Same shit, different night.

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