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Helios 2: Politics and Poundings.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:06:34 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Romance Adventure

  1. =Helios 2=
  3. >You stood silently outside the meeting room.
  4. >Your duty was to guard the door while Princess Celestia met with the Griffin High Thane inside.
  5. >The Griffin Kingdoms had been going through massive political upheaval, with new Thanes and Jarls taking leadership constantly.
  6. >The current leader of the nation was here in Canterlot today in an attempt to smooth over the frosty relations between Griffin and Pony kind.
  7. >Opposite your side of the door stood a member of the Thanes Highguard.
  8. >Sporting a more impressive and protective set of armor then the rest of the Thane's guards, he stood ramrod stiff and glared ahead.
  9. >You clear your throat, no reason you can't try to lighten the mood...
  10. "So...does that armor make it hard to fly?"
  11. >He glances over to you. "Our armor is based off the Golden Fleece. Light as a feather, yet hard as steel."
  12. >You let out a low whistle and lift up your arm.[spoiler][/spoiler] "I'm in Dragonbone Plate, myself. Light, fireproof, and durable enough to keep me whole."
  13. >He continues to eye you. "Equestria has the resources to down dragons?"
  14. "Heh. We just had a few bones from a long time ago..."
  15. >"Still. Impressive that a monarch would commit such resources to her personal guard." He said.
  16. >That...was a bit odd.
  18. >Suddenly, the door to the meeting room swings open, almost smashing you in the face.
  19. >Out walks a Griffin in highly ornate armor. "I will not stay here and be patronized by a child playing at Queen!" He shouts
  20. >The Thane to the guard next to you. "Eitri! We are done here, we make for Gryphus at once!"
  21. >The High Thane stomps his way down the hall with his bodyguard tailing him.
  22. >They both take to the skies as soon as they are out of the building, flying North at high speeds.
  23. >As they departed, Princess Celestia slowly walks out of the meeting room. Her head low.
  24. "What happened?"
  25. >Princess Celestia shakes her head. "The High Thane refused my peace offering. He says that Equestria is too weak to be allies with The Griffin Kingdoms."
  26. >Shit...
  27. "Are all Griffins like that, Your Majesty?"
  28. >Celestia adopts a disappointed demeanor. "No...but many Griffins still cling to the old ways. High Thane Weisshaupt is simply one of them."
  29. >The two of you stand in the hall in silence for a time.
  30. "What now, Princess?"
  31. >Celestia's face grows steely. "I must speak to Shining Armor." She says as she makes for the door.
  32. "Yes, Ma'am."
  34. >The guard barracks were located on the opposite side of the city from the embassy.
  35. >Along the way, you got to play your second role as Royal Queensguard.
  36. >Crowd control.
  37. >Many citizens tried to get close to Princess Celestia as she walked the streets, it was your duty to ensure they didn't get too close.
  38. >This was the aspect of your job you really didn't enjoy.
  39. >Any of these ponies could be hiding a weapon on them, and when they swarmed like this it made it overwhelming.
  40. >Celestia pressed onward, however. Her patience and grace keeping the two of you moving at a decent speed towards the barracks.
  41. >You found Shining Armor drilling a few new recruits in the barracks central courtyard.
  42. >He turns to you as he dismisses his troops. "Anonymous. Princess Celestia. What may I do for you?" He asks with a bow.
  43. >Princess Celestia chuckles. "Rise Shining Armor, there is no need for that among friends and family."
  44. >The guard captain smiles as he returns to his feet. "What's the nature of your visit today, Princess?"
  45. >The monarchs face falls again. "I recently had a meeting with High Thane Weisshaupt regarding our two nations. It...did not end well."
  46. >Shining Armors face hardens. "What needs to be done, your majesty?"
  47. >"I need you to prepare the guard for any actions the High Thane may attempt."
  48. >She turns to you. "Anonymous, I want you to coordinate with Shining Armor. Two minds are better than one here."
  49. >"Yes Ma'am." You and Shining Armor say in unison.
  51. >"Anon?" Shining asks.
  52. "Hmm?"
  53. >The Guard Captain grows a wry smile. "Have you been practicing your combat skills?"
  54. >Oh, this again.
  55. "More so than you just standing around looking important."
  56. >Now his smile is a full blown smirk. "Care to test that?"
  57. "Any time anywhe-..."
  58. >Your eyes drift up to the giggling Princess Celestia.
  59. "Uh...That is, if Her Highness doesn't mind."
  60. >"Oh no, go on. I know how competitive you two can be."
  61. >Your face reddens a bit.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Thank you, Ma'am."
  62. >You throw off some of your bigger armor and grab a practice sword off the rack.
  63. >Shining Armor was easily the best swordsp0ny in all of Canterlot, perhaps all of Equestria.
  64. >You were good, but you had your work cut out for you.
  65. >Shining was still wearing his smarmy grin as he lunged at you, his sword held in a magical grip.
  66. >You stepped back and blocked his swipe. "On the defensive already, Anon? Not good..."
  67. >That was the other reason Shining Armor always won duels, he never shut up.
  69. >This jerk had the endurance of a minotaur.
  70. >His wife must be ecstatic.
  71. >You twist yourself out of Armor's assault and begin one of your own.
  72. >He retains his smirk even as he backpedals against your strikes.
  73. >You scrape the tip of your practice sword along the ground and toss sand up into his eyes.
  74. >He erects a shield over his eyes a moment too late as the dirt traps itself in one eye.
  75. >Armor smiles through his now closed eye. "Not bad, Anon. But let's see if you can keep it up."
  76. >You're happy to oblige as you swing on the his blind side.
  77. >Shining's sword snaps up to block you, but you don't stop.
  78. >You continue your assault to the sound of Shining egging you on. "Faster! Faster! Disrupt my focus!"
  79. >You swipe low at his feet before you rocket up, inches away from his face. "You're gripping the sword too tightly!"
  80. >You adjust your grip on the sword and swing at Shining's head once more.
  81. >This time however, he twists his sword around yours and hurls it into the air.
  82. >He then emits a short blast of magic at you, pushing you back.
  83. >You lower your hands from your face to see Shining Armor holding your own sword to your neck.
  84. >"Now too lightly." He says with that grin.
  86. >You had lead Celestia to her room like you did every evening after the sparring match with Shining Armor.
  87. >Imagine your surprise when she asked to meet her at the dining hall.
  88. >"I was planning to grab some food before I retired, would you care to keep me company?" She had asked.
  89. >You were a bit surprised at the request, but you accepted soon enough.
  90. >Celestia may be your monarch and it was your duty to protect her, but she was also a good friend of yours.
  91. >You had removed your armor at your room and found Celestia sitting at the table when you arrived.
  92. >Princess Luna was also at the table, albeit farther back.
  93. >You and Celestia sat at the table as you ate, talking as friends over the events of the day.
  94. >"Perhaps I should make Shining Armor my bodyguard after his performance today."
  95. "I don't want to badmouth a friend, but he cheated."
  96. >"Did he now?" Celestia chuckled.
  97. "Shining Armor knows that he can be distracting, and he has magic. Tell me Celestia, how am I supposed to compete against that?"
  98. >Celestia releases a laugh as she feeds another forkful of salad into her mouth.
  100. >Princess Luna chooses that moment to rise from her seat and walk towards the two of you. "Thy guard should apply himself more, Sister."
  101. >Celestia grows an annoyed frown at Luna. "Anonymous has valid points, Luna. He does not have the magical aptitude that Shining Armor has."
  102. >You really should figure something out for that...
  103. >Luna scoffs. "I had heard that something happened with the Griffin Thane today, is it something I should know?"
  104. >Celestia's frown grows more honest now. "Yes. Thane Weisshaupt has declined my offer for an alliance. He says that we are too weak in his eyes to warrant one."
  105. >"Arrogant kit..." Luna mutters as she makes for the door.
  106. >"Fear not, Sister. I shall see to the Thane..." She calls back.
  107. >Luna shuts the door behind her casting the room into silence.

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