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Flanking Maneuvers: Musical Short 2.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:06:54 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Comedy

  1. =Flanking Maneuvers Musical Short 2=
  3. >Be Nightmare Night
  4. >Be with Luna.
  5. >"Oh, where is she?" She asked.
  6. "Would you relax? You'll get to see your boyfriend in Ponyville soon enough."
  7. >Even if he was still eight...
  8. >*shudder*
  9. >"This is so like her, hiding from me so she doesn't have to watch over the city. Stranding me here."
  10. >Maybe she's trying to send a message...
  11. "Look, I'm sure that we'll fin-"
  12. >"Hello, you two."
  13. >You and Luna wheel around.
  14. >Celestia is standing outside of a small tent covered in sun symbols.
  15. >She was also wearing a suit and a top hat.
  16. "Wha-"
  17. >"Not right now, dear."
  18. >She turns to you two again and nudges you to the tent with her magic.
  19. >"Might I interest you in a little...private show?"
  20. >You are not amused.
  21. "Celly, I just want to get back out there and scare children."
  22. >Luna nods. "Yes, and you must take over my guard of the city so that I might away to Ponyvil-"
  23. >The two of you get no further as you are gripped by magic and thrown into the tent.
  25. >You and Luna land in a heap on the floor as Celestia booms over you.
  26. >"Don't you disrespect me little man!"
  27. >"Stay a little while, if you're inclined."
  28. >"You're in my world now, not your world..."
  29. >She shoves her ass in your face.
  30. >"And I've got a flank that will blow your mind."
  31. >A small echo went through the tent. "She's got a flank that will blow your mind..."
  32. >You get up and dust yourself off.
  33. "Celly, that's fun and all, but I really thin-"
  34. >Celestia gives the two of you another magical shove.
  35. >"Sit down at my table."
  36. >"Take a seat, oh please~."
  37. >"If you relax it will enable me to give your dick a squeeze."
  38. >That was accompanied by your pants momentarily tightening.
  39. >"I know just what gets you."
  40. >"I can tell just what to do."
  41. >"I take a good long look at your heart's desire..."
  42. >She leans over to Luna. "You do have those, don't you Luna?"
  43. >"Known how to set your soul afire."
  44. >She floats a large book over to the table.
  45. >It says "Karma Sutra: Extreme Edition."
  46. >Oh hell...
  47. >"I got doodoo, I got thumbscrew, I got things even -I- haven't tried!"
  48. >Wait, what was that second thing?
  49. >Celestia chuckles. "And I've got a flank that'll blow your mind."
  50. >Pictures of various ponies hung around the room and seemed to speak. "She's got a flank that'll blow your mind."
  52. >Celestia cracks open the book.
  53. >"The forms, the forms, the forms show all."
  54. >"From the front, the back, or against the wall."
  55. >"The forms...THE FORMS...Just pick one..."
  56. >"Go on, pick a form and we'll have a little fun~."
  57. >You keep your face deaadpan as you stared at Celly's stupid hat and flipped to a page that has what looks like somep0ny sitting on another back.
  58. >Celestia grins.
  59. >"Now you my dear, are from across the stars."
  60. >"You were pulled from your world and you came to ours."
  61. "Celly take off the hat."
  62. >She ignores you.
  63. >"Your lifestyle's high!"
  64. >"Since you lost that bet..."
  65. >She smiles at you.
  66. >"This has got to be better than just living in my debt."
  67. >"Having a nice Nightmare Night, dear?"
  68. "I was, until you kidnapped me."
  69. >"Oh, I'm just putting on a show."
  70. "Finally one that doesn't involve fishnets, huh?"
  71. >Celestia grins. "Oh, you know you and I have fun."
  72. >The pages of the book flap rapidly now.
  73. >"We have our fun! Have our fun! Have our fun, my hon!"
  74. >"And when I guess about later, it's the fun that I run!"
  76. >Celestia turns to Luna.
  77. >"On you dear sister, I don't even have to try."
  78. >"You wear what you like right on your face."
  79. >"You want someone nice, and quiet and safe as a vice."
  80. >"And if you found someone, you'd smother them in your embrace."
  81. >The pages flip again. "But out there somewhere, the one I see..."
  82. >It stops on what looks like a pony twice the size of its partner half wrapped around it.
  83. >"Has exactly the thing you couldn't get from me."
  84. >Luna looks as confused as you when Celestia extended her hooves.
  85. >"Shake my hooves..."
  86. "Wha-"
  87. >"Come now, you two...won't you shake your dear Princess' hooves?..."
  88. >You and Luna both sigh and grasp her hooves.
  89. >"Yes!"
  90. >Celestia jumps up on the table and casts a spell, bringing the room to life with lights.
  91. >"Are you ready?"
  92. >"Are you ready?" The pictures from the wall echo
  93. >"Are you ready?"
  94. >That was getting old...
  95. >"Kinky evening central!
  96. >"Kinky MORNING central!"
  97. >"Kinky all-week-long central."
  98. >Those stupid pictures would be annoying you if your pants didn't seem to magically be getting tighter.
  99. >"Can you feel it?"
  100. >"You're rising, you're climbing, you're sprouting all right."
  101. >"I hope you'll come unwind."
  102. >"In fact I really can't see you not..."
  103. >"Because I've got a flank that will blow your mind!"
  104. >Celestia does her best Nightmare Moon impersonation as the pictures float around.
  105. >"Hope you didn't have plans, cause you'll be here all night."
  106. >As the laughter stops, the room goes dark and you hear a shlicking sound.
  107. >"Oh~..."
  109. >You reach into your pocket and grab your lighter.
  110. >The small light offered some refuge from the darkness.
  111. >It also illuminated Celestia's toothy grin as she laid seductively on the table.
  112. >That was...something else.
  113. >"So...what did you think?" She asked.
  114. >You rise from your seat as best you can.
  115. "That was incredibly silly."
  116. >"You like silly." She said as you took a few steps towards her.
  117. "Can't believe you set all this up..."
  118. >"Most of what you DO is silly."
  119. "Can't believe you made us come find you!"
  120. >"I'd say about ninety percent."
  121. "Why was so important that you do it tonight of all times?"
  122. >Celestia looks at you through lidded eyes. "Dear, none of that answers my question. What did you thiiiink~?"
  123. "What did I think?"
  124. >You turn your head to Luna.
  125. "What did I THINK!?"
  126. >You grab your wife by the back of her head and declare blitzkrieg on her mouth.
  127. >Celestia releases a low moan as you side your tongue along the back of her teeth.
  128. >What can you say? You loved a good performance.
  129. >You break the kiss and press your forehead against hers.
  130. "I think you need to get your sister out of this goddamn tent right fuckin' now."
  132. -Luna PoV-
  133. >You felt the familiar tug of your sisters magic as you were unceremoniously tossed out of the tent outside.
  134. >You were prepared to give her a piece of your mind after you got up, but you could hear the muffled giggles and gasps escaping the tent as you got closer.
  135. "Oh, what's the point..."
  136. >You trotted away from the tent through the rest of the castle garden.
  137. >Up above, the moon you were responsible for hung in the sky.
  138. "I wonder if you're looking at it right now..."
  139. >You wanted to see him so badly...
  140. >Your sister and her husband didn't understand, nop0ny could understand what you felt.
  141. >They would just try to take him away from you.
  142. "I'm So lunely."
  143. "So lunely."
  144. "So lunely and sadly alune."
  145. >You walked into the castle proper.
  146. "There's a small one.
  147. "Far, far from me."
  148. "As I sit here on my lunar throne."
  149. "I scare ponies off and have few good friends."
  150. "But I talk to him, and he understands."
  151. "But nop0ny takes our love seriously..."
  152. >You made your way up the stairs to your room.
  153. "And so I'm lunely."
  154. >You hitch a bit as you think about him.
  155. "A little lunely."
  156. "Poor little me."
  158. >You make your way through the halls
  159. "There was one pony."
  160. "I could relate to"
  161. "But she found one from beyond the stars."
  162. >You chuckle.
  163. "It's kinda silly."
  164. >You shake your head.
  165. "But not really..."
  166. >The mirror nearby you cracks as you walk past it.
  167. "Because it's filling my body with rage!"
  168. >You open the door to your room.
  169. "They say love knows no bounds and that you should chase it."
  170. "But you find it and they tell you that it doesn't fit."
  171. "So I sneak out to see he who knows the real me~..."
  172. "But until then, I'll just be lunely."
  173. >You sigh.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Little lunely, poor little me"
  174. >You rest your head on your legs.
  175. "I'm so lunely..."
  176. >A gentle knock comes at your door. "Princess Luna?"
  177. "Uhg...What, Sunshine?"
  178. >"It's your sister, Ma'am. She said you are free to leave the city now."
  179. >You practically jump out of the bed and cheer in your glee.
  180. >You were coming, Pippen!
  181. >You might even give him tongue tonight.
  182. >And if you were patient, he would be giving it to you!

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