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BiE Bonus Story: Living Bad Dreams.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:08:23 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE One shot.=
  3. >Year 682 in Equestria.
  4. >You sat silently on your couch.
  5. >The T.V. was off now. You had to turn it off after some fucking tampon commercial or something showed this annoyingly happy couple.
  6. >Fuck happy couples...
  7. >Fuck tomorrow...
  8. >Fuck drinking whisky in your apartment alone.
  9. >You brought the bottle to your lips as the thoughts of the anniversary came back.
  10. >Only nothing came out.
  11. >Glancing inside the bottle, you saw that it was empty.
  12. >Dammit. You weren't going to open another bottle at...
  13. >Fuck. What time was it?
  14. >You look over at the clock. 1:43.
  15. > should be getting to bed.
  16. >Bed was the last place you wanted to be right didn't want to think or dream or do anything.
  17. >But you had to. You had a job to do in the city.
  18. >You peeled yourself up off the couch and walked to your room.
  19. >Stumbling was less of an issue when you were this upset.
  20. >You peed out as much of the alcohol as you could before you climbed into bed.
  21. >The good part of drinking as much as you just did was that it helped you get to sleep.
  22. >There was no way you could have done it on your own.
  23. >Not tonight...
  24. >Probably not for a while.
  25. >Your eyelids slowly close until they literally cannot be opened again.
  26. >And you try to prepare yourself for whatever may come.
  28. >It was around your fourth year in Equestria.
  29. >You sat on the sand looking out over the water.
  30. >You and Lotus had decided to take a trip to the Bridle Shores.
  31. >Nice name...
  32. "See any Sea Ponies?"
  33. >A hoof and bops you in the nose. "You know Sea Ponies are just a myth." Lotus says as she sits in your lap.
  34. "I dunno. We have fliers and magicians, why not swimmers?"
  35. >"Us normal commoners don't even get an honorable mention?"
  36. >You chuckle as you bend down, your lips brushing up against the nape of her neck.
  37. "Fine. We have pretty ones too."
  38. >Lotus cuddles up against you. "No prettier than this view."
  39. >The view WAS great. Water stretching out as far as the eye could see with Celestia's sun setting on the horizon.
  40. >Apart from Anon, she was the only one who knew about this.
  41. >Thanks, Glowstick.
  42. >No time like the present.
  43. >You reach into the pocket of your stupid Hawaiian shirt and reach around to place your hand in Lotus's lap.
  44. "Hey. Got something for you."
  46. >She looks down at your hand cupped over her gift. "Bits for all the trouble I've had go through with you? You shouldn't have."
  47. "Would you just take a look?"
  48. >Lotus chuckles as she turns your hand over and peels back your fingers, a sharp intake of air marking her completion.
  49. >In the palm of your hand rested a single golden necklace, a blue gem set in the middle.
  50. "I asked Anon for his advice here and you know what he said? "Don't hijack someone else's wedding reception."
  51. >Take the necklace in your hands and wrap it around Lotus's neck, fastening it in the back.
  52. "So how about it? Want to go through even more trouble with me?"
  53. >Lotus wipes her hoof across her face as she turns around and wraps her forelegs around you.
  54. >"You ass..." She says through teary eyes.
  55. "That is not a no..."
  56. >Lotus sniffles as she smiles."No. No it isn't." She says as she pulls herself up and brings your lips together.
  57. >You pull her against you through the kiss and cause the two of you to fall back.
  58. >Neither of you breaks until your need for air becomes too great.
  59. >You can't help but release a chuckle.
  60. "So, do I take your last name since I don't really have one?"
  62. >You kick open the door to your house with Lotus on your back.
  63. "Isn't it a bit unseemly for a successful Canterlot spa owner to be seen getting carried through the streets by her husband?"
  64. >Lotus kisses you on the cheek as she did so often back in Ponyville. "Don't worry sweetheart, I've been telling the media that you are my personal mode of transportation, my reputation shall remain clean as crystal."
  65. >You crick your back as Lotus hops off.[spoiler][/spoiler] "How fortunate."
  66. >The sweet embrace of the couch is not too far away.
  67. "First you use and dispose of me over estrus and now you use me as a pack mule. Don't I at least get some time to recuperate?"
  68. >"Recuperate on the job, dear! That's how we pay for this nice home of ours!" Lotus calls from the bathroom.
  69. >You lean your head back against the couch to let the day wash off you.
  70. >It really wasn't that bad...You may have had a ton of customers, but these Canterlot ponies tipped like mad.
  71. >Lotus and you had a tidy little nest egg put away.
  72. >You hear the bathroom door open next to you. "Mous..."
  73. >Your eyes spot Lotus standing at the entrance to the bathroom, a small stick held in her hoof.
  74. >Her hoof that was trembling as a smile inched its way onto her face.
  75. "No way..."
  76. >Lotus only nods frantically as her smile grows ever wider.
  77. >You jump off the couch and scoop her up in your arms.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Haha! No way!"
  79. >Eleven months later.
  80. >You sat in a hospital room. Lotus on a bed, you in a chair next to her.
  81. >Cradled in her hooves, wrapped in a small blanket, rested a tiny foal.
  82. >Your little Ivy...
  83. >Now if you could just keep her from becoming a botanist, you should be gold.
  84. >"She has your hair." Anon said above you.
  85. >You look down at the little tuft of hair sprouting from your little girls head as you twiddle with your own.
  86. "Really? You think so?"
  87. >"He's not even the same species and his genes are still asses..." Lotus said.
  88. >Everyone shares a quick laugh but quiets down as Ivy stars to stir.
  89. >Anon puts a hand on your shoulder. "We'll leave you guys alone for a bit." He says before him and Rainbow exit.
  90. >You reached a hand down to stroke your daughters face, calming her down and sending her back to sleep.
  91. >"She's beautiful..." Lotus says.
  92. "She is. Nice work there, Mom."
  93. >Lotus nuzzled her face against you. "Don't allow me to take all the credit."
  94. "Credit nothin'. I just put this bun in the oven, you were the one who cooked it and got it out."
  95. >You pull her head close and kiss the side of it.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Great job, babe."
  96. >Lotus rocked Ivy back and forth. "It only took sixteen hours of labor..." She groaned.
  97. >You reached a hand down and stroked Ivy's chin.
  98. "Our little girl takes after her daddy in more ways than one, huh?"
  99. >Lotus chuckles. "Why am I not surprised that you were a difficult newborn?"
  100. "Hey, it was bright and cold out there. No way was I going without a fight."
  102. >Year..."Who cares anymore?" In Equestria.
  103. >You were sitting on the front porch of your house, Lotus laying across your lap.
  104. >You stroked her graying mane with your bony hand as your great-grandkids ran around like idiots on your lawn.
  105. "Windy, I swear you better not break that tire swing!"
  106. >Windy stops using her wings to almost pull the branch off the tree and jumps off.
  107. >"Sorry, Gramps!" She called up as she fluttered down.
  108. >Hmph.
  109. "Your Great Granddaughter almost ruined my handiwork."
  110. >Lotus shifted in your lap. "Well perhaps you should have worked harder on it? Boulder was not a small boy."
  111. "Don't badmouth my son like that, that was all muscle."
  112. >You sat in silence as you watched the children play.
  113. >It wasn't long ago that Ivy and Thunderstrike were the ones playing in your yard...
  114. >Poor Thunder...he had been a wreck when Anon passed.
  115. >Same with you.
  116. >You wouldn't be here right now if Lotus hadn't pulled you out.
  117. >You wouldn't get to watch these kids...
  118. "Thanks."
  119. >Lotus looks up at you. "Darling?"
  120. "Thanks. For making sure I had something to wake up to...after Anon."
  121. >Lotus presses aged lips against your own set. "No charge, Mous."
  122. >You wrapped your arm around her shoulder as the two of you watch the kids play in the sunset.
  123. "Think we did good?"
  124. >"I wouldn't ask for anything else."
  125. "A real "happy ending", huh?"
  126. >Lotus chuckled. "That was terrible."
  127. "Terribly funny."
  128. >You let out a sigh as Celestia begins to set the sun.[spoiler][/spoiler] "I love you."
  129. >"I love you too, dear." Lotus says as she cuddles up onto your shoulder.
  130. >"Mous?"
  131. "Hmm?"
  132. >"It's morning."
  134. >Year still 682 in Equestria.
  135. >You rocket awake in your bed into a sitting position.
  136. "L-Lo..."
  137. >Y-you were dreaming.
  138. >Argh...
  139. "Dammit..."
  140. >You throw your legs off the bed and stomp out to the kitchen.
  141. >It was still dark out, the clock read 5:21
  142. >Some "morning"...
  143. >Now even your dreams were mucking with you.
  144. >You throw open your cupborads and grab the bottle of whisky.
  145. >Need to forget that dream, can't think about it. Not today...
  146. >You crack the bottle open and down the contents.
  147. >And down.
  148. >And down...
  149. >And down some more.
  150. >You tear yourself away from the bottle when the burning in your throat becomes too much for you.
  151. >Hmmph...Only got half of it down.
  152. >You throw the bottle onto the counter and head to the bathroom.
  153. >You look inside your medicine cabinet and...
  154. >The sleeping pill jar is empty.
  155. >That's just.
  156. >Fucking.
  157. "GREAT!"
  158. >Your fist lashes out and strikes the mirror head on.
  159. >The mirror spider webs out from your point of impact.
  160. >Great. Now you have to get that replaced too...
  161. >You look down.
  162. >And now your fist has glass in it! Great!
  163. >You dig out your tweezers and start prying the glass out of your knuckles.
  164. >This isn't too bad, nothing some rubbing alcohol and a few hours won't fix.
  165. >Speaking of alcohol, that whiskey is coming back to you.
  166. >You toss the tweezers in the sink and collapse back onto your bed.
  167. >You'd just stay here forever if you thought it wouldn't backfire...
  168. >Dammit...
  169. >Stupid immortal life...
  170. >You slam a pillow over your head as you try to will yourself asleep.
  171. >You silently wonder how bad it would be if you didn't wake up.

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