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BiE Bonus Story: Day at the Races

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:08:56 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE Bonus Story: Day at the Races=
  3. >Year 6 in Equestria.
  4. >You hopped off the train and breathed in the city air.
  5. "Welcome back to Canterlot, Thunder."
  6. >Thunderstrike walked off the train and looked around the city. "Are you sure this is a good idea, Dad?"
  7. >"Of course it is!" Came another voice from above.
  8. >Rainbow Dash fluttered down to the ground and hoofed you in the shoulder. "Heh. Told you I could beat the train here."
  9. "Yeah yeah, you're fast. Wanna get moving?"
  10. >Dash chuckles as the three of you start moving. "Late to the Wonderbolts Derby? You couldn't pay me."
  11. >Thunder remains land bound as you walk along. "I haven't been here in forever..." He says.
  12. >Shit.
  13. "Hey, you okay? I know this place has some bad memories..."
  14. >Thunder shakes his head. "It's fine, dad. Why are we headed this way, anyway? I thought the Derby was at the stadium."
  15. "We have to pick up your uncle first."
  16. >As the three of you reach the correct house, you knock on the door.
  17. >Four times.
  18. >You could hear him from the other side. "-swear to god, if I die when I open this door!"
  19. >He swings open the door and shifts his eyes between the three of you. "Oh. It's you, hey."
  20. >Mous turns back into the house. "Babe! They're here!"
  21. >He loops a bag around his shoulder as Lotus comes trotting out of the house. "A pleasure to see you again, Anon."
  22. "Hey Lotus."
  23. >"Alright, I'm all set."
  24. >Good.
  25. "Let's hit it."
  27. >You were in the locker room with the other racers.
  28. >Before every Wonderbolts Derby, they had a race for kids.
  29. >Once around the track and the winner would get a picture with The Wonderbolts.
  30. >Thunder looked scared as he watched the older kids mill about with their parents.
  31. "You okay, buddy?"
  32. >Thunder looks at you with pleading eyes. "Dad, I don't think I can do this."
  33. >You kneel down to his level.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Why's that Thunder?"
  34. >Thunder looks around the room again. "Because all of these kids are way bigger than me! They have tons more wing power and they'll go super fast!"
  35. >Stage fright, you knew it well.
  36. >Thunder's head falls. "And I know mom is in the running for becoming a Wonderbolt soon...If I lose, it might mess that up for her..."
  37. >Who now.
  38. >You place a hand on Thunders head.
  39. "Hey, none of that. It's our job to worry about you, not the other way around."
  40. >You tilt his chin up.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Besides, you can't be scared Thunder."
  41. >He looks you straight in the eye. "But I am dad! I'm scared that I'll screw up!"
  42. >You rest both hands on your son's shoulders.
  43. "You can't let that stop you, Thunder. You gotta keep moving forward, even when you're scared."
  44. >Thunder shuffles his hooves. "Is that what you do?"
  45. >You give him a thumbs up.
  46. "All the time kiddo, now go knock em dead."
  48. >The four of you sat on the bleachers as you watched the foals on the field.
  49. >Thunder was stretching out by himself away from the general pack.
  50. >"That kid reminds me of fucking Roid." Mous says as he points to a particularly large colt.
  51. "You think every big kid looks like Roid."
  52. >"He's burned an image into my mind. All those massages he asked for..." Mous shudders.
  53. >You let Mous have his little episode as you turn to Rainbow.
  54. "How do you think he'll do?"
  55. >Rainbow brings a hoof to her concerned face.
  56. >"Thunder has the skill and the speed...But..."
  57. "His heart isn't in it..."
  58. >Rainbow shakes her head. "He's just too nervous! He reminds me of Fluttershy sometimes."
  59. "Mom of the year, Everypony."
  60. >Rainbow tilts her head to you. "Hey, you ask a pro flier for her opinion, you can't be mad when you get it."
  61. >"Besides, I can fix that." Mous says.
  62. "Don't take all the credit! I picked the song!"
  63. >"It's was my idea, though! And I have the better shouting voice!"
  64. >Lotus and Rainbow share a concerned look.
  65. >"What do you two have planned?" Lotus asked.
  66. >"A surprise" The two of you say in unison.
  67. >A voice comes over the loudspeaker. "Junior racers! Take your positions!"
  68. >Mous pats you on the shoulder "Time to move."
  69. >"Where are you going!?" Rainbow shouts back to you as you walk up the stand stairs.
  70. "We're gonna go help Thunder!"
  72. >You were Thunderstrike.
  73. >Your dad has taken you to Canterlot to see the Wonderbolts Derby and race in the Junior Derby.
  74. >That has you terrified.
  75. >These other kids were mountains compared to you!
  76. >Their wings must stretch from here to Fillydelphia!
  77. >You can't do this.
  78. >You shouldn't have done this!
  79. >Why did you agree to this! You should have stayed home!
  80. >You were scared, more scared then you had been in your entire life.
  81. >Screwing this up would screw everything up for mom!
  82. >She'd be laughed out of the Wonderbolts for having such a slow son!
  83. >She might regret picking you...The other kids at the orphanage were probably way faster than you...
  84. >You could never measure up to mom...
  85. >She was the fasted in Equestria!
  86. >Even if you won this, you'd just be her "slow son".
  87. >She could go of to be the best Wonderbolt ever if you weren't holding her back!
  88. >You looked out over the stands.
  89. >The other kids families were cheering them on, filling the stadium with a cacophony of names.
  90. >You couldn't make any out, but you saw your family.
  91. >Or well...half of your and aunt Lotus...
  92. >Looks like dad and uncle Mous didn't want to watch you embarrass yourself.
  93. >You couldn't blame them...
  94. >The call comes out to assume your places for the start of the race, you don't do it with any enthusiasm though.
  95. >Your head dropped as low as your heart did.
  96. >And then the music started.
  98. >Everyp0ny turns to see the source of the music blaring over the loudspeakers.
  99. >Standing on top of the announcers box stood two figures.
  100. >Two bipedal figures.
  101. >Dad? Uncle?
  102. >They were bobbing in time to the music, joining their voices in the choir coming from a small white box by their feet.
  103. >The plucks of the instruments echoed all over Canterlot.
  104. >They violently bang their heads as the song says a word.
  105. >"THUN-DER!"
  106. >They continued to bang their heads to the music's drum, pumping their fists at each THUNDER.
  107. >To your open mouthed shock, the rest of the stadium begins to join them.
  108. >"THUN-DER!"
  109. >The entire stadium was chanting your name.
  110. >Were they doing this for you?
  111. >"THUN-DER!" They shouted.
  112. >You heard another sound rising over the music.
  113. >The sound of your heart beating in your ears.
  114. >Their shouting was really getting the stadium going.
  115. >Dad handed Uncle a small microphone.
  117. >"THUN-DER!"
  118. >They did all this for you.
  119. >All to make you feel better.
  121. >"THUN-DER!"
  123. >Dad said you had to keep moving forward.
  125. >Dad and Uncle did all this for you.
  126. >To make you move forward, even if you were scared.
  127. >You can't let them down.
  129. >The ref raised his flag as you lowered yourself and flared your wings.
  130. >No fear. No doubts.
  131. >You were gonna win this race.
  133. >All was still in the stadium for a moment.
  134. >"YOU'VE BEEN-"
  135. >The ref waves his flag.
  136. >You shot off the start line.

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