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Helios 8: Is It Cool If I Hold Your Hand?

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:09:18 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Romance Adventure

  1. =Helios 8=
  3. >The sound of boots on stone echoed across the walls.
  4. >Ahead of you, Luna's moon slowly inched its way down to the horizon.
  5. >If you looked behind you, you could see Celestia's sun rays peeking out.
  6. >You were on a run around the castle walls, something you did every morning to ensure that you could spend the entire day in your armor.
  7. >Canterlot looked well underneath you, the week and a half since the invasion being used to repair most of the city.
  8. >Only a few of the taller buildings remained.
  9. >Citizens were a bit worried still, but that was the agenda for today.
  10. >You jumped down the stairs over the main gate, marking the halfway point of your journey.
  11. >This had been your routine since before you even became Celestia's bodyguard, back when you were just another of the rank and file troops.
  12. >Doing it constantly had more or less made this exercise an autopilot ordeal for you.
  13. >Leaving you plenty of time to think about your personal life.
  15. >Celestia had been keeping things mostly tame.
  16. >The most that had happened was a bit of nuzzling, and it was always done out of sight of the public.
  17. >You had reciprocated as best you could.
  18. >Basic training had never covered fraternization with royalty.
  19. >Celestia and you were close, always had been.
  20. >The two of you had become fast friends after you had been appointed her bodyguard.
  21. >Hell, that was probably what made her reach out to you the way she did.
  22. >But for all the rapport the two of you had, you had still yet to talk about that night.
  23. >The night the two of you made life a lot more complicated.
  24. >You reached the tower your room was in shortly after Celestia had brought the sun up above the Eastern horizon.
  25. >Your body toned and exercised for the day, you went inside to don your armor.
  27. -Celestia PoV-
  28. >Okay, it was morning.
  29. >You had raised the sun,  bathed, and fed Philomena who now sat perched near the door.
  30. >Nothing left to do but wait for Anon...
  31. >...
  32. >By the stars, you'd think you would have learned to wait in your life.
  33. >You paced back and forth in your room as the minutes ticked by.
  34. >You had played this slow, taking your time and letting Anonymous and you grow closer naturally.
  35. >Anonymous had always been a pleasure to be around and that had been your lifeline through the last ten days.
  36. >You really, REALLY, didn't want to screw this up.
  37. >Things had changed so much since the last time you did this...
  38. >There came a sudden knock on your door. "Celestia?"
  39. >Alright, deep breath...
  40. "Come in, Anonymous."
  41. >The door opened and your somewhat-more-then-just-a-guard walked in, his armor reflecting a dull shine through the room. "Good morning, Celestia."
  42. "Good morning, Anonymous."
  43. >As Anonymous closes the door, you lean forward a bit.
  44. >Your lips brush up against his for just a second, just as you had worked out.
  45. >At least, just how you worked out was best nine hundred years ago.
  46. >You pull away and smile but you don't think you should be.
  47. >Anonymous' face is one of awkward fear.
  48. >The room is silent for what feels like an eternity.
  49. >Ohnoyouscreweditup.
  50. >You bite your lower lip as you desperately try to get on another topic.
  51. "So! Anonymous! Did you sleep well!?"
  52. >Your nerves are getting through.
  53. >"Uh...Yes Celestia, I slept pretty soundly."
  54. >You reach out with your magic and grab your crown and raiment.
  55. >As you adjust them on your head you magic open the door as well.
  56. "Well then, shall we go!?"
  57. >You groan inwardly.
  58. >Great save, Celestia. You haven't screw up this much since banishing Luna...
  60. -Anon PoV-
  61. >The two of you skip breakfast and head straight out to the city, wanting to drown out what had happened in the room in work.
  62. >Today's agenda was simple, simply walk around Canterlot with Celestia and let the citizens be calmed by her presence.
  63. >The two of you were silent the entire time, condemning you to your thoughts.
  64. >She had kissed you.
  65. >Why did she kiss you?
  66. >Okay, that was stupid. You knew WHY she kissed you, but why did it have to be now?
  67. >You were just getting used to the idea of being physically close to Celestia and now it all got changed up again.
  68. >And that left the question as to what the two of you were supposed to do now.
  69. >How long before things elevated again?
  70. >Would it even be acceptable to elevate things? Celestia still seemed intent on keeping things secret.
  71. >This silence between the two of you was driving you nuts.
  72. "The city looks well."
  73. >"Yes, the engineers did a wonderful job in the repairs." Celestia said without turning to you.
  74. "Some of the buildings needed repairs, if I remember."
  75. >Celestia nods but keeps her head forward. "Yes. Many of the destroyed structures were quite old indeed."
  76. >Yes. Drown the awkward in work. That was the best plan.
  77. >You took a deep breath and kept pace with Celestia as she walked through the streets.
  79. >The day wore on and the two of you were starving.
  80. >You had both grabbed some food from a nearby restaurant and hidden yourselves away near a fountain in a back street.
  81. >Neither of you had spoken in depth since you had gotten out, simply small words between each other like before.
  82. >And it's driven you nuts.
  83. >You had to know, this wasn't something that could be just swept under the rug.
  84. "Celestia, I have to ask."
  85. >The Princess looks up from her hay sandwich at you.
  86. "Are we...going to talk? About that night?"
  87. >The Princess's eyes go wide as she swallows her food. "Well...Anon. I-. The thing is..."
  88. >Celestia's eyes dart around as she trails off.
  89. "Celestia, it's me. You can talk to me...right?"
  90. >You hope this whole thing hadn't ruined your friendship at least...
  91. >That was too magical to lose.
  92. >Celestia releases a deep sigh and finally meets your eyes again.
  93. >"The truth is Anon...I have no idea what I'm doing in regards to...the two of us."
  94. >She shifts on her hooves. "This is the first time in my life I haven't known what I was doing beforehand and that...scares me a bit. courting has changed so much since I last tried it."
  95. "Was...that what this morning was about?"
  96. >Celestia nods her head in affirmation.
  97. >"Ten or so days was the..."traditional" length of time one would wait to expand upon a relationship in the stage ours is in back when I was young."
  98. >You...had a relationship now?
  99. >She sounds like Twilight a little bit...Like teacher like pupil, you guess.
  100. >"I'm...really just going by what feels right Anonymous, I admit that that could be wrong in some regards."
  101. >You crack a small smile. Celestia was ever humble as always.
  103. >Still, you could see that she was just as nervous as you were, simply for different reasons.
  104. >A thought popped into your head.
  105. >A...natural thought.
  106. >You put down your sandwich and place a hand on Celestia's chin.
  107. >A quick peck on the cheek, of about equal timing as the one you received this morning was gifted to the Princess.
  108. >The heat could be felt emanating from Celestia's face as you pulled away, her shocked expression mirroring your own a few hours ago.
  109. >You swallow the frog in your throat.
  110. " seem to be over thinking things a bit..."
  111. "Maybe try a more relaxed and leisurely approach?"
  112. >Celestia audibly gulps before she grows a small smile. "Y-yes Anonymous, that sounds like rather good advice. Thank you."
  113. >You scratch your finger with your chin. [spoiler][/spoiler] "You...can call me Anon if you want to."
  114. >It was only fair, you were allowed to call her Celestia.
  115. >Celestia's smile grows wider and less nervous. "I would like that Anon."
  116. >She levitates her meal up again.
  117. >"Shall we finish here and continue with our day?"
  118. >You grab your own sandwich and throw off a smile.
  119. "Of course, Celestia. I'd love to."
  120. >Guarding her as she walks the streets.
  121. >Not the weirdest "first date" ever.

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