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Helios 9: On Loan.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:09:29 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Romance Adventure

  1. =Helios 9=
  3. >You absentmindedly stabbed at your hay sausage over breakfast.
  4. >Celestia was seated next to you, telling a story of ages ago.
  5. "And so Adamai and I had to take to the forest in search of Luna, little did either of us know that Luna had learned to meld with the shadows cast by the trees."
  6. >You softly chuckle.
  7. "I suppose Hide and Seek is an entirely different game when magic is involved."
  8. >Celestia chuckles with you. "You have no idea."
  9. >The two of you laugh a bit at the idea of a dragon sifting through a forest looking for a hiding filly.
  10. >A filly who harrumphs at the end of the table, sending the mood barreling out of the room.
  11. >Great...
  12. >First and awkward breakfast and then a day with the prince.
  13. >Prince Blueblood had requested additional guards for himself today, and with Celestia not having any out of the castle duties, your name was first on the list.
  14. >You can't say it was your most wanted assignment...
  16. >At the edge of the table, Luna hops up out of her seat and walks towards the door.
  17. >"Goodbye, Sister. The court is yours. Please do not damage it." She says as she leaves.
  18. >One Sunshine was out of the room, you turned to Celestia.
  19. "Is she alright?"
  20. >Celestia shakes her head. "We have been disagreeing as to the proper response to the situation with the griffins, Luna is taking it a bit personally."
  21. >Some ponies...
  22. >The clock against the wall strikes the hour.
  23. >You rise from your seat. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Well, I better be off to go see his majesty."
  24. >Tardiness on a new assignment was never good.
  25. >Celestia rose from her seat and pressed her lips against your cheek.
  26. >This was one of the few situations where she could get away with it, when nop0ny was around.
  27. >She pulls away and smiles at you. "Don't let my nephew tire you out too much Anon."
  29. >You walked along Canterlot's streets to Blueblood's estate.
  30. >Prince Blueblood had a...reputation in Canterlot.
  31. >For being a bit of an ass.
  32. >Rude comments, selfish behavior, a bit of a temper when he could get away with it.
  33. >All that made the list for his personal guard applicants rather low.
  34. >Still, you had met Blueblood.
  35. >When he wasn't out of his element, he was just a normal stallion.
  36. >Rude at times, but never malicious.
  37. >Of course, you wouldn't know that now.
  38. >Blueblood didn't know the torture of walking to the complete opposite side of Canterlot in full armor on your own.
  39. >When you were on guard duty, you could at least distract yourself by watching out for threats.
  40. >But now...
  41. >Everyp0ny knew you were Celestia's personal guard, seeing you without her was a bit of an oddity.
  42. >As you pass through the gates to Bluebloods home, you took notice of the various arcane devices on the front lawn.
  43. >That was right, Prince Blueblood was up to his horn in magical research...
  44. >A servant greeted you at the door and took you up to the princes room.
  45. >Blueblood is talking to a dull blue pegasus with a midnight blue mane, "We'll talk again later, Miss Nightshade."
  46. >The mare nods and trots out the door...but not before throwing you a wink first.
  47. >Okay...
  48. >Blueblood walks up to you, a small smile on his face.
  49. >"Hello again Anonymous, I take it you are the guard chosen to follow me today?"
  50. >You nod.[spoiler][/spoiler] "That I am, your majesty, may I ask what it is you need to do?"
  51. >He signals for a servant to tail him out the door with saddlebags.
  52. >"Oh, just a few errands, now come. We have much ground to cover."
  54. >Blueblood leads you through the city and to a small reagent shop.
  55. >Inside her orders some standard magical tools, astrolabes, some Ankhs, a few scrolls.
  56. >As the clerk went into the back to retrieve things, Blueblood approached you.
  57. >"Tch...common shops..."
  58. "It's not so bad."
  59. >"There's dust."
  60. "It's homey."
  61. >Blueblood sighs. "So, Anonymous. I hear you and my aunt helped defend Canterlot during the attack."
  62. >You think back to that night...
  63. "Yeah...Along with Shining Armor..."
  64. >Bluebloods face falls a bit. "Yes...Shining. He was...a good friend."
  65. "Yeah, he was..."
  66. >Blueblood and you are silent as the clerk comes back with Bluebloods supplies and the two of you are out the door.
  67. >Blueblood turns to you as you walk down the street. "So, how is Aunty coping?"
  68. >Easy Anon.
  69. >Don't mention your...whatever it is with Celestia.
  70. "She's doing alright. Concerning herself with...other matters."
  71. >Blueblood nods his head. "Good..."
  72. >As you walk down the street, a pair of mares approach from the other direction.
  73. >Your bodyguard instincts tell you to step in front of Blueblood, ushering them off to the side.
  74. >They almost try to make it difficult, trying to slide past you to Blueblood.
  75. >You eventually get them behind the prince.
  76. >They wink and blow kisses as they walk away.
  77. "Is that common?"
  78. >Blueblood flashes a small smile. "Wealth and status elevate a stallion, Anonymous."
  80. >Your second stop was the Arcanium.
  81. >As the home to the Royal Magisters research, it was kept in the main castle compound.
  82. >It had also had some..."trouble" staying in one place, so it was in a tower of its own.
  83. >No one wanted the roof being stolen. Again.
  84. >Once you were in the Arcanium proper, you just sat back and let Blueblood talk to the magisters.
  85. >This was all way too far over your head.
  86. >You weren't a magician, you were a guard.
  87. >Protecting people and hitting things was your job.
  88. >As Blueblood collects his borrowed tools, he turns to you.
  89. >"Anonymous, is there a reason you appear to be ready to slaughter this room of magisters?"
  90. "Magic isn't really my element, Bluebl-"
  91. >"Your Highness."
  92. "Your Highness. Half the things in this room could probably evaporate me."
  93. >Blueblood taps his hoof on his chin as he looks around the room.. "Not half, I'd say a third at the most."
  94. >Oh. Great.
  95. >Blueblood taps a hoof on your chest plate. "But fear not, Anonymous! By the grace of the royal family, your armor would protect you from almost all of the magical effects!" He declared.
  96. >Well that was kinda cool.
  97. "So I'd be alright?"
  98. >Blueblood shakes he head. "No no. You would most certainly perish. But your corpse would be in pristine condition!"
  99. >The prince trots out of the Arcanium. "Come now, I must return to my home!"
  100. >You follow blueblood down the stairs.
  101. >You also make a note to get a matching helmet for your armor.
  103. >Blueblood practically galloped back to his estate and dumped the contents of his servants pouches onto his work desk.
  104. >The servant looks happy to be dismissed. No doubt not used to carrying reagents and instruments all over the city and back.
  105. >You look over Blueblood's shoulder at his desk.
  106. "What's all this for?"
  107. >Blueblood levitates and sets the Astrolabe.
  108. >"A magical experiment, one that will resonate through all of Equestria and make it a much better place."
  109. "I didn't know you were so into magic, Prince."
  110. >He chuckles. "I'll admit that casting magic isn't my forte, I still understand and appreciate it and it's applications."
  111. >Her starts leafing through his collection of ankhs.
  112. >"Equestria could always use more magic, don't you agree Anonymous? It helps everyone."
  113. "I guess, if you say so Prince."
  114. >Blueblood turns to you. "A man cannot be unsure of things of this level of importance, Anonymous. This spell is going to change the world."
  115. "I just really don't know enough about magic to form an opinion, your grace."
  116. >Blueblood sighs and turns back to his desk. "Ignorance..." He mutters.
  117. >The silence hangs for a bit.
  118. "If...that's it your grace, am I relieved?"
  119. >Blueblood waves a hoof to you. "Huh? Yes, go to the rest of your duties."
  120. >You leave the Prince to his toys as you let yourself out.
  121. >His words ring in your head.
  122. >You really shouldn't be unsure about this...
  123. >Did you care about Celestia?
  124. >Of course you did, but was that?
  125. >You look up at the rapidly descending sun.
  126. >Hmm.
  127. >Maybe it's time to go get sure.

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