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Helios 10: Lets Make This Last Forever.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:09:40 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Romance Adventure

  1. =Helios 10=
  3. >Canterlot was bathed in the orange glow of a setting sun by the time you got back to the castle.
  4. >Spending the day with Prince Blueblood had
  5. >He certainly attracted more direct attention than Celestia.
  6. >You chalked that up to ponies being a bit too nervous to approach one of their reigning monarchs.
  7. >You had given thought to Bluebloods parting words with you, about being unsure.
  8. >Talking to Celestia seemed like the best option, and you knew just what to talk about.
  9. >You head up to Celestia's room where she had told you she was working today.
  10. >As bodyguard, you needed to know where she was at all times.
  11. >Celestia was in her room doing what else? Hunched over her work desk going through forms.
  12. >She must have heard you enter. "I swear, Anon. Sometimes it seems like this city can't do anything for itself."
  13. "Citizen complaints?"
  14. >Celestia sighs. "That, zoning permits, court issues. There isn't much NOT here."
  15. "Isn't there an office for this kind of stuff?"
  16. >"Only the big things come to me. Additions to Wonderbolt stadium, alligators in the sewers. Things like that."
  17. >Waitwhat?
  18. >Celestia rises from her chair and removes her reading glasses. "But, I appear to be just about..."
  19. >She places a final paper on top of a large stack "...Done!"
  20. >Celestia smiles and looks out her window at the setting sun. "And not a moment too soon, it seems."
  21. >Her horn glows as she casts her daily spell and lowers the sun for Luna.
  22. >You clear your throat.
  23. "Celestia, can"
  24. >Celestia looks to you, a hint of concern in her eyes. "May over dinner? I'm famished."
  25. >Dinner...did sound nice.
  26. "Yes Princess, I'd like that."
  28. >Dinner was in the Royal Dining Hall again.
  29. >You were having some wild boar, a gift of reparations from the new Griffin Thane.
  30. >To your surprise, it was actually Celestia who had recommended it.
  31. >She knew how much you enjoyed meat.
  32. >You appreciated the understanding as you dug into your meal
  33. >Somep0ny who didn't understand however was Princess Luna.
  34. >She sat in her usual spot at the edge of the table, occasionally eyeing you when you took a bite of your food.
  35. >As Celestia ate, she spoke up. "So Anon, what was it you wanted to talk about?"
  36. >Okay...break the ice first.
  37. "I...just remember you bringing up courting rituals back in your time and it caught my interest, what can you tell me about them?"
  38. >Celestia's pupils shrink a bit and drift down to you. "Yes...Well. Normally there would be a period of...closeness. Some time apart was customary to see if feelings bloomed..."
  39. >A serene looking face graces the Princess. "If they indeed had...the two would spend more time together in...intimate situations. Those would continue for some time, and if the couple deemed it appropriate...they would wed..."
  40. >A sharp laughs echoes through the room from the end of the table.
  41. >"Such traditions are just as well forgotten, Sister." Luna said.
  42. >She continues to eat her food, seeming to want to finish quickly. "We are the only ones whom that would apply to, and neither of us shall be marrying any time soon."
  43. >You glance between the sisters.
  44. "Why is that?"
  45. >"For similar reasons why neither of us could enter into a romantic relationship, Anonymous. The populace would not take well to a leader who is tied down."
  46. >More of that unfair crap...And you don't just say that as her "boyfriend" or whatever the proper title was.
  48. >Luna rises from her seat. "As they should. Leaders must be concerned with the welfare of their kingdom, not flights of fancy."
  49. >The Night Princess finishes her meal and rises from the table. "Farewell Sister. I have much to do."
  50. >As Luna and Sunshine left, you heard Celestia rise from her own seat.
  51. >"Well Anonymous, with that I think that I too shall bid you good day..."
  52. >Shit. Now or never.
  53. "Uhm....wait."
  54. >Celestia pauses mid trot as you get out of your seat.
  55. >You rub the back of your head as you check for anyone else in the room and think your words through.
  56. "Uhm. Celestia? Would to spend the evening together?"
  57. >Celestia's coat turns to a bright pink around her cheeks. "Uhm...Anon...I don't-" She coughs out.
  58. >Shit!
  59. "N-no! Not like that!"
  60. >You breath deep and try to recompose yourself.
  61. "It's just...that we never really get to be around each other when we're on the job, not really anyway. I thought it might be nice..."
  62. >The silence in the room is deafening as your words just hang in the air.
  63. >Eventually, a small smile curls across Celestia's face, under the blush of course.
  64. >"I'd like that Anon...very much."
  66. >You took a detour back to your room after dinner to change.
  67. >Spending an evening with somep0ny in a suit of armor didn't sound like fun.
  68. >Your normal clothes didn't get worn much, but they still fit.
  69. >For the first time in your life, you walk the halls to Celestia's room without the weight of armor on your shoulders or a sword at your side.
  70. >It was a bit disorienting. You felt too light to be in this room.
  71. >As you get to the room, you notice something.
  72. >The normal guards on duty, Brawny and Diamond, aren't there.
  73. >Your bodyguard senses tingling, you open the door to Celestia's room.
  74. >To your relief, she is standing by her beauty desk.
  75. >She
  76. >The only time you had seen Celestia out of her jewelry was when you came to get her in the morning and that one night.
  77. >Here in the light of the fire, you could truly appreciate her form.
  78. >They say that Princess Celestia was the pony form perfected.
  79. >They do not lie.
  80. >She turns to looks at you. "Hello Anon, please come in."
  81. >You shut the door behind you as you approach Celestia.
  82. >She gives you a peck on the lips and a chuckle at your confused face.
  83. "Where are the guards? Shouldn't they be out there?"
  84. >Celestia walks to her bookcase behind you. "I sent them off early tonight. No need for them to stay here when I have my personal bodyguard, and I'm sure their families will appreciate the extra time."
  85. >You sigh. This Princess...
  86. >Luna was wrong in one regard, somep0ny could have someone special in their life and still worry about the others in their kingdom.
  87. >An "Ah!" escaped Celestia behind you.
  88. >The princess pulled out a record sleeve from inside her bookcase and smiled.
  89. >"Would you believe your monarch was a jazz mare?"
  91. >You and Celestia were curled up on a couch together.
  92. >Well, not a couch, a "chaise lounge"
  93. >Apparently Rarity in Ponyville had gotten her into them.
  94. >Celestia was leaning against your chest as you ran your hand through her mane.
  95. >The constantly flowing nature of it was...odd.
  96. >It sort of felt like water slowly running over you.
  97. >Celestia was rather engrossed in her story.
  98. >"And so after I see Pinkie Pie parade herself through town with all of those instruments, I get called to Fillydelphia and what do I find?"
  99. "She didn't..."
  100. >"She did. An entire swarm of Parasprites pushed away from Ponyville."
  101. >You pinch the bridge of your nose.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Oh no..."
  102. >Celestia sighs. "I love all of My Little Ponies...but sometimes a few of them can become..."
  103. "A bit grating?"
  104. >"Only a bit."
  105. >You hear wings flap behind you as a red figure enters your peripheral vision and lands on an arm of the lounge.
  106. >Celestia chuckles. "It seems that Philomena likes you."
  107. >The phoenix coos as you stroke the plumage on top of her head.
  108. "She should, I only see her almost every day. Where was she, anyway?"
  109. >Philomena had disappeared one day, gone from her usual perch.
  110. >"Molting."
  111. >Ah. Rebirthing.
  112. >Celestia's eyes drift to a collection of photos on a wall.
  113. >Each featured a group of ponies smiling, at the end was one of Twilight and her friends.
  114. >Celestia's old apprentices...
  115. >Celestia sighs next to you.
  116. "Are you alright?"
  117. >"Just...thinking."
  118. "What about?"
  119. >Another sigh. "Someday, all of this will be gone. Twilight. You. Maybe even this kingdom..."
  120. >Well shit...
  121. >Now you kinda feel bad for wanting to take it slow.
  123. >Celestia yawns next to you. The late hour catching up to her.
  124. >That seems like your cue.
  125. "I should go. Let you sleep."
  126. >You're about to rise when Celestia pushes down with her legs. "No...Stay. I can sleep on the lounge."
  127. >Uh...
  128. "I don't...know if I should stay..."
  129. >Not after the last time you spent the night here...
  130. >Celestia yawns again and pulls herself up to your upper chest.
  131. >"Nothing needs to happen, Anon...I know you want to take our time."
  132. >She sends a happy yet exhausted smile your way. "But I would love it if we could just lay here together."
  133. >That...didn't sound so bad.
  134. >But one thing.
  135. "What about in the morning? We can't let the maids see us like this."
  136. >She chuckles as she nuzzles your chest. "Anonymous, you have the good fortune of courting a teleporter and a very good one at that. I can have you back in your room by the time the maids get the door all the way open."
  137. >Her smile is infectious.
  138. >You tighten your grip around her neck a bit as you relent.
  139. "Alright fine, I can see I'm not going to win this argument anyway."
  140. >Celestia scootches herself up and presses her velvety lips against yours.
  141. >"Thank you Anon...that means a lot."
  142. >That was...nice.
  143. "Now if we could just get that fire-"
  144. >Celestia flaps a great wing at the fireplace and snuffs the flame inside with a burst of wind. Plunging the room into darkness.
  145. "-I see you have it handled."
  146. >Celestia chuckles and nuzzles your arm again as you begin to drift off to sleep.

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