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Helios 13: Breakaway Orbit.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:11:19 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Romance Adventure

  1. =Helios 13=
  3. >You were Princess Celestia.
  4. >You were currently reading a report from your star pupil Twilight Sparkle.
  5. >"Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned the importance of dental hygiene."
  6. "Oh boy..."
  7. >This was going to be a memorable one.
  8. >The report read and filed away with the rest, you stepped out onto your balcony and began the process of lowering the sun.
  9. >As you were just about to sit down and relax to some Wing Crosby when a knock came at the door.
  10. >To your relief, the one outside the door was just who you wanted to see.
  11. "Anonymous! Good to see you return safely..."
  12. >You had been worried.
  13. >He peaks his head in and glances around. "Celestia I need you to stay here."
  14. >You are slightly taken aback by the seriousness in his voice.
  15. >In the hall behind him, you see guards running to and fro with a sense of purpose.
  16. "Anon, what's going on?"
  17. >Anon sighs. "We found the shadow caster..."
  18. >You perk up.
  19. "That's great news Anon!"
  20. >Anon shrinks a bit. "Yeah. We're going to go apprehend him now, so can you stay here? I don't want to get worried about you too."
  21. >You look into his eyes.
  22. >There's...hurt inside them, sadness.
  23. >Anon wasn't telling you something.
  24. >You...weren't telling him something either.
  25. "Y-yes Anon. I'll stay in tonight."
  26. >Anon sighs. "Thank you. I'll check in when I get back."
  27. >With that one of the most important people in your life shut the door and left.
  28. "...Be careful."
  29. >Please.
  31. -Anon PoV-
  32. >You walked through the city streets with a contingent of royal guards at your back.
  33. >They turned quite a few heads. Walking in formation, golden armor glittering in the last vestiges of sunlight.
  34. >No chances tonight.
  35. >You cupped your gauntleted hand over your mouth and called to the masses.
  36. "Everyp0ny return to your homes please! Official guard business, move along!"
  37. >You threw a silent thanks to whoever may be listening when they galloped off the street.
  38. >This served two purposes. It allowed your guards to move faster and ensured that they would not come to harm in the event there was a confrontation.
  39. >You passed through the gates to the Blueblood estate and turn to some of the guards behind you.
  40. "Fan out and secure the area, we don't want them slipping away."
  41. >Due to the size of the estate, a considerable amount of the guards were needed to secure it, the remainder of you heading inside the house.
  42. >You storm your way up the stairs, intent on disrupting anything they had going on.
  44. >In the same room you found Blueblood in when you first came here, you found a butler.
  45. >"My word! What is the meaning of this? Why are you here?"
  46. "To arrest Prince Blueblood for using ancient magics to kidnap citizens. Where is he?"
  47. >The butler scoffs. "I have absolutely no idea what you-"
  48. >You lift the butler up by the scruff of his lapel.
  49. >This was no time for games.
  50. "You're lying. I smell it on you."
  51. >You bring him a hairsbreadth away from your face.
  52. "Where. Is. He?"
  53. >You drop the trembling butler on the ground with a resounding thud.
  54. >He shakily walks over to the piano in the corner and presses three keys, sending scared looks back at you the entire time.
  55. >At the third key press, a door in the bookshelf swings open, revealing stairs spiraling down.
  56. "Bookcase hooked up to the piano..."
  57. >Cliché much?
  59. >You and the guards you didn't have securing the house descended the stairs.
  60. >The quarters were cramped, the walls no more than a few feet across.
  61. >It was clear that not too many ponies came down here.
  62. "Everyone stay close, and call out anything out of the ordinary."
  63. >Your words echo up the stairway as you descend deeper.
  64. >And deeper.
  65. >And deeper still.
  66. >The farther down you go, the less sounds come from above.
  67. >The songs of birds of the night, or of the guards patrolling the house.
  68. >Instead all you heard was your own footsteps and the sounds of those behind you. Beyond that, a maddening nothing.
  69. >It really wasn't helping your nerves.
  70. >Both you and your men's breathing had quickened to an almost frenzied pace.
  71. >You could feel the sweat start to form on your palms, and your feet were a little shaky.
  72. >A door appeared at the end of the stairs leading into a small and poorly lit room.
  73. >You inched yourself through the doorway, keeping a hand on your sword and an eye open for trouble.
  74. >The room was...empty.
  75. >You turn back to the guards in the stairway.
  76. "Alright guys, it looks like we're alone do-"
  77. >The familiar spark of magic echoes from inside the room.
  78. >You dive back on instinct just in time to dodge a wall of stone shooting up from the ground, sealing the other guards in the stairwell.
  79. >The pounding of the guards on the other side of the wall mix your own and echo through the room.
  80. >Until another sound overpowers them.
  81. >"Anonymous."
  83. >The clip clop of hooves comes from the center of the room towards you.
  84. >You draw your sword and toss the sheathe on the ground, it would only slow you down.
  85. >"I suppose I should have expected someone." A voice said as it trotted into view.
  86. " look like hell."
  87. >The Princes' bloodshot eyes had bags under them and his normally perfect hair hung in his face in strands.
  88. >He sighs. "Yes, I suppose I have been overworking myself lately."
  89. "Using shadow magic to kidnap citizens?"
  90. >Blueblood sighs again, deeper this time. "Yes...that was me. But I did what I did for good reason."
  91. >You scoff. [spoiler][/spoiler] "What reason could justify that?"
  92. >Blueblood stares at you with an almost bored face. "This."
  93. >His horn glows and brings light to the room.
  94. >You wish it hadn't.
  95. >Clamped to steel beds at the rear of the room sat the kidnapped ponies.
  96. >They had various magical instruments nearby them and coils of pulsating energy behind them.
  97. >And each of them had their skin hanging in bags and ghastly white hair.
  98. "Wh-what is this?"
  99. >"This is sacrifice Anonymous. Using the life energy of these ponies, I will create a cure-all."
  100. "A what?"
  101. >"A cure all, please try to follow along." He says as he trots to the captives.
  102. >"I will create a spell that will wipe out everything bad. Disease, aging, unhappiness! I will bring Equestria into tomorrow as a true utopia!"
  103. >You laugh a shrill laugh.
  104. "Oxymoronic! A utopia built on the broken lives of others!"
  105. >Blueblood glares at you. "I knew you wouldn't understand."
  106. >His horn lights up, swinging open doors at the back of the room. "And I won't try to make you."
  107. >Through the doors come ponies in familiar armor.
  108. >That of the royal guards.
  110. >You brace as the colors of the royal guard and night guard slam into you.
  111. >A kick to the head leads to a quick slice across the neck for the lead.
  112. >You hated the idea of killing other guards, but you had no mercy for traitors.
  113. >Another, a pegasus, charges you from above.
  114. >You're able to twist yourself in such a way that it lets you grab him and throw him back.
  115. >Hours of practice with Shining Armor had taught you about the weak spots in the guards' armor.
  116. >Above the knee.
  117. >Near the tail.
  118. >The fact that the entire suit would fall apart if you snapped the strap under the chin.
  119. >One guard was feeling just that as his armor slid off him like water.
  120. >You took advantage of his shock to slam him in the face with your gauntlet.
  121. >Suddenly, you find yourself floating in the air, a blue glow surrounding you.
  122. >A hand slips into your boot and pulls out a long dagger.
  123. >With a flick of your wrist, you send it flying towards the offending unicorn with practiced aim.
  124. >You hit the ground as the dagger imbeds itself in the neck of the spell caster.
  125. >The remaining guards didn't like that, rushing you as you tried to climb.
  126. >Blueblood ranted as the guards piled on.
  127. >"You stand in the way of progress Anonymous! These ponies would have died and been honored martyrs in the eternal empire that followed!"
  128. >A guard kicks you in the chest and sends the wind out of you.
  129. >"All you needed to do was to stay out of our way!"
  130. >You crumple to the ground.
  131. >"But now -- You die!"
  132. >The guards prepare to smash your face with their hooves, but never get the chance.
  133. >The ceiling above you explodes in a shower of arcane magic, revealing a pure white pony in the middle as it dissipates.
  134. >"No. He will not." Celestia says.
  136. >Whatever resolve the guards had evaporated in sight of the Princess.
  137. >Celestia looked over to you in concern as they piled off and ran back through the door they came out of. "Are you okay Anonymous?"
  138. >You spit a bit of blood from a split lip out of your mouth as you regain your breath.
  139. "Yeah, just gimme a minute..."
  140. >Celestia turns back to her nephew and hardens her face.
  141. >What passes is the most awkward moment in family history.
  142. >"Stop this Blueblood, before I make you." Celestia says, ending the silence.
  143. >Blueblood scoffs. "And how would you do that Aunty? Hold me down and spank me like a child?"
  144. >That actually didn't sound so-
  145. >No. No. Stay focus.
  146. >You get to your feet and start to inch your way to Blueblood, making use of his back to you.
  147. >"Aunty, with the power you hold, you could have fixed everything ages ago."
  148. >"I would not have done it like this Nephew! This is monstrous, barbaric even! You don't even know if it will work!"
  150. >"So you would have us not try!? To deny ourselves certain avenues over others is to limit ourselves! Or worse, to condemn us to never having known fruits for our labors!"
  151. >"What fruits!? All I see here is a madman willing to sacrifice his own people for a mad grasp at power!"
  152. >You were close now, within feet.
  153. >Celestia obviously saw you, but to her credit she did not so much as glance at you lest she give you away.
  154. >Blueblood's breathing grows heavy as he lowers his head.
  155. >"You have gone soft. You are unwilling to sacrifice even such a minute amount to save countless others." He says through gritted teeth
  156. >Bluebloods horn glows green as he charges a spell and draws from the nearby mana batteries.
  157. >Almost there...
  158. >"In time, you and everyp0ny else will serve the One True Qu-"
  159. >Blueblood doesn't finish his sentence and wheels around to face you.
  160. >You smell ozone as the spell fills your vision.
  162. >You feel the magic surge through your chest as you get thrown off your feat.
  163. >"Anonymous!" You hear someone call.
  164. >You land on your back with a thud as your breathing seems to just stop.
  165. >You feel your arm lock up as you are sent into the familiar sensation of neurological shock.
  166. >There is no physical pain, you don't feel any cuts or broken bones, but your mind is screaming.
  167. >Lights and sounds break through the agony, but you don't register them.
  168. >As suddenly as the million pinpricks of pain came to you, they stop.
  169. >For a moment, your relieved that the pain stopped.
  170. >But then you begin to worry as the comforting sensation of nothingness continues to spread.
  171. >You try to move, to get yourself back on your feet and get back into things, but it doesn't happen.
  172. >Your limbs won't move.
  173. >Your fear of what is happening melts away. It doesn't leave you it's just gone.
  174. >That scares you more.
  175. >Something is very wrong.
  176. >You register yourself being picked up by a magical grip.
  177. >You feel the wind against your face as something happens to your body.
  178. >Words break through the haze of what's happening, or at least try to.
  179. >You're almost certain you hear your name.
  180. >Blackness creeps at the edge of your vision, trying to take you away.
  181. >The wind on your face stops.
  182. >You wonder what happened to Cele-
  183. >
  184. >
  185. >
  187. >The darkness went out in every direction.
  188. >You floated in that darkness.
  189. >Everything was nothing.
  190. >No sight.
  191. >No sound.
  192. >No feeling.
  193. >It was...peaceful, this place you called death.
  194. >You had heard of Tartarus and Elysium, but you weren't there.
  195. >Guess you just didn't belong.
  196. >And then, your darkness was not.
  197. >There was light inside you.
  198. >Bright light.
  199. >Bright light that made everything start.
  200. >The sight of blackness, not just nothing.
  201. >The sound of the world.
  202. >The feeling of softness on your back.
  203. >And the sensation of something.
  204. >Something warm and sad inside you.
  205. >You follow that feeling.
  206. >Follow it back to wherever it is.
  207. >As you do, your senses return to you.
  208. >And you are greeted with the sight of a ceiling.
  210. >You groan as you wake up.
  211. >"Anonymous!?"
  212. "Wha-"
  213. >Soft lips push your words back down your throat as they greet you.
  214. >The sadness you felt washes away, replaced by the warmth that accompanied it magnifying a hundredfold.
  215. >Celestia breaks away from you and places her head on your shoulder, tears forming at the edge of her eyes.
  216. "Wh-what happened? With Blueblood?"
  217. >Celestia exhales a deep breath. "I defeated my nephew, he is currently at an asylum in Detrot. I flew you here as fast as I could."
  218. >You rubbed your head.
  219. "What happened to the citizens?"
  220. >Celestia chuckles and caresses your head with a wing. "Always concerned for the people..."
  221. >"Doctors at Canterlot General looked them over, as well as the Royal Magisters..."
  222. >Celestias head fell a bit. "They were aged prematurely by the siphoning of their life energy...they may recover and they may not..."
  223. "But...they're safe?"
  224. >Celestia smiles and nods. "Thanks to you."
  225. >You try laughing only to groan when your chest starts to throb.
  227. "NNngggg...I feel like long was I out?"
  228. >"Two days. You were here for all of it."
  229. >You look around the room.
  230. >Circular bed.
  231. >Big fireplace
  232. >Chaise Lounge...
  233. >You were in CELESTIA'S room.
  234. >She had kept you in her room.
  235. "Uhh...Wow. Thank you."
  236. >Celestia smiles.
  237. "So, how bad of a hit did I take?"
  238. >Celestia's eyes shift from relief to concern.
  239. "Anything broken?
  240. >Celestia sits up on her bed. "Anonymous...Bluebloods suffered no physical damage."
  241. >What?
  242. "But...why did I go into shock? Why am I aching?"
  243. >"As I said...there is no physical damage..."
  244. >You were starting to get worried, Celestia looked it too.
  245. "Celestia, what happened to me?"
  246. >She sighs. "Anon, Blueblood destroyed part of your soul."
  247. >...
  248. "...What?"
  249. >That was...
  250. >What!?
  251. >"It was only by a miracle that I saved you."
  252. "How?"
  253. >Celestia shifted on the bed.
  254. >"I...bound your soul."
  255. >"With mine."
  257. >...
  258. >WHAT!?
  259. >You needed to breathe...
  260. >No! Fuck breathing! You needed answers!
  261. "W-what does that do?"
  262. >Celestia looks a bit nervous. "I-I simple terms; I am a part of you, and you are a part of me."
  263. >You place a hand on the bed to calm yourself.
  264. >You were bound, by the SOUL to Princess Celestia.
  265. "Why do all this?"
  266. >Celestia snaps her head away from you and mumbles something.
  267. "I'm sorry?"
  268. >Celestia slowly turns back to you, her eyes on the floor.
  269. >"I said...I did it because..."
  270. >"I...I think I love you Anon."
  271. >You hear glass shatter in the distance.
  272. >It all made sense now.
  273. >Those warm feelings, feeling more scared or embarrassed than you should.
  274. >Those were Celestia's feelings, coming through to you through the link.
  275. >You hear Celestia start talking, but not what she says.
  276. >You grip your head a bit.
  277. >What thoughts were yours!? Which ones were Celestia's!?       
  278. >And what's up with Celestia?!
  279. >Just a bit ago you were just spending your first non-sexual evening together and now she loves you!?
  280. >All of this was causing an unbearable strain on your head...
  281. >But you were just so happy to have him back wi-NO!
  283. >You come back to yourself as Celestia is nuzzling your face.
  284. >"I'm so glad you're alright Anon..."
  285. >You're both silent.
  286. >This...this was too much.
  287. "I have to go."
  288. >"Wh-why? Celestia asks as you rise from the bed.
  289. "I-it's too much, too fast. I can't be here."
  290. >Celestia jumps off the bed.
  291. >"A-non, whatever is wrong, I-I can fix it!"
  292. "No, you're the problem."
  293. >You don't see your armor or sword in the room.
  294. >Oh well, can't stay to find it.
  295. >Too fast.
  296. >You open the door and rush past the guards.
  297. >A Princess shedding her first tear of the night behind you.

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