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BiE Bonus Story: Night Light Fright

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:11:29 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE Bonus Story: Night Light Fright.=
  3. >Year 14 in Equestria.
  4. >Nightmare Night.
  5. >You and Lotus were sitting on the train to Ponyville for a night of fun with Anon and his family.
  6. >The cape underneath you got caught on the seat for the eight time.
  7. "Oh you piece of shit..."
  8. >Fuck it.
  9. >You grab the entirety of the cape and bunch it up into a ball on your lap.
  10. >At least it keeps it from catching.
  11. >Lotus gives you a stony grin as you sit back. "Was wearing that entirely necessary?"
  12. "Rarity worked hard on it for me, it'd be rude not to use it."
  13. >Lotus rolled her eyes under her dark hat. "It's going to get caught on something and you're going to get hurt."
  14. "Such a good general, watching out for those under her command."
  15. >"I'll have you know that Stalliongrad produced some of the greatest generals in Equestrian history, mister."
  16. >You reach over and stroke the nape of her neck with your armored hand.
  17. "You should keep this after tonight..."
  18. >A smile creeps over Lotus's face. "Getting ideas are we? You know that would not be proper for one of my station."
  19. >Heh.
  20. >You pick up the pace on your rubbing.
  21. "I'd say it would be permissible so long as it was one in my station."
  22. >Lotus chuckles. "That may be, but being late to meet my sister due to a quick..."intelligence exchange" would reflect poorly on me."
  23. >She had you there.
  24. >You remove your hand.
  25. "Party pooper."
  26. >A voice comes in over the loudspeaker above. "Next stop: Ponyville Station. Ponyville Station."
  27. "Welp. Better get set."
  28. >You grab your helmet on the seat in front of you and slip it on.
  29. "I'll try and get us some candy, kiss for luck?"
  30. >Lotus glanced up at you with a smirk. "Not with that face."
  32. >Ponyville was always a bustle with activity around Nightmare Night.
  33. >At least it was after Princess Luna stopped by that one time.
  34. >You and Lotus walked through Ponyville in search of your other half.
  35. >He was easy to spot, standing in the center of town in a bloody lab coat with one arm relocated from its socket and in his other hand.
  36. >Why does everyone go as zombies?
  37. >Anon must have heard your footsteps because he turned your way as you got closer.
  38. >He placed his hand over his face when he saw your costume.
  39. >You get to him and strike as imposing a stance as you can, with your fists on your hips.
  40. "It's okay to be jealous."
  41. >"You're mad."
  42. "I think the one who just had his costume outdone is the mad one."
  43. >"How much did that cost you?"
  44. "Enough."
  45. >More than.
  46. >You look around.
  47. "Where's your wife and my nephew?"
  48. >Anon looks up in the sky and spots a particularly dark cloud floating around.
  49. >"Hang on."
  50. >Anon walked up behind the cloud and threw his severed arm up at it, earning a "Ow!" out of it.
  51. >Rainbow Dash jumped out of the cloud and landed next to Anon. "What was that for?"
  52. >"Isn't pranking townsfolk a little juvenile for people our age?"
  53. >Rainbow silently points a hoof to you.
  54. "Don't drag my ass into this."
  55. >Rainbow trots up to you and Lotus. "Nice to see you two too."
  56. >You look over her Wonderbolts suit.
  57. "Rainbow, wearing your work clothes doesn't count as a costume."
  58. >You should know. You've done it.
  59. >"I had no time to get a real costume together with shows and Thunder." She moans.
  60. >"Where is Thunderstrike anyway?" Lotus asked.
  61. >Anon joined you all again. "Out with his friends, you know how teenagers are."
  62. >Yup.
  63. >Annoying.
  65. >You were sitting at the old cafe with Lotus and Aloe as the sisters chatted and caught up.
  66. >Your contribution to the conversation was negligible.
  67. >"So he just left you?" Lotus asked.
  68. >"Yup. Said he needed to "work some things out.". Last I saw, him and Soarin' were rather "close"." Aloe chided.
  69. >Ouch.
  70. >Lotus placed a hoof on her sisters shoulder. "Oh Aley, I'm so sorry..."
  71. >Aloe's face is low for just a split second before her trademark optimism shines through.
  72. >Aloe removes her sisters hoof and waves her own dismissively. "C'est la vie. I can't expect somep0ny to be with me when I'm not what they're looking for."
  73. "I had an inkling..."
  74. >Aloe and Lotus stare at you.
  75. "What? Have you seen him? The hair, the way he always followed Mac around?"
  76. >The twins look at each other and then back to you, the their faces wearing the same identical incredulous look.
  77. "Oh whatever."
  78. >You let Lotus comfort her sister some more and got to your feet.
  79. >"Sweetheart, where are you going?" Lotus called behind you.
  80. "Gonna walk around a bit, see some old friends. Meet back in the square when Luna shows up?"
  82. >Ponyville had changed little in the past years.
  83. >You still missed it.
  84. >Canterlot was nice and having your own place with Lotus had its advantages, but you kinda missed knowing everyone in town.
  85. >You had missed Applebloom and her friends getting their marks.
  86. >Missed the Mayor keeping her office.
  87. >You apparently missed Speedy settling down with one of the nurses at the hospital.
  88. >But there was one thing you wouldn't miss for the world.
  89. >You glanced up at the clock tower as you walked down the road.
  90. >Two minutes till...perfect.
  91. >You had planned this out around when you had planned out your own costume.
  92. >Instructions and parts sent through the mail, good thing she had the job she did.
  93. >All leading towards this night.
  94. >Screams and crashes came from the house down the road as the clock struck 9:00.
  95. >Bursting out of house number 404 came a rather distressed brown earth pony with an hour glass mark.
  96. >Behind him came two metal monstrosities. One of gold and the other silver.
  98. >"DELETE! EXTERMINATE! They shouted.
  99. >The stallion backed away on the ground as they came closer.
  100. >"DELETE!"
  102. >Derpy tripped off her porch and landed on the ground with a thud, her Cyclops helmet rolling away from her.
  103. >This sends Dinky into a fit of laughter as she pulls off her own helmet.
  104. >Hooves sat on the ground in front of them. "Wh-wha-"
  105. >You walked up to the happy family moment and looked down at him.
  106. "Always counting on me to come save your hay-bacon, eh?"
  107. >He shoots you a glare as Dinky trots up to you.
  108. >Holy hell...she was almost up to your stomach now.
  109. >"So how bout it Darth Knight, just as planned?"
  110. >You reach down and ruffle her mane. She looked up with a mildly annoyed face.
  111. "Just as planned poozer."
  112. >Hooves helped his companion off the ground.
  113. "So how bout you poozer, all set and ready to graduate?"
  114. >Dinky bobs her head."All set to get out of this town and see the world! Who knows maybe I'll visit you in Canterlot?"
  115. "Stay out of the East End."
  116. >Buncha weirdos in there.
  117. >Yourself among them.
  118. >"Are you coming to the ceremony, Mous?"
  119. >You tilt your head at the grinning fil- mare in front of you.
  120. "I'll mull it over."
  121. >You'll have to swipe a megaphone.
  122. >The sounds of wings flapping drew your attention up.
  123. >High in the sky was your nephew, Thunderstrike. Along with Pound Cake and Rumble.
  124. >The three of them flew over the town towards Whitetale Woods.
  125. "Where the hell are they going?"
  126. >Dinky scoffs. "Probably to go meet up with Truffle. He always hangs out up there with some of the others from school."
  127. >A bunch of teenagers hanging out alone in the woods...
  128. "See you later Dinks, I got stuff to do..."
  130. >You crept through the woods as best as your costume would allow.
  131. >Thunder and the others had touched down around here, it was just a matter of finding them.
  132. >You hid behind a tree as you heard voices from up ahead.
  133. >Paydirt...
  134. >The kids were all sitting around a fire.
  135. >You saw Thunder, Rumble, The Cake Twins, Truffle, Tiara and Spoon sitting on logs and talking.
  136. >"And so aunt Pinkie pulls this ball out of NOWHERE and just starts tossing it around!" Pumpkin shouts.
  137. >"That is so weird." Tiara says.
  138. >"Not as weird as having a nephew only a few years younger than you." Rumble said.
  139. >"And you have to live with him too." Thunder said.
  140. >"Don't remind me..."
  141. >Truffle held up a...was that a bong?
  142. >They had pot here?
  143. >He put the bong to his mouth. That was when you saw the plant inside it.
  144. >That wasn't pot.
  145. >It's too blue.
  146. "Joke..."
  147. >They wanted to inhale Joke?
  148. >They wanted your nephew to inhale Joke!?
  149. >No.
  150. >No that would not stand.
  151. >You climbed the tree in front of you.
  152. >Once you reached the best height, you crept your way out onto a thick branch that hung over the group.
  153. >The kids are passing the bong around, it's almost to Thunder.
  154. >The shadows masked your movements, the crackling of the fire your sound.
  155. >It is then that you notice it.
  156. >You are hiding above a group of minor criminals.
  157. >You are dressed how you are dressed.
  158. >...This is the absolute zenith of your life.
  159. >Your spirits soaring, you drop from the branch.
  160. >Your boots land in the small fire pit and stomp it out, plunging the clearing into darkness.
  161. >The kids scream in unison as you flick on the vocal modulator on your chest.
  164. >The kids scream and either gallop or fly away from you.
  165. >All but one.
  166. >"Guys! Wait, come back! It's just..."
  167. >And he was pissed.
  168. >"Uncle! What in Tartarus' name are you doing!?"
  169. >You shatter the bong under your boot.
  170. "Making sure you don't fuck up your brain with Poison Joke. What the hell are you thinking Thunder!?"
  171. >"Uhg! I knew someone would be like this if I told them! You're just like Dad!" He says as he starts to walk away.
  172. >Oh hell naw.
  173. >You walk up and yank Thunder to the ground by his tail.
  174. "I'm not your dad, I'm your uncle. And that means I can kick the crap out of you when you deserve it."
  175. >"Buck you!" He said as he got up
  176. "Don't do Joke in the woods!"
  177. >"Don't tell me how to live my life!"
  178. "Then stop fucking it up!"
  179. >"Joke isn't that bad!"
  180. "Horseshit it isn't! I've seen what it does to the bums in Canterlot!"
  181. >It wasn't pretty.
  182. >OD on Joke and your entire brain pulls a joke on you.
  183. >And turns off.
  184. >That wasn't happening to Thunder.
  185. >Thunder started walking out of the woods back to town.
  186. >"You're worse than Dad!"
  187. "Damn straight! And what's so wrong with your dad wanting to keep you safe?"
  188. >"He's smothering me is what's wrong! "Be home by nine!" "Eat your food!" "Practice your routine!" He's not letting me live my life!"
  189. "You mean he's not letting you cock up your life!"
  190. >You grab Thunder's hind leg.
  191. "News flash nitwit! You have to actually work at it if you want to achieve that potential your dad talks about so often!"
  192. >"Well maybe I don't want to be a stunt flier!" He shouts.
  194. >He wriggles his leg out of your hand.
  195. >"If I go into stunts I'll just be "The Son of the Wonderbolt!" Everyone will expect me to deliver in something I don't want to do!"
  196. >"But Dad and Mom are both SO INTENT on me doing it! They get on my back every damn day!"
  197. >"And it was stressing me out in school and I thought "Hey, maybe I can sneak off into the woods with some friends and RELAX for thirty seconds!" but you had to go screw that up too!"
  198. >He was panting at his outburst, staring at you with wide angry eyes.
  199. >The road back to Ponyville was silent.
  200. "...IS THAT IT!?"
  201. >His face contorts. "Wha-"
  202. "You block head! You're dad wouldn't get on your ass about stunt flying if you'd tell him you didn't want to!"
  203. >Thunders eyes are still wide "He...wouldn't?"
  204. >Tch...teenagers.
  205. >You sigh.
  206. "No...Thunder, you dad cares more about you than anyone. He'd never want you to be unhappy in what you do."
  207. >Thunder's head falls. "But...won't they be disappointed?"
  208. >You put a hand on his shoulder.
  209. "Thunder, you can't be disappointed in what your kid chooses for a life. That's like, rule one of being a good parent."
  210. >There's a smile. "Really?"
  211. "Actually, it's "Don't make them sleep in the basement. But the other one is up there."
  212. >Thunder laughs.
  213. "Now c'mon. Let's get to town and tell your dad about your career change, and hope your aunt doesn't try and kick my ass for probably being late."
  214. >Thunder chuckles.
  215. >"Right behind you "Darth Knight"."
  216. >Damned kids...
  217. >Too smart these days.

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