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Helios 16: Expert Advice.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:11:57 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Romance Adventure

  1. =Helios 16=
  3. >The spittoon rang out through the town as your Taffy Tobaccy lands in it.  
  4. >You sat with your feet propped up on the railing outside The Applebarrel.
  5. >They didn't really have a sheriff's office here, and you did most of your thinking at the bar anyway.
  6. >It was the day after your meeting with Cadence.
  7. >You had spent the entire night thinking about what she said afterwards...
  8. >"Perhaps I don't need to?" And said with that smile of hers.
  9. >She had been talking about you and Celestia, if there was any mutual love between the two of you.
  10. >You admit, you cared about Celestia, and you were worried about her not using a bodyguard.
  11. >But still...
  12. >Your SOULS were linked, that was weird even by your standards.
  13. >And you slept with a horse who raised the sun.
  14. >You had spent the entire evening just sitting on your bed, trying to figure out what your tipping point was.
  15. >Would you go back if you realized you were wrong?
  16. >What if the griffins attacked again?
  17. >Or Blueblood got out?
  18. >Would you need to save face?
  19. >Would Celestia even take you back?
  20. >You lean back in your chair and blow a raspberry.
  21. >This was harder than it was last night...
  22. >The rapid sound of someone galloping down the street caught your eye, it was Saloon Scalper.
  23. >He looked nervous...
  24. >"Changelings! Out back by tha' General Store!"
  25. >Oh hell!
  27. >You dash down the main road to the general store.
  28. >Peeking through the window you see Mayor Buckington and Tornado Dancer staring down a trio of Changelings.
  29. >They couldn't take them on their own, you were the only one who knew how to fight in this town.
  30. >Not to mention it was your job.
  31. >You hop up on the railing outside the store and pull yourself onto the roof.
  32. >They were talking.
  33. >"Where is it!? Where do you keep it!?" They asked with their flanged voiced.
  34. >"What in tarnation are you talkin' 'r you talkin' about!?" Tornado shouted.
  35. >You heard what you assumed was a grunt from another Changeling. "They don't know! I say we turn this town upside down to find that reservoir!"
  36. >Not on your bloody watch.
  37. "Here's your reservoir!"
  39. >You leap off the roof of the store, hoping that the sun behind you will give you an advantage.
  40. >Fist meats exoskeleton as you land in front of the first Changeling, the other two looking on in surprise.
  41. >You turn back to Buckington and Tornado.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Go! Get out of here!"
  42. >The two stallions ran off as the other changelings lunged at you.
  43. >You sidestep and grab it by its horn.
  44. >The Changeling spins around and around as you pivot on your foot, eventually flying through the air and hitting the side of the general store with a loud "WHAP!" when you let go.
  45. >The third Changeling jumped onto your back as the first one recovered and latched on to your leg.
  46. >You lifted and stomped your foot rhythmically, hoping to catch the first Changeling under your boot.
  47. >At the same time, you yanked and pulled the Changeling on your back off, it's hooves wrapped around your neck tight.
  48. >The Changeling was finally caught underneath your stomping boot, sending teeth and spittle onto the ground.
  49. >At the same time, you reversed the headlock the last conscious Changeling had, putting him in a sleeper hold so he could join his fellows.
  50. >His limp body hits the ground and you look around.
  51. "Huh. Not too bad for being out of practice."
  53. >Two of the Changelings were over your shoulders as you dragged the other one along the ground.
  54. >You had started to book it once you heard them waking up, you were gonna make it to the edge of town just in time.
  55. >They flopped over the ground near the hills as they regained consciousness.
  56. "Howdy."
  57. >The lead Changeling was the first to his feet, instantly taking in his surroundings before glaring at you.
  58. "Why were ya'll in my town?"
  59. >Silence.
  60. >You spit.
  61. "Whatever. Show up again and I won't be bringing you back here, least not alive."
  62. >The other two Changelings get to their feet and begin sniffing at the air.
  63. >"This guy is the reservoir! We can take him here!" One said.
  64. >"Be my guest. I don't want to get stomped again!" Said the other.
  65. >Okay...
  66. "Reservoir?"
  67. >The Changelings stop their bickering and glare up at you, their anger barely contained.
  68. >That was they did that in unison...
  69. >These Changelings were pretty creepy in general. They seemed to always move in unison and they were constantly drooling some translucent liquid.
  70. >The lead one stepped forward, only coming up to your calf.
  71. >"We Changelings feed on love, as you are no doubt aware."
  72. >You nod.
  73. >"The three of us abandoned out hive after Queen Chrysalis' failed attempt at the Equestrian throne. We came to this place on the scent of a mass of love the likes of which none of us had ever seen...and it seems that you are the source of that love, biped." He said.
  74. >You...?
  75. >A love repository...?
  76. " for who?"
  77. >The three of them close their eyes for a moment. "We...cannot tell. All we see when we look into your heart is a rather blinding light."
  78. >That...didn't make your day any easier.
  80. >The sun was high in the sky as you sat back out front of The Applebarrel.
  81. >You had your feet planted on the ground and your chin in your hand, lost in thought.
  82. >So...apparently you loved Celestia.
  83. >...The mare who linked her mind with you and let all of her overwhelming affection in...
  84. >Uhg.
  85. >The bar doors open up and a familiar stallion trots out.
  86. >"Hey Anonymous,...Y'all okay?" Braeburn asked.
  87. >You keep your gaze affixed straight ahead.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Hey Brae. Just thinking."
  88. >"What about?"
  89. >...
  90. "...Remember the reason I told you I came here?"
  91. >Braeburn's face falls a bit. "About that wizard? And your soul?"
  92. "Yeah..."
  93. >Braeburn knew that someone who loved you bound your souls and scared you off.
  94. >What he didn't know was that it was Celestia.
  95. >"Well what's up?"
  96. "I...think I love her."
  97. >Braeburn's smile explodes. "Well shoot Anon! That's great news!
  98. "But what about..."
  99. >You point to your head.
  100. "That?"
  101. >Braeburn scrunches his face. "...Does that matter?"
  102. >Wot?
  103. "What."
  104. >"Well...Yeah. It's pretty obvious you care, and that she cares, and if you both care and both feel it then it's just a big ball of care aint it?"
  105. >That was...certainly a unique way of looking at it.
  106. " I still me? If the link is going and stuff?"
  107. >Braeburn shifts on his hooves. "I didn't know ya before ya came here Anon. Do YOU think you're the same guy?"
  108. >You felt like you sat there for an eternity.
  109. "I...don't know."
  110. >"Well...I think you should go to her Anon..." Braeburn turns and trots away. "Y'all won't feel any better till ya do."
  112. >You were on the train.
  113. >The scenery outside was speeding by too fast to see.
  114. >On the horizon the sun was beginning to inch its way down.
  115. >Your mind wandered back, way back.
  116. >About how melancholy you had been these last few weeks.
  117. >You thought it was just because of how mad the situation was when you left, not because of heartache.
  118. >Uhg. You had uprooted your life over this mindlink...
  119. >Life in Canterlot was one of chaotic routine, one with friends and warmth and direction.
  120. >Even when you were new to the guard, your day was always comfortably scheduled to the second.
  121. >But all that had changed with Celestia...
  122. >Suddenly your days could be spent either walking around the city or on diplomatic missions to Zevera.
  123. >And suddenly your training got put more to use. The Princess had many enemies.
  124. >You sigh and lean back.
  125. >It was hard for you to imagine your Equestrian life without Celestia.
  126. >She had been a constant. From when you first appeared here and she deemed you safe to when you had left for Appleoosa.
  127. >Even in the guard there wasn't a day you didn't see her around the castle or performing her sun spell.
  128. >You cherished those memories.
  129. >But...
  130. >Was that simply devotion talking? Or was it affection?
  131. >You sigh against your seat.
  132. >You don't know anymore...
  133. >What did Celestia say she was doing? "Going with what felt right?"
  134. >Can't hurt...
  136. >You stood just inside the castle gates.
  137. >It was past dark now.
  138. >You idea what you were doing...
  139. >...Fuck.
  140. >You slide your hands in your pockets and start walking.
  141. >You walk and walk until you find yourself in the castle gardens.
  142. >Up above you on the side of the castle hung Celestia's balcony.
  143. >The place where she rose and lowered the sun every day.
  144. >You knew that balcony well, you saw it almost as much as she did.
  145. >Any plans you had to make this right didn't seem to amount to much...
  146. >You sat down on a nearby bench and tried something...
  147. >Reaching out with your link to see what you could feel.
  148. >There was...
  149. >Sadness...the crushing sadness that came with loss.
  150. >Following that came the inky blackness of depression brought on by helplessness
  151. >You felt terrible for causing that feeling.
  152. >Dammit, all of this was your fault.
  153. >The blackness gave way to the cool blue of...intrigue?
  154. >"...Anon?"
  155. >Shit.
  157. >You opened your eyes just in time to see Celestia jump off her balcony and land some feet away from you in the garden.
  158. >"W-what are you doing here?" She asked wide eyed.
  159. >You scrambled to your feet.
  160. "I...decided to come back."
  161. >Celestia cants her head to the side as a smile tugs at her mouth.
  162. >"Why? I-I thought you had made your choice..."
  163. "I thought about it...our "situation" that is."
  164. >Felt a bit awkward, either from the link or just yourself.
  165. >You didn't really care...not after all the crap recently.
  166. >Celestia trotted over to you, talking the entire way.
  167. >"Anonymous I understand why you left an-"
  168. >Your words come pouring out as well.
  169. "I shouldn't have left like I did, it was stupid an-"
  170. >"Telling you how I felt right after the other news-"
  171. "Stupid and immature of me."
  172. >The both of you snap your mouths shut.
  173. >Celestia clears her throat.
  174. >"We seem to be..."
  175. "Tripping over each other."
  176. >The silence stretches from here to Appleoosa.
  177. >You flex your fingers at your side.
  178. >Celestia shuffles on her hooves a bit.
  179. "I-"
  180. >...
  181. >Oh...
  182. "Fuck it."
  183. >You gently place your hands on Celestia's face and pull her close, satiating the hunger for her velvety lips you had felt since you saw her.
  185. >The two of you stand unmoving save for your mouths for a while.
  186. >When it's finally decided that you want to breathe more than kiss, you break away from each other.
  187. >Wow...
  188. >That felt...
  189. >Good.
  190. >And not just because of the link, even if that was nice too.
  191. "I enjoyed that..."
  192. >Celestia's cheeks take on a rose hue. "Likewise Anon..." She said with a smile.
  193. >Well...
  194. "...Now what?"
  195. >You admit you were at a loss here.
  196. >Celestia continued to stare at you with eyes unblinking. "I...don't know Anon..."
  197. "I guess...we could do what you want?"
  198. >Celestia almost barreled over your words, leaning her head forward. "Anon, I have everything I've wanted for a while now." She said faster than you have ever heard.
  199. >Heh...that was pretty cute.
  200. >You looked around the garden as the moon moved across the sky.
  201. "We should probably avoid being seen. Is your room-"
  202. >A bright white light took your vision from you, returning it to show Celestia's room greeting you.
  203. >The Sun Princess hadn't moved an inch, her face still almost brushing up against yours.
  204. "-an option?"
  205. >You meet Celestia's eyes again...
  206. >...And the two of you stand there together.
  207. >You felt...apprehensive, the both of you.
  208. >You may have to wing this again.
  209. >Your hand on Celestia's chin, you guide your mouths together once more.
  210. >The kiss before had been one of hunger, the result of not seeing each other for so long.
  211. >This kiss was far more tender. Celestia and your lips in constant motion as you both tried to take as much of the other in as you could.
  212. >You break again in the harsh shadows of the fireplace.
  213. "Shall I stay with you tonight your majesty?"
  214. >Celestia flicks her wing and sends a rush of air to the fireplace, extinguishing it.
  215. >Heh...
  216. "As you wish."

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