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Helios 17: Taking the Plunge.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:12:12 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Romance Adventure

  1. =Helios 17=
  3. >The halls of the Canterlot royal palace echoed as you walked down them.
  4. >It seemed that they adjusted your boots for your first real day back on the job, they fit snuggly on your feet.
  5. >You stopped outside Celestia's door.
  6. "Hey Brawny, Diamond. She in?"
  7. >Both of your fellow guards eyebrows arch.
  8. >"Anonymous, why do you ask questions you already know the answer to?"
  9. >They had you there, Celestia rarely left her room without you.
  10. >You stepped into the room cautiously, wanting to maintain appearance.
  11. "Princess?"
  12. >"In here!" Came a voice from the power room.
  13. >You shut the door behind you and waited by the beauty desk.
  14. >Celestia came walking into the bedroom applying a towel to her head, steam billowing out from the room behind her.
  15. >She wordlessly walks up to you and puts a tender pair of lips against your own.
  16. >"Good morning Anon."
  17. "Good morning Tia."
  18. >The two of you stand there for a time, foreheads pressed together and taking in the simple joy of being able to do this.
  19. >"Quite different from the normal start of the day, wouldn't you say?"
  20. "This past week has been a strange one, yes."
  21. >Celestia levitates her crown and raiment onto herself. "But enjoyable all the same, no?"
  22. >You chuckle.
  23. "More than a bit, yes."
  24. >Celestia leads a brush through her hair. "Is everything ready?"
  25. "We just have to be there at sundown."
  26. >Celestia wordlessly smiles back to you.
  27. >The warm kind of smile that makes her eyes glisten.
  28. >She quickly recomposes herself. "Well, we must first make it through the day. Shall we?"
  29. "Lead the way Celestia."
  31. >You and Celestia were finally able to get back to your old routine.
  32. >The city rounds.
  33. >Neither of you had partaken in the simple joy of seeing the city in the week you had been back.
  34. >Most of your time had been put to fixing the mess you made when you walked out.
  35. >As well as certain...other matters. Matters far more enjoyable.
  36. >This was also the first time you walked next to Celestia as opposed to behind her, making conversation much easier.
  37. "The city looks well for what happened last time I was here..."
  38. >"Yes. We were lucky that what transpired with my nephew was contained to his estate."
  39. "How's he doing?"
  40. >Celestia sighs. "As well as can be hoped with what happened. He has his good days and his bad."
  41. "...Maybe I should stop by and see him."
  42. >Celestia lowers her head. "Perhaps in time...But enough of depressing things, Tell me about how much different life is in the Mild West."
  43. >Heh.
  44. "Well. Guarding an entire town is fairly easy when I can shout from one end to the other, and crime is less of an issue when everyp0ny knows each other."
  45. >"Ah...that small town feeling."
  46. "Certainly a positive aspect of my sabbatical."
  47. >"How did you take care of your responsibilities there after you left?"
  48. "I mailed all my things back along with a letter explaining the situation. Braeburn is the sheriff now."
  49. >Celestia glances down at you. "Do you trust him to do well?"
  50. "Implicitly."
  52. >Later in the day you and Celestia were sitting eating lunch.
  53. >It seemed that Celestia was feeling nostalgic, she took you to the same fountain where you kissed her cheek.
  54. >The water gently babbled down from a relief of what seemed to be Starswirl the Bearded and lapped gently against the edge next to you.
  55. >Celestia stared ahead as you bit into your food.
  56. >"Have you thought about it?"
  57. >You swallow your food and join her in her far off stare.
  58. "...A bit."
  59. >"Everything changes after this..."
  60. "Yeah..."
  61. >The full weight of your discussion was dawning on you for the millionth time.
  62. "I'm...a bit worried."
  63. >Celestia's head turns to you so fast you hear the sonic boom.
  64. >Her eyes are wide. "If you want to stop or slow dow-"
  65. >You shake your head.
  66. "No...No I want this."
  67. >You feel Celestia calm down immediately through the link.
  68. "I want this more than anything right now..."
  69. >The momentary biting fear from Celestia's side of the link was replaced with the warm feeling of anticipation that spread throughout your entire body.
  70. >You finish your meal as the sun inches its way across the sky.
  71. >Rising to your feet, you turn to Celestia.
  72. "We should get going, we probably have some things to do beforehand."
  73. >Celestia smiles and rises to her feet as well, eager to get things taken care of.
  75. >You are Sunshine Smiles, only constant guard to Her Majesty Princess Luna.
  76. >You currently stood watch over the Royal Dining Hall as Her Majesty eats on the opposite side of the table from you.
  77. >Your eyes shifted to the windows near the ceiling as you watched for any possible threats.
  78. >Hmm...nothing. No silhouettes or mysterious shadows.
  79. >One could never be too careful with a pony who was the night incarnate.
  80. >Princess Luna had awoken early for today.
  81. >Your duty was to follow her as she saw to some errands in various locals.
  82. >It was not your place to ask what they were, but they seemed important.
  83. >Princess Luna had always been opposed to the idea of personal guards, it was only through some miracle that you were allowed this station.
  84. >You accomplished this through the Shadow Stalking technique used by the Ibex empire.
  85. >She seemed to find it less objectionable when she couldn't see you.
  86. >The Princess stops eating and looks around the room.
  87. >"Guard. Where is my sister?"
  88. "I cannot say Your Majesty."
  89. >She grunted. "Celestia is always present at the evening meal...The only explanation is that Anonymous stole her away again."
  90. "Who knows Your Majesty?
  91. >"I had thought we were rid of him...evidently not." She said as she rose from her seat.
  92. >Princess Luna exited the dining hall and you melted into the shadows.
  93. >She was right though, what in the world could they be doing?
  95. >The two of you were both in the catacombs below the city.
  96. >You were both facing each other in front of the crystal cage that held Grogar.
  97. >The Ram sat inside as motionless as ever, a wide grin on his face however.
  98. >"I am truly honored to be performing this ritual. And it is with great humility that I do so." Grogar said.
  99. >Grogar wasn't your first choice so much as your only choice, the two of you needed to keep this a secret.
  100. >The week between your return and now had been one of emotional talks and planning.
  101. >You both agreed: You loved one another.
  102. >The weeks you were gone had made you acutely away of how much you missed just seeing Celestia's happy face in the morning.
  103. >You never wanted what happened before you left to happen again.
  104. >And so here you stood.
  105. >Grogar cleared his dead throat.
  106. >"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..."
  108. >Yes, this was sudden and possibly reckless.
  109. >But it was also something the two of you had wanted since you returned to Canterlot.
  110. >Just the time you had spent together, amplified by the link had felt like a lifetime together.
  111. >You knew Celestia's hopes and desires, her fears and dreams and her most personal feelings.
  112. >She in turn knew everything you worried over and wanted out of life, as well all of your memories of your life before you came here.
  113. >Your first kiss, your first great success, everything that followed.
  114. >You were as much a part of her as she was you.
  115. >And this was the most official definition the two of you could come up with.
  116. >Grogar clears his throat beneath you and brings you out of the space your head was in.
  117. "Huh?"
  118. >"I said. "You may kiss the bride." Grogar said with a shit eating grin.
  119. >You pull Celestia close and lock your lips, sealing the marital pact and embracing the wave of emotion that the link is sending between the two of you.
  120. >You don't care what the civilians think, Celestia was as much a person as any of them and had a right to be happy.
  121. >Celestia was the most important person in the world to you right now.
  122. >And you were going to be as close to her as fate would allow.

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