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Helios 18: Warm Reception.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:12:25 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Romance Adventure

  1. =Helios 18=
  3. >You ran along the East wall.
  4. >Not how most spend the morning after they get married, but you were fairly non-traditional.
  5. >You and Celestia had stepped out of the catacombs and into your new lives together.
  6. >One of secrecy.
  7. >None could know of what happened down there.
  8. >The only ones who did were those directly involved.
  9. >You jumped up some stairs as you ran.
  10. >The only outward clue of your change in status was a small sun pendant you now wore around your neck, indistinguishable from the rest of your uniform.
  11. >Wedding bands would be a bit obvious.
  12. >Celestia had a similar pendant incorporated into her crown jewels, if you played your cards right no one would notice.
  13. >Still, there was the problem of your minister talking.
  14. >You and Celestia were the only ones who visited Grogar, but you didn't put it past him to find a way of blabbing.
  15. >You'd pay him a visit soon to ensure he kept his mouth shut.
  16. >The sun rose to meet you as you got back to your room.
  17. >It was fast becoming your second favorite sight.
  18. >You got a quick shower and started to dress yourself.
  19. >It was high time that you went off to see your favorite sight of all.
  21. >You armored yourself up and went to Celestias room, not even bothering to ask Brawny or Diamond if she was in.
  22. >The link had matured over time, you could now feel the distance between the two of you.
  23. >This was the second time in two days you caught Celestia coming out of her washroom. She looked out her window. "Is it safe?" She asked.
  24. >You peek out the windows and examine the grounds below.
  25. >Sighting no one, you turn back.
  26. "Looks clear."
  27. >Celestia wordlessly half-galloped over to you and wrapped you in her great wings, pulling you close to her and locking your lips.
  28. >You ran your hand through your wife's ethereal mane as you kissed her.
  29. >You looked down at the single shield attached to the front of her raiment, her symbol of your marriage.
  30. >Celestia broke away from her kiss and placed her forehead against yours.
  31. >"Having to meet my husband this way the morning after our wedding..." She sighs.
  32. "You know why."
  33. >"I do. But a wedding night would still have been appreciated."
  34. "Come on, you can imagine the scandal if we slipped up just once and someone saw us in here..."
  35. >Celestia nuzzles your face. "I could get you out in time..."
  36. "We can't risk it. Call it bodyguards intuition."
  37. >Celestia grows a mischievous grin. "Perhaps I should change my plans...Stay inside and see what can be done in here today?"
  38. >Heh.
  39. >You run your hand over her perfect face.
  40. "As much as I would enjoy helping you in your..."duties"...we can't let them get suspicious."  
  41. >Celestia lets out another deep sigh and walks to her beauty desk.
  42. >"I'm going to need a vacation soon if this keeps up.
  44. >You and Celestia were in the magisters tower.
  45. >You sat off to the side of the table Celestia was at and mostly just tried to stay out of the way of the acolytes.
  46. >They carried potions and arcane devices to and fro, planning to do unknowable things with them.
  47. >And it was still miles over your head.
  48. >"No no no, we need to move it slower here." Celestia said.
  49. >She was standing around a table with the Grand Magister and several others.
  50. >Laid before them was the plans for the upcoming solar year.
  51. >As the warden of the sun, it was Celestia's duty to plan out the appropriate orbit every year.
  52. >The paper on the table in front of her was covered in calculations and astrological markings.
  53. >You frankly couldn't make heads or tails of it.
  54. >"No. The equinox will have to be on this date."
  55. >The Grand Magister sighed. "This would be far easier if Princess Luna were here."
  56. >Where the hell WAS Luna?
  57. >"My sister needs her rest. We will do her calculations tonight."
  58. >Celestia bent over the table and looked closely at the charts.
  59. >She released a heavy sigh. "You forgot to take into consideration the passing of Starswirls Comet and its effects on our magic. These calculations will have to be redone."
  60. >The collected magi groaned at their oversight.
  61. >You however, had something else in mind.
  62. "Princess Celestia."
  63. >She turns to look at you.
  64. "I have to go see..."someone". Can I trust you to stay here?"
  65. >Celestia arches an eyebrow. "Who Anonymous?"
  66. "A Prisoner."
  67. >Celestias eyes widen momentarily as she begins to understand.
  68. >"Of course Anonymous."
  69. >You nod to your secret wife and make for the door.
  70. >"Anon?"
  71. >You look back over your shoulder.
  72. >"Be careful."
  74. >You walked into the secret prison alone.
  75. A cautionary glance told you that the cage seemed the same.
  76. >No point taking chances...
  77. >Grogar's eyes snap open as they always did once you got close.
  78. >"Ah...Anonymous. Alone are you?" He coos.
  79. "Thought I'd stop by."
  80. >"I'm flattered. Coming to see me again so soon after out last visit."
  81. >You stand and cross your arms.
  82. "I'm here for business, not pleasure Grogar."
  83. >Grogar slowly shakes his head. "Tsk tsk Anonymous. So dull after your wedding. Attempt to be more like myself, mix the two."
  84. >Ignoring the possible come on, you get to the point.
  85. "You're the only other thing alive that knows about me and Celestia. That means you're the only one who could blab..."
  86. >Grogar has a wide smarmy grin on his face.
  87. >You rap your finger on the edge of the glass.
  88. "And we can't have that."
  89. >Grogar's face contorts.
  90. >"Anonymous I'm hurt. I would never "blab" as you put it."
  91. >"I have been watching you and Celestia through this city since this little romances inception and I must say you have proven quite entertaining."
  92. >Grogar tilts his head up. "And you know I would never destroy something if it was still entertaining."
  93. >Hmph...Good.
  94. >You stand there, arms crossed as you stare down the Ram.
  95. >You're about to speak up but he beats you to it.
  96. >"Still Anon, I am sorry."
  97. "For what?"
  98. >"This."
  99. >The glass in front of you begins to glow as bright as the sun.
  100. >You're flung back as the wall between you and Grogar explodes.
  102. >You bounce along the ground a few times before you get yourself into a low crouch.
  103. >Your hand shoots to your sword as you prepare to attack.
  104. >"Oh let's have none of that." Came a voice from the smoke.
  105. >Your body ceases all movement before you get your sword halfway out.
  106. >The sound of old muscles springing to use and hooves on stone fill the room.
  107. >Grogar steps out of the smoke with a smile on his face.
  108. >"Before you attempt to ask and find out that I've paralyzed your vocal chords, there was a hairline fracture in the corner of my cage. I have spent the last thousand years pulling against my chains, making that crack the smallest bit bigger as I did."
  109. >His voice sounded senile in the cage, out here it sounded like a coiled viper.
  110. >"As the crack grew, I was able to let my magics seep out in small amounts. It was only today that I was able to shatter that infernal crystal."
  111. >He bent down an inch away from your face. "How fortunate that my newest friend is here for it...perhaps Celestia had a point about it all?"
  113. >You struggle against your invisible bonds, trying to use your armors wards against it.
  114. >"If you are wondering, I plan to leave. To where I do not know...In fact, it was your ridiculous little romance with little Celly that inspired me to do so. Thank you so very much Anonymous."
  115. >If you could spit you would.
  116. >"I have removed the wards blocking my magics from being used and before you ask, no, I will not be causing far too much trouble for our dear monarchs. Simply nudging certain aspects of fate along..."
  117. >Grogar releases a chuckle as his horns start to glow a hellish purple.
  118. >"Goodbye Anonymous. If I see you again I'll drown you in your own blood."
  119. >A flash of light later Grogar vanishes from the room and takes his spell with him, leaving you laying on the floor.
  120. "Well...that was a hell of a wedding gift...

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