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Helios 19: Public Relations.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:12:34 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Romance Adventure

  1. =Helios 19=
  3. >You leaned against the wall backstage.
  4. >Not much for you to do here but just wait, there was already an insane amount of security.
  5. >Today was the annual "State of the Kingdom" addresses from both Princesses.
  6. >Celestia was out on her podium now entertaining a sea of media as she answered questions about trade with the Griffins or what happened with Blueblood.
  7. >But there were some current events that she was leaving unsaid...
  8. >Applause from the stage alerted you to her wrapping up long before you saw her step back behind the curtain.
  9. >She backs in, waving to the crowd until she's finally behind the curtain with you.
  10. >You feel the relief wash over you as she sighs and lowers the royal smile she had practiced so much.
  11. "Rough out there?"
  12. >She puts a hoof to her head. "Exhausting is more like it..."
  13. "Hasn't it been over a thousand years of this?"
  14. >"And each time they come up with a new way to stress me out."
  16. "What's next?"
  17. >Celestia takes a deep breath and begins walking back to the room given to her.
  18. >"Luna will be giving her speech on the state of the Night Court, we're done after that."
  19. >You looked around the area backstage but could find neither hair nor feather of the moon princess.
  20. "Where is Luna anyway?"
  21. >Celestia enters her room and sits at her desk. "I...don't know. She's been gone for a while..." She says with a hint of worry in her voice.
  22. >You walk up behind her and rub the back of her neck with your gauntleted hand.
  23. "Hey, you're doing great. To think that you've done this your entire life is...amazing."
  24. >Celestia cooed as you rubbed the tension out as best you could.
  25. >A knock came from the door, sending you shooting away from Celestia's back and onto the wall.
  26. >Through the door came the second mare of the hour, star field mane and all.
  28. >Princess Luna stands in the doorway, her eyes shifting between you and Celestia.
  29. >Shit, did she see you rubbing her neck? Her face was unreadable.
  30. >Luna calms your jimmies when she trots up to Celestia.
  31. >"Sister, may we speak?"
  32. >Celestia grows a legitimate smile. "Of course Luna, I always have the time for you."
  33. >Luna appears to mull over her words for a moment before she marches up to Celestia and puffs out her chest.
  34. >"Sister, I wish to make the announcement of my island nation at my speech tonight."
  35. >Celestia's eyes grow wide and you feel the surprise emanate off of her.
  36. >That got you too, Luna wanted to make her own nation? On an island?
  37. >Celestia closes her eyes and shakes her head slowly.
  38. >"Luna the answer is the same as it was a thousand years ago, no. We must ensure that harmony is maintained by ruling together."
  39. >Luna's features grow sharp. "And why should you have the final say? I am as much a Princess as you are!"
  40. >She stomps up to her sister. "Blast it Celestia! We have ruled in tandem for millennia! When will it be time to branch out?"
  41. >"Such a schism could tear Equestria apart Luna! Our Little Ponies would have to divide their loyalties among the two of us, that is not how the magic of friendship is meant to be used!"
  42. >Celestia tilts her head up. "Luna, I must forbid you to speak of this to the public."
  43. >For a second Luna appears about to shout again, but she catches herself and calms down.
  44. >"Very well Sister..."
  45. >Luna turns and walks out the door. "I must go to prepare my speech." She says.
  46. >Celestia lets out another heavy sigh.
  47. >You have the feeling backrubs aren't going to do the trick here...
  48. >Could always...
  49. "Hey..."
  50. >Celestia looks up at you.
  51. "Wanna get away?"
  53. >You were in the gardens looking over the city.
  54. >It was always calm out here, just you and the quiet.
  55. >The view stretched all the way from the castle out to the walls and beyond, Ponyville could be seen in the distance as the lights in it shut off for the night.
  56. >Celestia stood next to you, a serene look on her face as she listened to the sounds of the birds at night.
  57. "Feeling better?"
  58. >Celestia shushes you. "Lets...not ruin the moment..." She says with a smile.
  59. >Heh.
  60. >It -was- peaceful out here...
  61. "What's your plan after all this is over?"
  62. >Celestia sighs. "Well, considering that my husband will not sleep in the same room as I do, I suppose I'll just have to take a walk around the entire castle."
  63. "I wasn't aware that part of your royal duties involved surveying the castle."
  64. >She smiles. "Perhaps I simply enjoy the company?"
  65. >You glance to either side of the garden before you shuffle yourself closer to Celestia.
  66. >It wasn't enough for either of you, but it was all you could afford to give.
  67. >The two of you stay like that for a few minutes.
  68. >You look over and see Celestia staring off over the mountains.
  69. "Is something wrong?"
  70. >"I just...wonder what he's up to..."
  71. >Your face falls.
  72. "Grogar..."
  73. >"He was always difficult to read...Now that he's out..."
  74. >You feel your cheeks darken in shame.
  75. "I'm really sorry about that."
  76. >Celestia took a great chance and nuzzled the side of your face.
  77. >"I don't blame you dear...from what you told me he would have escaped either way."
  78. >Well...if she did it for you...
  79. >You sneak a quick peck on Celestia's cheek for just a moment.
  80. >Even at that you already feel the wave of emotion from her.
  81. >"Come along, it's time for Luna's speech." She says with a chuckle.
  83. >Celestia and you stood off to the side backstage as Luna spoke.
  84. >Most of it just sounded like political situations and issues within the night court.
  85. >IE: Not your domain.
  86. >"And the Lunar guards report a decrease in Ursa activity across Equestria, though we will continue to monitor their actions."
  87. >You lean over to Celestia.
  88. "What do you get to deal with if she gets Ursa's?"
  89. >"Dragons." She says leaning back.
  90. >...Ow.
  91. >At least Ursa's didn't breath fire.
  92. >Luna must have heard you two whispering, because she looked over your way.
  93. >What alarmed you was how icy her stare was.
  94. >She took a deep breath and went to her podium.
  95. >"And now I must report more...unpleasant news."
  96. >The crowd silences.
  97. >Luna looks over the assembled mass. "The ancient ram necromancer and threat to Equestria Grogar is now once again free."
  98. >WHOAWHAT.
  99. >Celestia had a similar face to you, one where her jaw was on the floor.
  100. >The crowd of media stands as the flashbulbs go off.
  101. >Luna raises a hoof and continues.
  102. >"He had been bound to the city of Canterlot after his last failed attempt at its crown so long ago and kept in a prison underneath the city. A prison that now lies shattered and its occupant loose."
  103. >The camera flashes pick up in frequency.
  104. >"I could not allow my subjects to continue to remain in the dark concerning this matter."
  105. >Luna glances back to the two of you, her gaze just as cold.
  106. >"And that's not all."
  107. >...She wouldn't.
  109. >Luna takes another deep breath as she speaks the words that change your life.
  110. >"My sister Princess Celestia has been wed to her bodyguard Anonymous for the past two weeks, and has been seeing him for roughly a month prior to that."
  111. >If the media was animated before, they were exploding now.
  112. >You and Celestia stood in silent shock, your mouths agape.
  113. >"The ceremony took place at the same prison that held Grogar with the ram himself presiding." Luna said, her Royal Voice coming into play to speak over the din of reporters.
  114. >"Even I was not told. It was only by using the Moon itself as my eye that I was able to learn what was kept from you."
  115. >You turn to your now publicly known wife.
  116. "Orders?"
  117. >She just stood statue still in shock at her sister, her pupils the size of pinpricks at what she had done.
  118. >"Monarchs should not be keeping secrets of this scope from their people and I will have no further part in it. Let the record show that the slate is now clean between the ponies of Canterlot and their royalty."
  119. >Luna shoots the two of you one last icy cold stare before she turns and walks off the stage.

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