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Helios 20: It Hits The Fan.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:12:44 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Romance Adventure

  1. =Helios 20=
  3. >The light seeped in through the window onto your face.
  4. >You instinctively tighten your grip on what you assumed to be sheets in opposition to being woken.
  5. >Only to find that it was not sheets in your grip, but fine fur.
  6. >Your surprise only lasted a moment as you opened your eyes and saw the pure white Alicorn sleeping under your arm.
  7. >Right...You were in Celestia's bed.
  8. >No need to sleep in different rooms after what happened last night...
  9. >The two of you had high tailed it back to her room after Luna got off the stage, locked the door and posted guards outside.
  10. >You laid your head back down.
  11. >Still hard to believe that Luna did what she did...
  12. >Celestia grumbles next to you and rolls over.
  13. >Her magenta eyes flitter open and focus on you before she smiles and places a small kiss on your lips.
  14. >"...Good morning." She sighs out.
  15. "Good morning. Sleep well?"
  16. >Celestia closes her eyes and cuddles into your chest. "I must say that this new morning routine is growing on me."
  18. >You grin and pull the blanket over the two of you.
  19. "Is that so?"
  20. >Celestia giggles as you drop your hands down and start tickling her chest.
  21. >There was a time when seeing the monarch of an entire kingdom reduced to gigglesnorts as you attacked her chest with your fingers was inconceivable, but here it was coming naturally to you.
  22. >Celestia eventually calmed down and rested peacefully next to you.
  23. "What's the plan for today?"
  24. >Here eyes open and gain a serious edge to them. "We must go out into the city, get a feel for how the citizens are reacting."
  25. >You let out a deep sigh.
  26. "I agree. But it's gonna be a bit awkward out there."
  27. >Celestia nods. "I know bu-
  28. >She is interrupted by the sound of the door opening.
  29. >"Good morning Princess, I'm here to tell yo-"
  30. >The two of you pulled down the blankets and looked at the now blushing maid.
  31. >Her eyes dart between the two of you in bed together.
  32. >"I- Uh- Breakfast is served!" She shouts as she gallops out of the room.
  34. >You and Celestia ate a quick breakfast after you armored up and set out into the city.
  35. >It was...a bit unnerving.
  36. >Where before you were content to just let the city folk look to Celestia in the awe you were used to, this time it was directed equally to you.
  37. >The collective faces of the crowd were...odd.
  38. >They didn't seem angry, or upset at the deception. Only...curious?
  39. >Even weirder, some of them started bowing to the both of you. In spite of last night.
  40. >You leaned in to Celestia.
  41. "Shouldn't we be getting pelted with rotten food?"
  42. >Celestia glances around to the bowing ponies.
  43. >"This is...rather curious."
  44. >The two of you stood in the square, surrounded on all sides by ponies who shouldn't be bowing.
  45. >Celestia clears her throat. "Rise My Little Ponies! There is no need for that here!"
  46. >That sounded a little unsure but it got the point across, ponies started to rise to their feet and continue their days.
  47. "Uhh...thoughts?"
  48. >Celestia looked down the road. "Perhaps we should speak to the Seneschal about this..."
  50. >If Celestia and Luna were the heads of Canterlot, the Seneschal was the next one in line.
  51. >He had his hoof on every aspect of the city from trade to defense to the thoughts of citizens.
  52. >And that was what you were here for today.
  53. >The two of you knocked on the Seneschal's door. "Yes, yes, come in!"
  54. >You stepped inside to see the graying old stallion sitting behind his desk.
  55. >His face perks up as the two of you walk in. "Ah! M-my lieges! Please do come in!"
  56. >He walks up to the two of you. "What may I do for you this fine day?"
  57. >You and Celestia exchange a glance before she leans down.
  58. >"Seneschal, could you explain to us what is going on here? Why are the citizens not angry with us?"
  59. >The Seneschal cocks an eyebrow. "Why would they be mad?"
  60. >You and Celestia exchange another glance.
  61. >The Senechal smiles. "Princess, you have done an absolutely wonderful job in running Canterlot. The citizens love you, why in Equestria would they be mad?"
  63. >You finally speak up.
  64. "Maybe because we got married behind thier back?"
  65. >"What does that have to do with anything?" He says.
  66. >There is a cracking sound in your ears as your brain snaps in half.
  67. >"The announcement was shocking yes, but not horrible. Why, if you had told us about it there might have been a parade!"
  68. >Celestia shakes her head. "But...what about the royal duties I am expected to keep up with? They aren't mad about their ruler having someone she places before them?"
  69. >The Seneschal chuckles softly to himself. "Princess you are a pony just as we are, you deserve as much a chance at happiness as the rest of us."
  70. >You could feel the happiness radiating off of Celestia at the city's approval of your marriage.
  71. >"Besides, your Prince Consort seems capable of defending himself. I'd say that there is not much that you would have to defend him over the citizens against." He said with a grin.
  72. >Celestia was positively beaming beside you, a feeling you mirror yourself.
  73. "Thank you Seneschal, we owe you a debt."
  74. >You and Celestia bow and walk out the door.
  75. >"Any time your Highness, any time..." you here chuckled behind you.
  77. >You and Celestia walked home now after the sun was set and the moon had risen.
  78. >Well, you walked, Celestia practically skipped home.
  79. "First they approve of your wedding and now of you skipping outside? What is the world coming to?"
  80. >Celestia grinned a toothy grin as she orbited around you.
  81. >"I can't help it! For the first time in however many years this crown feels like something other than a burden!"
  82. >She snakes around in front of you. "For the first time I can do this!"
  83. >You feel your shoulders gripped by magic as Celestia leans in and presses her lips against yours.
  84. >The kiss is long and deep, the first one in public Celestia has ever done.
  85. >Celestia breaks away from your mouth. "And I can do it among the people to!"
  86. >She rests her head upon your shoulder.
  87. >"Anon I have never been so happy in this city in all my life..."
  88. >You wrap your arms around her neck.
  89. "I'm happy for you Tia."
  90. >Your wife nuzzles her head into your shoulder as you break out her seldom used pet name.
  91. "Tired?"
  92. >"Exhausted."
  93. >The two of you had spent the day walking around the city, hearing first hand how the people approved of the two of you.
  94. >It was feel so loved.
  95. >The sound of ponies grunting to your side alerted you.
  96. >A group of guards were carrying boxes into the barracks.
  97. >Heavy ones by the look of it.
  98. >You ran your head through Tia's mane.
  99. "Why don't you head back to the room and I'll catch up with you after I help these guys?"
  100. >Tia rubs her snout against your cheek. "Such a dutiful quick." She says with a peck.
  102. >You are Princess Luna and you are not happy.
  103. >You stood on your balcony overlooking the city.
  104. >Everything had gone according to plan...until the citizens of this city went and ruined it by siding with your sister.
  105. >...You needed to get out, start your own kingdom.
  106. >But not with these fools...
  107. >You reached out with your senses, feeling the thoughts of all the babes who thought as you did.
  108. >Yes...they would do.
  109. >They needed to be young to help you build your new empire, to be molded to the proper way of things.
  110. >The guards would not be a problem, a simple spell would put them to sleep.
  111. >And with the city of Canterlot sleeping, you dove off your balcony and began your work.
  113. >You were Anonymous and you just helped some guards carry weapons and armor into the barracks.
  114. >You don't remember them being so heavy...
  115. >Maybe the day has just been getting to you as well.
  116. >That was going to be remedied, it was time to head to bed with your wife.
  117. >You relish the simple joy of being able to do that.
  118. >Right before you reach the castle steps, a wave of vertigo hits you.
  119. >You steady yourself against the nearby wall and wait for it to pass but it...doesn't.
  120. >The guards on the battlements and at various doors were falling over too.
  121. >Th-this was an attack...
  122. >You start crawling up the stairs.
  123. >Had to...warn...Celestia.
  124. >By the time you make it to the third step you pass out.
  125. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  126. >You were Princess Celestia and you had retired to your chambers after a wonderful day.
  127. >You had been waiting for your husband Anonymous to return after helping a group of guards before you admittedly fell asleep.
  128. >A short lived sleep however.
  129. >A wave of magic passes over you and slowly rouses you from your sleep.
  130. >Anonymous is not next to you.
  131. >You reach out, both with your magical senses and the link you shared with him for an idea of what was going on.
  132. >You could feel Anonymous...but only faintly, like he were asleep.
  133. >And the castle! The castle was bathed in magic!
  134. >It felt like...a sleep spell?
  135. >You open your eyes as you withdraw your senses and look out your window at the full moon.
  136. >"Something is very wrong..."

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