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BiE Bonus Story: Consultation.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:14:57 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE Bonus Story: Consultation.=
  3. >You cross through the portal and breath in the sweet air.
  4. >The scent of trees and grass filled your nostrils, the sound of water not too far in the distance caressed your ear.
  5. >And the grumbling jerk on the ground in front of you swore as he pushed himself off his back.
  6. >"How come I always end up either vomiting or getting tossed around by these portals and you come out fine?" Mous asked.
  7. >You stroke your chin and turn back to the portal.
  8. "I don't really know...Maybe it has something to do with the energy of the gate? It could affect whatever goes through it first and not have enough left for me."
  9. >Mous gets off the ground and rubbed his head. "Brilliant..."
  10. "You could avoid that if you didn't run headfirst through each portal I made."
  11. >Mous waves a hand at you. "With your luck the first place you sent us to wouldn't have any air and then I'm the one stuck in the nexus of reality without a way home."
  12. "So you're going to act the guinea pig?"
  13. >Mous takes out his knife and starts to cut through some of the branches in your way. "The guinea pig-guard dog, that's me."
  14. >You roll your eyes and follow through the path Mous was carving.
  15. >It reminded you of a song...
  16. "On the sweet unfolding, of an antique mystery..."
  17. >Mous slices through a branch and turns to you. "No, we're not doing that."
  18. "Oh come on!"
  19. >"No. Consider it payback for that time in Tartarus."
  20. "Singing Elton John is different from singing Styx."
  21. >"Barely."
  23. >The two of you break through the branches and look out over the stunning vista.
  24. >The view stretched for miles and miles with sweeping fields of green grass giving way to dense forests that pushed up against purple mountains as they scraped blue sky.
  25. >Mous lets out a slow whistle as he sheaths his knife.
  26. "Yeah..."
  27. >You reach down and pull out a handful of grass.
  28. >The wind picks up and sends the grass tumbling into the sky.
  29. "You think we're still in Equestria?"
  30. >"I dunno. Mous says, pulling his face down. "Do I look my age yet?"
  31. >You chuckle as you stand.
  32. "Wouldn't that be something...? A place where we could stay?"
  33. >Mous puts his hands back in his pockets. "It'd be something..."
  34. >Your peace is interrupted by the sound of wood splintering.
  35. >"GET THE WIZARD OUT!" a voice bellowed.
  36. >The two of you share a sigh.
  37. >"The more things change?"
  38. "The more they stay the same..."
  39. >Mous grins and points over the hill the voice came from. "C'mon, it's hero time."
  41. >You stand at the top of a nearby hill looking down at the road below.
  42. >Various griffins and Diamond Dogs were fighting with what appeared to be royal guards around a caravan of wooden carriages, a large Minotaur standing back barking orders.
  43. >"Just like Tartarus?" Mous says as he takes out his knife again.
  44. >Your hand dips into your spell pouch.
  45. "Just like Tartarus."
  46. >You throw a spell high into the air that shatters into a barrage of light and sound.
  47. >That drew the attention of the bandits as Mous ran down the hill.
  48. >You started chucking spells at the stunned aggressors, first at that Minotaur Mous seemed to be charging.
  49. >It's weapon was encased in ice, sticking it to the ground.
  50. >Mous slid between its legs in its shock and slashed at its ankles.
  51. >You turned your attention to the other bandits.
  52. >They shot arrows at you as you advanced down the cliff.
  53. >You were able to incinerate most of them with a fire spell and dodge the ones that got through.
  54. >The royal guards rallied at the unexpected help and between the three of you all that remained was the Minotaur.
  55. >Mous was dancing between it's hard and heavy strikes with a smile.
  56. >"C'mon Bessy! You can do better than that!"
  57. >The Minotaur went into a rage and increased his speed, Mous still toyed with him.
  58. >It was then however that the Minotaur was overtaken by a golden magical field.
  59. >He held still for a moment before he rocketed up into the air at mind-blowing speed.
  60. >The Minotaur was a spec in the sky by the time you got to Mous and joined him in slack jawed aw.
  61. >"He will not be joining us again." A stern voice said.
  62. >You and Mous turned to face the speaker.
  63. >You knew exactly who it was once you saw that beard.
  65. >Before you stood one of the greatest Equestrian mages ever born.
  66. >The founder of over a thousand spells, the original Grand Magister and a pillar of Pony society: Starswirl the Bearded.
  67. >And he looked PISSED.
  68. >Did this mean you were in Equestria's past?
  69. >He took a step towards the both of you. "Who are you?...WHAT are you?"
  70. >Holy SHIT.
  71. >Starswirl the Bearded sounds like Patrick Stewart.
  72. >His horn glows a bit as he steps closer.
  73. >Mous being Mous, speaks up. "Easy Santa, we just saved your ass how bout a little common courtesy?" He said as he twirled his knife around his fingers.
  74. >Starswirl snorts. "Here is your "courtesy"."
  75. >He stomps his hoof on the ground in conjunction with his horn glowing.
  76. >A spatial rift opened up in front of him, a brilliant star field on the other side.
  77. >A vacuum force pulls at the two of you, requiring you both to brace yourselves.
  78. >What you couldn't brace against was Starswirl yanking Mous's knife out of his hands and letting it fall into the rift.
  79. >"DAVID!" he called out.
  81. >The rift snapped shut as David vanished into it. "I will not have unidentified creatures armed and threatening me."
  82. >You didn't have to be a genius to tell that Mous was going to go off.
  83. >"Armed!? I'll show you armed you jackass!" He shouted.
  84. >Shit! Gotta defuse!
  85. >Luna had taught you some of the old greetings Magisters used to use when they saw each other.
  86. >If this was Starswirl's time them it was...
  87. >You ran up behind Mous and grabbed his arm.
  88. "I become two! We become one!" You shouted.
  89. >Starswirl's horn stopped glowing and his face changed to one of mild confusion and interest.
  90. >"Unbridled, unequal, in the light of the sun..." He finishes.
  91. >The mood is tense as Starswirl's eyes shift between the two of you.
  92. >"Corporal." He says.
  93. >The soldier trots up to him. "Fly back to Canterlot and inform the Princesses that I am returning swiftly...With guests..."
  94. >You and Mous exchange a glance.
  95. >Here we go again...
  97. >A couple thousand years ago you were in a similar situation.
  98. >It was a train instead of a carriage and Twilight instead of Starswirl the Fucking Bearded, but the familiarity wasn't lost on you.
  99. >Only this time it was you doing the talking.
  100. >You had spent the entirety of the ride explaining everything to Starswirl. Who and what you were, how you came to your Equestria and your life there and finally how you came to his here.
  101. >Starswirl sat in rapt attention as you finished.
  102. "And so that takes us to here. We came through a Waygate after some adventures in other universes."
  103. >Starswirl leans back against the carriage. "Fascinating Anon! And you say that the both of you have reached such an age has something to do with your non-connection to magic?"
  104. >You nod.
  105. "That's what all our research suggested Starswirl. Passing through the Waygate seemed to affect our bodies in some way."
  106. >He taps his hoof against his chin. "And in all that time you have been unable to deduce a way to change that?"
  107. >You shake your head.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Waygate magic had always eluded my teachers and I."
  108. >Starswirl stares off into space for a moment. "Perhaps I can change that..."
  109. >You and Mous do a double take. "What!?" You both exclaim.
  110. >Starswirl has a smarmy grin on his face. "Yes, I may be able to rid the two of you of the effects of the Waygate."
  111. "...How!?"
  112. >"I have several theories in mind so far. I look forward to working them out with you Anon."
  113. >Dude. Not only did you get to work with Starswirl the Bearded, but he was going to help you start aging again!
  114. >Oh how Twi would be jealous.
  116. >Mous sat next to you with his chin in his hand.
  117. >You elbowed him in the ribs.
  118. "C'mon man, be happy! We're finally going to be normal!"
  119. >Mous continued to stare at Starswirl. "He killed my knife."
  120. >Your face fell to the floor.
  121. >Was he serious?
  122. >He couldn't be serious.
  123. "Mous, you can't kill an inanimate object."
  124. >"Tell that to David."
  125. >Uhg...he was impossible...
  126. >Here you are telling him some of the best news in your lives and he's worried about his knife...
  127. >Starswirl looked at Mous. "This knife was dear to you?"
  128. >"I've had it since I was fifteen." Mous said.
  129. >Starswirl strokes his namesake. "A considerable time considering your age..."
  130. >His horn starts to glow.
  131. >Motes of light from around the carriage begin to wink into existence and are drawn into the air in the center.
  132. >The motes collect faster and faster, like a miniature black hole.
  133. >Eventually the motes stop and the light dies down, leaving a pair of steaming knives sitting on the floor.
  134. >Knives; plural. Both of them identical to the one Mous lost.
  135. >"A replacement and an extra as apology."
  136. >Mous bends down and snatches the blades off the floor, pulling one out of the sheath. "I guess I'll have to re-do the inscription..."
  137. "That's amazing Starswirl! You can produce matter all on your own?"
  138. >The wizard nods. "That and much more Anon, you will see all of it in the coming months."
  139. >You're REALLY trying to not think of that as a come on.
  140. >The carriage lurched to a stop, the door being opened by a guard.
  141. >"Come along you two, let's go meet the Princesses."
  143. >Mous and you walked behind Starswirl through Canterlot castle.
  144. >Mous's mood seemed to have improved since he got his knives, his expression now one of mild interest as opposed to anger.
  145. "Takes you back, doesn't it?"
  146. >"Way back."
  147. >It was more than a bit of a shock, going from the Canterlot you and Mous had helped build to this one.
  148. >Here the castle was smaller and the city not as spread out. The only real tower was the magisters tower and even that was smaller than the one back home.
  149. >The two of you really had landed in Equestria in its infancy...
  150. >Right after Discord was defeated but befor-
  151. >Oh shit...
  152. >You grab Mous by the arm.
  153. "Dude!" You whisper.
  154. >"What?"
  155. "We're meeting Luna!"
  156. >"So?"
  157. "Before she turns into Nightmare Moon!"
  158. >Mous's eyes widen as he finally gets it. "What do we do?" He whispers.
  159. >You peek in front of the two of you, Starswirl hadn't heard.
  160. "Just...don't tell anyone. Pretend we don't know."
  161. >Mous arches an eyebrow. "Don't you think we should at least say something?"
  162. >You shake your head.
  163. "Nightmare Moon is why Twi and the girls get together...and THEY beat Discord. Our hands are tied."
  165. >Starswirl leads you into the throne room, the two Princesses standing at the rear.
  167. >You and Mous brought your hands to your ears at the auditory onslaught.
  168. >"I THINK WE MISSJUDGED MAN. I THINK WE'RE IN TARTARUS AGAIN." Mous said through gritted teeth.
  169. >Starswirl chuckles. "Yes, the Princesses can be a bit loud when they are using their traditional voices...especially Princess Luna."
  170. >You knew a bit about Luna...
  171. >"Believe me, I know" You and Starswirl say in unison.
  172. >The two of you exchange an awkward glance before Starswirl simply turns and continues walking.
  173. >He leads you up to the Princesses.
  174. >Celestia and Luna look just as they did back when you last saw them healthy...ethereal manes and flawless coats and all.
  176. >...Healthy lungs too!
  177. >Starswirl bowed before the two Princesses and you and Mous followed suit.
  178. >"Yes Princesses, I believe that my trip to the Eastern Leyline will have to wait."
  179. >He gestures back at the two of you. "Along my way my convoy was attacked by bandits, bandits these extra-dimensional beings helped defeat!"
  180. >Celestia and her sister exchanged a shocked glance. "EXTRADIMENSIONAL!?" they shouted together.
  181. >He glances back at the two of you. "They have seen and done things that defy logic! Far too many to tell!"
  182. >His horn begins to glow. "So I will show!"
  183. >A flash of light to your side drew your attention to a pedestal with a bowl of water that has materialized in the room.
  185. >As the light died down, Starswirl walked over to the pedestal.
  186. >"This is my Scrying Pool! With this and a small spell I will be able to glance into your past and show the princesses in its waters!"
  187. >You walked up to the magical pool.
  188. "Impressive..."
  189. >Scrying was always something you had never been able to properly do without innate magical talent.
  190. >Starswirl cast a spell as the others gathered around the pool.
  191. "So how does this work?"
  192. >"Simply dip your hand in the pool and allow it to get an imprint on you, it will do the rest."
  193. >Mous nods to you and you place your hand in the stagnate pool of water.
  194. >As the pool ripples at your touch, images begin to form.
  195. >It's like a trip back in time for the both of you...
  196. >Everyone stands in rapt attention as the images play.
  197. >The awkward meeting between you and the girls...
  198. >Your first night with Rainbow in the cave.
  199. >The marriage between the two of you and every day afterwards.
  200. >...Rainbow's death.
  201. >The years melt away in the pool.
  202. >It shows your time as Grand Magister, your tour around the world, the completion of the Tether and when you left Equestria.
  203. >You make a point of keeping your nights with Luna out of your need to cause a scene.
  205. >The images slow as you come up to the current time.
  206. >Celestia speaks first, in a normal voice to your surprise. "You did all of that...?" she asked.
  207. >You silently nod.
  208. >"And you?" Luna asks Mous.
  209. >"Some things were the same...some different." He answers.
  210. >"Princesses Anon is going to help us do all the things in the pool you saw. He will help us bring Equestria into a golden age."
  211. "Don't forget our plan Starswirl, we have to solve this Waygate issue."
  212. >"A wizards word is his bond." He says as he places his hoof on his chest.
  213. >You smile. This was great!
  214. >An Equestria where you could teach and learn with the greatest wizard who ever lived, and one where there was a real shot at reversing the effects of the Waygate.
  215. >"Is that all we have planned for this thing?" Mous asks as he approaches the pool.
  216. >"Or did you want to look into our hom-
  217. >Mous's fingers dip into the water.
  218. >And the gentle pool becomes a miniature squall.
  219. >You try to pull your hand out, but find it stuck to the side.
  220. "Uh...Starswirl?"
  221. >Starswirl looks at the pool. "The spell I cast prepared the pool only for your levels of latent Waygate magic, not the both of you."
  222. >He tries to cast a spell on it to no avail.
  223. >"The spell seems to be...taking into account the new imprint and...reversing?"
  224. >"So this thing is gonna show our future?" Mous asks.
  225. >"A possible one, let me try to-"
  226. "Wait..."
  228. >Murky images begin to form in the waters, shapes beginning to coalesce.
  229. >Mous inhales sharply next to you as the waters take the shape of a mare neither of you had ever expected to see again.
  230. >She was running through dark halls, a look of panic on her face.
  231. >Behind her was a being made of pure green light barreling towards her.
  232. >The mare tripped and fell to the ground, staring wide eyed as the looming figure of light prepared to end her...
  233. >And with that the waters calmed and the images faded.
  234. >"No. NO! Come back I need to see more!" Mous shouted next to you.
  235. >You pulled your hand out of the pool as Mous gripped it with both arms.
  236. >"Where is that!?" He shouted at Starswirl.
  237. >The wizard shook his head. "I cannot say Mous. That was only a possible future for the two of you."
  238. >"But it could still happen, right?"
  239. >Starswirl stared at a frantic Mous next to you. "...Yes."
  240. >Mous turned to you. "Give him the Waygate crystal. The two of you put your heads together and find a way to make sure it takes us to her so I can save her."
  241. >He...wanted to leave?
  242. "Mous...we can't just throw-"
  243. >"I can't let her die Anon." Mous said, his eyes taking on the steely determination they did in these situations. "I won't."
  244. >The air was tense for a few moments before Mous pushed off the pool.
  245. >"Find me when you learn something." He said as he left the room.
  246. >You turn to Starswirl.
  247. "Could we...come back? If it worked?"
  248. >Starswirl's dour expression was all the answer you needed.
  250. >A few hours later you were on the castle roof.
  251. >Mous was standing near the edge, pacing back and forth.
  252. >You walked up to him from behind.
  253. "Come up with a name for those two?"
  254. >Mous turns his head to you and looks at the knives hanging from the back of his belt.
  255. >"I'm thinking Mick Jagged and Joe Parry." He said with a smile.
  256. >You roll your eyes and take your place next to him.
  257. >"...Figure anything out?"
  258. >You let out a deep sigh.
  259. "We learned of a way to get us to her...Tapping into the lattice of the Waygate spell and using Luna's star magic to plot a course across to the right universe..."
  260. >"I'm sensing a "but"..." Mous said.
  261. "Starswirl says it's a one way trip...There's a one in quintillion chance that we'd just happen to land back here again."
  262. >Mous's face falls. "So if we save her we lose the Waygate cure..."
  263. >You nod. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Is this really what you want man? One life at the cost of who knows how many years of still not aging?"
  264. >Mous stares off into the sunset. You think his face flashes to one of absolute despair for a fraction or a second.
  265. >"I can't just leave her Anon...I just...I can't..." He says in a voice barely above a whisper.
  266. >You take a deep breath.
  267. "It'll be a bit...before we can get the spell working. A week or two."
  268. >Mous looks up at you. "I could go it alone if you could stay here and be cured."
  269. >You smile and pat him on the shoulder.
  270. "You'd be lost without me."
  271. >Mous chuckles. "At least I wouldn't have to get thrown around by portals anymore..."
  272. >The two of you stand high above Proto-Canterlot.
  273. >"One week?"
  274. "One week."
  275. >A rescue across universes...not your least ambitious project.
  277. >You floated through the infinite blackness.
  278. >You were David the Bowie Knife and you were in space.
  279. >The wizard had torn you from your master's grip and flung you through a portal.
  280. >Your master didn't think that you could think and you really couldn't.
  281. >Not in the way he thought anyway.
  282. >As you floated, you had a "thought".
  283. >Yes...that would do nicely...
  284. >You sung without a mouth, you didn't need one for this.
  285. >It was your namesake.
  286. "This is Major Tom to ground control, I'm stepping through the door."
  287. "And I'm floating in a most peculiar way."
  288. "And the stars look very different today..."

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