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BiE Bonus Story: Going the Distance.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:15:08 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =Bros in Equestria Bonus Story: Going the Distance=
  3. >He had said one week.
  4. >One week until he and Starswirl finished the spell that would let you go save her.
  5. >That had been ten days ago.
  6. >Ten days of trying to occupy yourself while the wizards did their work with the knowledge that she might be in danger.
  7. >You had learned a bit about the Equestria you were staying in.
  8. >It was apparently about a hundred years after Discord was put down and the world was in harmony.
  9. >Canterlot was the capitol, but was still under construction.
  10. >You gave them a few pointers that you used back home.
  11. >The rest of this place was...topsy turvy.
  12. >Apparently Luna and Celestia switched rolls here.
  13. >Celestia was the dutiful monarch who always put country and citizen before herself, and Luna was fucking anything with a hole or a pole.
  14. >One of those being Starswirl.
  15. >Very loudly.
  16. >In the room down the hall from yours and Anon's.
  17. >You and Anon sang Nightfall to them. Loudly and out of key.
  18. >At least some things were universally constant.
  20. >When you weren't snooping around the castle, you were out in the courtyard with the guards.
  21. >You had set up several practice dummies so that you could practice with Mick and Joe.
  22. >That was where you were now, standing in the middle of a circle of spinning dummies as you danced from one attack into another.
  23. >The key with dual weapons was better utilize your extra knife.
  24. >You speed up your strikes and eventually stick the dummy right where it's neck would be.
  25. >The sharpness of the blades becomes apparent when the "head" of the dummy lists to one side and falls off, revealing Anon standing behind it.
  26. >"You push yourself too hard and you'll be exhausted before we go save her."
  27. >You yank Mick out of the dummy and leave the circle.
  28. "I'll be fine."
  29. >Anon stops you. "I know you didn't sleep last night, man..."
  30. >It's true, you hadn't.
  31. "Too riled up."
  32. >You slip Mick and Joe back into their sheaths as Anon shakes his head.
  33. "What's up?"
  34. >"We got it." He says.
  35. >You felt your heartbeat kick into high gear.
  36. > end to this waiting around.
  37. "And you're sure it'll get us to her?"
  38. >"It's as close as we can get it."
  39. >...It'll do.
  40. "Lead the way."
  42. >Anon lead you through the smaller Canterlot castle up to the Magisters tower.
  43. >Starswirl and the Princesses stood around a table with the modified crystal on it with seven ponies in red robes.
  44. >The First Magisters: Paragons of Equestrian magical study.
  45. >They and Anon had been pouring over the crystal magics for the past week and a half.
  46. >Anon said he had to teach Starswirl all about how the spell worked, probably jumped magical study in Equestria forward by two hundred years doing it.
  47. >"Are you sure there is no way we can convince you to stay Anon...? Think of all we could accomplish!" Starswirl says.
  48. >Starswirl hadn't let up after Anon had told him he was leaving with you.
  49. >It hadn't helped your mood.
  50. >"I'm sorry Starswirl but we have to go, she needs us." Anon says.
  51. >Starswirl sighs. "All this for a young girl..."
  52. "We promised."
  53. >You stare into Starswirl's eyes.
  54. "I promised."
  55. >Starswirl sighs again and turns away.
  56. >Anon elbows you in the ribs and gives you a stern look.
  57. >You were being rude...
  58. "Thank you. All of you. For your help."
  59. >"We really appreciate it." Anon added.
  60. >Anon walks up to the table and scoops up the crystal.
  61. >"You ready?" He asks.
  62. >You flex your hands and get ready to fight whatever that green light was once you step out.
  63. "Do it."
  64. >Anon nods and tosses the crystal onto the ground.
  65. >A rippling portal opens up a few feet in front of you both, filling the room with a low hum.
  66. >It doesn't look any different from the way it normally did...
  67. >This better work.
  68. >Only one way to find out, you guess.
  69. "Let's go."
  70. >Anon wordlessly follows you as you step through the portal.
  72. >You were in Gouxia Shin in Ib'xian, about ten years after the Equestria shook the world by annexing the Griffin Kingdoms due to their recent troubles.
  73. >The warehouse complex you were currently in at the edge of the city was famous for being one of the most quiet places around.
  74. >Except for right now.
  75. >"Run!" the Doctor yelled as the blast of energy impacted the wall behind you.
  76. >He didn't have to tell you twice!
  77. >Your name was Dinky Hooves and you have been traveling with your family for a while now.
  78. >It had all started when Dad had said he wanted to take you on a trip after you graduated.
  79. >That trip had ended with a bunch of robot ponies trying to kill you.
  80. >Which lead to saving a star.
  81. >Which lead to going back to the founding of Equestria.
  82. >You don't know at what point you started enjoying it...but you eventually told him that you didn't want to go back.
  83. >The four of you arrived at this warehouse a few hours ago, looking for the reason the TARDIS had sent you here.
  84. >You found it when you discovered that some psycho Ibex named Hard Light had found a way to make an infinite army for himself thanks to an alien computer and some magic.
  85. >He had found a way to make the digital constructs inside the computer "real" in the form of holograms.
  86. >Holograms that were now chasing you.
  88. >"Keep going! Back to the TARDIS!" He shouted.
  89. >You, Mom and Dad ran through the warehouse, bounding over obstacles and evading as many of the hologram creatures as you could.
  90. >You glanced behind you and saw the horde of magic holograms chasing you, with new ones forming along the way.
  91. >One of them, a pony made of green light, tried to tackle you as Hard Light talked over the loudspeaker.
  92. >"You should not have come to disrupt my work, Doctor."
  93. >Dad rolls his eyes as he runs. "It's not like I WANTED to come here..."
  94. >The light monsters behind you continued to give chase.
  95. >An emerald Diamond Dog shouted orders to the rest in his double flanged voice. "Get them! Make sure they not get back to the Box!"
  96. >Another dog tried to materialize directly in the path of the three of you.
  97. >You prayed your magic would work as you reached out with your telekinesis and tried to yank his foot out from under him.
  98. >You congratulated yourself as the Dog slammed into the ground, but five others seemed to take its place.
  99. >"Gogogogogogogo!" Dad yelled as you rounded a corner, green blasts of energy flooding through the doorway a second later.
  100. >At the end of the hall you saw it, that shade of blue you had come to call home lately.
  102. >"Keep going!" Mom shouted.
  103. >There were tradeoffs to being a unicorn, such as not being able to move as fast as earth ponies or pegusi.
  104. >That became apparent when Dad and Mom started pulling ahead of you.
  105. >The blasts of energy behind you became more rapid, one of them striking near your foot.
  106. >You lost your balance and tumbled to the ground as the emerald monsters closed in.
  107. >"Muffin!" Mom cried.
  108. >Dad didn't say anything, just pulled a green glowing stick out of his lapel and pointed it at the monsters.
  109. >The various hologram creatures held their hands to their imaginary heads at the sound before winking out like lightbulbs.
  110. >But still they came.
  111. >They rushed passed you, charging Mom and Dad. "Dinky!" Dad shouted.
  112. >The same Emerald Dog from before who was shouting the orders loomed over you as you tried to get to your feet.
  113. >"Stupid ponies try to ruin Master's plan?"
  114. >You back away from the dog, noticing a bang and a low hum come from behind you.
  115. >The dog stares right at you and raises his claws. "We not let that happen."
  116. >You close your eyes and brace yourself for the end...
  118. >The end that...doesn't come?
  119. >You open your eyes and see someone you NEVER expected to see way out here.
  120. >He stood hands locked with the Dog, a manic grin on his face and eyes that seemed to be giving the dog pause.
  121. >What...?
  122. >"Stupid dog tries to kill my friend?" He grunts out. "That isn't happening..."
  123. >He glances down at you. "Pay attention now Poozer."
  124. >Your mind is catapulted back years at the mention of your old nickname and the only one who used it.
  125. >Mous stomped on the Dog's knee and sent a snapping sound through the hallway before he flipped it over his shoulder and began stomping on its neck.
  126. >The emerald creatures behind him began bursting into flame and being tossed back dozens of feet.
  127. >Mister Anon walked into view from behind you, tossing tiny rocks that sent the dogs flying.
  128. >The emerald monsters started to back away until they were eventually in full retreat.
  129. >Mous stopped Mister Anon as he finished with the Dog. "Split up, keep the Dogs off 'em."
  130. >He looked back at Dad. "You. Is there something sending these things out?"
  131. >Dad nods. "A transmitter back in the main room."
  132. >Mous nods. "We'll take care of all the mooks, get rid of that thing."
  133. >You finally find your voice. "J-just the two of you?"
  134. >Mous gets that grin that brings you back to when you were a filly.
  135. >"This is what I do Poozer." He says before he turns and runs down the hallway, Anon following behind him.
  137. -Mous PoV-
  138. >Okay.
  139. >The portal worked, Dinky was safe, and there was an endless supply of weird holo-deck monsters in your way.
  140. >And Hearthswarming wasn't for months.
  141. >You bring your new knives to bear and dive into the fray.
  142. >The addition of an extra blade makes this so much faster.
  143. >You became a little tiny whirlwind of death as you sliced, stabbed and chopped your way through the cramped hallway.
  144. >Ha! Listen to you so happy on the job!
  145. >This must be Dinky's doing, it was GREAT seeing her again!
  146. >It had been absolute AGES since you saw her at graduation, all beaming as you and her family cheered her on.
  147. >Even seeing her little figurines at the museum back home ha-WHOA!
  148. >You duck down just in time to dodge a magic blast.
  149. >Oh yeah, you were fighting.
  150. >You tended to go on autopilot when you fought...
  151. >The lights dimmed and a faintly accented voice scream "NOO!" over the loudspeaker as you stabbed a green zebra in the neck.
  152. >That was either Doc or Anon and considering that you hadn't been sucked into a black hole, you'll guess Anon just hit a power generator.
  154. >You cut through another group of light monsters before the voice came back.
  155. >"That will not work Doctor!"
  156. >You followed the voice to a stairwell, at the top of which was a door with flashing lights coming from underneath it.
  157. >Well that was promising.
  158. >You stomped up the stairs as that nut-job kept ranting.
  159. >"You cannot stop the future Doctor! Even the Time-Ponies will be in awe of my crea-"
  160. >You interrupt him as you kick open the door.
  162. >Before you was a very frightened Ibex dressed in a lab coat, a glowing metal cylinder behind him.
  163. >"No! Stay back!" He shouted as you closed the distance between the two of you.
  164. >You grabbed the microphone and wrestled it out of his magical grip.
  165. "Give me that!"
  166. >The mic echoes through the warehouse as you toss it over your shoulder.
  167. >You kick the Ibex against the wall when he starts trying to hit you with magic, scooping up a chair while he's dazed.
  168. >You throw the chair through the opaque window overlooking the warehouse floor.
  169. >You hoist the protesting Ibex over your shoulders shortly thereafter and toss him out next.
  170. >Anon, Hooves, and Derpy all stare up at you in silent shock. Dinky had a smile.
  171. "I found the bad guy!"
  173. >You hopped out of the window and rolled into the fall.
  174. >The Ibex next to you groaned as you stood.
  175. "Oh relax you pansy, it was only fifteen feet."
  176. >He moans again before he wisely decides to stay quiet.
  177. >Dinky has been staring at you since you got here.
  178. >You knelt down to her eye level as you had done so many years ago.
  179. "Hey Poozer."
  180. >She took a few steps towards you, her eyes still wide.
  181. >" are you here?"
  182. "Anon and a..."friend" of ours rigged up a portal to take us here."
  183. >You look around the room.
  184. "Where are we, anyway?"
  185. >"Gouxia Shin in Ib'xian. Around 1912." the Doctor said.
  186. >You looked to Anon.
  187. "Was that before or after we shot Spacebear?"
  188. >"After. Way after." he says.
  189. "I miss Spacebear."
  190. >"You shouldn't have had me blow him up then."
  191. >"Have you two changed at all?"
  193. >You look back to Dinky and return the smile she's giving you. "Not in the least, Poozer."
  194. >"Why are you here Mous?" she asked with a grin. "I'm not complaining, but it's still pretty weird."
  195. "Saw a vision of you getting hurt, came to get you."
  196. >"Across enough distance to need a portal?"
  197. "I said I'd protect you Dinks."
  198. >You reach out and ruffle her mane.
  199. "You know that."       
  200. >Dinky's smile persisted as she wordlessly wrapped her hooves around you.
  201. >"My life has been way to boring without you Mous."
  202. "Likewise Dinks."
  203. >A beeping noise coming from the Doctor interrupted your reunion.
  204. >"Oh dear. We have to leave now."
  205. >Huh?
  206. >"Why?" Anon asked.
  207. >"Because we fried the generators here and they were set to explode. Alright, grab him and take him to the TARDIS!" He says, pointing at the Ibex.
  208. >You release Dinky and move to the unconscious Ibex.
  209. "Never a dull moment, huh Poozer?"
  210. >She giggles and helps you pick up the dead weight with her magic.
  211. >"Not in the least."
  213. >The warehouse erupted into gouts of flame that shot up hundreds of feet into the air.
  214. >The generators below were offworld technology, they could hold enough energy to turn this side of the planet into glass, Hard Light had only used a hundredth of their storage capacity.
  215. >You stood with Anon, Dinky and her family on a nearby hill as you watched the warehouse go up, the TARDIS behind you with the unconscious Ibex inside it.
  216. >"Is the fire always blue, Doctor?"
  217. >He nods. "It is when it's Atraxi technology."
  218. "At least it looks nice."
  219. >The building below exploded as another generator went.
  220. >You could relax now that Dinky was safe, relax and take in your surroundings.
  221. >The first of which is this stallion standing next to you.
  222. "New bow tie?"
  223. >He grows a smug grin. "Bow ties are cool."
  224. "Bow ties are lamer than parachute pants."
  225. >"Are not."
  226. "Are so."
  227. >"Are not!"
  228. >"They kinda are dad." Dinky interjects.
  229. >Hooves reacts in shock and turns to Derpy.
  230. "They're a bit silly sweetheart." She says.
  231. >Hooves looks to the two mares. "Twenty minutes you're back and you're already turning my family against me..."
  232. >You chuckle.
  233. "Have a rough time of it, huh?"
  234. >He cringes.
  235. >"Yes. Bit of a situation on Sontar a couple hundred years back...Got a little hairy."
  236. "You should have called, we could have done your job for you."
  237. >He scoofs. "Oh I couldn't do that. You were busy! Something about a "Spacebear" I believe?"
  238. >You roll your eyes.
  239. >Even dead that thing was annoying.
  241. >The final generator explodes in the factory and sends a great blue fireball into the sky.
  242. >The distant wail of sirens told you that the authorities were on their way to investigate this fireball.
  243. >"That sounds like our cue to vanish." Hooves said.
  244. >Dinky hopped up and wrapped her hooves around your waist again, squeezing you tight.
  245. >"It was great to see you again Mous..."
  246. >You stroke her mane.
  247. " too Poozer."
  248. >Derpy flies up and wraps her hooves around both your necks. "Thanks for helping us you guys."
  249. >"Heh...No problem Derpy."
  250. "It's what we do."
  251. >"I won't hug you." A voice says from inside the now open TARDIS.
  252. >Hooves steps out holding a small wallet looking thing that he throws to you. "But I do have a gift."
  253. >You open it up, seeing the blank pages inside.
  254. >"Psychic Paper. Just think if you're in a jam."
  255. >You hand the important paper to Anon, he gets in less scrapes than you.
  256. "And I suppose that works both ways? Will I be getting messages from you when YOU get in a jam?"
  257. >Hooves chuckles. "Spoilers..."
  258. >Heh...
  259. >The two of you stare at each other as Dinky and Derpy walk inside the TARDIS.
  260. "I guess I was right to trust you."
  261. >Hooves walks inside his box. "I do my best...So long boys."
  262. "Later Spacemane."
  263. >"Goodbye Doctor."
  264. >The blue door shuts before the blue box begins to fade.
  265. >In a moment it's gone, leaving the two of you on the hill alone.
  266. "Is he allowed to call us "boys"? We're probably older than him."
  267. >"Eh...he's weird."
  268. >The police sirens grow ever closer to the burning building.
  269. >"Shall we?" Anon asks.
  270. "Someplace sunny, if you can."
  271. >Anon chuckles and opens the portal.
  272. >And the two of you are gone before the cops get on the scene.
  273. >It was great to see them again...

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