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Sexual Tyrannosaurus Anon: 30k hits/ thread 400 [CLOP]

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:15:29 PM
AIE NSFW Anon Celestia Luna Cadence clop

  1. =30k paste hit celebration: Sexual Tyrannosaurus Anon=
  3. >The royal guards released you from their telekinetic grip and tossed you unceremoniously into the room.
  4. "I was told I would get a phone call!" you yell back.
  5.  >They slam the door on their way out and leave you alone.
  6. >You grumble to yourself and look around your new surroundings.
  7. >Looked like someone's bedroom,  why in the hell did they bring you here?
  8. >And what did they want anyway? You were just having a little fun...
  9. >You had been living in Ponyville for a few years now, and during that time you had learned certain...things about the ponies there.
  10. >Namely that the males had the sexual stamina of a four year old.
  11. >All it took was one party that ended in hooking up with Pinkie Pie for word to spread around the entire town.
  12. >Pretty soon you found mares giving you bedroom eyes even as you walked through town.
  13. >Your moral dilemma had lasted all of a week before you found yourself "modeling" for Rarity, or helping Fluttershy with her "animals".
  14. >It wasn't the worst way to live a life, doing the occasional odd job around town that usually ended in sex.
  15. >The biggest "problem" you had was that thing with Rainbow Dash and Applejack and they had warmed up to each other pretty damn quick.
  16. >It may have been a mistake to sleep with Twilight least considering your current situation.
  17. >You ought to punch that purple bitch for telling Celestia about your escapades, that was the only reason you could be here.
  18. >The sound of the doorknob turning snapped you out of your revenge scheme and towards the front of the room.
  20. >The door swings open and two alicorns step into the room.
  21. >Both Princesses? This couldn't be good...
  22. >They stop a few feet before you and shut the door, still managing to look regal even when they perform such a menial task.
  23. >"Anonymous." Celestia says.
  24. "...Princess Celestia."
  25. >Her and her sister exchange a glance and begin to orbit you.
  26. >"I trust you know why you are here?" Luna says.
  27. "I may have an idea..."
  28. >"And what is the validity of those accusations?" Celestia asked.
  29. >You swallowed your nerve.
  30. >There was no way you could lie your way out of this, they could probably see into your brain or some shit.
  31. >Better to just...face the punishment...
  32. "Yes, it's all true..."
  33. >You take a long breath of air, one you assume to be the last one you'll be having on Equestria for a long while.
  34. >At least the moon would have a nic-
  35. >"May we see it?"
  36. >Your eyes snap open at the two Princesses.
  37. "Wha-"
  38. >Luna steps forward. "Your uhm..."manhood", may we see it?"
  39. >What in the...?
  40. >Your mind is still reeling from the shock of what you were asked but you found your hands moving to your pants.
  41. "Sure..." you say as you undo your belt and drop your pants.
  42. >You pull down your boxers and let yourself hang out.
  43. >Before the sun and moon Princesses hung The Great Diplomat, scourge of Ponyville's stallions.
  44. >The Princesses stared intently at it for a few moments.
  45. >"Hm...not as large as a stallions..." Celestia says.
  46. >Luna leans forward and nudges your appendage with her snout, sending a shiver up your spine as her breath hit it.
  47. >"Differently shaped as well." she says.
  49. >To your instant dread, Celestia joins her sister and leans down to your dick.
  50. >You start thinking of something, ANYTHING, that will keep you from getting an erection as the two most powerful beings in the land inspect your junk.
  51. >It's no easy task when they insist on talking barely six inches away from you, sending more and more warm breath washing over you with each minute.
  52. >Despite your best efforts, the sensation starts to become too much and your Lip Parter starts to rise.
  53. >The Princesses reel back a bit as your heart rate climbs and you reach half mast.
  54. >"Uhm...w-well! I see it behaves similarly to a stallions!" Luna stammers out.
  55. >Celestia just kept flicking her eyes between your face and your dick. " certainly does..."
  56. >You start to stutter out an apology. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Princesses I'm sorry! I-! I didn't mean-!"
  57. >Celestia silences you with a raised hoof. "Do not fear Anonymous, it is...only natural..."
  58. >She continues to cast her eyes down as she walks over to your side.
  59. >"Tell me Anonymous, why do you feel you were brought here?" she asks, meeting your eyes.
  60. >You audibly gulp. [spoiler][/spoiler] "I...figured that it was about what happened in Ponyville...with all the mares..."
  61. >You pass a glance over to Luna, she was staring at your member with a hint of red on her cheeks.
  62. >Celestia chuckles next to you. " not far off." she says before she presses her lips against you and sends her tongue down your throat.
  64. >Celestia's tongue invades your mouth and begins to thrash around your own.
  65. >Your time with the mares of Ponyville has prepared you, your own tongue springing to life and wrestling against hers almost on instinct.
  66. >It had to be instinct because your brain was still blown to pieces by the fact that you even HAD monarchs tongue in your mouth.
  67. >Whatever the reason it felt incredible, Celestia was clearly a master at this.
  68. >The way she invaded your mouth and gave you almost no quarter sent your heart beating at double time, sending your member rocketing to its full height.
  69. >Luna inches her way towards your manhood as Celestia continues to assault your mouth, slight moans coming from her throat.
  70. >Celestia breaks away from your mouth and meets your dazed and confused gaze with a lusty one.
  71. "I...wha-"
  72. >Celestia interrupts you with a throaty chuckle. "Anonymous did you truly think we would punish you for making our subjects as happy as you have been?"
  73. >Luna rears back and pushes you onto the bed.
  74. >Both the stellar sisters gaze down at you, their eyes drinking in the sights of your erect manhood and your exposed stomach.
  75. >"We simply wish to sample that happiness ourselves..." Celestia says.
  77. >Your brain finally catches up to the rest of you and realizes the situation.
  78. >You are in the bedroom of the Princesses.
  79. >Your pants are down and your cock is up.
  80. >They both want to have sex with you.
  81. >Lucky you, huh?
  82. >Celestia lays down on the bed next to you and resumes the kiss you two were having.
  83. >On your opposite side, Princess Luna crawled up and began playfully biting at your neck.
  84. >You break away from Celestia and lock your lips with Luna as you place a hand on her rump and pull her up to your face.
  85. >As your tongue dances around Luna's mouth, you get a sense for the unique tastes each Princess had.
  86. >While Celestia had a sharp and spicy taste to her, Luna was more subdued and had a minty taste that tickled the back of your throat.
  87. >You kick your pants off as Luna slides your shirt over your head and Celestia removes both of their crowns and jewels.
  89. >The sisters wash over your now naked form, leaving playful nips and kisses as they worked their way up to your face.
  90. >You begin to lose yourself in the tongues of the monarchs as they took turns dancing around the inside of your mouth.
  91. >You grab two handfuls of royal flank, eliciting twin moans from the monarchs.
  92. >They both break away from you and look down with lidded eyes.
  93. >"It would seem that our guest has finally found his vigor." Luna says.
  94. >"Indeed he has..." Celestia cooed as she looked down at the throbbing appendage between your legs.
  95. >She scooted her way down to you and lifted her flank in the air, positioning it over your manhood.
  96. >"Perhaps we can finally indulge our curiosities now?" she asks as she prods her lips with your the head of your member.
  97. >You thank whatever deity is listening for the gift you're about to receive.
  98. "Whatever her majesty wishes." you say with a giggle.
  100. >Celestia smiled back and you and lowered herself onto you.
  101. >She got the head of your member in and then started to work the shaft, grinding back and forth as she took more of you inside her little by little.
  102. >You grunted as Luna crawled up into your chest and kissed you again.
  103. >You fell into a good rhythm with Celestia, thrusting your hips up into her every so often in time with her gyrations.
  104. >For Luna you wrapped one arm around her and pinned her to your chest as you dominated her tongue, your other arm went up and began softly stroking her horn.
  105. >The moans of the two sisters filled the room as you pleasured the both of them.
  106. >Eventually Celestia got down to the base of your member. "Now...we can see what you're truly capable of Anonymous." She says with a sigh of contention.
  107. >Celestia fell into a new tempo, slowly sliding you out of her before pushing you back in with all her might.
  109. >Luna broke away from your grasp and shimmied her rear up to your face, planting her marehood barely an inch away from your mouth.
  110. >"We cannot allow my sister to have all the fun...can we Anonymous...?" she panted out.
  111. >You inwardly chuckle.
  112. "No we can't Princess."
  113. >You gently slide your tongue along the Princess of the Night's snatch and dance your tongue around her clit.
  114. >The cries and moans of the sisters fill the room once again.
  115. >"'s been far far too long..." Luna moaned as you probed her insides with your tongue. You imagine those thousand years on the moon had left her more than a bit wanting.
  116. >Celestia tried to say something, but all that came out was a series of incoherent mumbles as she slammed herself down against your length with increased vigor.
  117. >Knowing what that signaled, you gripped her by the flank and thrust into her as hard and as fast as you could, sending the Princess into another mumbling fit.
  118. >Her final shout rose high above Luna's as she clamped down on you and sent a warm sensation across your lap.
  120. >Celestia sits panting on your erection for a bit, riding out the waves of bliss you drove her to.
  121. >"That...that was..." she panted as she tried to learn how to formulate thoughts again.
  122. >A small giggle escaped Luna as you continued to toy with her clit. "So...GOOD! T-to see you finally en...JOYING yourself sister!"
  123. >She places a forehoof against your head and stops you from going any further on her.
  124. >"Perhaps...I could "enjoy" you some...?" she says through gasped breath.
  125. >You smile up at her. [spoiler][/spoiler]"Of course your highness."
  126. >Celestia silently dismounts and rolls to your side, releasing a small gasp as she does and taking in her own glow as she lies on the bed.
  127. >Luna plops her head down next to you and sticks her rear up in the air.
  128. >She gazes at you with playful eyes. "What? You didn't expect to not do any work here, did you?"
  129. >Heh.
  130. "Of course not Princess...I always welcome a hard day's work."
  131. >Her eyes follow you as you get to your knees and position yourself behind the waiting monarch.
  132. >You slowly push forward and guide your member into her waiting marehood, the princess groaning as you do.
  133. "A's work..."
  135. >You gave Luna a few moments pause to grow more accustomed to you, but you started moving before her moaning died down.
  136. >She writhes and moans into the bed as you continue to thrust into her, slowly picking up the pace.
  137. >Celestia had already gotten you a good portion of the way along, you had to be careful if you were going to please Luna.
  138. >That was why you were here after all, you had to give these two a show.
  139. >You place one hand on Luna's flank and wrap her tail around the other, yanking it back as you thrust into her.
  140. >Luna's wings fly out as she moans into the bed, drenching both your cock and the sheets underneath with her juices.
  141. >Next to the two of you, Princess Celestia regains her composure and pushes herself off the bed.
  142. >She looks to you with lidded eyes and crawls over before looking down at her sister as she wailed and shouted.
  143. >"Making liberal use of the Royal Canterlot Voice, are we Sister?" she asks.
  144. >"We!...Believe it is...warranted here!...Sister!" she got out between your thrusts as you took yourself into double time.
  145. >Celestia chuckles and looks to you. "Hmm...yes it is~..." she says.
  146. >The sun princess leans forward and locks your lips again as you thrust into her sister from behind.
  147. >The hand you had on Luna's flank falls off and finds its way between Celestia's hind legs.
  148. >Celestia gasps and pulls herself closer as your fingers slide inside of her.
  149. >The three of you fill the room with a chorus of moans and cries of ecstasy.
  151. >Oh she's all lit up now!
  152. >Your cries begin to grow to a crescendo as you approach the limits of pleasure that you can endure.
  153. >You tighten your grip on Luna's tail and begin thrusting into her with wild abandon.
  155. >At the same time, you slip another finger inside Celestia and begin to stroke her clit with your thumb.
  156. >The two sisters cry out as you keep going and clench down on you.
  157. >You dare not slow down your thrusts, but you open your mouth to try and speak.
  158. "Luna!...M' gonna-"
  159. >The night Princesses reply came when she pushed back and hammered herself back against you, pushing you even further into her.
  160. >That was all the approval you needed.
  161. >You let your mind regress and your body take over as you pushed into Luna as hard and fast as you were able, keeping Celestia entertained with your dexterous fingers as she wrapped her hooves around your neck.
  162. >In mere moments both of the sisters released a final shout as they clamped down around both your hand and member, spilling fluids over both.
  163. >The sensation was too great for you to hold against.
  164. >You slipped your hand out of Celestia and gripped Luna's formed flank, sending your seed into her with a final thrust.
  165. >Luna moaned and writhed into the sheets of the bed as Celestia simply hung off you.
  166. >You re-collected yourself after the bout of sexual ecstasy you had reached with these two and smiled.
  167. >Could this day get any better?
  169. >You are Queen Chrysalis I and you are in deep cover in Canterlot palace.
  170. >You were currently in the closest position imaginable to the only pony to ever earn more of your hatred than Celestia.
  171. >Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Ruler of the Crystal Kingdom and the one responsible for tossing you out of Equestria
  172. >"Cadence" as she liked to be called had a maid who followed her around and assisted her in all things.
  173. >A maid you were now impersonating, Cadence none the wiser.
  174. >You were close to striking and taking your revenge, having been in the castle for weeks, but today there was in the air.
  175. >It certainly tasted like love but there was something else there...something...
  176. >Tangy?
  177. >It didn't matter, all you had to do was follow Cadence around until you got her alone...
  178. >Still, that taste was making you feel the oddest way...
  179. >You inwardly groaned for the thousandth time today as Cadence prattled on.
  180. >"And you should have SEEN little Twilight, Feather Duster! Barely five years old and already lifting books as big as she was over her own head!"
  181. >All this bitch DID was prattle about when she used to foalsit that wretched Twilight Sparkle, apparently because her idiot husband was impotent.
  182. >Serves her right.
  183. >Cadence lead you down a hallway, towards Celestia's room.
  184. >"I just want to stop by and say hello to my aunty and then we'll go work on those bookshelves, Feather Duster." Cadence said.
  185. >Finally, you could strike once you got to the room...
  186. >Cadence swung the door open and stopped in her tracks.
  187. >You have to admit, even you were stunned. You even reverted to your natural form in the surprise.
  188. >At least you knew what that tangy taste was now...
  190. >Well...
  191. >This is weird...
  192. >You were Anonymous and you had just been caught making two Princesses orgasm by the ruler of another kingdom and one of Equestria's most wanted.
  193. >You were still inside one of those princesses.
  194. >The Changeling, Chrysalis was her name you think, regained her composure before Princess Cadence.
  195. >Those bedroom eyes she was wearing were new though...
  196. >"My~, what a compromising position we seem to have found our monarchs in..." She coos in her flanged voice.
  197. >She leaves Cadence rooted at the doorway and trots around behind you, examining both of the princesses.
  198. >Her grin grew three sizes that day when she saw your member still inside Luna.
  199. >"It would seem the Princesses have found a consort..." she said.
  200. >Luna attempted to rise off the bed only for her wobbly legs to give out under her.
  201. >"A rather effective one at that!~"
  202. >Celestia falls onto her back and looks at the Changeling Queen with glazed over eyes. "Chrysalis...what...are you doing here?" she huffed out, still riding the waves.
  203. >Chrysalis draped her hooves over your shoulders. "Well...I WAS here to attempt to do away with Cadence..."
  204. >She turns your head and presses her lips up against yours. If Celestia was good at making out, Chrysalis was an absolute master. Her too-long-tongue danced around yours and sent a shiver up your spine.
  205. >Chrysalis breaks away from you almost as fast as she kissed you and licks her lips. "But I believe that I have found something even better to do~..."
  207. >Cadence finally snapped out of the trance of seeing her aunts in bed together.
  208. >"A-aunt Celestia! Aunt Luna! Wh-what are you both DOING!?" she cried.
  209. >Chrysalis rolled her eyes as she ran her hooves up and down your chest. "Oh PLEASE girl! Is it not blatantly obvious? I know that Shining Armor won't touch you but you surely can't be THAT dense!"
  210. >Celestia stared at her niece upside down from on her back. "Is it true Cadence? Are you and Shining Armor not sleeping together?" she asked.
  211. >Cadence's face went from pink to bright red as she stammered out a response. "N-no! It's not- I...I mean, yes we aren't, b-but tha-"
  212. >Celestia held up a single hoof. "Cadence, dear, come to the bed."
  213. >Cadence practically reeled back. "Aunty! I can't be unfaithful! I love Shining Armor!"
  214. >"And you are not, Cadence." Celestia explained. "But you are a Princess, the ruler of an entire kingdom. It is not fair for you to have needs that cannot be fulfilled in your station."
  215. "So am I some consort?"
  216. >Luna finally spoke up after having been mumbling the since you made her cum. "Are you complaining, Anonymous?" she asked with a weary smile.
  217. >You'd think that question through, but your brain is too busy telling you to shut the fuck up and not ruin a great thing to do that.
  218. >Cadence shifted on her hooves. " sure it's okay aunt Celestia?" she asked.   
  219. >Celestia gave a warm smile to her niece and righted herself. "Come Cadence, let's see to you." she said.
  220. >Chrysalis turned your head to her. "While the Crystal Princess adjusts to the situation, perhaps you'd like to try your hand and pleasuring me?"
  221. >You chuckle.
  222. "Who am I to deny a request from a queen?"
  224. >In a few minutes you had the queen of the Changeling swarm hanging off your neck as you prodded her backdoor.
  225. "Uh...are you sure about this"
  226. >You didn't really have anything AGAINST anal, it just seemed a little weird for your first time with someone.
  227. >A hoof lightly smacks across your face.
  228. "Ow."
  229. >"Anonymous, if you do not start rutting me soon, I'm going to drain every bit of love out of you." Chrysalis threatened.
  230. "Uh...yes ma'am." you say confused.
  231. >You press the head of your cock against Chrysalis, releasing a gasp of surprise what you slip inside.
  232. >Chrysalis moans slightly and bites her bottom lip. "Mmmm~...I can see why the Princesses brought you in..." she said.
  233. >You slowly push in to your hilt, Chrysalis moaning the entire time.
  234. >You had planned to set a fairly slow pace, just trying to let this ride out for a while, but Chrysalis groaned. "Oh please...I am not some fragile doll, you won't break me! Give me all you've got or don't give me anything at all!" she shouted.
  235. >Oh no she didn't.
  236. >This bug wants you're best, you'll fucking give it to her.
  237. >You grab her dangling leg with one hand and begin thrusting into her as hard as you can at a fairly quick pace.
  238. >Chrysalis' moans intensified and her lip biting turned into her mouth hanging open and her tongue lolling off to one side.
  239. >"Yes! Right there!" she half shouts.
  240. >Shit, you were lucky that the Princesses soundproofed this room.  
  242. >Speaking of Princesses, Chrysalis' moans and shouts roused two of them to action.
  243. >Luna was still resting on the bed.
  244. >Celestia scooted behind Chrysalis and propped her hooves up against her back, giving you some much needed resistance and allowing you to thrust deeper. At the same time, she bent her head up and began playfully licking Chrysalis' curved horn, intensifying the moans of the insectoid queen.
  245. >Cadence was still a bit nervous about all this, but Celestia seemed to motivate her and she shimmied up to your face all the same.
  246. >"Uh...H-hi Anonymous!" she said with a nervous smile.
  247. "Uh...hEY Ca-DENCE." you grunt out.
  248. >Redness comes up from her cheeks yet again. "Uhm...I-I'm going to kiss you now...okay?" she asks.
  249. >You don't risk talking again and simply nod to tell her to proceed.
  250. >Cadence leans forward a bit and presses your lips together.
  251. >She was shy, you could tell that much just from looking at her, but her tongue told you even more.
  252. >You easily dominated Cadence's tongue, noticing a few times how it seemed like she wanted to pull back, but kept going anyway.
  253. >The nice guy that you are, you take your free arm and pull the Crystal Princess close to you, a slight "Eep!" escaping her.
  254. >That seemed to loosen her up a bit because she cupped your face in her hooves and started miming some of the ways you moved her tongue.
  256. >Meanwhile, the Changeling Queen underneath you was panting like a dog in summer.
  257. >Between your pounding and Celestia's gentle tongue, she seemed to be in whatever heaven her kind had.
  258. >Cadence seemed into this enough now so you released her from your grip and drove that hand into Chrysalis' marehood up to your second knuckle.
  259. >Chrysalis arched her back and tried to shout something, her voice devolving into incoherent mumbles like Luna's did before as a few drops of drool began to fall from her tongue.
  260. >With the hand on her leg, you reached in and began gently caressing the rims of the holes she had in them.
  261. >"By the Thousand Formed God!" she shouted.
  262. >Chrysalis clenched her ass down around you as you and Celestia brought her closer and closer to her limit.
  263. >With Cadence in your mouth and Chrysalis around your member, you pushed your fingers as far into her marehood as you could get and began thrusting into her a top speed.
  264. >The Changeling Queen moaned and groaned in time with your thrusts until she seized down on you, drenching your fingers in a viscous green fluid you assume counted as ejaculate for her kind.
  265. >Her horn erupted into a burst of magical energy that washed over Celestia's face for a moment before revealing the grinning monarch looking down at Chrysalis as of flowed off.
  266. >Changeling asses are apparently tighter than normal pony asses, because the constriction around your member pushed you past the edge and sent you into spasms as you fired off your load into Chrysalis.
  267. >As the two of you let the pleasure subside, Cadence pulled away from you, her face growing slightly redder as she looked over everyone on the bed.
  268. >She met your eyes and spoke in a soft if shy voice. "Can...I be next?"
  270. >Within minutes you were lying on your back again, Cadence balancing over your manhood.
  271. >She nervously looked to her aunts who were currently lying next to you. "'re sure this is okay?"
  272. >Celestia stops nibbling on your chin long enough to wave her niece on.
  273. >The first thing you noticed about Cadence as she lowered herself onto you was that she was tight, very very tight.
  274. >Apparently that thing about her and her husband not sleeping together was true.
  275. >Cadence gasped and gulp until she got about half of you inside her, then she stopped, he lips quivering.
  276. >Both sets.
  277. >You put a hand on her thigh and speak through the two princesses who had moved to your neck.
  278. "Hey, relax."
  279. >Chrysalis wraps her forelegs around Cadence's midsection and plops her head down on her shoulder. "Mmmyes dear, you cannot allow nerves to ruin all the fun for you!~ Just take a deep breath..." Cadence does as instructed and slowly takes more of you inside her. "...And let everything happen naturally.~"
  281. >Cadence has her eyes squinted shut, but she nods just the same. She must really need this.
  282. >The rhythm is slow, but sweet. Cadence's natural tightness lending itself well to that.
  283. >Celestia and Luna were both taking turns with your mouth and neck, switching off when the other had their fill.
  284. >Chrysalis remained behind Cadence, nibbling at her ear while guiding her along your shaft before moving on to full blown kissing.
  285. >And so there you lay, underneath three princesses with a queen bringing up the rear.
  286. >There have been worse fates.
  287. >Within time, Cadence breaks away from Chrysalis and looks down to you, her eyes hungry.
  288. >She drops onto your chest, all but pushing her aunts out of the way. "Kiss me Anon."
  289. >She wraps her hooves around your neck. "Kiss me like my husband would..."
  290. >Cadence doesn't wait for a response before she jumps down your throat.
  292. >When Cadence had first come in here, she was intimidated by the situation and generally just all around shy.
  293. >That Cadence was apparently just looking for a Changeling queen to make out with her and give way to sex fiend Cadence.
  294. >At least, that's what you gathered from what you could see.
  295. >Cadence's mane blocked most of your view, but you could make out a few things.
  296. >For one, familial relations are apparently looser here in Equestria because both Celestia and Luna were trailing their tongues along Cadence's ever stiffening wings.
  297. >You didn't see Chrysalis so much as feel her, or rather, you felt a very long tongue slide up your shaft whenever Cadence would pull you out of her.
  298. >Eventually the feeling simply stopped, Chrysalis' voice however did not. "My my~..." she cooed. "Such gusto in our fair Crystal Princess."
  299. >Cadence couldn't respond with her tongue down your throat, but you think you hear something that could be considered an affirmation.
  300. >You see Chrysalis rise up from behind Cadence. "Which is not to say that our illustrious paramour is not without his own ability..."
  302. >Chrysalis sinks back down out of sight as you pin Cadence against you in your arms and begin thrusting harder.
  303. >You feel a single lick against your cock before Chrysalis speaks up again. "Hmm...perhaps a venture down the road less traveled...?"
  304. >You didn't feel anything, but Cadence sure did. She seized up and spilt away from your mouth, filling the room with an intense moan of pleasure.
  305. >She didn't move much after that, paralyzed by the five pronged assault you were all subjecting her too.
  306. >Within minutes, her pants became higher and pitched as you pounded her marehood, Celestia and Luna licked her wings, and Chrysalis did...whatever she did.
  307. >Cadence tightened up around you as she came and screamed one final time before collapsing on top of you, writhing under your touch.
  308. >The other three mares on the bed grinned down at the Crystal Princess.
  309. >Just then, a thought came into your head. A devious and decadent thought.
  310. "Hey guys, I got an idea..."
  312. >Chrysalis moaned as you inserted it, that damn Changeling Queen was always good to go, you love it.
  313. >You walked on your knees back behind Celestia and looked out at your plan come to fruition.
  314. >Laid out before you were four of the most powerful mares in Equestria, each gasping and moaning at what you did.
  315. >You had come up with your plan once you had noticed that each member of your little party here had a rather long horn.
  316. >Some were blunt, or curved or thick, but they all had them. They also all had marehood that you were forced to pleasure at your best, twice at a time.
  317. >So you had found a solution to that problem.
  318. >A train stretched across the bed, of mares attached horn to marehood together, with the ruler of Equestria at the back as she waited for you to penetrate her, something you did with great joy.
  319. >Cadence hadn't made you cum, but she had more than warmed you up.
  320. >You pressed yourself into Celestia and immediately started a hard, fast and heavy rhythm.
  321. >Celestia wailed into the bed as you slammed into her, sending her horn deeper into Chrysalis.
  322. >The changeling kept her eyes directly forward as she twisted and pitched her curved her deeper inside of Cadence.
  323. >Meanwhile, Cadence herself looked as if she was simply trying to hold on as she daintily pushed her horn deeper into her aunt Luna.
  324. >And aunt Luna who was making her own enjoyment very well known as she tried to deafen you all with cries of joy in her Royal Canterlot Voice.
  326. >Soon the events of the day caught up to you and you felt yourself reaching your limit.
  327. >You grab Celestia by her wings and began thrusting in as hard and fast as your hips would go.
  328. "Celestia!..." you start.
  329. >The royal opens one eye and stares back at you. "Anonymous if you cum anywhere else I'm sending you to Tartartus!" she cried.
  330. >You were going to tell her that she was squeezing you hard enough to turn your dick to diamonds, but that worked too.
  331. >You adjust your grip and take yourself into the final approach.
  332. >The cries of the mares on the bed reached a crescendo of their own as you came.
  333. >Celestia was the first, drenching your legs as you emptied your balls into her.
  334. >From her horn came a torrent of magic that set Chrysalis off.
  335. >The Changeling Queen jerked her horn to the side and sent Cadence over the edge with a startled "Eep!"
  336. >Luna nearly burst your eardrums as she rode out her own orgasm before falling backwards into the bed.
  337. >When you were sure you had no more seed to spare, pulled out and collapsed to your side onto the warm blankets.
  338. >Your partners in crime all pushed themselves off the bed and crawled over to you laying down on either side of you for a well deserved rest.
  339. >As the light breathing of your companions made your eyelids grow heavier, a final thought went through your brain.
  340. >That today was a really, REALLY good day.

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