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Flanking Maneuvers Episode 10: Couples Therapy [CLOP]

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:15:40 PM
AIE NSFW Anon Celestia Comedy

  1. =Flanking Maneuvers episode 10=
  3. >You kick the door open, not particularly giving a shit about how late it was or who may be sleeping.
  4. "RAAAAAGH!"
  5. >You stomp all over the room, tossing clothes and pushing over furniture.
  6. >You weren't exactly please as punch right now.
  7. >It had started simple enough, with Celly coming to tell you that you both had to make a surprise trip to Ponyville to Twilight she had said.
  8. >Seeing Anon was great, as always. You and him caught dinner, skipped rocks at the pond, even saw the kids at the school.
  9. >Then you went back to Twilights...heard the news that changed everything and sent you on this tizzy.
  10. >Immortal.
  11. >Unaging.
  12. >Fated to never grow older than you were right now due to the very magics that had brought you to Equestria.
  13. "GODDAMMIT!"
  14. >You paced back and forth around the bedroom, Celly standing in the doorway just watching silently.
  15. "This isn't what I signed up for when I came here!"
  16. >"I know." Celestia says.
  17. "Colorful ponies, fine! Dealing with you, whatever! Not aging is not fine!"
  18. >"I know."
  19. "I don't even think my kind is BUILT to be alive that long!"
  20. >You sweep a lamp off its end table and send it crashing to the ground.
  21. >"I know."
  22. "And all because some STUPID PORTAL dragged me here in the first place!"
  23. >"I know."
  24. >She knows apparently.
  26. >You sit down on the floor and slump against the bed.
  27. "You could say something else you know!"
  28. >Celestia doesn't speak, simply standing in the door.
  29. "Fuck you!"
  30. >Celestia walks into the room and shuts the door. "But it's true, I know."
  31. "Know what?" you growl.
  32. >Celestia walks over and sits herself down next to you. "What you're going through, your immortality."
  33. >You turn your head and meet her eyes as she keeps talking. "I know what it's like to one day find out that you have the rest of forever ahead of you, and I know how terrible a feeling it is to realize that many you love are going to die in front of you."
  34. >She nuzzles the side of your face. "So I'm letting you get it all out. You can yell and scream and let all your rage out to me and when you're done, you can plan where you want to go."
  35. >You sit and simmer for a minute as you think.
  36. >That...made alarmingly good sense...
  37. >You lean your head back and sigh, your first of many in the coming weeks if you were to have to guess.
  38. "So, is this level of suck normal for the amount of time that's passed?"
  39. >"It's different for everyone. I was raw for a few weeks, Luna a few months." Celestia says.
  40. >Another sigh at the thought of how long it would take for this feeling of unimaginable weight to pass.
  41. "...Any tips?"
  42. >Celly is silent for a long time, her eyes closed in thought.
  43. >"Find something to live for." she says eventually.
  44. "Huh?"
  45. >"Just...find a reason to wake up in the morning. If you can find a way to stay happy every day, you should do fine."
  46. "Is that what you did?"
  47. >Celestia flashes a weary smile. "What do you think, dear?"
  48. >You think back to the reason why you called yourself a jizz sock this morning.
  49. "Right...bad question..."
  51. >You and Celestia sit in silence for a bit, each contemplating what today's news meant.
  52. >The marriage you two shared was...odd to say the least.
  53. >You were both "committed" in the sense that there was no way in hell you were letting her have the satisfaction of divorcing you while you were still alive.
  54. >Hell, she probably knew that. Her plans might have been to just ride this out and then get back to her old habits.
  55. "Guess this fucks everything up for you, huh?"
  56. >Celly cocks an eyebrow "Hmm?"
  57. "I mean you just had to ride it out a hundred or so years and then you could go back to working your way through the entire male population of Equestria."
  58. >Celly knocks a hoof against the floor. "And so my master plan falls to shambles."
  59. >You lean back against the bed. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Heh. Sorry babe."
  60. >"Stuck with you for the rest of time." she moans.
  61. "You might get lucky, I could fall off the roof."
  62. >"Choke on your food."
  63. "Piss off your dad."
  64. >Both of you share a chuckle.
  65. >You sigh again.
  66. "Guess I better get started finding that something to live for..."
  67. >Celestia shrugs. "At least you have Anon."
  68. >Yeah, she was right there, at least you still had him.
  69. >For all the ridiculousness of this marriage, Celly got you pretty well.
  70. >...Celly was probably the ONLY one who totally got you...
  71. >There were things you didn't tell Anon, either they weren't his problem or you thought he'd worry, but Celly...
  72. >You told her practically everything eventually...
  74. >You reach your arm over and stroke her mane.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Still..."
  75. >She looks over at you.
  76. "...Could be worse people to be stuck with forever, I guess."
  77. >Celly chuckles and leans in closer to you. "Like who?"
  78. "Your bloody sister, for one..."
  79. >Her chuckle becomes stronger as you both lean closer against one another. "I suppose I can tolerate not having sex with the guards until the ages catch up to you as they did me..."
  80. >You chuckle.
  81. "Shouldn't have said I'm never gonna turn into a pansexual addict, just to spite you."
  82. >"You're the worst husband ever..." she gasps as she rubs her face against yours.
  83. "Better than a wife...who wants to brand-"
  84. >You don't get any further before your lips meet.
  85. >Any foreplay with Celly had to be intense or else she'd complain, but this...
  86. >Your tongues fought bloody World War Two in each other's mouths, your hands sliding up and down her torso and back against her wings as slight moans escaped her body.
  87. >There was...a hunger to things this time, a hunger that had been growing in you since you thought about how you could tell her anything.
  88. >You wanted more.
  89. >The urge to break and breath grows and grows but you ignore it. You wanted to stay here, locked together with the one person who knew exactly where you were coming from for as long as you could.
  90. >In time, your body betrays you though.
  91. >You cup Celly's face in your hands before pulling her away from your mouth and looking into her amaranthine eyes.
  92. "Get on the bed."
  94. >You hop to your feet and get your shirt as Celestia complies.
  95. >The telltale sound of magic comes from over your shoulder as you assume Celly takes off her jewelry.
  96. >You're almost onto your pants when you're grabbed in a magical aura and tossed onto the bed.
  97. >Celestia wraps her hooves around you and pulls your mouth back to hers, a contented chuckle escaping through her lips.
  98. "Dammit. I was getting my pants off."
  99. >"Don't start something you're not prepared to see to, dear."
  100. >You straddle yourself over Celly's waist as you both continue your game of tonsil hockey.
  101. "I was GOING to see to it but your dammed excitability went and cocked all that up."
  102. >Celly doesn't go back to your mouth and instead concentrates on your hear. "Dear, please stop talking about things that are cocked up that aren't me."
  103. >You begin planting playful bites down her neck before you look up.
  104. >Wrapped around Celly's horn was a simple golden ring.
  105. "Take your wedding ring off."
  106. >Celly lets out an annoyed sigh. "You are impossible." she says as she absentmindedly levitates her ring onto an end table.
  107. >You remove your own wedding band and toss it on the table next to Celly's, using the time it takes to collect yourself.
  108. >You push Celly's wings down on the bed, slowly massaging the elbow joint in your palm.
  109. >Celly rears her head back against the bed and moans before leaning forward again to kiss you.
  110. >A familiar magical sensation envelops your pants as they slide themselves down your legs on their own.
  111. >Celestia tosses the clothes off to the side as you quickly pull down your boxers, the tip of your erect member quickly stroking your wife's marehood and sending a shiver up both your spines.
  113. >You get your head in and hold yourself up over a writing Celestia as you slowly push yourself inside her.
  114. >You bend down and start kissing your wife again as she clamps down on you, no doubt from the wing massage.
  115. "Dammit, I know your wings are sensitive, but come on." you get out between breaths.
  116. >"Just helping you any way I can dear, I know you need it."
  117. >You pick up your pace with both your hips and your hands as you plant kisses and play bites up and down Celly's neck.
  118. >As Celly moans and pants, you eye the prize you were after.
  119. >Celestia's horn.
  120. >Her most intense erogenous zone.
  121. >You keep your pace steady as you  bend Celestia's neck forward and move up to the horn.
  122. >"What are yo-"
  123. >Anything else she was going to say turned into an incomprehensible dribble as you started nibbling the tip of her horn.
  124. >"I- habe- doona-" she says as you glide your tongue over the ridges of the horn.
  125. >You had been paying attention to how Celly used her own tongue on you once she got your pants down, it was fun to turn the tables.
  126. >The down side of this little stunt was that it made Celly clamp down on you, hard.
  127. >You couldn't give up the pace or risk losing this whole thing, so you kept thrusting for all you were worth.
  128. >As the pleasure mounted on both your ends, you twisted and pressed the joints in Celly's wings, ruffling the feathers gently when you could.
  130. >You looked down and beheld a rather rare sight.
  131. >The goddess-monarch of the kingdom of Equestria had her hooves belt close to her chest, her mouth hung open in pants and sensual moans with her eyes snapped shut at what you were doing to her.
  132. >If you didn't know her better you'd say it was cute.
  133. >You worked her over a bit more before you could feel her squeezing you harder, signaling that she was as close to her limit as you were to yours.
  134. >You bent down and planted your tongue at the base of Celly's horn before you slowly, sensuously, licked your way to the top.
  135. >Nothing that could be described as words came from Celly's mouth now, just sounds of not-even-barely contained pleasure as you brought yourself closer and closer to the tip.
  136. >"Hah! Darling!" Celly gasped as you got to the top and twirled your tongue around her horn tip before sending her over the edge with a final flick.
  137. >Celly clenched down around your member as she drenched the sheets and forced you to cum too.
  138. >Still panting, you took your hands off Celly's still twitching wings and lay yourself down over top of her, letting both of your juices mix as they flowed together.
  139. "Hah...hah...been a while since we came together..." you gasp out.
  140. >Celly wrapped her wings around you and pulled you closers as she nibble on your ear. "Yes...forgotten how enjoyable it could be..."
  141. >You took in the one-of-a-kind scent of Celly's ethereal mane mixed with a hint of sweat as you both took a moment to regain your bearings.
  142. >Celly nuzzled up next to your ear again. "Dear?"
  143. "Hmm?"
  144. >"Roll over."
  146. >You pull out of Celestia and flop over onto your back.
  147. >Your wife rolls over as well and hops on top of you, looking like she was prepared to mount you.
  148. >Instead, Celly pressed her lips against your neck and began trialing kisses and nibbles down your body.
  149. >She gets down to your flaccid member and mimics your slow lick up the shaft, sending electricity through your entire body.
  150. >Dammit, she always did this.
  151. >If there was one thing Celestia knew her way around, it was cocks.
  152. >She licked and smacked against your manhood, bringing you further and further back to attention.
  153. "Hah! Shit!..."
  154. >Celestia slid off your cock as it reached the apex of its assent, eye it hungrily.
  155. >The two of you enter into a stare down.
  156. "'t you-!"
  157. >You don't get further because Celly snaps her mouth open and takes you all in with one gulp.
  158. >You throw your head back in a silent scream as her tongue twists and slides over you.
  159. "Cunting...HELL!...Celly! You!...Planning this!?"
  160. >A low "MmmmHMMMM~" comes from her lips and almost reduces you to blubbering fits before Celly pops you out of her mouth.
  161. >"You never let me down here any other time~" she coos.
  162. "Because ya bit me last time!"
  163. >Celestia tilts her head and chuckles as she licks the side of your member. "Only a bit dear, play bites~"
  164. >You have a death grip on the sheets.  [spoiler][/spoiler] "Still hurts."
  165. >"Ah, but the good kind."
  166. >You almost had another quip out before Celly opened her mouth and slid down your shaft again.
  168. >You gasp and grunt as Celly slides her way down your length.
  169. >Dammit, she always did this, pushing you after the first round.
  170. >You don't know, you don't know how she did it, but no matter how little time it had been since you finished Celly was able to pull some stupid trick with her tongue or lips and bring you right back up again.
  171. "Hah! yo- You are just-t the biggEST b-BITCH!"
  172. >Celly releases a chuckle you feel more than hear as you put your hand on her forehead.
  173. >You hold her pastel mane back as her head bobs up and down in your lap.
  174. >She opens her eyes and locks them with yours, staring into your brain as she twists her tongue round.
  175. >You're taken aback for a moment at the intensity of the gaze.
  176. >Were her eyes always that magenta? Did they always glow in the dark just a bit?
  177. >The momentary distraction was all you needed to lose your cool.
  178. >You soon found yourself unable to hold against Celestia's oral assault as she twisted and turned herself.
  179. >She slid you out of her mouth and settled over you, her tongue slipping out as it began tracing a circle around the head of your member.
  180. >"Hmm hmm~. Getting close dear?" she chuckled.
  181. >Your breath was coming in pants as you collected yourself and tried to ignore the sensation of Celly's tongue.
  182. "C-c'mon? That lightweight crap? Wha are ya - tryin'a make me l-laugh?"
  183. >Celly chuckles. "You asked for it dear~."
  184. >Celestia slowly leans down and wraps her tongue around your member...
  186. >...And then presses her lips against you as tight as she can and begins bobbing and a mind boggling pace.
  187. >She follows you as you arch your back up and fall back onto the bed, placing a hoof against you to stop you from moving as she sucks for all she's worth and her tongue twists into a new location every instant.
  188. >You recite the oath that helps you in times like this.
  189. >First I whip i-
  190. >It's impossible to get any further when Celestia takes you down to your base, the tip of your cock pressing against the back of your throat.
  191. >You grip her head with both hands as she clenches her throat and pushes you past breaking.
  192. >Celly moans as your orgasm rides out in her mouth, your body relaxing as it does.
  193. >You go limp on the bed as Celly removes you from her mouth one final time and licks her teeth.
  194. >"Delicious."
  195. "Go to hell." you gasp out.
  196. >Celestia grins a smug grin and crawls up to lay down next to you on the bed.
  197. >"Don't pout dear, all's fair in love, war, and sex." she coos.
  198. >Your breathing came in gasps and your heart was beating out of its chest but there was only one thing you could think right now.
  199. >"Fair"? You'd show her fair.
  201. >You spend the next few minutes collecting yourself, using every ounce of willpower you had to get back up while Celly silently breathed next to you.
  202. >Once you were ready, you struck hard and fast.
  203. >You turned over and flipped Celestia onto her side, ignoring the yelp of surprise before guiding your member inside of her.
  204. >Celestia grunted as you push into the road less traveled, but relaxed soon enough.
  205. >You started a hard, steady pace as Celly grew more used to the circumstances.
  206. >She moaned and gasped as you slipped a hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit between your fingers.
  207. >With your free hand, you grab the hair behind Celestia's head and give it a firm tug as you continue to thrust into her.
  208. >Celly was doing more than just pant and groan, she contracted her muscles around you in rhythm with your thrusts.
  209. >You walled off your mind and forced yourself to concentrate only on outlasting her.
  210. >You may be married but the bedroom was still a battleground.
  211. >You close your eyes and start scratch your wife behind her ears, she always liked to be scratched there.
  212. >The world recedes as you concentrate once again only on outdoing your wife.
  213. >At least it does until you feel something warm washing over your face.
  214. >You crack open an eye to see a face full of Celly mouth dominating your vision as she panted and moaned in your face.
  215. >If she thinks that's going to break your concentration sh-
  216. >Why are you opening your mouth?
  217. >Why are you pulling hers closer?
  218. >You are you kissing while you're all the way up her ass?
  220. >Okay...this was...
  221. >Surreal.
  222. >Kissing Celestia was always a physical thing, or something you did to keep up appearances when citizens started asking why the ruling couple argued like schoolchildren all the time.
  223. >But...tonight was a night for new experiences it seemed.
  224. >As with the kiss before there was a...longing to keep going in this one.
  225. >There was nowhere you would rather be in the world than right here, right now.
  226. >And that was absolutely baffling to you.
  227. >Here you were, balls deep in someone you've argued and fought with since you got here and all you can think about is how much you enjoy kissing her.
  228. >And on the other side of things, she was an immortal god-horse who had less than an hour ago told you how she wanted to have sex with all of her guards and she was showing you actual sympathy before this started.
  229. > didn't care. This was more important than anything else right now.
  230. >Fucking hell, when did you turn into such a pussy?
  231. >Celly brakes away from your mouth and gasps as her marehood contracts down on your fingers and floods them in a sticky mess.
  232. >Her muscle spasms reached her ass and gripped you as tight as they could.
  233. >Your competitive spirit satiated, you didn't fight the feeling as your mind went white.
  235. >You came back to yourself next to a panting Celly.
  236. >Her mane was a disheveled mess and she was fairly sweaty, but the pleased grin on her face says everything that mattered.
  237. >You pull out of her and crawl up next to her head before collapsing on the mattress.
  238. "I can't believe you made me work after the news I heard today." you pant out.
  239. >"I tried to make you feel good but it was your pigheadedness that landed you here."
  240. >You groan and roll onto your side, Celly turning her head to meet you.
  241. "You'd have held it over me."
  242. >Celly sighs contentedly. "Have I at least improved your day, dear?"
  243. >You sigh and think.
  244. >You were feeling better at least, probably something to do with the sex.
  245. >The next however many years...didn't seem as long and arduous now.
  246. >And Celly, in her weird and nymphomaniacal way, had made that happen.
  247. "I'd say I'm better, that distraction's working wonders on my brain."
  248. >Celly throws a wing over you. "And I'm sure that's not the only thing.~"
  249. >You roll your eyes and turn your head.
  250. >The moonlight was catching Celly's lidded eyes in that way it always did.
  251. >You really liked it when they were like that.
  252. >You chuckle.
  253. "So now we've condemned Canterlot to an eternity of us bickering."
  254. >Celly shared your laugh. "I'm sure they'll adapt."
  255. >You and Celly lay there for a while, not breaking from the other's gaze.
  256. "I really don't like you."
  257. >Celestia leans forward and presses her lips against yours.
  258. >You brace for the tongue to invade your mouth doesn't come.
  259. >Celestia holds the soft, tender kiss for a few seconds before pulling away and giving one of the warmest smiles you've ever seen from her.
  260. >"I really don't like you too."

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