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Fracture 2: Stratagem.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:18:32 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Action

  1. =Fracture 2=
  3. >The moon hangs high in the sky as you grunt in exertion and jump for your next handhold.
  4. >Your foot slips against the roof as you grab hold, sending a few shingles falling to the ground.
  5. "...Good thing I lift."
  6. >You keep climbing to using only your arms higher and higher up.
  7. "And I apparently talk to myself too, wonderful."
  8. >You kept climbing and hoisted yourself up on top of the steeple.
  9. >From crouching on top of town hall, you could see out across the entire town and into the hills beyond.
  10. >It was nice, nice and quiet and peaceful.
  11. >"Yo! Anonymous!"
  12. >At least for that brief moment.
  13. >Rainbow Dash flies up next to you and hovers in the air. "What are you doing up here alone? Don't we both have a meeting to get to?"
  14. >You lightly punch her shoulder from your perch.
  15. "Gotta stay in shape, Dash."
  16. >"Don't you have weights?"
  17. "I like the view."
  18. >Dash is miraculously silent for a while as she looks out over the landscape with you.
  19. >"It -IS- something, huh?"
  20. "That it is."
  21. >Dash flutters in front of you. "Hey...Anon?"
  22. "Hmm?"
  23. >Her eyes dart to the ground and back. "Do you...think it'll be bad?"
  24. >You rest your hands on your knees and sigh.
  25. "It...might. We have to hear it from Twilight to be sure."
  26. >Rainbow nods. "Well, let's not keep everyone waiting, right?"
  27. >You grin. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Right, Dash."
  28. >Rainbow flies to the ground and you start eh process of climbing down.
  29. >On your way down, a few more shingles fall off.
  30. >You'd pay for that, you should just be happy that this wasn't the worst beating town hall had ever taken.
  31. >Derpy was a force of nature sometimes.
  33. >Later at the library, you found a few people in attendance.
  34. >The rest of the bearers of the Elements, Mayor Mare, and a familiar face, your old drinking buddy Shining Armor.
  35. "Well, well, look what the Crystal Cat dragged in."
  36. >You and Armor touch fist to hoof in greetings.
  37. >"I got a message from my dear little sister telling me that my ex-top Commander couldn't handle a little dragon migration?"
  38. "It seemed like a good way to drag you away from the prim and proper parts of the Crystal Kingdom, get you back down here in the muck with us footmen."
  39. >You and Armor share a sardonic smirk as Twilight clears her throat. "There's nothing "little" about this migration, you two." she says.
  40. >You and Armor both turn to the blackboard Twilight had out the other day when this first came to your attention.
  41. "What are we looking at here, Twilight?"
  42. >Twilight lifts several scrolls up as she levitates a piece of chalk up to the board.
  43. >When the chalk finishes, there is another map of Ponyville drawn with more air currents above it.
  44. >There were a few noticeable differences this time, namely that the air currents passed directly over the town and in greater numbers.
  45. "What does this mean, Twi?"
  46. >Twilight's face was dour. "It means, Anon, that the number of dragons we expected to pass over Ponyville was a vast underestimation."
  47. >That didn't sound healthy...
  48. >"How many dragons are we looking at, Twilight?" Shining Armor asks.
  49. >Twilight's head sags. "It seems that the vast majority of the dragon flight is going to fly directly over the town."
  51. >Everyone in the room's jaws drop the floor.
  52. >"The...entire flight?" the Mayor asks.
  53. >The room grew deathly silent for a few tense minutes.
  54. >Shining Armor clears his throat. "This is..."
  55. "Bad..."
  56. >Shoot...a flock of dragons flying over town was a major threat.
  57. >Just one of those buggers breaking away and hitting the ground could lead to chaos.
  58. >And they were only the first part of the problem.
  59. >With every dragon migration, there were the fliers. But there were also the walkers, dragons too young or too old to fly who walked the earth underneath their airborne kin.
  60. >Adolescent dragons were violent and cruel, the side effect of their bodies changing.
  61. >If too many of them came through the town...
  62. >You feel your pulse quicken at the thought.
  63. >Blasted dragons! Who were they to just roll in here and demolish your home!?
  64. >You had friends here! You had family and loved ones here!
  65. >They can go somewhere else for their migration!
  66. >This just makes you so mad you just want t-
  68. >...
  69. >It finally clicks in your head.
  70. >You were going to force them away.
  71. "We need to make a stand..."
  72. >Everyone in the room turns to look at you.
  73. "I won't sit idly by while these dragons destroy my home, our home. I say..."
  74. >You point at the map.
  75. "...That we gather up some of the guards from Canterlot, fortify the fields outside town and route these lizards before they can get here."
  76. >Shining Armor grins along with Twilight and the Mayor, you had a bit of a reputation for speeches.
  77. "This is our town! We can't roll over for those scaly jackasses just because they say we should!"
  78. >Everyone in the room now had a fire behind their eyes.
  79. "Who's with me? Who wants' to fight for the town to get rid of this nescience forever?"
  80. >A chorus of "Here here!"'s echo through the wooden home.
  82. >You and Applejack were silently walking home together later that night after the meeting.
  83. >You have your arms outstretched as you teetered on the fence you were walking across.
  84. >AJ looks up to you. "Ya sure you should be treatin' this so nonchalant?"
  85. >You look down at your in-law. [spoiler][/spoiler] "What d'you mean?"
  86. >She pauses in the dirt road out front of the farm. "I mean, don't you think you should be treatin' this a mite more serious? The whole town's at stake."
  87. >You front flip off the fence and land in front of Applejack.
  88. "I know, AJ...Believe me, I know. But I can't let these dragons scare me, none of us can."
  89. >AJ sighs. "Yeah? Well, that aint working so well for me..."
  90. >You bend down and put a hand on her shoulder.
  91. "What is it?"
  92. >AJ sighs. "S'just...this is all so much bigger than what we're used to." She tilts her head up and looks you in the eye. "What if somethin' happens?"
  93. >You throw AJ a smile and clasp her other shoulder.
  94. "It won't. I promise. I'll take care of everything."
  95. >A small grin parts Applejack's lips. "You sure you can handle that?"
  96. >You shrug. [spoiler][/spoiler] "I've defended the hole town before, I can do it again."
  97. >The tan mare rolls her eyes and walks ahead back to the house.
  99. >The two of you sneak into the house and tiptoe up to your respective rooms, giving each other a curt nod to each other as you walk in.
  100. >Clicking the door shut behind you, you see that Mac is already tucked into bed, Smartypants in his hooves.
  101. >You undress yourself and crawl into bed next to him, wrapping your arms around his wide chest and pulling the two of you together.
  102. >You feel him shift awake and raise his head. "How'd it go?"
  103. >No use lying to him, you couldn't.
  104. "The whole flight is due to pass over, we're gonna make a stand."
  105. >Mac shifts on his side of the bed and pulls Smartypants closer.
  106. >"Ya worried?" he asks.
  107. "Not really. We can beat them."
  108. >"What makes ya so sure?"
  109. >You shrug.
  110. "Never lost before."
  111. >"There's a first time for everything, pard."
  112. >...Not for this.
  113. "I won't let them hurt the town, hon. It means too much to me.
  114. >You kiss his neck.
  115. "You mean too much to me..."
  116. >Mac sighs contentedly. "Figure you never steered us wrong before."
  117. "Never have, never will."
  118. >Mac turns over to face you, letting Smartypants fall between the two of you.
  119. >He kisses your cheek. "Good luck out there, pard."
  120. "Thanks hayseed."
  121. >"Love ya."
  122. "Love ya too..."
  123. >You close your eyes and doze off to sleep with the smell of apples in your nose.
  125. >The morning the dragons were expected.
  126. >They had already been flying over the town in droves for the past few hours.
  127. >Most of the citizens were sequestered in the town.
  128. >You walk down the ranks of the royal guard Shining Armor had called in from Canterlot.
  129. >Each of them watched the shapes milling about in the forest ahead with stony eyes, just like you remember from your time in the guard.
  130. >Your old guard armor shone in the sun as you walk up to the other Shining Armor.
  131. "What's the plan, sir?"
  132. >You may be Watch Commander, but he was still your boss.
  133. >"You tell me, Anon. This is your home turf." he says turning to you.
  134. >Or not.
  135. >You glance out over the field as the first dragons break through the tree line.
  136. "Hmm...Always did favor the direct approach."
  137. >Shining cocks an eyebrow. "A charge? Against them?"
  138. "We have the element of audacity on our side. After all, who would dare attack dragons?"
  139. >Shining looks out over the battlefield again.
  140. "Not to mention that we're faster than them on open terrain, have magic, and fliers."
  141. >Shining Armor looks to the sky. "Assuming that none of those big ones try to make a dive."
  142. >You follow his gaze, inspecting the great reptiles above you with care.
  143. "They look pretty intent on keeping the pace, I think we're good."
  144. >Armor nods and dons his helmet. "SOLDIERS! PRESENT ARMS!"
  145. >You unsheathe your sword and bring your shield to bear as the dragons ahead begin to roar and register a fight.
  146. >Right.
  147. "Let's see how many of you we can make die..." you whisper.

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