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Fracture 6: Gearing Up.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:21:25 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Action

  1. =Fracture 6=
  3. >Every day had the chance to be a good or a bad day with Schizophrenia.
  4. >On good days, you might only hear a little bit of the others, either due to distraction or them just not being active.
  5. >On bad days, they'd be like needles in your brain by disagreeing with each other.
  6. >Today was one such day.
  7. >And on the worst topic.
  8. >:Spelling it with a U is stupid!:
  9. >+Spelling it with a U is correct!+
  10. >:Color!:
  11. >+Colour!+
  12. >It had been like this ever since you left Appleoosa.
  13. >Having to listen to those two argue while clinging to the side of a train for a few hundred miles was your new definition of hell.
  14. >It wasn't all bad though, it gave you and Red something to agree on.
  15. >Yes, you named your split personalities.
  16. >Not the most healthy of things to do, but you weren't the picture of mental health these days.
  17. >:Next you'll be spelling armor with a U!:
  18. >+It's the correct way of-+
  20. >Green and Blue both quiet down and recede to their corners of your mind, leaving Red and you in the forefront.
  21. >When it rains...
  22. >You spot a pair of patrolling guards from the corner of your eye and duck into an alley to avoid them.
  23. >*Wait until they pass, then slit their necks.*
  24. >We're trying to get in and out of the city quietly.
  25. >*The ensuing panic would allow us to slip in and out.*
  26. >No.
  27. >Red growls in your head, he had always favored more direct methods.
  28. >You turn and head out the alley on the other side, making a beeline for the familiar garage off the main road.
  30. >You peer inside the garage and spy two heavy cream colored stallions with peppermint manes looking into a giant car.
  31. >They, like you, were arguing with one another.
  32. >"Flim, I told you to tighten the induction line!"
  33. >"I did that! It's just that your ridiculous idea of a "super fuel" rattles the line to pieces every time!"
  34. >"It gets us three times as far for the same amount of fuel!"
  35. >"And it almost kills us by making the car explode!"
  36. >You knock your fist against the frame of the door twice. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Nice to see you two are getting along."
  37. >The Flim Flam Brothers turn their heads so fast towards the sound of your voice you can hear the wind break.
  38. >Once they catch sight of you, the color seems to drain from their faces simultaneously, an embarrassed shade of red coming through.
  39. >You roll your eyes, are these two prats STILL hung up on that?
  40. >The brothers glance at each other and compose themselves. "What are you doing here, Anon?" Flim asks.
  41. >You stroll into the garage up to the boys, your weapons hidden under your sun poncho.
  42. "Came to pick up that special item I talked about in my letter."
  43. >Flim and Flam served as your engineers, something that this job needed.
  44. >Flam sighs heavily. "Two days to prepare a bag of bombs is not exactly a lot, Anon."
  45. >"Not to mention that we're not too keen on getting involved with...whatever you have planned!" Flim says.
  46. "Do I have to get you both drunk again?"
  47. >The brother's mouths snap shut and they hang their heads a bit.
  48. "No, really, it was fine. Hell, it was fun! I couldn't pick out who was who the entire night."
  49. >Flim and Flam's eyes dart between you and each other.
  50. "Hey, at least you both learned a bit about yourselves, and it's not like you did anything THAT terrib-"
  51. >The sound of the front door opening cuts your story short.
  53. >Flim and Flam both look confused. "We're closed...there shouldn't be any customers."
  54. >The hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
  55. "Stay here..."
  56. >You inch your way to the door where the sound came from.
  57. >You peek through and spot a white stallion in dark grey armor examining the room.
  58. >"Flim Flam brothers! You are under suspicion of harboring a fugitive from the law! Show yourselves and this will go smoothly!"
  59. >:Damn:
  60. >You glance back at the two of them, they were either pacing around the room or had their hoof on their head panicking.
  61. >*Must have tailed us*
  62. >You unhook a hatchet from your belt and inch closer to the doorway.
  63. >Once the stallion turns his back to the door, you strike.
  64. >You grab his snout and bury the hatchet into the front of his neck before he can react.
  65. >At the same time, you lift him by his head and throw him to the floor behind the counter.
  66. >You cover his mouth as the blood seeps from his neck and his eyes go dark.
  68. >Flim and Flam are quick to run in and examine the noise, their faces contorting into both shock and horror at the sight of the dead guard.
  69. >"Anon, what did you do!?" Flim shouts. While Flam just mumbles out "This is bad" over and over.
  70. >You get up from the ground and move to the window while Flim takes your place at the corpse.
  71. >"You bucking idiot! You just killed the guard!"
  72. "I killed -a- guard."
  73. >Flim is still angry. "What?" he shouts.
  74. "There are more outside."
  75. >At least twenty guards were taking up positions outside the garage, a sergeant barking orders to them.
  76. >This complicates things.
  77. >+We need to initiate a tactical withdrawal+
  78. >*Go out there and do the same as you did to this schmuck*
  79. >The guards start spreading out around the garage.
  80. >+Not viable, they have numbers and armor+
  81. >Anything?
  82. >+We need to escape, fast+
  83. >You glance back to the panicking brothers.
  84. >Fast...
  87. >The engine revs to life as Flam finishes gassing it up and hops on.
  88. >"Are you sure about this, Anon?" he shouts.
  89. "No."
  90. >You put the pedal to the floor on the Cider Squeezy and smash through the wooden doors of the garage.
  91. >Most of the guards jump back and out of the way from the screaming Cider-mobile now barreling down the road.
  92. >Most. Good thing this had a plow.
  93. >Flim and Flam hang on for dear life behind and next to you as you steer this metal monstrosity.
  94. >Ponies in the street follow the guards examples and dive out of the way.
  95. >In the mirror, you see several pegusi rapidly closing in on you.
  96. >Dammit!
  97. >:Take em out!:
  98. >+We're moving too fast, the wind will carry the throwing knives away.+
  99. >:Shake 'em!:
  100. >You veer to a street on the left and careen straight into the open air market.
  101. >The mayhem intensifies as wood is splintered and thrown into the air.
  102. >To your chagrin, the guards still follow through your path of destruction.
  103. "Dammit! Don't these guys take hints?"
  104. >You steer back onto the main road and gun it towards the bridge out of town.
  105. >Your hand dives into the satchel bag and pull out a belt of explosives.
  106. >:Good ol' FF Btothers! Always making spares!:
  107. >You prime the detonator and set the timer for five seconds as you near the bridge.
  108. >The pegusi behind you are still gaining on your, mere feet from the car now.
  109. >Once you pass over the middle of the bridge, you throw the bomb over the side and press the pedal so hard it might as well pass through the floor.
  110. >You hold Flim and Flam down with one hand as you count down in your head.
  111. "HANG ON!"
  112. >The bomb explodes, sending the car holding the three of you tumbling into the air.
  114. >Your head is ringing.
  115. >Dammit...
  116. >Sound off!
  117. >:HAHA! YEAH!:
  118. >*THAT'LL SHOW 'EM!*
  119. >:DAMN STRAIGHT!:
  120. >You swear you feel your personalities high five.
  121. >+Where are we?+
  122. >You look around the scene.
  123. >Before you rested the remains of the Super Cider Squeezy 6000 after it had been thrown through the air. Flim and Flam were a few feet from you rubbing their heads. The bombs were still in their bag around your wrist.
  124. >Behind you was what was once a bridge, now just a ruin with a mushroom cloud going up from the center.
  125. >Pegusi were flying through the air over the cloud, already on rescue and recovery duty no doubt.
  126. >*That ought to distract them*
  127. >You climb to your feet and grab the bag at your feet.
  128. "You two should leave, they'll be searching for you after they're done."
  129. >You start walking and drop a large bag of bits at their feet.
  130. >Flim is the first to regain himself. "Anon, you dolt! You've ruined us!"
  131. >Flam just sits in the dirt. "The car...the garage..."
  132. "Complications arose, be glad you're escaping."
  133. >Flim and Flam become rapidly shrinking sounds in the distance.
  134. >"And what do we do NOW, Anon!?"
  135. >You stop and glance back at them.
  136. "Get away. Head as far away from here as you can and hope they don't notice you."
  137. >"WHERE!?" he all but cries.
  138. >You start walking towards your job.
  139. "Somewhere, anywhere, I don't care."

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