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Fracture 7: The Train Job.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:22:12 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Action

  1. =Fracture 7=
  3. >You sit with your back against the softest rock you could find.
  4. >You're about a mile or two from where the meet-up for the job tomorrow was, but tonight was a night for sleeping.
  5. >Rocks didn't make the best beds, but you've had worse.
  6. >To the outsider, you were dead asleep as you sat motionless save for your rhythmic breathing.
  7. >In truth, you were anything but. You were in your own little world.
  8. >IE: Your own head.
  9. >You stand in a white void that you imagined your mind as, on both sides and behind you was a door.
  10. >The raised section that you were standing on was the "controller", the place whoever was driving your body stood at.
  11. >Usually it was you, you were the Prime, after all.
  12. >You step off and wander through your mind to where Green lived.
  13. >Each of the Boys was sequestered in their own little corner of your brain, it kept you functioning.
  14. >You knock twice on the door and open it, revealing a simple wood cabin with a green tinged you laying on the floor giggling.
  15. >:Oh, hey boss me:
  16. >He goes back to a giggle fit after that.
  17. >:Snrk! Boss me! Haaahahaha!:
  18. >Green was always a bit...out there. The result of Cabin Fever.
  19. "Yeah, just came to make sure you were ready for tomorrow."
  20. >He waves a hand at you.
  21. >:Oh the train? You know it! How could I not be? That's WAAAAY too interesting to let alone:
  22. >Satisfied that Green was ready, you shut the door and went onto the next one down.
  24. >The next door you opened revealed a room covered in maps and sparring tools with a lone blue you standing in the center with his eyes closed and his hands behind his back.
  25. "Blue."
  26. >+Prime+
  27. "What are you doing?"
  28. >Blue is silent for a bit.
  29. >+Estimating+
  30. "Estimating?"
  31. >+Estimating how fast the train will be moving tomorrow and how we are to board it+
  32. "Anything else?"
  33. >Blue's eyes snap open and focus on you with their normal ice cold calculative stare.
  34. >+The train will be guarded+
  35. "We've handled guards before."
  36. >+It is possible we may have known some of them, if the rumors of cargo turn out to be true.+
  37. >Your own head sinks.
  38. "That's in the past now..."
  39. >Blue closes his eyes for a moment.
  40. >+I will be ready with the proper tactics the guards will be using on the morrow+
  41. >You nod your thanks and close the door.       
  43. >The last door was...tricky.
  44. >Blue and Green could be trusted to drive your body if need be, but Red...
  45. >Red would cause trouble.
  46. >You walk up to the thick steel door and knock twice.
  47. "Red?"
  48. >Two hard slams on the other side of the door were your answer.
  49. >This blasted part of you...always with the violence.
  50. "Look, you know what tomorrow is. I came to make sure you're ready."
  51. >*Always ready*
  52. >And the short answers.
  53. "Are we going to have a problem tomorrow?"
  54. >Another bang.
  55. >*You offer a train full of meat to me, satisfy me and there will be no problem.*
  56. >You scoff.
  57. "I don't "offer" you anything."
  58. >A deep laugh comes through the thick mental door.
  59. >*You fight and kill and fuck in the hopes that I am made fat and happy, so that I may stay in here and not threaten that pathetic world on the outside.*
  60. >Another bang on the door.
  61. >*You offer some to save the many, this fact is known.*
  62. >You take a step away from the door.
  63. >It was true, you were terrified that Red would get loose, but offerings?
  64. "J-just be ready tomorrow."
  65. >A harsh laugh comes from beyond the door.
  66. >*I will.*
  68. >The group crouched low on the bridge over the train tracks.
  69. >In the distance, you could see the train coming ever closer.
  70. >Ever closer to all the gold...
  71. >Steelwing, the pegasus who got you into this job, watched as the train got ever closer.
  72. >"Steady..."
  73. >The train begins to pass under the bridge.
  74. >"Now!"
  75. >You and the rest of your hijackers jump from the bridge and roll along the roof.
  76. >Steelwing lands ahead of you.
  77. >"Alright! All of us head to the car that's holding the mint's gold! Anon! cut us off from the engine!"
  78. >You nod and head the opposite way to the front of the train.
  79. >The wind in your face was forcing you back as you walked along the roof.
  80. >+Get low, crawl+
  81. >You heed your advice and drop low to the ground, using your hatchets for additional grip as you dug them into the roof.
  82. >A tunnel rapidly approached up ahead, one far too low for you to stay here.
  83. >*Keep moving.*
  84. >What!?
  86. >You hear the banging of fists on steel as you continue to crawl further and further.
  87. >The tunnel grows ever and ever closer.
  88. >Have to jump!
  90. >You force yourself a few more feet forward until the tunnel almost fills your vision.
  91. >*Now!*
  92. >You pry your hatchets out of the roof and grip the edge of the car and smash feet first through a window and into the car inside.
  93. >Ponies scream and shout at the monster who just smashed into their train car, but one command carries above them all.
  94. "Run."
  95. >The oblige.
  96. >Ponies jump out of their seats and make for both exits.
  97. >Almost trampling the royal guards that show up after them.
  98. >*Good.*
  100. >The first of the guards leaps over the seats at you.
  101. >You drop your hatchets and grab the guard by the neck and chest.
  102. >*OUT.*
  103. >You turn quick and toss the guard out the shattered window, watching him bounce between the tunnel and the train.
  104. >:HA!:
  105. >You about face and grab your hatchets off the floor as you dive back into the guards.
  106. >You go into autopilot while you fight.
  107. >Or rather, Blue takes over.
  108. >+Block high+
  109. >+Twist the hoof+
  110. >+Kick to the neck+
  111. >You turn and twist and slash as the guards throw themselves at you more and more.
  112. >The blood of the last guard leaps up and splashes over your face as you rip the hatchet out of his neck.
  113. >The red haze at the edge of your vision pulses in time with your heartbeat when you climb to your feet.
  114. >+Three cars to the front+
  115. >You start hoofing it to the door and throw it open, letting the wind from the outdoors into the car.
  116. >The red in your wasn't stopping.
  117. >Red wasn't  backing down.
  119. >Red!
  120. >*MORE*
  121. >You keep moving towards your destination, intent to figure this out later.
  122. >You reach the junction between the two cars, the bolt connecting them between your legs.
  123. >The bomb could go off here and you'd be home free...
  124. >But there were more guards up front.
  125. >Red goes into a frenzy at the prospect of more guards, his rhythmic banging of steel in your head growing ever louder.
  126. >You feel him barreling against the door and into your brain, just like those years ago in Ponyville.
  127. >The bomb is dropped from your hands over the bolt connecting the cars as you step over it and further into the train.
  128. >What in Celestia's name are you doing Re-
  129. >*That's enough from you.*
  130. >The door shatters and the monster inside comes barreling out, covering your vision in crimson.
  131. >Your arm goes down and grabs a soot black cowboy hat that one of the stallions must have dropped.
  132. >You gently place the hat on your head and grin as you enter into the next car, the bomb going off behind you and severing you from the rest of the train.
  133. "I'm driving now."
  135. >It was good to drive.
  136. >Prime didn't have the metal for this, he hadn't had it since the dragons.
  137. >These ponies were weak, there was no way they could beat you.
  138. >They deserved to be subservient to you.
  139. >And that's what you planned to do; whatever you wanted, starting with this train.
  140. >The guards were no worry, they can't stand against you.
  141. >Not even dragons could stand against you.
  142. >They throw themselves at you in panic as they saw you tear and slash your way through their comrades, not stopping until every one of them was dead.
  143. >One gets an axe to the neck, another was sent out the window.
  144. >One unlucky bastard gets thrown to the ground and had his head stomped in.
  145. >*Where?*
  146. >+The engine is ahead, past the coal car+
  147. >You liked Blue, he didn't care who lead.
  148. >Green and you were fine too, it was only Prime that opposed you. Fortunately, he was locked away in your room.
  149. >You rush through the door and climb up and over the pile of coal inside, finally reaching the engine.
  150. >Three ponies inside were serving as conductors, all of them were slack jawed when the ape covered in blood and ash burst through the door.
  152. "Leave."
  153. >Two of them are smart and run out the other door, but the other seems to think he's a hero and charges you.
  154. >You send him screaming over the edge of the train.
  155. >Time in the Mild West had taught you to never put all your eggs in one basket.
  156. >That's why you had Flim and Flam make you more than one bomb.
  157. >You set the timers on the rest of them and toss the bag holding them into the fire of the engine.
  158. >Wasting no time, you make for the roof to leave.
  159. >To your surprise, a pegusi is standing there. He's covered in cuts and scrapes and his armor is dented, but he's able enough.
  160. >He glared at you with tired but determined eyes. "You're friends are almost three miles back...why are you here?"
  161. >You count down the timers of the bombs in your head, all the way down to the last second before you meet the stallions glare.
  162. "Fun."
  164. >The engine of the train erupts into a fireball the size of a house as the bombs tear through the engine.
  165. >The lack of locomotion shakes the entire train once, with the more violent shaking coming after the wheels are taken out.
  166. >You blow past the stumbling guard and make your way to the back of the train.
  168. >+We need to get off the train before it happens.+
  169. >*Before what happens?*
  170. >Another explosion finally disintegrate the engine and forces the whole flaming car off the track.
  171. >+That.+
  172. >*BRILLIANT!*
  173. >The shaking of the train multiplies a dozen times over as the train barrels over the harsh Western desert.
  174. >Anyone and anything that wasn't thrown off before was shaken off now, a trail of boxes, boards and writhing bodies stretching out behind it.
  175. >You jump over the gaps between cars as the ones behind you twist onto their side and lurch onto the ground.
  176. >A glance behind you proves to be just the thing you didn't need to do.
  177. >Not with that cliff coming up fast.
  178. >*DOUBLE TIME!*
  179. >You full tilt spring across the train as the engine tumbles off the cliff and drags each car behind it over in tandem.
  180. >You reach the last car and jump for your life as the train goes sailing off into the valley below.
  181. >You fuck up the landing and land face first on a stray piece of metal, sending you into absolute blackness.
  183. >The blackness recedes after a what you gather to be a few moments, taking the red along with it.
  184. >You spit a bit of blood out of your mouth as you take in your new surroundings.
  185. >He was were you again.
  186. >You look inside your head, Green and Red were both hysterical, laughing and rolling around on the "floor".
  187. "Nnngggg..."
  188. >You push yourself to your feet and inspect yourself.
  189. >A little banged up...some gashes and gouges here or there, but your armor blunted most if it despite being leather.
  190. >You walk over to the edge of the cliff and glance down.
  191. >The train was a wreck of mangled metal, split wood and burning coal at the bottom of the canyon.
  192. >No way something survived that...
  193. >+Unlikely+
  194. >Shit...
  195. >You were scared.
  196. >Red had always been an annoyance, but taking over? Circumventing your control?
  197. >That was new.
  198. >Red wasn't supposed to get out, he wasn't even supposed to EXIST.
  199. >You sigh.
  200. >None of this was supposed to exist...
  201. >All because you weren't fast enough.
  202. >The faint sound of wooden wheels on dirt and the thunder of hooves drew your attention behind you.
  203. >A could of dust almost a quarter mile high was coming over the horizon, indicating that the law was on its way.
  204. >Shit. SHIT! We can't be here!
  205. >We just crashed a train, killed guards and were responsible for the theft of millions of bits! We need to bail!
  206. >You limp into the nearby hills, forsaking anything that wasn't still on you.
  207. >+Where are we going?+
  208. >Anywhere that's not here!

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