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Flanking Maneuvers Musical Short 4.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:22:23 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Comedy

  1. =Flanking Maneuvers Musical Short 4=
  3. >So bored, can't focus.
  4. >You were sitting with your feet up on the table as the sun shown down into your face.
  5. >That was the shit part of marrying Celestia, she had all the time in the world to practice her aim.
  6. >You were in an outdoor cafe listening to Celestia and Fleur drone on and on about dongs or whatever bored out of your skull.
  7. >You were SUPPOSED to have your bro Fancy Pants here, but Fleur had show up alone saying that Fancy would be missing today, citing a "mysterious illness" that was keeping him in bed all day.
  8. >You were guessing horn rot.
  9. >And meanwhile, Celly and Fleur would NOT shut up.
  10. >"Qui, I must say that athletes are truly some of the best there is~."
  11. >Celly titters. "Fleur dear, remind me to tell you of the spark of an artist, truly inspirational~."
  12. >Fleur and Celestia continue to giggle like schoolgirls as you right yourself.
  13. "What ARE you two going on about?"
  14. >The girls's eyes snap back and forth between you and each other as they giggle some more.
  15. >Celly is the first to compose herself. "Oh, you know..."
  16. >"Exes~" Fleur finishes.
  17. >You throw a hand into the air.
  18. "So I guess we'll be stuck here all day, then?"
  19. >The girls chuckle a bit. "Perhaps the crown prince is getting a bit jealous~?"
  20. >Celly laughs heartily. "Fleur, dear, I believe you have hit the nail on the proverbial head!"
  21. >You roll your eyes and grunt.
  22. "I hold my own."
  23. >Celly rests her chin on her hooves. "Oh, but dear, how can you stand out against all my ex lovers?"
  24. >You rise from your seat and tap a finger on your lip.
  25. >Bingo~
  26. "I'm memorable."
  28. >"What do you mean, Mous?" Celly asks.
  29. >You boop her nose.
  30. "Allow me to illuminate it for you~"
  31. "Well Princess Platinum had ruled Equestria, Luna slept a thousand years."
  32. "But Celly you in luck 'cause up your sleeves you got a hubby really grinds your gears!"
  33. >You grab a stallions hat and dance around the table.
  34. "You got more mischief in your corner now, aint no need for you to go and pout."
  35. "I got the punch, pizzazz, yahoo and how!"
  36. "See all you gotta do is shout! And I'll say:"
  37. >You hop up on the table and look down on your wife.
  38. "Princess Celestia, what will your pleasure be~?"
  39. "Let me take your order, jot it down"
  40. >You lean down and get in her face.
  41. "You ain't never had a man like me!"
  42. "No no no!"
  43. >You spin around once and leap off the table.
  44. "When you need the spice of life, I'm the guy to see!"
  45. "C'mon whisper what it is you want, You ain't never had a man like me!"
  46. >You slide up between Celly and Fleur.
  47. "You see, I pride myself on service, I'll make you laugh, chortle, guffaw!"
  48. "I do what you wish, you'll like, ya bitch."
  49. "Make everybody stare in awe!"
  50. >You spin over and flick Fleur's horn, getting an "Eep!" from the Prenchmare.
  51. "I'll take a bit from column "A", try all from column "B"!"
  52. >You spin over and flick Celly's horn twice as hard.
  53. "I've got a mind to be unkind."
  54. "You ain't never had a man like me"
  56. >You strut out onto the serving floor and dance with a confused server.
  57. "Can your men do this?"
  58. >You grab a tray and wing it across the room, denting a brass pole.
  59. "Did your men do that?"
  60. >You grab a handful of cake and cram it in Celly's mouth.
  61. "Do your men pull this out their little hat?"
  62. >You pop the hat off your head and pull a replacement slice out you swiped while Celly cleared her face.
  63. "Can your men go, poof?"
  64. >You sweep some pepper into a servers face and snatch his meal, brandishing it for the girls.
  65. "Well, looky here."
  66. >You spin the tray on your hand and toss it into the air, raining food down on everyone.
  67. "Can your men go, Abracadabra, let 'er rip, and then make the sucker disappear?"
  68. >You casually dodge the falling tray and walk up to a shocked Celly.
  69. "So doncha sit there slack jawed, buggy eyed, I'm here to answer all your midnight prayers~"
  70. >You slap her jaw shut.
  71. "You got me bona fide, certified. You got a hubby, won't stay out of your hair!"
  72. "I got a powerful urge to piss you off, So what-cha hate? I really wanna know."
  73. "Try and grow a smile there babe, don't scoff."
  74. >You grab Celly's mouth and twist it into a smile.
  75. "Well, all you gotta do is go like so - and oh"
  76. >You dance by yourself a few feet from the table.
  77. "Princess Celestia, you get all of this for free, cause I'm on the job, you slut nabob!"
  78. "You ain't never had a man, never had a man"
  79. >You grab a server approaching you and spin him away.
  80. "You ain't never had a man, never had a man."
  81. "You ain't never had a man like me"
  82. >You run and slide along the floor back to the girls.
  83. "You ain't never had a man like me, hah!"
  85. >You rise from your feet as the food slides off you and toss the hat.
  86. "Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all ni-GAK!"
  87. >You're lifted off the ground by a magical aura and walked to the exit.
  88. >"I can't take you anywhere, can I?" Celly asks.
  89. >You stare at your wife as she floats you upside down.
  90. "You took me to Cadence's Birthday last week!"
  91. >"And you only caused three broken bones! A new record!" she says sardonically.
  92. "It's not my fault King Sombrero showed up!"
  93. >Or whatever the hell his name was.
  94. "Well, what about that derby?"
  95. >Celly rolls her eyes. "You mean the derby that sent the Wonderbolts to the hospital and ended the season early?"
  96. >Shit, you were dead to rights.
  97. >Time to break out the big guns.
  98. "Well what about that time at the zoo with all those kids?!"
  99. >Celly suddenly drops you on the ground and thrust her head an inch from yours.
  100. >"You had your hand up my flank for over an hour!"
  101. >The only sound on the street is the sound of the wind blowing and Celly's hard breathing.
  102. "Yeah, well, you said you couldn't find your bit pouch so I looked in your "pocket"."

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