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40k Paste Hit Story: Harmony League of Equestria.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:22:34 PM
AiE Safe Anon Mane Six Crossover

  1. =Harmony League of Equestria=
  3. >Equestria: The Kingdom of Harmony. Established over a thousand years ago and still standing to this day.
  4. >Ponyville: An idyllic town in the Equestrian countryside that houses many of the brave defenders of Harmony.
  5. >You are one of those defenders.
  6. >You creep along the support beams on the ceiling, watching the scene below you.
  7. >The Brotherhood of Evil Dogs had broken into the First Ponyville bank roughly a half hour ago.
  8. >You were forced to play it safe from the rafters, you couldn't risk going down there.
  9. >Not with that many thugs and certainly not with that many Metas.
  10. >Firo, Roverlanche and Quickspot all stand in the center of the room, directing their hired thugs around and stealing everything that wasn't nailed down.
  11. >"Get chairs! They shiny!" Firo cries.
  12. >The thugs in turn lift the brass chair off the ground and carry it to one of the carriages outside.
  13. >As the dogs begin to cart off the last of the loot, you make your move.
  14. >You leap from the perch you were on and land on the back of one of the thugs.
  15. >"It's him!" one of them shouts.
  17. >The rest of their cohorts jump back in shock and surprise, dropping their money before lunging at you.
  18. >Dogs never did know when to lie down.
  19. >A few blocks, chops, kicks and broken bones puts the dogs down.
  20. "Is that it?"
  21. >Firo and his cronies back up a step.
  22. >"Get to carriages! Leave them!"
  23. >The Brotherhood and their thugs turn tail and run to the front door.
  24. >Dammit!
  25. >You bound after the dogs, getting to the door just in time to catch the dust cloud from seven carriages peeling off.
  26. > were only able to tag one of those...
  27. > -is-  Meta issue...
  28. >You put a finger to your ear and cue your com-link.
  29. "Batmanon to all points, The Brotherhood of Evil dogs has robbed the First Ponyville. I could use some backup."
  30. >A double flanged voice full of authority comes over the Com. "On our way, Batmanon."
  32. >You run out of the bank and grapple onto the roofs, hoping that your ability to evade corners would help you catch up to the thieves.
  33. >The carriages moved and breakneck pace through the Ponyville streets, the dogs inside peering up at the sky in anticipation and fear.
  34. >The team would be here soon.
  35. >On cue, twin streaks of hot red hit the front wheels of the first carriage, disintegrating them and causing the carriage to smash into the ground and skid on a straight path to a nearby house.
  36. >Or would have if a white and orange blur hadn't smashed into the ground in front of it.
  37. >She skidded along and into the ground as the force pushed her hooves deeper and deeper into the road.
  38. >Mere inches from the house, both mare and carriage come to a stop, sparing the innocent family inside.
  39. >She huffs and climbs out of the hole her hooves dug, walking to the rear of the carriage and throwing it open.
  40. >Diamond Dogs are thrown high into the air and out of the carriage as she rails against them.
  41. >"Y'all almost wrecked that poor families' house! What've ya got to say fer yourselves!?"
  42. >You cue your com.
  43. "Letting them get to you, Powerjack?"
  44. >She tosses the last of the gods onto the ground behind her.
  45. >"Just don't have too much sympathy for folks who'd hurt a family, Batmanon."
  46. >Powerjack was always more domestic than you...comes with actually having a family.
  47. >That was one of seven carriages down.
  49. >Immediately after you turn your attention back to the carriages, one of them veers off and crashes into a lamp post.
  50. >You could hear screaming and shouting on the inside of it, as well as various lame jokes and whoopee cushions.
  51. >Several of the dogs are thrown from the back of the carriage, a red and black suited ball of energy bouncing around them on the outside.
  52. >"So do you guys think it's be Chimmycherry or Cherrychanga? I've been trying to figure it out for MONTHS now!"
  53. >A dog crawls away from the pile of its friends only to be intercepted by its bubbly attacker.
  54. >"Hey! Are you trying to get away! You can't do that, it'll ruin the pace!"
  55. "Pinkiepool, what are you talking about?"
  56. >Pinkie cues her com. "The pace, Batmanon! We need to be considerate of the people reading this!"
  57. >Oh, she was in one of THOSE moods.
  58. "Just detain the criminals, Pinkiepool. You and I will take you to Professor C later."
  59. >She thought all of your lives was a book again, it was common with her.
  60. >Pinkie was a good friend, but boy did she have some weird ideas sometimes...
  62. >Four chariots remain.
  63. >You grapple over to the next roof and cut across around the turn, getting you ever closer to them.
  64. >One chariot pulls ahead of the others, apparently intent on escaping from the city as fast as possible.
  65. >A small blob of black, silver, and pink flutters high over your head and lands in the path of the oncoming vehicle.
  66. >To the naked eye, it would seem that a shy little filly wondered into the path of certain death.
  67. >The chariot speeds towards her.
  68. >She shuffles her wings.
  69. >The chariot bounds and bops as it draws closer.
  70. >She plays with a rabbit.
  71. >The chariot bounces over the road and screams towards her, bringing the very sounds of Tartarus with it.
  72. >The mare opens her mouth and speaks a word, a word so soft that not even the most delicate of flowers would move were she not who she is.
  73. >"stop"
  74. >Waves of hypersonic force echo off of her and slam into the chariot.
  75. >The other members of your team knew bloody well to throw their hands over their ears in preparation.
  76. >The Dogs didn't.
  77. >The energy ripples across them and tore the chariot to pieces, sending small splinters over the dogs in waves.
  78. >The canines crash into the ground and skid to only a few inches from the mare, passed out cold.
  79. "Nice work, Pink Bolt" you say over the com.  
  80. >You know she can't say anything back to you, but you see her nod as you run past.
  82. >You continue down the rooftops after the Dogs, the last trio of carriages heading for a fork in the road.
  83. >The rightmost one breaks off down the fork, heading towards Sweet Apple Acres and out of town.
  84. >Damn!
  85. >You cue your com.
  86. "One of them is getting away! Heading for the orchard!"
  87. >A voice full of bravado and almost masked by the sound of rushing air. "I got 'em!"
  88. >From beyond a far off mountain, a red blur flies low over the landscape.
  89. >A rainbow colored boom streaks out from behind the blur as it enters the town limits.
  90. >It catches the carriage and spins around it at an almost astonishing speed before rocketing towards town square.
  91. >It reaches the square and two Diamond Dogs are deposited in front of town hall before the blur goes back for another trip.
  92. >The second time present the third dog an all the money they had stolen.
  93. >The third and forth present the dismantled parts of the carriage.
  94. >The dogs were hogtied in the blink of an eye by the red blur before it stopped dead in its tracks and tightens the knot.
  95. >The Dash: The fastest flier there was.
  96. >She whips her hair back out of her face and gleams. "Don't worry Batmanon, I got these guys for ya."
  97. "Good work, watch them for us."
  98. >"You got it, bro!"
  99. >That left only three...
  101. >You're getting close to the edge of town now, where the fields open up and the dogs could lose you.
  102. >You HAVE to stop them before that happens.
  103. "Come on, team! Double time!"
  104. >"On it!" a voice calls over the com.
  105. >The ground of Ponyville shakes with a rhythmic thumping from a boutique at the other end of town.
  106. >Dust and dirt is kicked up in her rampage, leading to a cloud of debris that can be seen from Cloudsdale.
  107. >From a side street, a large white mare in deep red armor smashes into one of the carriages, sending it flipping into the wall with its contents spilling out.
  108. >The Dogs inside crawl out beaten and battered by their flight, stopping at the white hoof that slams down in front of their faces.
  109. >"Wh-who are you?" they ask.
  110. >She stomps her foot again, cracking the ground a bit.
  111. >A voice full of class and pomp speaks.
  112. >"Why, are you insinuating that you do not know ME?"
  113. >"The Hunter of Gems? The Most Famous Fashionista in all of Equestria? The Unstoppable Beacon of Generosity?"
  114. >Laying it on thick, as always...
  115. >She stomps once more. "Open your ears, you covetous canines!"
  116. >Her helmet is levitated off, revealing her deep purple hair.
  117. >"I'm the Rarinaut, darling!"
  119. >Only two more to go.
  120. >Rarinaut's attack herded the two remaining carts into a dead-end street.
  121. >One who's end you were coming up on fast.
  122. >The cart drivers panic and throw their comrades to the wind, interested only in saving themselves as they speed down the road.
  123. >From up above, the sound of billowing cloth could be heard as a lone figure floats in the air and casts a shadow over the ground.
  124. >With a flick of her horn, the lead carriage was lifted from the ground and taken to the air.
  125. >The dogs inside panicked even further, Firo sticking his body out of the window to throw fire at his attacker.
  126. >That fire was met with its emerald cousin as a small purple drake flew down to meet him.
  127. >The pyrokenetic duel only lasted a moment before Firo was pushed back inside by the green flame.
  128. >Spikeheed was not one to be outdone by a Dog.
  129. >The purple glow flips the carriage upside down before smashing it into the ground below, incapacitating the Dogs.
  130. >The caped figure floats down and meets you by the carriage.
  131. >"Good to see you again, Batmanon." she says in her double-voice.
  132. "And you, Doctor Sparkle. Always a pleasure."
  133. >Her cape wraps itself around her at seemingly its own accord as Spikeheed lands on her back.
  134. >Wheels against dirt from ahead draws both your attentions to the last carriage.
  135. >Roverlanche sticks his head out of the window. "Ponies not stop me!"
  136. >He extends his arms and causes the ground to rumble beneath your feet as his carriage gains speed towards you.
  138. >"Batmanon?" Doctor Sparkle says.
  139. >Sigh...she knew you too well, it seems.
  140. >You pull a detonator out of your belt and press the plunger, setting off the charges underneath the front two wheels of the carriage and sending it flipping end over end into a fountain.
  141. >"How's it look, y'all?" came a voice from behind you both.
  142. >Power Jack and the rest of the League meet up with you.
  143. "Let's find out, shall we?"
  144. >You walk over to the fountain and throw the door open.
  145. >Roverlanche is laying in a heap on the "floor", his loot in piles around him.
  146. >You grab him by the scruff of his collar and hoist him up.
  147. "You Dogs aren't smart enough to pull this off on your own, who are you working for?"
  148. >You shake Roverlanche back and forth trying to get an answer out of him.
  149. >What you get, however, is a small magical crystal.
  150. >The crystal activates as it hits the ground, projecting the image of an older earth stallion with a bald head.
  151. >"I need you and your pack to..."occupy" the Harmony League for a while."
  152. >Each member of the team grimaces at the projection.
  153. >"In addition to whatever spoils you may obtain from your distraction, you will be handsomely compensated after the job is done. That is all."
  154. >The image fades away, the crystal cracking systemically afterwards.
  155. >Every member of the team turns round to glare at the imposing sky scraper that towered above all of Ponyville and almost all of Equestria itself.
  156. >The magical enterprises mogul that had done so much for the world while at the same time housing one of the Harmony League's most dangerous enemies, Power Jack's in particular.
  157. >Rich-Corp.

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