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Fracture 11: Hells Bells.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:23:36 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Action

  1. =Fracture 11=
  4. >Bone snaps and breaks between the battering assault of your shield and the rock wall, removing the zombie from the fight.
  5. >Just need to-
  7. >Gilda yelps as she narrowly avoids a bite on her wing before bringing her claws up across the corpse's face.
  8. >Good...don't need to lose anyone else.
  9. >You had been fighting with the Trottingham Resistance for coming on two hours now. You were tired, a bit cut up, and sore, but you were alive and fighting.
  10. >You, Neigh, Gild, Gear and a few others were all that was left of the twenty-odd strength force you left with.
  11. >And a few of those who fell had to be put down again.
  12. >You kick a zombie in the chest and then get him across the neck, clearing the way to down the path.
  13. "Come on! We're almost there!"
  14. >Your party takes off down the road towards the center of the city.
  16. >"Once we get to city hall, we need to get that bell off of Grogar!" Neigh shouts.
  17. "What does that do?"
  18. >Neigh takes off ahead of you, ponies were always better at running that you. "I don't know!"
  19. >*Brilliant*
  20. >You follow Neigh towards the end of the path and come out in a large open courtyard, the city hall building at the far end and a field of the dead in between you.
  21. >You ready your weapons when Neigh holds up a hoof. "Wait..."
  22. >He trots up to the nearest zombie and sticks his head close.
  23. >By some miracle, the zombie not only doesn't try to bite his head off, but it doesn't move at all.
  24. >A small white post card was hanging from the zombie's neck. Come to think of it, EVERY zombie here had a post card on its neck, and none of them were moving.
  25. >Neigh snatches the post card and returns to the group.
  26. >"What's it say, Prof?" Gear asks.
  27. >Neigh flips the card around and scowls. "It says "I await you in the antechamber in city hall." Signed Grogar."
  28. >*Brilliant*
  30. >Your part creeps through the cold city hall building. There was once a time when this room would have been bustling with activity, now it was a ghost town.
  31. >:Zombie-town:
  32. >+That was terrible+
  33. >"Will the others be able to hold the door in case those buggers outside get any ideas?" Gear asks.
  34. >Gilda scoffs. "They better..."
  35. >You push the doors to the antechamber open, revealing a GARGANTUAN midnight blue ram standing in the center of the room.
  36. >Weapons litter the ground, a sign that you are not the first to try and take Grogar.
  37. >He towers over the ponies, being able to meet you eye to eye. "Hmm. I will admit that I did no-"
  38. >Grogar is interrupted by a green blast of magic fired from a young unicorn next to you.
  39. >The magic bolt splashes over an invisible barrier some two feet from his face, curving around and impacting the wall behind him.
  40. >Grogar doesn't move an inch, just stand there and eyes the child who dared attack him.
  41. >With a quick flash of his eyes and a flick of his horns, Grogar sends the screaming unicorn flying out a nearby window and towards the ground below.
  42. >You and the rest of the party slowly turn back to keep the necromancer in your sights.
  43. >He continues to stand ramrod stiff, no sound beyond his deep booming voice.
  44. >"As I was saying, I did not expect to see any members of the living still in this city, a most annoying anomaly."
  46. >Gilda's feathers are on edge as she lowers herself. "Why are you here?"
  47. >Once again, Grogar is motionless save for his mouth, not wasting a single movement. "I came to take this city for my own, as is my right. My city of Tambelon was thrown into the Dark World with me so many eons ago, I will need a new one."
  48. >For a fraction of a second, you can see Grogar's eyes dart around the room. "This will suffice."
  49. >Those soulless red orbs lock onto the remaining four of you. "I will assume you are here to stop me.
  50. >Your party wordlessly dropping into a fighting stance was his answer.
  51. >"Hmph. As you wish. You will all be given a single chance to defeat me before I annihilate you all."
  52. >+He's giving us a free opening to-+
  53. >Gilda rockets off the ground at a breakneck speed towards Grogar-
  54. >-only to be teleported as soon as she entered the same area as the spell did, popping out behind him and speeding towards and smashing into a wall. behind him.
  55. >"Next." Grogar says unimpressed.
  57. >Gear scrapes her hoof along the ground and dashes to Grogar's side, magically tossing several small canisters at him.
  58. >With another flash of his eyes, tiny rifts appear around Gear's weapons.
  59. >Rifts that ferry them directly in front of her face just as they go off with a blinding flash of light and deafening bang.
  60. >Gear whimpers quietly on the ground, leaving only you and Professor Neigh.
  61. >"Next."
  62. >Professor Neigh glances to and fro, sweat beading at his brow.
  63. >"Need time to think..." he mutters.
  64. >+Time...+
  65. >*Let's give this rotting ram some time*
  66. >You bend down and grab a sword off the ground, tossing it at Grogar.
  67. >The ram catches it in a telekinetic grip and inspects the blade. "'s to be a duel then?"
  68. >You nod.
  69. "It is."
  70. >Grogar slowly nods. "So be it.
  71. >You and Grogar begin circling one another slowly.
  72. >Sit rep.
  73. >:Prof needs time to think:
  74. >+Keep Grogar busy and give him the time+
  75. >*And rip that damn bell off his neck*
  77. >You hike up your shield as you and Grogar circle around the room.
  78. >Grogar's eyes are focused intently on you, sizing up the armed biped in front of him with his sword floating in a purple glow next to him.
  79. >You both take a step forward and meet steel in the center of the room, sending a few sparks off.
  80. >The two of you each take a step back and meat again, blocking each other's strikes once more.
  81. >You meet like that again and again, clashing in the center of the room as your companions look on.
  82. >Need more time...
  83. >Grogar keeps his attack on and slashes across your chest, drawing a bit of blood from the tip.
  84. "Gaaah!"
  85. >+Damn!+
  86. >Before Grogar can get you again with an overhand slash, you raise your shield above your head.
  87. >*Move!*
  88. >You keep your shield raised and twist around to the side, spinning into a position that lets you bash Grogar's head form the side with your shield.
  89. >The ram blinks once to clear his vision before turning back to you. "Hmm...It seems you have some skill after all."
  90. >"I would hate for this to be over so quickly!" he shouts before lunging back at you.
  91. >You crouch behind your shield and smash into Grogar's chest, the bell you were after mockingly dinging on the other side.
  92. >Grogar digs his hooves into the floor and forces you back, your boots scrambling on the hard marble looking for purchase.
  93. >Grogar reels back and slams his chest against your shield, knocking you back a few feet and smashing the shield against your face.
  94. >You blink away your own stars in time to see Grogar running towards you with his horns down.
  95. >:OHSHI-:
  97. >You get your shield up just in time to get flung across the room by the ram's charge, smacking into the wall at the far end.
  98. >You slide down the wall and remove your shield.
  99. "Dammit, die already!"
  100. >Grogar casually leans his head to the side and dodges the projectile, letting it imbed itself in the wall as
  101. >*Fuck*
  102. >"You younglings always believe that those older than you cannot stand against you."
  103. >Grogar rears up and brings both hooves against your chest, cracking you in the chest and tossing you back.
  104. >+Wall+
  105. >As Grogar charges you again, you jump up and kick off the wall, deliver the front of tough boot into his jaw.
  106. >HA!
  107. >The ram coldly backs away and reattaches his jaw with a SNAP!
  108. >"You will make an excellent addition to my horde, human..." he growls before attacking you with a new fervor.
  109. >Shit.
  110. >:Shit!:
  111. >*FUCK*
  112. >The necromancer's slashes become rapid and hard as he forces you back into a corner, his eyes boring holes into your head.
  113. >"On second thought, perhaps my ranks are too good for a being such as yourself."
  114. >Grogar swings high and takes a few hairs off the top of your head.
  115. >"Oh no, human. Your bones will build my palaces, your eyes will stud me cro-GAK!"
  116. >Large feathered wings beat hard and fast as Gilda tries to keep her arms around Grogar's neck.
  117. >"Not this time, Gramps!"
  118. >Grogar bucks and kicks trying to shake Gilda off, his magic dropping his sword.
  119. >+Take the opening+
  121. >You drive your sword deep into Grogar's midsection and rupture on through the other side.
  123. >Grogar howls and hollers his hollow sounding scream that shakes the very foundation of the city
  124. >But he does not stop nor slow down despite the efforts of both of you.
  126. >Damn!
  127. >:Shut him up!:
  129. >A blur of light grey in a beat of sweater vest comes from Grogar's opposite side and places a hoof on the bell around his neck.
  130. >"And so you must be shut tight." Neigh says before snapping the cord that kept the magic bell in place.
  131. >Grogar's eyes open wide. "NO! NO!" he shouts.
  132. >All at once it happens, his volcanic shout turns more and more pathetic and droning, the glow from his horns dies away and sends his sword clattering to the floor.
  133. >The No-So-Immortal Necromancer seemed to decay and rot before your eyes, collapsing into a pile of refuse on the floor with you still holding your steaming sword in the air that his torso used to occupy.
  134. >Gilda picks herself up off the ground, having fallen there once Grogar dissipated and rubs her head.
  135. >"Is...that it? Did we do it?"
  136. >Neigh disgustedly tosses the bell to one side and trots over to Gear still laying on the ground. "Yes, we did..."
  137. >Your eye follows the bell as it rolls along the floor.
  138. >*That bell stopped any magic coming near it*
  139. >+Unicorns would be lessened+
  140. >*The last blow against Grogar's was ours, take it*
  141. >Wha-
  142. >*Do it now, before they see*
  143. >You reach out and pocket the pure silver bell before anyone looks.
  145. >+Keep up appearances+
  146. >You grab your sword and hop to your feet and go over to help Gilda back to hers.
  147. "You alright?"
  148. >Gilda stumbles a bit, but rights herself soon enough. "Yeah...dweeb only surprised me."
  149. >You chuckle.
  150. "I thought we were dweeb?"
  151. >Gilda eyes you. "We"?"
  152. >Shit.
  153. "I mean, I. Sorry."
  154. >Gilda buys your cover and smirks. "I pined you, dingus. He threw me around a bit first.
  155. "Well at least we're establishing a proper rank and file to our nicknames, Feathers."
  156. >You let her stand on her own legs and pat her on the back.
  157. "You wouldn't make a half bad psycho."
  158. >Gilda grimaces a bit as she makes for the door. "And you'd make a half decent Griffin."
  159. >:What's the difference?:
  160. >Shut it.
  161. >You kneel down next to Professor Neigh to help Gear to her hooves.
  162. "How about you, Gear? Are you alright?"
  163. >The tinkerer coughs once as she shakily stands. "Heh. What's that Anon? I think those flashbangs did a number on me, I'm not hearing so good."
  164. >Gear opens her eyes, revealing them to be read and bleeding a bit. "And I can't see too well either."
  165. >Neigh closes Gear's eyes for her and helps you prop her up. "Save your strength, Gear. We'll get you some help as soon as we can.
  166. >Gear laughs a bit. "Thanks Prof..."
  167. >On their way to the door, Gear turns back to you. "Hey Anon, if I can still work after this, hit me up."
  168. >A toothy grin despite the situation crosses her feature. "A guy like you knows his way around good tools."
  169. >You chuckle.
  170. "Count on it, Gear."
  171. >She laughs a single sharp laugh as the Professor escorts her out of the room.
  173. >You didn't stick around after Grogar was defeated, it wasn't your place. All you did was fight and steal a bell another guy took off.
  174. >You also hated the attention.
  175. >Within minutes you were outside, looking to find a way out of the city and back to your usual stomping grounds.
  176. >As you walk, you spot the shattered window Grogar sent that one unicorn sailing through.
  177. >Might as well grab the corpse for them...
  178. >+The positive reputation would benefit us+
  179. >You poke around the bushes near the window and find a trail of blood.
  180. >Green blood.
  181. "What?"
  182. >You dig through the bushes and find the offending corpse, the black chitinous exoskeleton and the battered and broken holed limbs.
  183. "What in the-"
  184. >+Changeling: A species of insectoid creatures native to The Badlands, able to magically alter their form to appear as any life form.+
  185. >:They invaded Canterlot way back when!:
  186. >*They're crunchy*
  187. >You're about to touch the corpse when the sound of crunching branches and a voice stop you.
  188. >"Pleasssssse do not touch that, human."
  189. >You whirl around and bring your sword up as a zombie steps out of the shadows, with no shambling gait and upright.
  190. >The zombie is engulfed in green fire for a flash before revealing another chitinous being before you. "My partnerssss incompetence iss not ssssomething I wish to relive."
  192. >What you assume is a he takes a few steps towards you and eyes the corpse. "Idiot." he says.
  193. "Who are you?"
  194. >"My name issss not important. Ssssimply know that it wasss my duty to ensure you came here and eliminated Grogar."
  195. >He glances up to you. "A tasssk you completed very well, the Queen will be pleasssssed."
  196. "Queen?"
  197. >He shakes his head. "Again, of no importance. I will relay thisss news to Her and thisss will hopefully be the lassst we sssssssee of one another."
  198. >The Changeling begins buzzing his transparent wings and takes to the sky, flying towards the mountains. "Human." he says before he leaves earshot.
  199. >Well...
  200. >:That was...:
  201. >+Odd+
  202. >*And a waste of time, we should move*
  203. >You take your own advice and re-sheathe your sword, looking towards the setting sun.
  204. "Back home..."
  205. >Wherever home was this week.

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