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Flanking Maneuvers Episode 14: Strung Along.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:24:12 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Comedy

  1. =Flanking Maneuvers Episode 14=
  3. "This is your worst idea since you tried to host a bike marathon but removed all the seats first."
  4. >"Oh but think about how much more interesting it would have been!" Celly chuckles.
  5. >You and the rest of the royal family walk through the Grand Canterlot Orchestral Hall late some evening.
  6. >And by "Royal Family", you mean ALL of it. You, Celly, Luna and your FAVORITE Nephew-in-law, Blueblood.
  7. >The crowned prince trots next to the three of you literally eying every mare within a two block radius.
  8. >You lean over to Celestia.
  9. "At least we know he's your nephew now."
  10. >Celly rolls her eyes and leads your party towards the main entrance.
  11. >Along the way you meet your Super Best Friends, the paparazzi.
  12. >The camera bulbs flash and snap as Celestia and Luna walk up.
  13. >You raise your hand over your eyes to block out the light and let the more at home royalty bask in the attention.
  14. >Celestia turns to you. "Darling, why don't you take Blueblood inside and Luna and I shall join you in a few moments."
  15. >You feel your eye twitch in response to the annoying load she just dropped on you.
  16. "You're a bad person and I hate you."
  17. >Celly hurries you through the throngs of people with her magic. "See you inside, dear!"
  20. >A whole damn hour later, you and Blueblood are standing in the foyer while the paparazzi STILL takes pictures and grills Celly and Luna.
  21. >Blue is standing in the center of a large group of concert go-ers, casually talking to several of the females there.
  22. >"And so it was then that we learned that the dignitary's were IMMENSLY interested in fencing, and who else but myself was the Canterlot Academy's top duelist?"
  23. >The crowd voiced their impressions as Blue soaks in the praise. "And so with a quick show of force and form, we were able to move the trade negotiations along at a positively fevered pace."
  24. >Everyone assembled claps their hooves to the Prince's story and he just eats it all up.
  25. >You can't help yourself.
  26. >It doesn't matter if he's your "nephew".
  27. "Yeah, Blue's fairly good at "fencing"."
  28. >Blue chuckles and glances over at you. "Uncle?"
  29. >You walk into the group of socialites. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Remember? That time at the bar with the pegusi in the green dress?"
  30. >Blue's eyes shrink to pinpricks and his mouth falls almost to the floor.
  31. "What was his name again? Jeremy or something?"
  32. >Blueblood turns a glorious shade of pink and averts his eyes, everyone else is giggling.
  33. "But the interesting thing was that our dear Prince didn't come back that night, or even for most of the day, he still won't tell us what happened."
  34. >Blueblood shuffles on his hooves a bit and darts his eyes around. "Uhmyeswellyouseewelaughedatthemisunderstandingan-"
  35. >Three chimes signaling the start of the performance echo through the hall, Blue bolts off before the first one is even done.
  36. >"Comealongunclewehavetotakeourseats!"
  38. -Celestia PoV-
  39. >After finally escaping the press, you were sitting down for a nice quiet evening with your loved ones.
  40. >The four of you were sitting in the royal box as you watched the violin quartet on the stage play Marezart's 4th in D.
  41. >Luna and your nephew were seated in the front row as you and Mous sat in the rear in the shadows.
  42. >Meaning that Mous was leaning back in his char with his eyes closed.
  43. >With a simple spell to ensure that your companions wouldn't hear, you break the silence.
  44. "Blueblood seems far quieter than usual tonight."
  45. >Mous shrugs. "Maybe he's taken the hint after being turned down so often."
  46. >You chuckle.
  47. "My..."voraciousness" isn't the only thing my nephew has inherited, he seems to have quite the track record."
  48. >Mous stays silent and you lean into him.
  49. "What did you do~?"
  50. >Mous shrugs again. "Just told a story, nothing too major."
  51. "Why do I feel you're lying?"
  52. >"Because or marriage is built on lies and slander."
  54. >You chuckle.
  55. "If the radio could hear us now."
  56. >"Pffft. They won't be saying jack with the bone we tossed 'em."
  57. "So, apart from terrorizing my family, what else have you done?"
  58. >Mous stretches and rests his head on his hands. "Dodge press, sulk, wish I was somewhere else with anyone else."
  59. "So the usual?"
  60. >"Pretty much, yeah."
  61. >This man. He was either startlingly interesting or dreadfully boring.
  62. >You eventually just relent.
  63. "Oh if you're not having any fun, go off and entertain yourself."
  64. >Mous's face lights up for the first time in the entire night. "Really?"
  65. "No use just having you moping around the castle all night."
  66. >Mous leans over and pecks your cheek before he runs out of the box.
  67. >You giggle and readjust yourself in your seat.
  68. >You always enjoyed this part, when he would run around and dream up these insane plans to make the night more interesting.
  69. >Now you just had to wait to see what happens.
  71. >About a half an hour after Mous left and you were still sitting in the royal box.
  72. >With him gone, you were free to enjoy the string concert, but you admit that the rising feeling of anticipation knowing he was out there doing something had you excited.
  73. >The thought of him rooting around, probably in the ducts and about to do something that would probably result in more than a bit of property damage all to simply change things up around here.
  74. >It was romantic in a demented sense.
  75. >Not that he could ever completely get away with it, there was no fun in that.
  76. >You'd think up something for him later, for now you have a guest.
  77. >The owner of the Venue, an older mare with a worn horn, trots into the box.
  78. >She bows her head. "Your Majesty. On behalf of the entire Grand Canterlot Orchestral Society, let me tell you how much of an honor it is to have you all here in out hall."
  79. >You give her a small bow of your own.
  80. "The pleasure is all ours, ma'am. Your players are divine."
  81. >You could hear hard footsteps on the ceiling above you, signaling that something was about to happen.
  83. >You find yourself biting your lip in anticipation.
  84. >As the owner continues to talk, you turn your head a bit so you can see the stage.
  85. >The soft and calm playing of the violins was occasionally punctuated by a metallic cracking sound from above.
  86. >All at once the roof of the Orchestra Hall begins to groan and the audience below gasps and cries in shock.
  87. >The man hanging  by the chandelier chain kicks and shouts as he dangles over the audience.
  88. >You feel a smile tug at your lips as he turns towards the stage.
  89. >"PLAY SOMETHING!" he shouts.
  91. >The players look to each other nervously as their prince shouts at them.
  93. >They grab their instruments and play.
  95. >After Mous's touted "facemelter", two other songs, and an encore about some sort of free bird, you're waiting in the foyer with your family.
  96. "What in the WORLD is taking Blueblood so long?"
  97. >Luna scoffs next to you. "Tis only the powder room."
  98. >"Maybe he fell in?" a voice from behind calls.
  99. >Mous comes up on your opposite side holding an ice pack to his shoulder.
  100. "Feeling better?"
  101. >"It's a bit stiff, but I'll manage."
  102. "That's what you get when you hang from the ceiling for forty minutes."
  103. >Mous flits his tongue. "You would know, wouldn't you~?"
  104. >You would, but he can't think he's winning.
  105. >A commotion rises from the opposite side of the orchestral hall, from the direction of the washrooms.
  106. >Wonderful.
  107. "Come along..."
  109. >You lean Luna and Mous towards the bathrooms and find a curious sight.
  110. >Your nephew was sitting on the ground as a mare smacked him numerous times with her purse.
  112. >Security comes in fast and approaches the mare. "What is going on, ma'am?"
  114. >"B-but-! I did-! It-!" Blueblood stutters.
  115. >The guard sighs and hoists Blueblood up off the ground. "Please come with me, your majesty." he says before leading him away.
  116. >As you follow with your eye, you catch sight of Mous's shit eating grin.
  117. >You sigh.
  118. "What did you do?"
  119. >"Shaved the little dress off the symbol so it looks like the stallions room." is your answer.
  120. >That...was actually pretty good. You would be laughing if you could in public.
  121. >You turn and lead your family out of the hall.
  122. "We will talk about this at home, husband."
  123. >"Oh dear. Titles. Now I'm in trouble." he says sardonically.
  124. >While watching your nephew learn to curb his ego was entertaining, your husband would have to be "punished" in some manner when you arrived home.
  125. >Perhaps something with teeth.

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