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Bros in Equestria Bonus Chapter: Perspective.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:24:23 PM
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  1. =Bros in Equestria Bonus Short: Perspective=   
  3. >You stare into the bubbling green goop in the cauldron before you, your own face reflected in its contents.
  4. "Dude, is my hairline receding?"
  5. >Anon looks up from the tome he was perusing while everyp0ny else trots around the room in preparation.
  6. >"Really? That's what you're concerned with right now?"
  7. "Should I be nervous about something else?"
  8. >Anon gestures around the room in the palace. "You're always jumpy about cross dimensional trips."
  9. >You shrug.
  10. "Guess I've just grown used to it after all this time."
  11. >Anon giggles. "Took you long enough."
  12. >You flip Anon the bird quickly, but hide it as the doors swing open and three ponies walk in.
  13. >The small purple one chuckles. "I see you two are still getting along."
  14. >Anon smirks and meets them. "As famously as the day we met, Dusk."
  15. >Solaris smiles. "Ah, you two remind me of my own brother and me."
  16. >You elbow Anon as you meet the others.
  17. "We've heard that said."
  19. >Anon and Dusk lead the rest of you to the arcane circle with the bubbling cauldron in it.
  20. "You sure this'll work how you think, Zecarro?"
  21. >The Zebra shaman walks around the circle and the cauldron. "What I have made is my most powerful brew, so for your purposes it will have to do."
  22. >You glance over to Anon.
  23. "Shall we?"
  24. >Anon nods and moves to one side of the cauldron. "We shall."
  25. >Dusk walks to the edge of the circle as you join Anon on the other side of the cauldron.
  26. >"Remember you two, the effects of this spell will only last for about ten hours, so make it quick."
  27. >You both nod.
  28. "Thanks Dusk, for everything."
  29. >Solaris stands next to his student. "It was the least we could do after the help you gave with King Nymphamos."
  30. >The two of you nod.
  31. >"Later taters."
  32. >You both tip the cauldron over and let the brew mix with the arcane circle, engulfing you both in light.
  34. >You come back to yourself to the taste of grass and dirt.
  35. "Bleeehh..."
  36. >You push yourself up from the ground and find Anon laying on his back a few feet from behind you.
  37. >He blows leaves out of his face and sits up, examining your surroundings as you are.
  38. >Brick and cobble two story apartments, green grass and a familiar yellow sun high in the sky.
  39. >Cars sit in their spaces under throw together shelters to protect them from the elements.
  40. >You and Anon push yourself up off the ground and brush yourselves off.
  41. "We make it?"  
  42. >Anon nods. "Looks that wa-"
  43. >"DUDE, WOULD YOU HURRY UP!" comes from around the bend.
  44. >You and Anon peek around the corner of the nearby building and spot two intimately familiar faces.
  45. >They were a bit shorter, less muscled, and wore different clothes, but there was no denying who they were.
  46. >One of them runs down the stairs and meets the other. "Will you quit your bitching? You always want to get there early."
  47. >"Excuse me wanting to avoid the traffic."
  48. >"We walk!"
  49. >"And we always hit the lights and then Mac hollers at us!"
  50. >The two start down the street with bags over backs and you pull Anon back against the wall.
  51. >Both of you sit with backs against walls and eyes wide open in shock.
  52. "Yep."
  53. >"We made it."
  54. "Any idea when?"
  55. >Anon runs over and grabs a newspaper off the ground, scanning over it.
  56. >"Right before we left..."
  57. "How before?"
  58. >Anon turns back to you looking like he's seen a ghost. "The day before."
  59. >You glance back to the slowly shrinking figures in the distance.
  60. "Well how bout that?"
  62. >A few hours had passed as you and Anon tailed your past selves.
  63. >It was fairly touch and go, you had to watch yourselves to make sure you didn't turn around and see yourselves.
  64. >You don't REMEMBER seeing an older version of yourself before your life took a crazy left turn, but you can never be too careful.
  65. >Anon leans over to your seat. "So now what?"
  66. "We keep sitting in the Ale House and watch ourselves, I guess."
  67. >Anon leans back and watches himself in the reflection of the bar.
  68. >"You remember this day?"
  69. "I remember the fries I'm eating taste like dirt."
  70. >From the corner of your eye, you catch sight of you spitting your fries out back onto your plate.
  71. >Anon puts his hands behind his head. "Think about what'd happen if we went over there..."
  72. "A blue box would probably show up and we'd get punched."
  73. >Anon chuckles. "I mean it. Think how different EVERYTHING would have been if we weren't at the house for some reason tomorrow."
  74. >You sip your soda and think of all the possibilities.
  75. >Never meeting the girls, never meeting Lo', actually aging, not to mention all the adventures.
  76. >You scratch at the table.
  77. "Wouldn't change it, personally."
  78. >Anon looks around. "Yeah...too many memories."
  79. >You grab your glass and raise it.
  80. "To whatever?"
  81. >Anon clinks his drink against yours.
  82. >"To whatever."
  84. >It was later at night now, the sun had set and the only light came from the nearby auto dealerships.
  85. >You and Anon sit on a bench across from the old apartment, both of you staying quiet as you recounted the day's events.
  86. >The two of you had walked around school and seen everyone you hadn't seen in so long, all just how you remembered them.
  87. >You let out a long drawn out sigh.
  88. "It's weird looking back..."
  89. >"REALLY weird."
  90. "You think Terry had that kid with that waitress after we left?"
  91. >"Probably.  What do you think the class looked like when we graduated?"
  92. "Long hair, long bears and little sleep."
  93. >"Pffft! I wonder what they thought after we left."
  94. >You're both silent for a while.
  95. "...Probably that we died."
  96. >Anon crosses his arms. "Yeah..."
  97. >He glances over at a collection of payphones. "Hey..."
  98. >You turn your head and look at it as well.
  99. >"Should our families?"
  100. >You look at him.
  101. >"For like...a final message?"
  102. >You think about it for a minute.
  103. >A last message to mom and dad...
  104. "That could be cool..."
  106. >Anon smiles and leads you to one of the phones.
  107. >You grab the receiver and dial the number, you end up only getting the machine.
  108. >Words escape you. You just end up talking.
  109. "Uhm...hi Mom, Dad. It's me. I uhm...just called to say I love you all that..."
  110. >You wipe a not-tear from your eye.
  111. "Aaaand just wanted to say that I think about you guys a lot and what you're doing stay safe and happy, you know?"
  112. >Everything else just sort of dies in your throat.
  113. "So...good-bye."
  114. >You hand up the phone and step out of the booth, Anon meeting your shortly afterwards.
  115. "Think this'll help them after...tomorrow?"
  116. >Anon sighs. "I hope so..."
  117. >White smoke seeps up from the ground around the two of you, similar in nature to the kind you saw when you came.
  118. "Back off to whatever..."
  119. >The smoke rises and engulfs the two of you, sending you back to your insane and crazy life that you wouldn't change a moment of.

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