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Father of the Night 3: Dark Knight, Dark Town.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:26:46 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Applejack Anondad

  1. =Father of the Night 3=
  3. >The moon is out and so are you.
  4. >Finally you can escape that closet and return to the world you knew
  5. >You dash along the rooftops of Ponyville and leap across the alleys, any that you couldn't leap across you used your new grappling device to bridge.
  6. >The residents of Ponyville, all the honest citizens, slept at this hour.
  7. >As they should.
  8. >This town and its people needed a protector from bad things, and they would get one in the form of you.
  9. >You would protect EVERYONE.
  10. >You had kept your ear to the door for the majority of the time you were in your closet, waiting for your keeper to leave.
  11. >You had spent hours listening to the television from the living room play until Miss Applejack arrived.
  12. >They said you needed to see other children and "focus".
  13. >They didn't understand that what you NEEDED was to be working.
  14. >Shortly thereafter, your keeper left.
  15. >A quick gathering of your things and you were able to sneak out and begin your patrol.
  16. >"Help! Somep0ny help!" a shrill voice cries.
  17. >And not a moment too soon!
  19. >The cry for help came from the west, an alley behind Carousel Boutique before the stream.
  20. >You leap off the roof you were on and grapple the tip of the Boutique, using your momentum to swing around and into the alley.
  21. >You appraise the situation instantly. Three stallions were cornering a couple at the end of the alley, the Cakes, you think their name was.
  22. >Mr. Cake is standing between the muggers and his wife. "N-now step back you three! We gave you what you demanded now l-leave us alone!"
  23. >The aggressors glance at each other. "Now what kind of enterprising businessmen would we be if we didn't press our advanta-"
  24. >The man gets no further before you slam into the back of his head and slide along with him on the ground.
  25. >Before his partners can react, you level your grapple at ones hooves and fire.
  26. >The cord wraps around the appendage and snaps taunt as you pull, dragging him along the ground and letting you break his snout.
  27. >The last ones eyes go wide as you leap over the prone forms of the others and tackle him to the ground.
  28. >He fights you for a moment before he joins his friends in unconsciousness.  
  29. >You rise up off the ground and look around.
  30. >This alley was not dissimilar to the...other one...
  31. >The stone street.
  32. >The narrow spaces.
  33. >The discovery of a couple and the following unmoving bodies on the ground...
  34. >You glance back at the Cake's.
  35. "It's safe now, return to your home."
  36. >They continue to cower near the rear of the alley, seemingly looking past you.
  37. >You follow their terrified gaze over your shoulder.
  38. >There were six Royal Equestrian Guards at the mouth of the alley.
  40. >Your eyes narrow as your thoughts race.
  41. >Standard squad. Six strong, mix of two members of each pony subspecies. All male between the ages of 26 and 34.
  42. >They continue to stare you down. "We're going to need you to come with us, son."
  43. >Go with them. Be taken in.
  44. "No."
  45. >Their leader takes a few steps towards you. "This isn't open for debate, son."
  46. >You back away a bit.
  47. "No, it is not. I will not warn you to leave me be again."
  48. >The guard sighs and takes a few steps towards you. "Let's take him in, guys."
  49. >You warned them...
  50. >You leap up into the air and dive at the guards.
  51. >These guards were members of Ponyville's small cadre.
  52. >You knew every member of that cadre.
  53. >Lightning Bristle: Hoofball star in school, injury from twisted knee results in easier breaks.
  54. >You twist the offending limb and fill the alley with a snap before going on to the next.
  55. >Thunder Flicker: Served with distinction during the Changeling invasion, was cast in slime and lost some lung capacity for it.
  56. >Advised course of action: Double buck to the chest.
  57. >You jump from guard to guard exploiting the weaknesses you read about.
  58. >Deaf on one side.
  59. >Metal pins on the right rear leg.
  60. >An inability to guard ones neck.
  61. >In minutes the criminals are joined by the guards as the Cakes continue to cower at the end of the alley.
  62. >"Wh-who are you." Mister Cake whimpers.
  63. >You look back at him.
  64. "I am The Night.
  66. >As your night went on, more and more of the guards came out onto the streets, probably in search of their comrades.
  67. >They had done an excellent job of scaring off any other criminals. They could actually make a difference if they would simply be out in the force at all times.
  68. >As there were no criminals and they were responding to a downed squad, they focused all their attentions on the one thing out of the ordinary.
  69. >You.
  70. >You run and grapple along the roofs of the town heading south, the Ponyville Guard closing behind you.
  71. >They had an airship in the air with floodlights searching for you as you ran.
  72. >You can't fight them, not in these numbers.
  73. >You need to get away.
  74. >Anyp0ny watching that scene would notice the masked vigilante leaping off the roof into a nearby alley.
  75. >They would notice the guards whipping around the corner and peering down the same alley.
  76. >And they would notice the guards standing dumbfounded when they found nothing.
  78. >The guards mill around for a good hour before dispersing looking for you.
  79. >They never bothered to look underneath leftover stalls in the market.
  80. >Once you're sure they're all gone, you drop to the ground and roll out
  81. >You should be able to sneak your way back to th-
  82. >"Was wondering where you were."
  83. >You spin around and drop into a fighting stance.
  84. >The unicorn behind you in the street remains stoic. "You can relax, I'm not here to fight. I wouldn't want to hurt you, anyway."      
  85. >You look him over and realize that he's correct; he would hurt you.
  86. "Shining Armor: Captain of the Canterlot Guard and husband of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza of the Crystal Empire."
  87. >He tilts his head to the side. "You're well informed."
  88. >You don't relax. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Information is power."
  89. >The guard captain continues to stare you down. "I want to know how and why you hurt an entire squadron of my guards."
  90. "They were attempting to arrest me."
  91. >"You attacked those other ponies."
  92. "Who were attempting to hurt the Cakes."
  93. >His glare intensifies. "So you took the law into your own hands."
  94. "Yes."
  95. >"That's the job of the guards."
  96. "They're not doing it well enough."
  97. >His face flashes to legitimate anger for the first time. "You appoint yourself better than my guards, hurt them, and then waste their time and resources chasing you all over town."
  98. "There are no criminals out due to your presence here, that is what matters."
  99. >You slowly start backing away from the captain, keeping your eyes on him as you do.
  100. >He remains where he is. "You know I'll have to try and stop you."
  101. >You back into an alley and let the echo carry your last words to him.
  102. "I know you'll try."

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