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Father of the Night 7: Statement of Intent.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:30:26 PM
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  1. =Father of the Night 7=
  3. >Ponyville.
  4. >Day 7 of the siege.
  5. >Well, not so much a siege as being stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  6. >The Diggers and the Razorclaw's were in full swing now, each pouring thugs and raiders out of their hideouts to attempt to wipe the other off the map in a bloody gang war.
  7. >All because the children of their leaders, their future leaders, had their reign cut short by getting arrested.
  8. >And they were arrested because of what YOU did.
  9. >You had only meant for Bruce to investigate them, not arrest them himself! And what was he doing working with the guard after he attacked them?
  10. >Dammit...all of this was getting out of hand.
  11. >If this went where you thought it would, Bruce would end up dead or worse and the town would be trampled.
  12.  >Dammit...DAMMIT!
  13. >You skulk through the town brainstorming and find yourself walking to the library absentmindedly. Oh well...maybe Twi would have an answer.
  14. >Twilight stood in the middle of a circle of chalkboards with an approximation of town drawn on it. The table behind her had a map of the area with figures to represent the gangs laid out on it.
  15. "...Keeping busy, Twi?"
  16. >Twilight scribbles some notes on the board and moves a figure. "Little busy right now Anon, what is it?
  17. >You whistle and head over to Twi.
  18. "What uh...what are you doing?"
  19. >Twilight positions a few figurines around. "I'm helping the guards by monitoring all the gangs movements and letting them know."
  21. >You lean over the map.
  22. "How bad is it?"
  23. >Twilight sighs and puts her chalk down. "It's not good, Anon...they keep pouring out of their hideouts and fighting in the woods, the guards are stretched thin just keeping the situation as contained as this."
  24. >You lean down over the map. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Where are they all coming from?"
  25. >Twilight points at the maps. "The Diggers have their tunnels and the Razorclaw's have their wings, they've been getting over and under the blockade the guard's put up."
  26. >You sigh.
  27. "What about reinforcements?"
  28. >Twilight shakes her head. "Official word from Canterlot is that "this situation has not developed enough to warrant a full response." And with the Princesses in Saddle Arabia, I think we're on our own."
  29. >Faaaaaantastic...
  30. "They're gonna take Ponyville at this rate..."
  31. >Twilight goes back to her blackboards. "Not if we stop them."
  32. >You wish you could see it her way, you really do, but all you could see was the town getting ransacked all because of you.
  33. >Leaving Twilight to work, you slide your hands in your pockets and make for the door, intent on fixing this mess you made.
  35. >You left Ponyville shortly after meeting Twilight, heading south towards the fighting.
  36. >Not into the fighting of course, you weren't that big an idiot. You kept West and made your way to the mountain the Razorclaw's claimed once you got within sight.
  37. >You could feel their snipers aiming those rifles down at you as you climbed up the mountain path with your white flag in hand.
  38. >The Razorclaw fortress was protected by a large gate built into their walls. Troopers had to fly out to man it when they saw you coming due to the amount of time it had been since the gate was last manned.
  39. >No use in gates when you can all fly.
  40. >You stop at the gate and look up at the griffin peering over the edge.
  41. "I need to see the Thane."
  42. >He scoffs. "I doubt that, ape."
  43. "I have information regarding your little war with The Diggers."
  44. >The griffin's eyes widen and he retreats back to chatter with his fellows.
  45. >After a few moments you can hear one of them shout "Get this gate open!"
  46. >Heh. That got 'em.
  47. >You walk through the gate and inspect the makeshift tents and domiciles that the Razor's had set up.
  48. >Griffin culture was by nature rather pragmatic as made evident by the sheer number of forges and martial gear you saw.
  49. >Two griffins land in front of you and bar you from moving any further. "The Thane is this way, ape." they spit.
  50. >You nod your head and signal for them to lead on.
  52. >You were ushered inside a large tent at the rear of the compound by your escorts.
  53. >He sat in a gold plated throne next with what you assume to be his mate off to one side, two younger griffins standing with her.
  54. >The Thane's eyes flicker over you and take in your alien form.
  55. >As he does that, you do the same. He's big, one of the larger griffins you've seen, and the scars on his face each seem to tell a tale. This Thane had earned his place and had quickly evolved his skills to the point where he could keep it.
  56. >"Speak." he says.
  57. >You clear your throat and collect your thoughts.
  58. "Hello Thane, I won't mince words. I heard about what happened to your son, my sympathies, by the way."
  59. >He narrows his eyes and snorts at you.
  60. "I don't need to tell you that this wasn't supposed to happened. Your son and Miss Alexandria getting arrested was...not good."
  61. >The Thane taps his fingers on his throne. "The way you's like you know something I do not."
  63. >Shitfuck.
  64. >You idiot.
  65. >You pick yourself up from your mental stumble quickly enough.
  66. "It...just makes sense. The longer you two stay simmering at each other, the less fighting, the less Batmane out and about stopping you."
  67. >The Thane snaps the arm of his throne off with a growl.
  68. >"The Bat...a single child who did more damage to this clan than any before him..."
  69. >The Thane clibs out of his chair and looks over his ammased hoard. "He disrupts my operations...lures my son away from his duties...and then works with that BITCH TO GET HIM ARRESTED!"
  70. >...He still thought Bruce was behind this. That kept you safe for the time being.
  71. >The Thane stomps over to you and shoves his beak in your face. "That boy...attacked my family, my business, and my honor. I will not rest until his head is affixed on top of my throne."
  72. >He turns around and resumes his position on the chair in question. "Get out of my stronghold, ape, before I have my men consider you the newest thing to hunt."
  74. >You hauled it out of the Razorclaw's stronghold and followed the path in the opposite direct.
  75. >Towards the Digger's mine.
  76. >Getting inside was just as simple as getting inside the Razor's place, probably because you used the same line. Dog's being a bit more simple and pack driven probably had something to do with it too.
  77. >You're led by a particularly hulking guard dog to a carved out cavern at the edge of the mine.
  78. >Sitting in a table inside are about seven dogs, with The Dogfather sitting at the tables head.
  79. >Conversation is already flowing as you walk in.
  80. >"-ust don't see how you could have let a freelancer get THIS far out of paw, Cornelius. You should have known that when you brought him in."
  81. >"The guy's a freak, a total freak!" The Dog takes a swig of his drink. "Eight a' my boys...wasted like that..."
  82. >You are directed around them and shoved next to The Dogfather's seat.
  83. >He, like the Thane, looked you over and seemed unimpressed. "N' what's this monkey doin' here?"
  84. >The guard shoves you forward.
  85. >With a grunt, you face the mobster. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Had some info on your war with The Razorclaw's."
  87. >The Dogfather chuckles as he pours himself another drink. "Hehe...we got that situation taken care of."
  88. >You arch an eyebrow while the rest of the Dog's chuckle. "Got packs from around the world coming in...gonna pick that stronghold off the map."
  89. >That sounded bad...
  90. "That'd bring down the Royal guards faster than you could spit."
  91. >"And we'd be gone just as fast, kid." he says as he swirls his drink.
  92. >The Dogfather looks around to the other members of the table. "Our succesor, my daughter, got turned in becuase'a that idiot kid. I don't care how many guards I bring in, aint nobody disrespects tha top Dog."
  93. >The rest of the Dogs nod with him.
  94. >Sheeeiiiit...
  95. >Sounds like he has an iron grip on this place.
  96. >The Dogfather grins at you. "You got in and out of the Razorclaw Stronghold, eh?"
  97. >You nod.
  98. "Uh...yeah."
  99. >He chuckles. "Them Griffins and their honor...A good thing we aint got that, huh?"
  100. >You're struck on the back of the head by the dog behind you before he can even finish.
  101. >On the ground, you hear the Dogfather speak again.
  102. >"Shoulda stayed home, pup."
  103. >That's when the far wall exploded.
  105. >You hear a bit from down on the floor through the ringing of your ears and the others in the room coughing and shouting.
  106. >"What in Tartarus is goin' on!?"
  107. >"The lights! What happened to the lights!?
  108. >From your unique perspective, you hear the sound of hooves.
  109. >"Ladies, gentlemen..."
  110. >Your breath hitches, your heart skips a beat, you almost pee your pants.
  111. >You know that voice.
  112. >While no one is looking, you scramble underneath the table, you couldn't let him see you here.
  113. >The fire from the explosion cast harsh shadows over the room, but one seemingly winged one blotted out all others.
  114. >None spoke but him. "You have eaten Equestrias wealth, it's resources, it's spirit. You will do so no longer."
  115. >Something jumps up on the table.
  116. >"You and the Razorclaw's are a blight upon this world, and soon you will be no longer."
  117. >Hoofsteps fall rack out through the room.
  118. >"I am not without mercy. Any who wish to leave, to get out of this bloody and terrible business are free to. I will not peruse them."
  119. >Even under here you can see the Dogs looking at each other. All save Dogfather who is rooted firmly facing the intruder.
  120. >"But...starting at sunrise tomorrow..."
  121. >Something small and metallic hits the table as the light from the fire goes out and casts the room into absolute blackness.
  122. >"None of you are safe."
  123. >As soon as the room is pitch black, the screams start.
  124. >You hear the door kicked open and the guards outside beaten around and take that chance.
  125. >You roll out from under the table and high tail it out of the meeting room, leaving the members inside, the Diamond Dogs, and the mine behind you in a cloud of dust before you slowed down.
  127. >You run from the mine all the way to Ponyville, your muscles burning and your breath hitching the entire way, but that wasn't even a blip on your radar.
  128. >Bruce was getting himself involved in more ways than just beating up their thugs, he was directly attacking them.
  129. >These gangs were going hard and you didn't want him hurt, but that was looking more and more likely.
  130. >You reach your house and stumble your way into the house,  going through and extended falling motion until you hit the couch.
  131. >You had been up all damn night...the sun was just starting to rise...
  132. >The exhaustion you felt in addition that blow to the head compounded with the  all nighters had worn you the hell out.
  133. >You barely register falling asleep until someone opens the door some time later.
  134. "Yeahbuhwha?"
  135. >Bruce trots into the house and pulls off his cowl with a triumphant look on his face. His hair has a bit matted and his eyes were sunk.
  136. "...Rough night?"
  137. >"I infiltrated the Digger's mine and believe I succeeded in scaring a few of them off, with luck the rest will follow suit."
  138. >He trots in front of the couch. "Yes Keeper, today was a good day for justice."
  139. >You let your head fall onto the couch.
  140. "Congratulations."
  141. >He's caught up in himself. "Yes, today wa-"
  142. >Bruce's eyes are drawn to your shirt sleeve.
  143. >He leans down and plucks a long grey hair from you.
  144. >"Is this...Diamond Dog hair? he asks.
  145. >...Fuck. Play it off.
  146. ""
  147. >He's examining it closely now. "It's too long and ridged to be human hair..."
  148. "Didn't look that long..."
  151. >Bruce's eyes widen. "How do you know how long their hair is!?"
  152. "Bruce!"
  153. >"There were seven Dog's when I went there tonight, this is the same coloration as a guard dog I found! Why was he in there, Keeper!?"
  154. "Bruce, this all a misunderstan-"
  155. >Bruce is eyeing your head. "Where did you get this wound!!?"
  156. "Bruce, if you would jus-"
  157. >Bruce flips off the couch and lands on the table, pulling his cowl down. "You WERE there! Why? What are you doing? What's going on!?"
  158. >You run a hand through your hair.
  159. "Should have stopped at the packages..." you mutter.
  160. >Bruce's eyes were wide before, but now they take up most of his head. "...You. The packages that lured them there...the writing, too neat for a pony, the same packaging as the Ponyville post office..."
  161. >You can see him making the connections in his head. "You...were working with them..."
  162. >He begins to back away.
  163. "Bruce..."
  164. >"My own keeper...was..."
  165. >Bruce backs away further before turning around and running into the bedroom.
  166. >You hear the door lock click right as your head hits the couch not out of exhaustion, but grief.

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