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Father of the Night 13: Fancy Dinner Party.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:33:47 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Applejack Anondad

  1. =Father of the Night 13=
  3. >Blasted tie...
  4. >Was it over under over or under over under?
  5. "Can't...stupid muthe-"
  6. >You look down and see Bruce straightening his own tie.
  7. "...Truker. Mothertrucker, Bruce."
  8. >"Of course, sir."
  9. >Had to look your best, the Princesses were in town. Twilight had been freighting and fidgeting since yesterday and it had only gotten worse since AJ left.
  10. >But now here you were at the big night, dressed to impress and looking fine if you do say so yourself.
  11. >Sugarcube Corner seemed an...odd choice until you remembered that there weren't a terrible number of swanky hotels in Ponyville like there were in Canterlot, Sugarcube was the best short notice could buy.
  12. >Still, a nice party for the townsfolk and any hangers on who could be arsed to come this way would be a nice way to spend the evening.
  13. >You and Bruce exit your room and join Spike in the main library. He's dolled up in a suit and hat of his own as he taps his foot impatiently.
  14. "Hey Spike...she fretting again?"
  15. >Spike rolls his eyes. "Yeah, only for the hundredth time today."
  16. "Twi!" you call upstairs.
  17. "I'm sure you look fine! Now get down here or we'll be late!"
  18. >An audible yelp echoes downstairs followed by a blur of purple and pink.
  19. >"I'm here! What time is it!? Are we late!?" Twilight shouts.
  20. "Twi! Twi!"
  21. >You put your hands on her shoulders and stop her from leaping out of her skin.
  22. "Calm down...lemme get a good look atcha."
  23. >You glance over Twilight. From her combed mane to her brushed her wide eyed stare...
  24. "Twi, you look exactly the same as you normally do."
  25. >"I...couldn't decide?"
  26. >You look at your watch.
  27. "It'll have to do, come on."
  28. >You open the door and meet AJ on the other side.
  29. >"Hey Partner, y'all ready?"
  30. "As ready as we'll ever be, lead the way, AJ."
  33. >The street that Sugarcube Corner was on was packed to the brim with p0nies.
  34. "Huh...must be some block party for everyone who couldn't fit inside the building.
  35. >Fortunately, knowing the Princess's student got you past most of them. Twilight just had to take the lead and the four of you were ushered inside.
  36. >If the town was located outside, the movers and shakers were on the inside. You saw Wonderbolts, famous DJ's, entrepreneurs and politicians all packed inside the little bakery.
  37. >The four of you squeeze your way past the guards at the front door and wade into the party.
  38. >Noise from all sides assaults you as the movers and shakers of Equestria chat about whatever topics are "in" these days.
  39. >A familiar orange mane sticks out among the sea of posh and serves as your beacon through it all.
  40. "Carrot!"
  41. >The mane whips around to your direction. "Anon! Over here! In the kitchen!"
  42. >You push the others through the crowd and into the kitchen where Mr. Cake is waiting.
  43. "Thanks Carrot..." you say panting. "That was...a bit more than we're used to."
  44. >Bruce brushes some dust off his tie. "Reminds me of Canterlot..."
  45. >"Sorry gang." Carrot says. "We weren't expecting this turn out ourselves, it's always so much more calm when one of the Princesses arrives for a visit."
  46. >Twilight brushes her mane back. "It's normally not BOTH Princesses, Carrot."
  47. >You nod [spoiler][/spoiler] "They do tend to take half of Canterlot with them wherever they go..."
  48. >AJ looks out into the party. "Shoot, I doubt even Sweet Apple Acres could hold all'a these Canterlot ponies."
  49. >Below you, Bruce slicks his slightly disheveled hair back and trots to the door. "Well...let's not dally any longer."
  50. "You sure you want to go out there?"
  51. >Bruce smirks back at you. "What's the worst that could happen?" he says as he steps out the door.
  52. >You feel terrible for laughing when he freezes solid after someone shouts "BRUCIE!"
  54. >Bruce doesn't move a centimeter as a filly gallops over to him from across the room and wraps her hooves around his neck.
  55. >"Oh I'm so glad to see you again, Brucie! I was just talking to some of the riff raff that were here over in the corner."
  56. >Bruce blinks a few times and peels the filly off of him. "...Diamond Tiara, wasn't it? What are you doing here?"
  57. >Tiara flips her striped mane back and smiles. "Daddy came to make a showing and talk to his business partners here, he dragged ME along because he hates me and wants to torture me."
  58. >Bruce cocks his head to the side. "I'm...sure that your father brought you here for good reason?"
  59. "Only to bore me to death!" Diamond Tiara shouts as she stomps her hoof on the ground. "Save me Brucie! Take me somewhere and tell me interesting things!"
  60. >Bruce's cheeks become a rather impressive shade of scarlet as he stammers out a response. "I- Bu- I don't thin- That would no-"
  61. >You kneel down and put your hand on Bruce's shoulder.
  62. "Miss Tiara, while I'm sure Bruce would love to tell you...interesting things, I think he and Twilight were planning to talk a bit, can he offer you a rain check?"
  63. >As Diamond Tiara's eyes drift over to you, her sardonic smile only falls into a scowl. "And who are you supposed to be?" she asks.
  64. >You and Bruce exchange a glance.
  65. "I'm...Anonymous? Bruce is my ward."
  66. >Diamond Tiara huffs and puffs out her cheeks. "I think Brucie is more than capable of deciding that!"
  67. >You shuffle Bruce along out of the way.
  68. "Maybe when he's 18."
  70. >With Bruce and Twilight off doing their own thing, you and AJ were free to wander around and talk shop.
  71. "Oh come on AJ, a motorized plow would do you guys some good at the farm."
  72. >Applejack shakes her head. "And put my own kin outa work? What's Big Macintosh supposed to do if'n we get a plow that runs on it's own?"
  73. >You shrug. [spoiler][/spoiler] "NOT get hurt every week and have to take it easy?"
  74. >Seriously, that was all you heard about Mac sometimes.
  75. >Applejack huffs in response.
  76. >The two of you glance around the packed sweets shop and take in all the guests in attendance, the both of you no doubt thinking how out of place a farmhand and an alien looked.
  77. "You know..."
  78. >You take a swig of your glass.
  79. "I'm only here because of who I'm bringing, I can't say that being able to be here is a part of my life that Bruce has improved."
  80. >AJ giggles at that.
  81. "So where are the Princesses, anyway? I haven't seen flank or fur of them."
  82. >"Probl'y somewheres private, they gotta collect themselves before greeting everyp0ny, I'd imagine."
  83. "Hmm. Real prim and proper, eh?"
  84. >AJ shrugs a bit. "Celestia's the head a' stuff most of the time, she's the Princess everyp0ny sees out and about, you'd be hard pressed to find a soul in Equestria who don't like her."
  85. "A-huh...and Luna?"
  86. >"Princess Luna's been...distant since she came back from the moon, what I hear. Spendin' all her time in the palace and occasionally shoutin' at ponies."
  87. >You cock an eyebrow.
  88. "Where do you hear all this stuff?"
  89. >"National Apple Seller's meetin'." was your response.
  90. >A tugging on your pant leg draws your attention downward. Bruce stands there looking up at you.
  91. >"Mister Anonymous, the Princesses wish to see all of us."
  93. >The five of you, yourself, Bruce, AJ, Twilight and Spike are ushered upstairs into a private room by some royal guards.
  94. >Inside the room you saw the twin celestial Princesses sitting at tables brushing their manes or placing raiment upon their necks.
  95. >The guard who lead you hear clears his through. "Your Highnesse's, Twilight Sparkle and friends." he says with a bow.
  96. >Celestia and Luna turn your way and smile. "Hello Twilight." Celestia says.
  97. >Twilight gallops over to her teacher and the two exchange a hug before coming over to the rest of you.
  98. >"Princesses, this is Anonymous the Human and Bruce."
  99. >Bruce bows down low in reverence to the monarch.
  100. >"Hello. My name is Bruce Mane. I am nine. It is an honor to meet you, your highnesses."
  101. >Celestia titters. "As much the gentlecolt as your father, Mister Mane. Rise."
  102. >Bruce rises, but you're still on that first part.
  103. "You knew Thomas Mane?"
  104. >Celestia nods as Bruce speaks up. "My father was the biggest philanthropist in Goatham city, his charity balls attracted quite a crowed sometimes."
  106. >Bruce smiles a bit. "You look just as I remember you Princess Celestia, Princess Luna."
  107. >Luna smiles down at the boy. "And you have grown much in size since we last remember seeing you, Master Mane. T'was just yesterday it seems that you were a third your current size."
  108. >Bruce shuffles uncomfortably in remark to his increased muscle mass. "Uh yes...I went on crusade after my parents passed..."
  109. >Celestia and Luna hang their heads. "News of that event reached us even in Canterlot, you have our deepest sympathies, Mister Mane."
  110. >Bruce hangs his head and you swear a flicker of pain crosses his face. "It' the past now."
  111. >Celestia picks her head up. Well, we have a party to see to, yes?" She levitates a box with a crown logo on the side over to her. "We should not keep them waiting, let us simply put on our crowns and-"
  112. >Everyone in the room gasps in shock as Celestia opens the box and finds it empty of two crowns.
  113. >All that was in their now was a slip of paper with ":3" scribbled on it.

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